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  1. You want to get yourself down to Tankfest at Bovington, great weekend watching tanks and ARVs hooning around.
  2. Quite enjoyed tonight’s episode. I kind of went off top gear some years ago. This has brought it back in I think
  3. Over 1 million kms is classed as high, but age depending. We look after some 62/63 plate Actros mercs with upwards of 900k and some well into 1m kms and they’re still going, just about. After that milestone they become export territory.
  4. Good trucks them old mercs. They’ll keep going for a long time. May be a bit shit but they drive so much better than the newer ones!
  5. We sell quite a lot of delinte tyres, I think they’re quite reasonable
  6. Did you figure the new alterpotato out then?
  7. My moneys on poltergeist involvement...... if not that, my mechanical knowledge is completely done.
  8. Gettin Giti with it........ na na nah nah na nah nah.......
  9. A series ERF? If so, I bet there’s a gardener engine in it.
  10. The torque converter will hold shitloads more fluid than you’d think is possible. Keep at it, it’ll get clean eventually!
  11. Not like it’s a car you can just chuck another cars ID on. Hopefully he gets it back......
  12. Aye. Always a sad affair knowing they destruct so many of them year on year. No wonder there’s non about. Chap I know has a mk2 Granada estate ghia in almost salmon pink..... lovely car.
  13. This. Especially how I normally drive to work past a scrapyard with newer cars (by a good 10 years) sat in there looking better than the one I’ve got 😂
  14. I was hammering my way through pictures of a mahindra Willy’s Jeep shite replica the other day when I noticed this in the background. I hope it had an engine....
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