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  1. Agree with the above. Hate them but I can get by. The puller tool is always going to be your friend.
  2. I’d be more concerned about a pre booked wax oil for the SJ than a pre booked COVID test! Glad you’re nearly back, you’ve done us all proud.
  3. Think I’ll be ordering a pair of those raised letter plates for my manta!
  4. It must be something about brits heading from Italy to uk. We had one over night stop between Rimini and Dunkirque and that was Mulhouse? Some nautical themed town so far from the sea you’d think you would never see it again. Horrible Formula 1 hotel…… even worse selection of places to eat. No one spoke English. Was glad to leave the next morning. Glad you’re getting on with it!
  5. Best of luck! we’ve done a similar journey in a 518 shark nose BMW we bought for £100 but started in Rimini. Great drive. Keep the hammer down!
  6. Does anyone remember the inline 8 cylinder Gardner? Well out of use by the time I made it into the trade…
  7. 90bhp of pure unadulterated misery. Modern truck drivers don’t know what they’ve got nowadays!
  8. Also got the rear lights working. Including hazards which you can see currently in the “off” part of cycle. and refreshed the coil. The black box (transducer?) is known to have a heat sink paste between it and the body, so that’s been cleaned and reapplied. and there were no seatbelts, so that’s had to be rectified with some seat belts I took out of one I broke over 10 years ago. Glad I kept those!
  9. More work done today. Mrs sutty took me up to the unit and left me there until this evening. Thought nows a good time to get the rear seats in place, but what’s that at the bottom of the inner rear arches? Rust? Never! Oh……. bummer! Same both sides. Better sort that out now. Start on the other side then. cut out the grotty bits. There is a seat belt mount here, which has a bung in it. I decided to cut that out and leave it out, as a 76 car doesn’t need rear seat belts. new section in place I hate underseal but onwards we go! made it a bit stronger then used the hammered effect underseal…. Bit of stone chip on that and it’ll be grand as owt. view from inside, also now sealed. mrs sutty suggested I fit rear seat belts…….. thanks. Good job I kept these rear end raised up for now. I can sort out the rear brake pipes and fuel pipes now.
  10. If it’s on…….it’s gone!
  11. Seen someone receive a wheel arch repair panel from them for a manta B, and it wasn’t the greatest of quality. Cheers for the heads up though!
  12. Small amount done on this today. Had to fix the water coming up through the rocker bolt thread hole. So I cut about 3/4mm off the end of a bolt, put a slit into it and cleaned the hole. sealed it with flange sealant. Then sent it home. then I re did the timing and now it runs pretty perfect.
  13. If you’re good with the welder, depending on how much clearance you need, you could cut the subframe and channel it with some L shape section…… seen that done somewhere….
  14. 5 spoke revolutions…… my favourite, bucket list alloy for the manta.
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