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  1. One of Sikus finest. Very old, and very well played with. will pull more out the box next time I’m off work
  2. The matchbox red arrows IIRC were a cereal box token collection item.... ahhh them were the days
  3. Hold the fort! I’ve just spent 5 minutes in the loft and had to come out. Past play time overload! I have both Farrari stacked and packed, thought they’d gone missing years ago. Plus other super king jewels and britains landys
  4. Got that in the loft somewhere. Will did it out tomorrow. I think the 2 farraris are missing.
  5. Ooooooooof. These are still on my car bucket list.....
  6. The grenade got thrown in today and parts started to come off. There’s a mixed opinion on the best way to get this lump out. Some say it goes up, some say it goes down. I’ve removed the front slam panel, Radiators and most of the pipework etc. Gear linkages disconnected, air con pipes removed and started disconnected. Apart from a few stubborn pipes and the drive shafts, it’s all pretty much off. Parts added to list - Driveshafts, water pump and belt, aux belt, plugs n leads, rocker cover gaskets. List getting bigger by the day! if anyone knows how that silver pipe disconnects I’d be grateful to know, there was a clip round it, but it’s in there.......
  7. In this episode we strip the front suspension down. A fairly simple job, with it being a Mondeo. The front struts are removed. Despite looking crusty nothing was seized and fell apart beautifully. More parts added to the list - Top mounts, ARB links, lower arms. the front crank seal looks easy enough to do in situ. So I’ve got a question. Is it easier to remove the gearbox on its own, or do I continue with removing the whole lump? I can’t see much from the top, it’s a mess of pipes and bullshit. Will I have to drop the subframe? Etc etc
  8. And that gold radiator looks positively festive, even after Christmas! Love to see this fitted.
  9. I’m not the only one then. Mrs Sutty had a mk4 Astra sport and that would have me in tears within a mile of our house, crippling back pain. Hateful thing.
  10. On the first post I had visions of this car being like that Corsa you tried to resurrect but i reckon you’ll be onto a winner with this one! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.... but that didn’t work on the corsa so there’s no guarantee from this.
  11. sutty2006

    Wedding Car

    I’ve done two weddings and a 10 year anniversary with the mercury. I don’t really advertise it but it’s been a last minute oh my god we’ve got no car thing for people I know
  12. I remember when these were ten a penny. Infact I had a pepper red Finesse as my second car, one I wished I’d held onto. Don’t see many now, I think the ground claimed them back.
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