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Lazy spotters thread

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I spent a large part of the summer in the extremely pleasant and very un-toxic country of Estonia (like going back in a time machine to 2019). Lots of interesting cars around, both soviet-era chod, yank tanks (think that's a general Scandinavia thing) & general classics. Roads were Norway-quality as well.  Think the black limousine (spotted on the lovely Saaremaa island) might be a 1940's ZIS-110, Stalin's chariot of choice - up there with a 600 Grosser for dictator-cred.

2020-07-19 20.01.44.jpg

2020-07-19 20.52.56.jpg

2020-07-19 20.53.53.jpg

2020-07-30 13.12.14.jpg

2020-07-30 13.12.20.jpg

2020-07-30 13.12.35.jpg

2020-07-30 13.12.36.jpg

2020-07-30 13.12.43.jpg

2020-07-30 13.12.53.jpg

2020-07-30 13.12.57.jpg

2020-07-30 13.13.07.jpg

2020-07-30 13.13.17.jpg

2020-07-30 13.13.33.jpg

2020-07-30 13.13.47.jpg

2020-07-30 13.14.28.jpg

2020-07-30 13.14.32.jpg

2020-08-01 18.19.55.jpg

2020-08-01 19.50.54.jpg

2020-08-01 21.15.26.jpg

2020-08-01 21.15.34.jpg

2020-08-01 21.15.56.jpg

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On 8/25/2020 at 4:01 PM, Disco Fever said:



Parked up with a load of chod near a football club in Fazeley near Tamworth. No idea what’s going on here though.

Given the Nintendo stickers all over it, I suspect a reference to the ghost vacuuming machine in Luigi's Mansion:


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8 hours ago, morrisoxide said:

Spotted this going the other way on the motorway, is it what I think is?



Fiat 2300 Coupe?

Think a few of us saw this on FB. Thats going to be a brave resto for someone as it looked rotten AF. Surprised they managed to winch it on there without it snapping in half!

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Been on holiday enjoying the many different traffic jams all along the south coast, literally everywhere you wanted to go, and back again. 

Volvo on Brighton seafront. 


Also saw this at Bluebell railway, which whilst not actually anything to do with Volvo, does have it in the name. 


Wedding with chav lights, e34 5 series. 


Also Jag in background which I didn't take a photo of for some reason. 

Beetle on the way to the pub. 


Late Pug 309 in Sainsburys. 


Chavalier whilst we were sat in another traffic jam. 


Hiace camper waiting to leave the Isle of Wight as we were arriving. 


Isle of Wight if full of chod isn't it. Everyone has a project on the drive, saw loads plodding about too. I didn't get much as was generally driving but I'd like to ride a bike round there with a camera and take photos of it all. 

Imp Jr appears in a few of these too as he wanted to show his friends, so apologies about that. 



Cresta and Hiace pickup? Land rover in the background too (loads of them over there) 



Scrote spec scrote. 


Merc 190


This was my attempt..... IMG_20200827_141712.thumb.jpg.2db75b34357423e6f040aeaa8aa4113f.jpg

..... to take a photo of this place that I've screenshotted from GoogleMaps. 


Was a black mk4/5 cortina hidden there too. 

At the military museum. 




Have left out the tanks, but will show the ferrets. 


Just by the harbour. 


Walked a few feet further and found this, just sat in the car park. 



Saw this beetle in Yarmouth. 


But across the road was this bad boy. 


Looked amazing. 

Thats it. Saw loads coming the other way when I was sat in traffic one place or another, just didn't get many photos as wasn't quick enough with the camera. 

Also saw this on the way back yesterday. 


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Saw these 2 along with a Minerva Land Rover in That London last week, assumed the Lancashire were replicas, but apparently there was a concours at  The Honourable Artillery Company in Finsbury and they were heading east when I spotted them outside a chip shop on Theobalds Rd.


Missed getting a pic of the Minerva .

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1 hour ago, Marina door handles said:

I am up and down the M40 and M6 most weekends at the  moment house hunting (in the Stoke/Staffordshire area).  Annoyingly my dash cam has been hit and miss with what it saves but it did capture this early NSU Prinz being towed behind a camper..


Where abouts in stoke are you looking? 

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All over! My better half has landed a nice new job based in Warrington (yes I know its an hour from Stoke but its closer than Hampshire and her parents are based in Stone and she wants to move closer). We are looking at a variety of options around Stoke, Market Drayton, Woore etc. We may have found a place but wont know till after the Bank Hols if they will accept our offer.

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