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  1. Identical to the first manta I ever bought. Starmist black 1.8 GT exclusive. Quad headlights, rear infill panel, those lovely GM steel wheels and lots of rust! m they stopped production in 87 I think but lots of cars filtered out into 88. I know of a mint F plate near me. Carmine red GTE exclusive coupe. Lovely. there is a J plate Manta out there but it’s not an original dealer car. I think it was a Steve Thompson car who bought a new shell in the late 80s and then used new parts to build it. They were able to register it through their business and it got a J registration.
  2. I should have bought two 🙄 don’t be out of pocket. If they cost slightly more let us know and I’ll ping more mular over.
  3. That’s just it, they are great motors if you’re happy to fist money up it’s ass every year. Mine was great, spent £800 having the belts and oil pump replaced then it spun a main bearing 6 months later. Hateful thing. Luckily not mine when it did!
  4. I want this sooooooo badly https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255944245881?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=qIa83Qc3Ss-&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=oSyz5_rPQeO&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  5. Today I’ve tested the ICV. First up, resistance tests. Someone from the manta club tested theirs and I followed to get similar figures. I then stole the batteries out of the TV remote in the drivers waiting room and put them together to get 3 volts. No pictures I’m afraid, it was a 2 man, 4 hand job…… but it opens and closes as it should. Once I returned home, I refitted the valve and found a coolant temp sensor on the thermostat housing unplugged. Thought I’d nailed it, but nope. Jump started the old girl and she rose to 3500 rpm. now, if I squeeze the pipe going into the ICV, the revs come back down. Could this still be a faulty ICV?
  6. Today I’ve taken the ICV off. when I start the car, it immediately revs up to 3500rpm. I can blip the throttle, which reduces the rpm briefly but then rises back to 3500. After 5 mins of throttle blipping and arsing about it settles to idle and is good till cold again. inside there is a door flap that rotates to allow more or less airflow. This flap is loose, and I can move it with a screw driver. so I’m not too sure if that’s supposed to happen or not. Need to look it up.
  7. Alas, just like the Carlton. Once their intended purpose was fulfilled, its game over and they move on to the next disposable entity. Shame really as they’re nice cars!
  8. Get this. An MOT happened, and with a pack of chocolate hob nobs it passed. luckily I’d hit it with the welder before Xmas…. 900ish miles since last mot. Boy that’s quite a lot for us!!
  9. The snow hit early this morning which brought stoke on Trent to a complete standstill I had an early morning Tesco collection. The Audi nailed it 💪
  10. I think it’s a 911, but yeah they’re a great scale and really good quality.
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