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  1. Well I never even knew they sold the sterling in the land of hope and glory. Being British though, I’d still buy a panther bodied crown vic or GM over a sterling lol.
  2. I remember getting a cab from Tenerife south airport. Was an old Merc, I sat up front 730k KMs and that’s on a tiny island! No rust at all. Brilliant start to the holiday that was. Shit pic though.
  3. The only time I’ve waited for a better taxi further down the line was in Benidorm and I was pissed and the first two taxis were Toyota Prius’s.....priuses.....Pri......oh bags of hybrid crap. There I said it. i hope you get your pride and joy back in one piece to continue its journey further into the high mileage club. Regardless of who might not want to travel in it because of its mileage.
  4. It’s a royal pain in the back side. The amount of hoops to be jumped through would put anyone off doing it. It’s only because I got mine for work purposes I managed to fight the DVLA for it, and I nearly lost my car licence in the process. Instead of getting a 10 year licence like everyone else, I have to renew it every 12 months. My current licence for class 2 has expired and I can’t get it until I can see a doctor, of whom I can’t see until all this Covid crap has gone away. So I’m driving on section 88 of the road traffic act. Which is a joke in itself. So yeah, I wouldn’t bother lol.
  5. Get something pre 1960 and drive it on a car licence. I wanted to buy an M35 Reo with a Hercules multifuel engine but now I’ve got my class 2 licence I can have one any age lol.
  6. Yeah something like that. 15-25-35-55, and so on. Isn’t their main speed limit 55? Conveniently when overdrive drops in too.
  7. The Mercury I have in the for sale thread, I’ve had the needle touch the stop on the opposite side. But it does end at about 85mph 😂
  8. Ahhh the beginning of the dreaded D2 phantom electric Tom foolery. Friend of mine had a D2 and it locked his kids in the car on a hot summers day with the keys in the ignition. Had to call the RAC out or AA can’t remember. Ended up putting a window through. D2 electrics are shit.
  9. My brother does this. “why don’t you put your house keys and car keys together?” ”because if some moron breaks in to steal the car keys for the car, at least they won’t take all my other keys with it” point well taken I think.
  10. When I wired up the winch on my Disco 1 the wiring goes through the grill up to the battery in the offside front inner wing. I wired mine to a kill switch so it’s only powered when in use. I heard too many stories of folk wiring winches in direct, then someone comes along and free wheels it over the top and hooks it to the rear towbar. Set it to winch in and boom, one crushed Landy. this is almost as bad as that picture that did the rounds of someone securing wiring to a propshaft 😂
  11. The Pontiac Aztec looks like a Renault espace had kinky yet regrettable sex with a 4wd scenic. 🤣
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