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  1. Clocked some good milage good to hear. Saw one with 4k on it and the finish was still really good so pleasing to know 20k is still holding up well. Don't want cycling as I want a bit of abrasion resistance on the palm.
  2. Quick clean today as it was dusty and a bit dirty. Inside was grubby as well but much cleaner now.
  3. Should be hopefully test riding one next week so I will report back.
  4. I surprised the gasket lasted long enough to get to the MOT station.
  5. Thanks I need to look that up do you have a link or anything to what you did when you did it?
  6. Sorry for the long post. Picked up my 2004 Rover 25 this morning to take it for an MOT. Already paid for it a couple of weeks ago. Picked the battery up as well so I could out it on charge. Got to it this morning, hadn't been out on the road for about 3 years. Car is great condition but a couple of giffer repairs such as a silicone shut sunroof and no hot air inside due to a blocked matrix. Low miles though at 58k paint is really good and it's been well cared for and polished otherwise. Anyway, unlocked on the fob fine this morning. Started fine. Took it and stopped for fuel fine. Then went for MOT passed with flying colours. Couple of errands again locking and unlocking with the fob. Starting fine. Went to Streetbike to look at a Himalayan on the way to pick the logbook up from the previous owner. Came out after. Fob wouldn't work. Key in the door and it unlocked fine but hazards flashing and it then wouldn't even turn over. Thought it was a battery issue so jumpers and spare battery (I was prepared to this scenario lol) deployed but no luck. Then thought it was an immobiliser issue so disconnected battery and left for just over 30min. Came back connected still the same. Called my mom to go and get me another battery and bring it to me. While she was getting it I took the key apart as the fob looked a bit worn and I though maybe it was the fob playing up. Anyway dissembled and put back together and all of a sudden pressed it and the car unlocked from the fob and I was able to start it. I pressed on to the previous owners house fine. Left the car running. Then moments later went into the post office locked car with the key no fob. Sorted the tax out came out again unlocked with key. Key into ignition and the same fault again. Messed about with everything again and got it going. Now can this be a battery issue? I have the new battery at my mom's which I am collecting tomorrow. It's weird that it will always work fine if the fob manages to unlock the car? If I just use the key though without the fob why is it not disabling the immobiliser? Surely I don't need to have the fob on me all the time? Picture of the car and said Himalayan I was oogling.
  7. Anyone got a Himalayan or have any experience of them? Look a nice little bike for the money and I'm considering one in the next few weeks maybe? 2019 one with 2k on it local to me for £3700. Also anyone have any experience of thin palmed gloves for road use with good abrasion resistance? I hate the bulky nature of proper road gloves but I would like something with a decent bit of palm protection.
  8. @martc had you seen or looked at these? Ultraviolette Automotive I'm not saying anyone buy one as they are a complete unknown but as @straightSixsaid as well, if India are doing any electric BSAs maybe it has the bones of something like this? Those above would be something like 4g shipped here.
  9. Yeah creepy as fuck isn't it? Especially with the history of that site. It looks so eerie driving past.
  10. That the new estate by the Park Gate near Kidderminster?
  11. That petrol pump is cool as.
  12. I know what you mean but you would probably breeze it if you book one of those 3/4 days courses. Lead times will be longer in the spring summer as well and that's hoping you pass first time. Summer could be over before you know it. You only live once just get it done.
  13. You really just need to commit and do your test. 125s are fun around town and the odd day out but they don't compare to a bigger bike.
  14. Also love the Jimny I should have said. Nice to see a well looked after one. I really like your grill, standard or aftermarket?
  15. I have a pair of Spada like those and the leather is so soft, they are super comfortable. I don't think protection is great though. How about a pair of trials boots? I use my trials boot for everything including trails, MX, Enduro and the road. I do this because as you mention MX boots for example I can't feel the brake pedal or change gear very easily. They break in pretty quickly. Especially when you are walking up streams in a section. Ha.
  16. Did you do any prep before spraying or just put it on? Thinking about using it myself in summer.
  17. I don't know I bet they are both pretty desirable.
  18. Nice your Mazda is looking good. You replacing the Pug?
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