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  1. I dislike football but as the euros are starting today. 'It's coming home!!! ' Thanks to Ceri for collecting it for me and making it trouble free. What a chap!
  2. These look great in base spec. Reminds me of the base spec GT86 you could buy.
  3. This looks really good. I liked it before but I'm getting a slightly more modern B40 vibe from it now. Great job.
  4. Get a picture up at some point when you have time.
  5. How well did the Kurust work?
  6. Sound I will. PM me your mobile. You can give me a tour of the Cedric.
  7. Ah sweet I will be going Goodwood. You there all weekend? I'm just going the Saturday.
  8. When we seeing these new wheels fitted?
  9. Got these for my boy today.
  10. Would have been funny if that Lotus was any good especially after we spoke about it.
  11. Yeah I always remove the wheels as well. I have seen people brush painting with the wheels still on and getting nice results.
  12. Did you take all the wheels off to paint them? Only ask as I see loads of people doing them on the car now? Looks like a really good job.
  13. Also I did the pretty much the same in my Scudo. Put an Alpine head unit in and changed the speakers out to the cheaper Pioneers that Halfords sell and it was an amazing difference. Also one of the easiest speaker installs ever.
  14. I was not expecting that. You will have to let me come and have a look at it once you get it!
  15. Those videos from Ed are well worth a watch. Very entertaining and he seems a sound guy.
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