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  1. This fallacy of "I've spent money therefore I should get it back" pisses me off. It costs money to rent a tank to crush a car, so should that be reflected in the value when you sell the crushed car?
  2. Tom Jones was my grandfather. Not the famous Tom Jones, admittedly
  3. Nice engines, those. I've always quite liked these
  4. To the right person, the time is always 4:20
  5. Rover really was ahead of its time. Apparently that's a 1953 car
  6. Genuinely could've been my mate Jamie
  7. Likewise - as much as I desperately want it, I'm happy it has found the right owner. Also I didn't know about it until this thread went up
  8. Working on a friend's Ford Ka was one of the things that put me off Fords. I just couldn't believe how poorly built it was. It was only about five years old and the rust was really getting into its stride. I've still never owned a Ford. I'm open to it but I think that that experience has had some subconscious effect on me. I was put off Mazdas by the MX-5 I owned that was a rotbox and just generally problematic
  9. I wonder what it needs. Probably too much to be viable. I kind of fancy that
  10. That Saisho head unit fits the dash like Patrick Moore fitted his clothes.
  11. Agreed on all, but I've still seen it happen surprisingly many times more recently. Admittedly sometimes the circumstances are a little different than simply getting a plate for date of import. I agree that the Audi looks like it was registered on an R. Always interesting to see that happen. In the case of my car, it was first used in October 2002 on Danish export plates. Brought to the UK and used on them until June 2003 where it was registered for the first time, given a 52 Brighton plate. Later, after a private plate was removed, it was assigned a new 03 to reflect June 2003 (presumably the original 52 Brighton plate had disappeared or ended up on something else)
  12. Yes, I was thinking of a Sierra-based kit mainly. Sebring was the first that came to mind but as you say, so many kit cars of various types ended up with an identity from a Sierra
  13. To be fair, at the time it was built, they were new Rover lights!
  14. Shouldn't be possible to put a later plate on an older car but mistakes do happen. My 52 plate car ended up with an 03 after a plate change and a new plate being assigned. Used to be common that imports would end up with a plate reflecting the date of import rather than date of build
  15. Nice shot of the business end here. I know it's the business end, because Wikipedia says so.
  16. Those Astras are absolute cockroaches. Not terrible rusters, reliable and parts and maintenance are cheap and easy. Being fair, I don't think they were intended to be anything more. A genuinely good car, but not one you will really love. Much respect for the Astra G. They don't even drive badly
  17. It's a device to make sure that the bonnet fades unevenly and gather water and grot along the leading edge (it's actually for preventing stone chips)
  18. Isn't the clock panel paired to the head unit on those?
  19. Many first generation direct injection petrols aren't. Vauxhall Direct engines and Volkswagen FSI engines also aren't compatible. As for my cars, apparently all Jaguars since 1992 are compatible, all Hondas with fuel injection are compatible and all Porsche Boxster/911 since the 986/996 generation too
  20. E10 has been around for a long time already, but suitable ethanol inhibitor will cost about £10 per tank usually. Much cheaper just to find a supermarket that sells cheap super and use that. I think super is £1.349 per litre at my local Sainsburys
  21. Fantastic. Omegas are great cars and that one is just lovely A manual 3.0 Elite must be an absolute unicorn now. very rare when new and maybe none left now, other than the Vauxhall Heritage car
  22. My neighbour as a kid had one of those new and an NSX at the same time. Last time I saw her was in the weeks before the covid lockdowns started in March 2020. She had sold the NSX, scrapped the Prelude and bought a manual BMW M140i. She's very cool for someone who must be now in her 90s! Her husband died in 1999 or so and had a Jaguar XJ40 XJ12
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