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  1. I must be really lucky renting my unit for just under £150 a month. Space for 5 cars (converted cowshed with a roller shutter door and power). Concrete floor. Can get a bit moist in there with condensation though. Again, it’s on a farm, that is operating as a business so it’s all legit, just a few fields nearby with the occasional cow or sheep in it. All the out buildings are now units, and it’s enough income to pay the owners mortgage so he’s happy. Sometimes word of mouth is the best way to find somewhere.
  2. I remember having a rear crossmember fitted to my 85 county about 12 years ago, you can get a new rear crossmember with a foot of chassis to sleeve over the original. Probably best to have the tub in place so it can be level and will fit properly once welded in place.
  3. Have you learned anything from this experience ? The old saying goes, always take the basic tools with you. This then threatens the collected chod into not breaking. Better to have tools and not use them.....etc etc. But hey, who’d have thought and Alfa would break down?!? Haha. Best of luck with it. Get that pump changed then enjoy it.
  4. Message me with the deets and I’ll ask my weekend shift supervisor, he’s after a small VW for his son so may be interested.
  5. Wow this is one hell of a train ride! Brave soul. what was that in the peanuts bag? Was it supposed to be there? chodspeed, still.
  6. For those of you that were following the saga of the insurance mither I had with this, great news was received yesterday! I had a court date set for around 20th of April. Yesterday I received an email from my litigation team to say the third party have agreed to pay up, which means they have given in and finally admitted fault. 2.5 years after it happened!
  7. Been there. They’ve got a lot of nice interesting cars. But it’s a money laundering company...., lots of bad reviews and people avoid it like the plague
  8. You did all that without popping any pictures up! WE R DISSAPOINT. as the old saying goes, pics or it didn’t happen! Haha.
  9. Yes I think I’ve seen that Sherpa before. Doing the rounds of the usual classic dealers. “only selling as loosing my storage” “Will take an interesting PX” but where will you put that interesting PX mar mate?
  10. Wow that’s low miles!! Imagine pulling that out Of a barn in another 10 years, the VW crew will be chucking pineapples at each other for it! Great find Steve!
  11. If it’s US registered I bet the limiter isn’t set 😂
  12. UK lorries have a gross weight of 44 ton, but that’s everything. Truck, trailer, fuel, drivers weekly supply of Yorkie bars. The Aussies probably max out on space before weight, meaning they need a bigger amount of trailers to carry it all about.
  13. That’s where the mercury came from. A serving US forces person brought it here while on tour and sold it here on his second tour. and I’ve passed an American fire engine down the south east part of the UK. Pictures probably on this thread somewhere.
  14. Jon beech recovery came in with this today dragging a merc that’s shit it’s pants. thing of pure beauty. All wheel drive with a Cummins engine. Mmmmmmm truck porn.
  15. First thing it will fail on is the LED headlights 😂
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