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  1. Why does everyone assume owning a landrover means you have you spend your life fixing them? I just don’t get it. Don’t fix the damn thing! 😂
  2. Can a mod please move this to the correct area please. I done fucked it up
  3. Read before you drool down your face onto my keyboard. This vehicular specimen does not belong to me. (Although I wish it did). It belongs to a very good friend of mine who has too many cars, just like me. Its an M reg Cavalier 1.7 turbo diesel (Isuzu) CDX. That means it’s got full heated leather seats etc. 5 speed Manuel gearbox. MOT till March 2020. On sorn. interior is in good condition. Exterior is a little rough, however it’s not the worst out there. 140000 miles. It does have all 5 alloy wheels but they are shagged and need refurbishment. They don’t hold air due to corrosion on the beads. It was serviced including timing belt about 2.5 years ago. One of those years it’s stood doing nothing. Sometimes the imobilizer plays up and needs a swift smack to bring it back to life. There’s a clunk on the front end, sometimes, might need a wishbone or similar. Thats all im going to get into, if you’re interested his number is 07961 263314. go look at it and buy it. It’s cheap to run and drives fine. I’d buy this myself but I’ve got the carlton, and a £50 omega on my drive so don’t have the space. Located in Stoke on Trent. Not far from J16. I can try to answer questions, but you’re best off giving him a ring (Jamie) he’s a good lad so don’t take the piss. He wants £600 or very very near offer.
  4. I love that victor. It’s proper cool.
  5. This is a big thing for me at the moment. Car parks and traffic jams are full of dull boring colours that people seam to love. I can drive along and see black black black grey white black grey black silver black black black. Hell, my silver carlton was dull and boring before it was cool.
  6. I was watching that video thinking I recognised the black Dutton phaeton s2 behind the beige mini. I did. Was at a show in the West Midlands a few months ago. Epic. And yes, grey, cloth seats and no added extras means I’m giffa spec. Lovely
  7. Very nice taste with the 150, shame it’s not a 250 though. I don’t have kids, so that’s my only input to this thread
  8. Aye a fresh head and rest and it’ll fly on. Good work sir. Did you have a straight edge over the cylinder head?
  9. The ones that fade? Or the ones that fade and craze?
  10. Chodspeed and may you never regret the early wake up in search for something disappointing.
  11. Rose between two thorns there haha
  12. Aye a Renault trafic Eriba car. It looks in poor condition and hasn’t been taxed since 2017. No mot since 2016. Not even on Sorn. Looks abandoned on this site but I doubt the owners of the site would allow it to be here if it was. Interesting
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