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  1. Too late for breakfast shot, never too late for poo count.
  2. Wow some great information there mrs!
  3. It returned. This time facing the opposite direction. He must have 3 point turned it somewhere for his return journey. enjoy.
  4. Ours was an 08 plate. The other van was a VW crafter limited to 70. The maxus was unlimited. The lad that had it permanently loved it and called it the mighty maxus. Until the engine threw a rod. It was a tragic day when it got replaced with another Crafter.
  5. I used to drive an LDV maxus when coving breakdown cover when working at DAF. Was actually quite a comfortable vehicle to steer!
  6. Interesting info about the shorty barges. Next time I see one I’ll snap a photo of it
  7. Keep seeing small narrow boats like that on the canal near me. Interesting little things they are!
  8. Unbelievable work. Wish I could do my mantas like that. It’s getting hold of parts that’s the problem for such an old car.
  9. I learned to drive in a mk3 finesse, 1.1. My first car. Fond memories. That was 16 years ago. Skip forward to last week when I clocked a blue mk3 attempting to pull out from a side street. Let him out for old times sake and it had “L” plates on it. Ohh the sweet memories. Learning in one of them back then was hard work, but doing it now? Brave. Brave indeed.
  10. Anti corrosion treatment bringing great durability? “have you been Mis-sold a Ford Fiesta from the early 90s? Claim compensation now!”
  11. Shame the sign writer couldn’t spell though.
  12. Find a lot of travelling entertainers use old ERFs. They love them. The usual Cummins engines are pretty bullet proof. They do well to keep them on the road. Parts were getting scarce 15 years ago ……..
  13. What really pisses me off about ANY old Vauxhall with a CIH engine is no one can ever be bothered to Chuck some paint on the rocker cover. Fuck me, I had mine powder coated so it never ends up like that!
  14. I knew a lad who had one. In fact I think he still has it. He always thought the sun shon out of its exhaust hole, and repeatedly told me how great and reliable it was. He was strange, and I didn’t really like him that much. And full of shit. Etc. It was always breaking down.
  15. “Dry white toast ma’am” ”do you want anything with that?” ”no ma’am, just toast.”
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