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  1. I happen to know of a couple of these for sale ready to race (one is even in the same colour!) and they'd be fairly cheap as the owner has a new race car. I doubt that helps now though
  2. The seats look familiar but I can't quite place them. Very Vauxhall look. Astra H? Corsa D?
  3. I whipped the belt off and it started immediately, as with you. I can also see a flaw in one of the modifications that allows water to drip onto the alternator pulley
  4. Fair play, DC. You might just be a genius. It appears to be a seized alternator
  5. The reason I don't think it's alternator is that the belt and all pulleys are turning freely, it seems. I don't think the resistance is there. But I will give it a go because I'd be stupid not to
  6. I'll have a look, but I don't think so. I'm not sure if it's mechanical or electrical resistance. Jump leads from a running car didn't make it turn over any faster either
  7. Honda Civic Type R (EP3) parked up over winter with battery disconnected. Connected battery and it turned over but too slow to start. Charged battery and got the same. Tried the same with new battery. No difference. Might just break it for parts tbh. Life is too short to fuck about with this stuff
  8. If you find a 55 plate or early 06 plate, it'll be much closer
  9. Look it up if you want. 21/03/2006 extra bands were added. Nothing registered before that date will cost more than £400 per year (I don't know the exact number but it was £360 last year) I have three cars which would be £600+ per year but aren't because they were registered before 21/03/06
  10. Well, it wouldn't be on that if it was petrol because it's 05 plate so registered before that tax band existed
  11. From there: https://www.brightwells.com/timed-sale/5370/lot/618800 Mercedes C55 AMG. Ad states this: Super rad, super rare AMG saloon with the monstrous M113 5.4 V8 shoe-horned under the C-Class bonnet I thought they had a CLK bonnet?
  12. That's an interesting observation. You could be right about that. I've also spoken to people who never seemed to be interested in conspiracies but in the last few years have become very interested. Of course, the thing they have in common is a low level of education and corresponding poor critical thinking and articulation
  13. I don't think it was actually identified until 31/12/2019 so I don't think that there was anyone to know or tell us that soon
  14. Years ago I had a few Vauxhalls in a row. A Corsa, then an Astra, then a Vectra and then an Omega. That's perfect model range progression! I liked that all of them changed the clocks automatically at the right time. Good attention to detail in design there
  15. Land Cruiser passed MOT and the tester said he was really impressed by it. So am I to be fair. For a 22 year old car, it's remarkable. Everything works and it just starts and runs perfectly all the time. Can't believe how well I did with buying it
  16. I only knew of these because Schmidt drove one in New Girl
  17. For me I don't think it's a result of the virus itself, it's more something that changed during that time Maybe it's an extra cynicism in me or a wariness or a sense of some other loss. I only really know that I feel different these days, but it has taken a while for me to decide that it is almost certainly linked to the Covid period
  18. This is one of my favourite things. A crap plate that's explained by a line of text at the bottom
  19. Locost Bits of old Ford put together with lumps of scrap metal and stuff from B&Q by the owner at home. Designed by a man called Ron
  20. I definitely feel different since Covid. I absolutely understand what is meant by no longer finding excitement or joy in things. I no longer feel motivated to do the things that I liked doing and now want a quieter, easier life. My life changed significantly in that period, so I always put it down to that. New job made massive changes to how I do things. Mostly positive. But yeah, it feels like some kind of spark of fun has disappeared and as much as I try to ignite it again, I just can't. Previously I hadn't thought much of it, but I'm reading the replies here and finding that they describe how I feel about things completely. I'm not unhappy as such, but there is just a difference that I've been struggling to put my finger on
  21. That sounds like my kind of night out but can't imagine finding it fun with my work colleagues
  22. I do all of my food shopping in shops but very little of whatever else I buy, but that's only because there aren't shops locally that sell most of the other things I buy (car parts, items for the home etc)
  23. I bet that most mechanics working on Boeing 747s can't fly them
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