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  1. That's a bargain and unsurprisingly gone! I'm not sure what the grenade part was though! These are pretty tough
  2. I did not. I'm just glad that he showed me mercy! He's four months old so definitely owns my home by now
  3. Just now. Sitting at the dining room table, working at the computer. Cat sitting on the table beside me, ignoring me. I took my watch off and put it on the table. Cat looked at it, kicked it off the table and turned his head back to look out of the window. All without standing. Just a one leg flick.
  4. This reads as if you're proud of yourself, not ashamed.
  5. Isn't it some kind of joke/homage to the Dumb and Dumber van?
  6. First year rates. The surcharge ones will only be the first year price and then drop over the next five years until the car reaches a lower rate where it remains for the rest of its life. Basically on new cars that are expensive or produce higher amounts of CO2, tax is higher in the first five years. After that, it's lower.
  7. My parents have broadband but I doubt BT likes it. It reaches about 1mbps at maximum and breaks a few times a year, requiring days of men from BT Openreach digging up fields each time. On top of that, they pay about 35p a month because that's what the provider has been charging for years and we don't know why
  8. I'm suspicious. Everything I've done today has gone really well. I've been productive, made measurable improvements on my To-do list and kept up with work and organised quite a bit for the coming weeks, which I can't usually do. On top of that, I'm feeling strangely healthy. What is the day hiding? When is it going to pounce and ruin all of that?
  9. "Recommend the car be taken by pick up truck" Good idea, I'll put it in the back seat of my mate's Hilux
  10. I guess if you could get it for scrap value and you need some spares (drivetrain, electrical bits that are salvageable) then it's worth it to scrap the rest. But yeah, I agree, it's worth bugger all
  11. Burnt out shell of an Audi A3 on eBay: "car was in mint condition before the fire"
  12. Fair enough 🤣 I think I just assumed you hadn't noticed them at the time! I don't think that many people paid close attention to Metros when they were new
  13. Really? They were everywhere. I must have known a dozen people who had them over the years
  14. But the month is irrelevant. If it was made in 1982 it will gain historic tax and MOT status in 2022. If it was made in 1983, it'll happen in 2023. If it was built in 1981, it would've happened already. https://www.gov.uk/historic-vehicles
  15. That would make sense because of the additive mix so would tend to agree with you
  16. Mapping recalibrating, I'll guess
  17. The refining is the same at Asda as it is at BP, otherwise it wouldn't be petrol. It would be a completely different oil derivative. I suspect it's more likely that the injection and ignition mapping suit E10 better
  18. The pic was taken on the M1 around Hemel Hempstead I saw it on the M25 somewhere between the M40 and M1 junctions heading towards the M1, so that makes sense!
  19. I saw that Cavalier on Sunday morning
  20. I was at my grandmother's funeral today. She never learned to drive or had any interest in cars but would always remark on my cars (I think because she knew I had an interest). When my grandfather died a few years ago, she gave me his Ford Focus. Unfortunately it was an absolute rotbox and being in hospital for nearly two years and leaving it sitting on the drive hadn't improved things so it had to cross the bridge. I totally get why you want his car, OP, and I'm sorry that you got it under such circumstances. My dad is thankfully healthy. Retired and well. He has expressed that when it is his time, he wants me to have his 1972 Range Rover. While I really like the car, I don't really want to think about the reason why I'll eventually receive it. He has always been into cars and grew up in South Africa. One day (about 1971) he saw a brand new, red Range Rover in the Kalahari and fell in love with it. He started buying Range Rovers as soon as he could but didn't buy one like that one until early 2020. He's in love with it and it'll never leave him until he is gone
  21. My BMW hasn't even reached 210k yet (it will soon) so I don't think I can contribute yet. I used to be scared of 100k but it feels nowadays like 300k is what 100k was
  22. To be fair, they were doing well if they made it to 1991
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