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  1. Need more bike pictures. That a woodman hub?
  2. Dude tat-friday has been great and has provided happiness to a lot of people so you can take great comfort in that. I loved sitting in the office looking at the junk you were perusing. I get what you mean about doing it for others. I have bought stuff off you in the past and really appreciate it but if it's becoming too much of a burden at the moment just press pause on it, people won't mind. If you do end up going just take some pictures and do a little write up when you are home for us to enjoy maybe. I would still love to read about it.
  3. I would have chanced that. Is it still for sale? Mate just bought one for 3500 and I told him realistically any money he puts in isn't going to be lost as the resale is so high. Like you say you could military paint it tidy it up basic conversion and ask 10g upwards. Parts are so cheap on these as well. He is buying stuff way cheaper than what parts for my T4 are.
  4. The wear on the MGB does make it look like real Patina. Bit of rust in those spot and the missing parts would make a cool barn find looking car.
  5. First thing that came to my mind was Jack Shit. Maybe he was based on this. Ha
  6. Recently bought some from amazon. Cheapest I could find. Maybe £13???? No V5 required.
  7. What a day to have it on! You lucky boy. Bikes looking ace as well.
  8. Looked like you got a nice one with the new one. Blacks pretty rare and the tow bars are none existent.
  9. Ah man. What a wounder. May I ask when it was stolen? As I saw it driving around about 2 weeks ago.
  10. I love this thing. I'm still saying well bought and a good appreciating asset.
  11. This will clean up so nice.
  12. I have had that ketchup. It's certainly warm!
  13. What's with the hard edge thing? I have both those top wheels. I hate the top one just not the aesthetic I like and I don't like all the groves. The standard Eunos Momo is a gem. Could you not fit an Eunos pad over it to cover the edges?
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