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  1. Could the VIN plate have been removed from the one that was banger raced?
  2. The fairground boys do love old metal.
  3. I just found an interesting variation. https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/181682-moc-retrospective-alvis-stalwart-6x6/
  4. Shiny new waterpump fitted. Also did an engine service, all fluids and filters changed. Also got the correct brake discs fitted this time around. Playing sily buggers with photo software.
  5. I originally thought some poor pigeon had comitted hari kari by flying full tilt into the rear screen.
  6. Some of the blame must be hurled at the paint makers for using shitty plastic pots instead of proper tins. Well done on clearing it up though, looked like a pretty crap job to do.
  7. The other option is to join 2 together with a hydraulic articulated joint in the middle and make something similar to the Landmaster.
  8. Majestic according to this. https://madmax.fandom.com/wiki/AM_General_M814_"The_People_Eater's_Limousine"
  9. https://www.ricambifiat.com/58-engine?orderby=price&orderway=desc&orderway=desc Recon engines from 1300 Euro if you want a bolt in solution.
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