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  1. "drives like a train" Is that a good thing?
  2. The public shouldn't have access to Police records (for instance Roxanne)
  3. They were decent for what they were meant to be, but I've never seen a car rot as fast as they did
  4. Yep. I can see at least one rotten sill without clicking on the link for the ad
  5. It was 25 years but changed in 1998 (was frozen at pre-1973 and the rolling exemption stopped) Then about 10 years ago, it became a 40 year rolling exemption like the old 25 year one.
  6. But you're comparing apples and oranges. The tax is based on officially measured CO2 emissions and that is simply a direct reflection of fuel consumption The clean air zones are bsaed on nitrogen oxide production, and that is somewhat more complicated. You're not taxed on NOx
  7. From the ad: "Everything works, just needs decommissioning"
  8. I like that Volga in the first picture. Somehow I still haven't managed to have a ride in one of those
  9. Having pasta at 9am strikes me as strange but not unpleasant. Not my first choice of breakfast but I'd be fine with it. I guess there's a reason why he has pasta for breakfast, otherwise it wouldn't be relevant here
  10. You're on different tax systems. His is based on CO2 output, yours is based on engine capacity. From 1st April 2024, yours is £345 The system was changed to a banded CO2-based one in March 2001
  11. I would think so, yes. That price gap between petrol and diesel is about right for that time too
  12. I probably do it 6-10 times per year and the cheque is always there within a couple of days. DVLA seems very organised with getting them posted out, at least
  13. They send a cheque. That's the only refund method. Can you not pay it in using a banking app? I always buy 12 months at a time and cancel it when I stop using the car and just pay the cheque in with a photo in the app
  14. Jesus Christ. 201g/km is not even a massive amount. Would've been 8 grand for my old 2005 Astra, for God's sake
  15. I guess the problem is that once they've been round to speak to her, she'll then probably launch a vendetta against the poor neighbour. With people like this, sometimes you need to bide your time and wait for something big to grass on that'll actually have repercussions for them
  16. That's not what it is Taxation does change, for many reasons. It really is that simple. Some taxes go down, others go up. It's not a conspiracy. This is an easy money raiser and helps to influence behaviour (choosing more fuel-efficient cars) that is seen as desirable
  17. That is what they've done for vehicles built April 2017 onwards
  18. Most cars are preferable as diesel rather than petrol
  19. I don't like the motion for a start - makes me feel queasy Then just the stations and I just prefer travelling in private
  20. I've driven it a few miles around Bristol and so far I like it. I havent driven a P38 for 10+ years but remembered instantly why I liked them. It is in rough condition and that's why it was cheap, however the important things are good. Steering feels just how it should, engine is how it should be and I'm amazed how good the gearbox is. You cannot detect gear changes apart from by watching the rev counter. The air suspension is just right too - these cars really lose part of their character when they're on coils. The air suspension is excellent
  21. I think the emissions thing was to do with producing less CO2 than the V6 (better fuel economy) so it meant cheaper company car tax and more fleet sales
  22. Is there a mode of transport that is worse than trains? I haven't been on one for years and today is reminding me why
  23. This. Also why the 75/ZT got the 1.8 turbo but not the VVC It was a light pressure turbo that was designed to be fairly lazy and cheaper on company car costs than the 2.0 V6
  24. There is a collection for me underway at the moment but I'm not there. A good friend of mine (who's not on this webshite) will be collecting a car from a shiter shortly... The collection is for me. I just couldn't make it so he's doing me a big favour. I think he's currently on the M5
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