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  1. That 945 and cube are perfect.
  2. I'm there. Next time I will call in.
  3. Is it decent in there? I will have to try, never been in.
  4. Sure is. Early gym sesh, can park there while the town is quiet.
  5. It's that time when people are getting their trees. Show us pictures of your tree collection. Trees on roofs, in convertibles, in the boot etc. Don't need any scrooges, good vibes only. Will be getting mine tomorrow I think so will grab a picture and update this then. Don't mind pictures from previous years as well. Enjoy
  6. First commute in the new car today. Quick stop in town on the way.
  7. Yeah weird. I should mention I will take car trades for it if anyone is interested. T4 vans, jap stuff, Mad Manga (especially the green one), fiat panda.
  8. Laurels were the most underrated cars going until recent years and the Jap boom.
  9. What liter? I had a green 1.0 K11 just like that. Was very tail happy in a good way. Still got my first K10 which was gold like yours but it was a 1990. 1.0 4 speed. Head gasket went on it a few years back and the rust is starting to eat it as well after many repairs over the years. Got a red1.2 K10 which was for sale on here and we have a slightly better condition grey 1.2 K10 as well. Had an N15 Almera which was reliable but sooooo boring. Would love to try a sports version with an SR though. It's a shame the Jap stuff has gone up so much price wise. Loads of stuff I want that I just can't afford now. I really want a Prairie as well at the moment but I'm not paying 3g for one.
  10. Yeah I paid a bit more for it at a car boot but as I say its a bit older than I collect.
  11. Any interested in this. £5 plus postage? Its a bit too early for my collection taste. An interesting read though.
  12. Yeah its not bad bit there were cars with a fraction more displacement with more impressive figures. I have been looking at a 1.4 that is local to me thats quite tidy. Problem is all the aftermarket parts for them are really expensive or need a lot of modification to make work. ECU's are a pain as well to do anything with.
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