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  1. Cool. I’m in West Midlands 4x4R but have recently been thinking about leaving. Next couple of months will make my mind up, lots of bitchin n moanin behind the scenes. Hope it gets better lol.
  2. It’s just dawned on me, why you always see yanks changing seats from inside the car..... because it’s too much effort to pull over and WALK all the way round to the other side! 😂
  3. Which 4x4 response group are you a part of?
  4. I skipped the D2 generation, because landrover electrics and cracked blocks oh and rusty chassis lol. These didn’t have a central diff lock did they? Like the D1.... id definitely be reducing tyre size, out of kindness to the wheel bearings. One bonus of the D2 is they look pretty cool.
  5. To be honest, I’ve seen worse repaired. But it all depends on how deep the owners pockets are. As that’s the only hinderance. When I worked for a classic race car company the guy in the body shop was repairing an Austin Healey 3000 race car that had come off the track and wrecked in a spectacular fashion. I remember helping him putting the gearbox in after lengthy chassis repairs and having to tell him “I need an inch rearward on the box mate, or is the chassis too long?” I laughed. The boss didn’t. The body guy nearly got sacked 🤣
  6. We MIGHT be going to look at another Mini tomorrow. With a 1275 engine..... that’s already had the welding done. For a grand. Watch this space.
  7. Right o. Just pry bared the drive shafts out of the diff with ease. Front inner wings look frilly 4/10 for previous owner fitting naff chrome GB badge not central. Took 3 seconds to extract that. Along with all the chavvy stickers. Yes technically rust is lighter than carbon fibre, but it’s not usually a good thing on a mini and evidence of previous repairs, done badly, and need doing again. Cheers rust. Plenty of it.
  8. Engine is out. we want to keep the shell rolling so I can tow it up to FILs house about 2 miles away. Only, it appears I need to keep the drive shafts in place to refit the wheels. Is that really the case? Or is there a way round it?
  9. I do love an A8. My mate has a 2005 A8L with a 4.2 Diesel turbo V8. It’s had a stage 2 remap and DPF delete and by heck does it shift. 800 ft-lb of torque is enough to move mountains. And it’s only a 4 seater (previous owner was the council and it was the Lord Mayors first choice of steed). very good sir. Carry on.
  10. There’s always a silver lining on that cloud
  11. That’s a massive shame. Sounds like your paperwork side of things is like trying to gain custody of a child that isn’t yours. What a way to go. Shame it couldn’t have been exported the reimported lol
  12. My track record with lifting engines isn’t very good. That’s why I employ a 2 ton engine hoist to do the donkey work. have got a replacement kit for the dizzy to convert to electric instead of points. Infact we were given a box full of new parts a few years ago from a friend.
  13. The tail in this picture does not correspond to the dog in the other picture. Infact it belongs to our other shepherd Kento whom passed away in February of last year. Long rest his soul. more work has been done today. Drive shafts disconnected. Gear linkage disconnected. Engine is ready to remove but there’s no lifting eyes so tomorrow will be making something up then drag that iron lump out.
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