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  1. Thanks for thinking of me but that look a little bit suspect.
  2. Thanks for looking dude.
  3. Ah that sucks. Maybe they will offer it back to you dirt cheap and you could repair it.
  4. What was the news on this? At least they aren't profiting from it and maybe they were caught. Sucks about the predicament that you are left in.
  5. tom13

    PPC Magazine

    Harry Metcalf from Evo told an interesting story about when they used to test Ferrari's, this how they could not fathom ever coming anything other than first in the tests. If they were not first, the relationship was soured for some time. It was on a Podcast with Chris Harris or Jonny Smith I think. Good podcast to be honest. Well worth a listen.
  6. Appreciate it but I am not unfortunately.
  7. How? I need one of these. Never seen one in the shops. If anyone has any spares of this model I would be happy to buy.
  8. Ah it was the international campervan and overland show I ended up going to. A mate of mine went as they give out free tickets if you have an interesting vehicle. He said the nights are usually a good laugh.
  9. Was the overland show on as well? Went to the last one for a day and the overland section was amazing. As you mention the Vario selection was amazing as well. Just as a guide remember that the edge around the window doesn't normally need to be that good a cut. There is normally quite an overlap and the trim covers the inside as well. Just in case you are worried about quality of cut.
  10. What mileage did you do on it?
  11. What was the Grom like?
  12. That a CRX and is it yours?
  13. Last week on the way to Elan I was following a group of around 10 bikers. There were all doing the speed limit (at that moment in time), passed a cop at the side of the road, he put his blues and twos on and races around to the back of the group of bikers. Sat there for a few minutes, as he had tuned his lights off at this point, then pulled over one of the chaps at the back. I assume this was because he had got a small plate fitted as I couldn't see anything else obvious (I know it could have been tax or insurance related possibly) but just don't give them too much of an excuse.
  14. Good to know, will have to get some. Should wear better as well as I was only going to paint my stuff. I thought I could make out a reservoir in the one pic. I can imagine them being good but pricey? Yeah not worth your hassle I can see that. Got one of the Aux Bluetooth adaptors on the way for my standard Ford unit. Should be was easier to install on my new unit however.
  15. I have said it before and I will say it again. This thing is just too good. Those spats finish off that corner without ever knowing anything was done. Door cards look ace in raptor. You would think they were metal or plastic. How well do you think it will last on the wood? I have a couple of items in my van that could do with some sort of paint/covering so this could be the trick. I must have missed it but do you have the full fox kit on this? Also I love those stereos but are they charging a bit of a premium to get something that look period correct? I have seen them fitted before but know nothing about them but keep seeing them mentioned?
  16. Grom's looking promising. There are loads of graphics kits available for cheap on these. Basic paint job and a kit will make it look near mint again.
  17. tom13


    Need pictures love an LT.
  18. Is this the rust preventative paint? How far do those small tins go?
  19. Those Motamec wheels are a great buy for the money. It's looking good. Love the floor mats.
  20. Don't use the Meguiars stuff it's junk. Cherry Blossom does work well. Apply liberally and it helps if you give it a couple of coats as it will soak in. I have tried boiled Linseed oil, works well inside steel frames and always found it to be a bit too sticky?
  21. Love this truck. Rear area looks great now as well. Also yes we need MR2 content.
  22. Benelli TNT looks as good and are way cheaper if you get lucky. Just not as much in the way of aftermarket parts. I wouldn't consider any of the other unless you can find a Kawasaki over here as they were never Imported. I would love a Grom but they hold their money so well.
  23. Yeah do it. I mean it's period because everyone did it ha.
  24. Each to their own but why revert back to stock? More power, look better IMO and a much better noise?
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