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  1. I don't know I bet they are both pretty desirable.
  2. Nice your Mazda is looking good. You replacing the Pug?
  3. I think @JackThrustmay have took the one I sold him there.
  4. Where is this? You're local to me. I see your bus/car quite regularly.
  5. I wanted to go but had other plans. Was it a good day? Crowds looks large which is good. Would love a go round that track to see how far I could make it. Watching Bill up a couple of those climbs, crawling up, really puts it into perspective how hard it is.
  6. Can we talk helmets for a moment. Looking at an Arai Rebel. Arai have always fitted me the best but the test shoes green all over the top of the head and black on the sides. I know black is poor so how can a helmet this expensive be so poor on the sides. Also how poor is poor on their rating? Alternatively I was also looking at a HJC IS17. This is way cheaper and green all over. I would have got that but I didn't fancy Lorenzo or bright yellow which were my only options.
  7. Our 1.4 MK6 non tsi is very good on fuel for a heavy car with a little engine. 45 around the houses 55 on a run.
  8. Cheers but I have two of those already. Not in pink yet.
  9. Anyone have any Kaido house they want to sell or trade? I really want a 510 wagon. I'm also after cycling team cars or cars with bikes on the roof and anything Travis Pastrana. I have the Monster truck but that is all.
  10. That is nice. These ride so well and are a great all rounder. Nice seating position, light, quick enough to do most types of riding, reliable. There is a TS185 with a Motocross package on it on eBay at the moment. It looks a fun little thing but at 3g its too expensive.
  11. I have never thought they felt overly big for a daily. No worse than my Transit width and that's fine. Also they are square so you can sleep sideways across it. Standard height without pop top is good as well. Best 'average' van size IMO for space. T4s and T5s are fine but just a bit too small.
  12. 10g and he has 4 pictures and a very basic write up. You would get a very nice 2.5 T4 for that. Just a thought. I know they are love hate, as I think they have the transit 2.2, but you could consider something like a SWB relay? My mate has a 2007 and its a great all rounder for it's size. Much nicer camping space than a T5 but still an easy daily.
  13. I heard some horror stories on the 2.5s. the 1.9s are good though.
  14. Made it home drama free. Couple of bits to do before the ring but there is time for that.
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