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  1. I have wondered for a while - why do you write "Could it get any worse?" at the bottom of every post?
  2. Humans develop and lose allergies throughout life
  3. I am horrifically envious of this car. I've wanted one since they first came out. I've tried to buy a few over the years but never managed. Then one day, it didn't really fit into my life any more. Still looking out though
  4. Investment m8. Five years away from MOT exemption so just park it in a field for five years and sell it as an MOT-exempt barn find
  5. People always think they're JDM but they're actually WDM
  6. Seems like an awful lot of trouble to get your hands on a Renault 19
  7. I haven't been to one of these (but fully intend to make it to this! I will try to notify early if the best laid plans of mice and men come to naught) so what is the format? Is it as I expect? (That is that we turn up, do some working on cars and facilities and socialising as we go?) Anything else I should be aware of? (Stuff to bring, timings etc) It seems like a chilled out kind of event where like-minded people get together to help each other, so please correct me if I'm wrong about something!
  8. Good luck! I've always, always, always wanted one of these but I don't know if I'll end up with one now.
  10. I hope it stays that way! I'm hoping a regas fixes mine, but I'm not doing it until after the MOT on the 4th of July
  11. There's briefly an X300 Jaguar XJ6 in one of the Vengaboys videos. I can't remember which one now Also I remember Ron Keating getting run over by an XJ40 XJ6 in one of his videos
  12. Cars got an oil leak as the boi a got it off got wrong sealer fir sump plate easy fix long mot 18 20v turbo every thing works sep the cd player no got the code for it "The car has an oil leak as the previous owner used the wrong seal for the sump, however repairing this will be easy. It has a long MOT, 1.8 20 valve turbo engine. Everything works except the CD player as I unfortunately do not have the code to activate it."
  13. The first ones that came to mind for me were Saab and Detroit Diesel What about aeroplanes?
  14. Is it still for sale though?
  15. Is the 45/46 from your speedometer? I still think you're very unlikely to hear anything from them
  16. Honestly, despite my post, I'd be incredibly surprised if you ever hear anything of it again. In practice, it just doesn't happen that anyone ever gets done for 45 (indicated) in a 40 from a fixed speed camera. That's ignoring the fact that so many fixed cameras simply aren't operational any more. It was fixed, right? I can't remember the original post
  17. Legally that has no basis but in practice it is the policy of many/most/possibly all forces. If a force did want to do you for 42mph in a 40, they'd be perfectly allowed to. It's just not considered to be a sensible policy as it leaves too many avenues for protest open. The legal speed limit would be 40 - you're not legally allowed 46 as such. Just in practice you're incredibly unlikely to face prosecution for it.
  18. Just collected. Not quite a Woollard, but close enough.
  19. Even if you just drove it straight to the scrappy you'd have a massive bargain. What's wrong with it? Looks a pretty viable, low mileage car once it has an MOT
  20. " 1982 model, built 1981 3.0 8-valve engine - Odometer showing 49K miles " Er, eight valve V8?
  21. Foxgloves are quite pretty but fairly toxic so I'd recommend handling with gloves (if you do handle it) and not touching eyes, nose, mouth etc afterwards. Also don't eat it, if you can avoid it
  22. No, that's Band J. It was unaffected by the 21/03/06 change. Bands A-K remained but Bands L and M were added. They hadn't existed until then
  23. It just jars me when I see a car that obviously wouldn't have had black and silver plates. I used to see a Ford Orion around here with them - it looked just wrong
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