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  1. Are those the pins that hold the inbound shoes to the backing plate?
  2. Fuck me the yanks had omegas! Dreamy!!!!
  3. Special tracks are the best for pure mud 4x4 traction. But horrible for anything else. The others are more like mud terrain but ok for on road. Depends on how stuck you want to be! This is Silverdale pay and play. It’s every 3rd Sunday of the month and is not far from Newcastle under Lyme. I can get better location if you fancy a go. Need at least a 2 inch lift and decent tyres, but some motors are standard and limited to where they can go. The dishatsu has welded diffs so permanent 4wd but struggled with ground clearance
  4. Yes my arches have been cut slightly and extensions fitted. ive got a set of these if you fancy them, same 265 75 16 but the tread isn’t as aggressive. These tyres were on this when I bought it but later fitted them to alloys as spares.
  5. 265 75 16 insa turbo special traks with a 2inch suspension lift, that’s all. Anti roll bars both removed for extra articulation, makes all the difference along with removing the tow bar that used to act like a plough. I’ve used Goodrich style braided brake hoses (longer) and poly bump stops, but shortened the bump stops by 50% so they don’t take the piss. Really need cranked trailing arms on the rear now as too much articulation causes the trailing arm bushes to pop out.
  6. More discovery abuse carried out today, along with my mate in his dishatsu. Not many pictures taken as too busy driving. Winch still broken, going to buy a new one.
  7. Haha yep. It should just read “it’s a discovery, what do you expect?” Lol
  8. Winch got fixed, replaced that clip and rebuilt it a few times and got it working. Hoping to test it out tomorrow. MOT happened yesterday. It failed. Welding on the near side rear wheel arch. Typical. + = another 12 months of collecting rust ahead!
  9. Hopefully the weather holds up tomorrow. Need it retesting tomorrow before lunch. Punishment day Sunday if i do, get it stuck in the mud again. Need to do front wheel bearings too.
  10. Near side rear wheel arch front edge. The lip that stops mud flying up between the body and the inner arch is rotten but too close to the seatbelt mount. Went up my unit to weld it up and left my welder at home. Given up now, cracked a beer open instead.
  11. FAILED. Welding of course. No surprise there.
  12. Toyota Prius. ground zero of all hybrid hate.
  13. Mines in for MoT tomorrow. Already been at it with the electric pritt stick…… fingers crossed I don’t need to do any more.
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