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  1. Theres a 250 version. https://muttmotorcycles.com/collections/bikes/products/hilts-matt-green-250cc-motorcycle
  2. Buy second hand. Something cheap, 250 - 500 cc ride it for a year and get some experience. If it goes tits up, or you crash, its not a huge loss. If all goes well. Sell it and buy something better. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/bike-details/202110098298718?make=Kawasaki&postcode=so157np&cc-from=200&cc-to=600&advertising-location=at_bikes&price-to=2000&sort=relevance&include-delivery-option=on&radius=1500&page=3 I much prefer the "classic" looking Z650 https://www.kawasaki.co.uk/en/products/Z900RS/2022/Z650RS/overview?Uid=07A0ClleC15ZWQpdX1xcXFxdXlBdXVgKUVhcUF0OWV1YXgs
  3. Thats only a small evolutionary step above the ceiling Dalek.
  4. I know, I have read it. I was looking at these for some time as it appealed and ticked lots of boxes. But then the Surf was offered to me and I couldnt say no to that.
  5. This looks like a particularly decent winter hack for not a lot of money. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202110088285713?sort=price-asc&include-delivery-option=on&price-to=8000&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&make=Hyundai&model=Santa Fe&radius=1500&maximum-mileage=35000&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=so157np&page=1
  6. Nice. I do like the squareness of the 60 series. Properly looks the part.
  7. Having just searched all the pre 1980 cars on Autotrader, this one caused some stiring in the trousers. However, if one has to be more restrained on the disposable wedge, then this would do nicely.
  8. Citroen DS was like being on a magic carpet and cosseted by ethereal nymphs.
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