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  1. I have been looking at one of these recently, low roof as well. What can it cruise at on the motorway? Could you put a tape measure the rear opening and the length if you get a min cheers?
  2. I thought it was to preserve the ground a bit more? Trials tyres in proper sloppy mud are a pain.
  3. Something with cheap tax and Super MPG?
  4. Which one did you do and are trials rears mandatory for all events down there? I remember going to St Blazey a few years ago and thinking it very strange they all had them on.
  5. I am pretty sure I know what this is so provisional dibs when when you sell please.
  6. I honestly thought the Volvo would last a bit longer. I give the T5 2 months max.
  7. Anyone seen this? I assume scam but there are comments below from people who have supposedly bought it? I know its not Smyths official Facebook page either. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02V1VyKJWgUrNUrDf1T2GVvNcXJzJ1pG2hRoK1sh34sLJauyv8jjxm76EvJt8pF85Vl&id=61550915647320
  8. Looks cleaner now as well.
  9. Exactly the same as my dad's that. Very short run that had the rack on the tank.
  10. Brentacre? You could always change a couple of things and try it on a modified policy as well?
  11. How much you going to be asking for the GT185? Regards to what people have said about the 'reverse' shift/brake. When I used the Bantam I wasn't too bad from the word go but it was constantly on my mind. I would make the odd error if I wanted to dab the back break quickly. My dad though can't undo the years of riding Japanese bikes and struggles way more ha.
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