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  1. Had Nexens on my discovery when I bought it in 2016, about 1/3 worn. Only put new tyres on in September and that was because 1 front was getting a little low. 25k miles ish. Very impressed with them.
  2. Yeah the D3 is main workhorse but I have the D1 off-roader as a road legal back up if the white stuff gets too thick.
  3. Maybe I imagined it then. Happens a lot usually about shite cars. Im in West Midlands 4x4 response
  4. I’ve more than likely asked you before. But I’ve slept and been pissed since 🤣
  5. Great work getting this saved. That dash binicle looks just like the one in my discovery 300tdi only more comfortable 🤣
  6. Which response group are you with?
  7. Yup. It’s dead. Just been speaking to said manta club mate. The engine he had has come out of that omega. Apparently it was advertised whole, before it got broke. I never saw it advertised, else I might have tried to save it. What a shame. engines going in a manta 400 replica. Never did understand why they put the 2.4 in, as the XE is lighter and produced more HP standard.
  8. I fear the fate of this Omega has already been made. a guy I know through the manta club has received delivery of his 2.4 engine curtesy of M9 Recovery. i think it’s over folks. Flags at half mast for this one. 😢
  9. I was in Hull a few years ago (on holiday believe it or not) but never heard of the place. I’d have loved to have gone and visited. Now the cars are closer to me, but a shame they’re in storage and not on display.
  10. I do love the selection of cars you lot had. That white Holden is porn!
  11. I WANT THIS CAR!!!! super rare to still have the 2.4 in it. They usually get fitted in mantas! someone tag diplomat2.6!!!!!
  12. I wish I’d not been busy this morning else I’d have gone out in it for a play. Got 2 landies on the drive ready for it 🤣
  13. After a full day of non stop rain, it did this within an hour. Utter mind boggling.
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