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  1. I’ve not used the disco since last weekend. Today went to get two new tyres for the rear. Then went up to my unit to pick some stuff up. From my unit I went to a Landrover parts shop about 10 miles away to pick up another ball joint for the front. While I was discussing the impending doom of owning a Landrover with the shop owner, I noticed a dark pool under the rear of the disco. Knowing full well that MANY landrovers park here, it must be someone else from earlier. Only to my disappointment as I walked back to it that the rear of the disco was covered top to bottom in fuel. And it was pouring out with the engine running. Pipe must have ruptured on my way from my unit to the shop, as it was dry when I left. unfortunate? Yes. Rang the AA, who turned up 15 minutes later. The shop owner, fluent in discovery ailments said it’ll be the fuel pipe from tank to filter. And sold me the pipe. AA man didn’t want to drop the tank in the car park, which is FULL, so a bloke turned up and offered to replace it in the workshop on Sunday. Took the big yellow taxi home.
  2. Wow that’s cool. I remember these when they were cheap runabouts when no one wanted them. A friend had a GT turbo in blue, that i replaced the turbo on it for him. Well done for keeping this one alive!
  3. Our shunter is OAC. 4x2 tractor unit.
  4. It can be done quite easily, but I’m not 100% certain on the exact laws. They have to be IVA approved I think, which means it gets tested to comply with the rules of a rigid vehicle and a change of chassis and then a new VTG plate is issued. i am no longer working for Mercedes Benz. I am now I’m my 3rd week of working for Trailer Auto Group, a new company specialising in the refurbishment of trailers owned by part of the Culina/stobart group. We have over 150 old “Eddie stobart” trailers on site being stripped, blasted, repainted and rebuilt in “Stobart” or “Culina” livery. I am part of a 6 man team rebuilding and servicing the running gear on trailers. Much better, more relaxed and less stressful way of working.
  5. Mk2 fiesta and mk2 golf cut n shut?
  6. Had a trip out with a good friend yesterday to the omoc AGM in Prestatyn, called in at Talacre beech to relive some memories. Did 180 miles yesterday and it didn’t miss a beat.
  7. Yeah that’s the one! Can’t find it anywhere but I’ll keep my eyes open for another.
  8. I also found these in a leather suitcase that’s been locked as long as I remember. Dad must have cut the locks off recently because they could never find the keys. These were just a small portion of what’s in there.
  9. Going to save them for when he’s a little older, there’s some on eBay but not much.
  10. Evening folks. I need some help! I went into my dads loft tonight to pick up some of my old toys for my son. First up is this old garage. It’s very cleverly bolted to a section of wood with some roads painted on. I remember painting them when I was a kid! But the garage has seen better days. Can anyone identify it or has a broken one I can rob some parts off to fix it up? A long shot I know, but you never know! next up, what we called “French roads” is a majo kit pavement setup thing. I loved these as a kid, but there are some bits missing. all stored in an Indian .303 ammunition box.
  11. So far the BOL states “parking lamp relay” but I’m yet to find it. The dash is a schmorgus board of wires and plugs and disused connections. one large connection on the steering column has this small 3 pin plug on the side. I’ve disconnected it and my problem has gone away, yet all my lights now work as they should. I need to go over everything again to make sure. I have 12v coming up to the plug, via the red wire and nothing more. This then goes up into the part of the column I can’t strip down. For ease, I’m going to leave it at that. I have never used parking lights anyway.
  12. I can’t find anything in the Haynes Manuel that states it has a module for the park lights. I just have “parking lamp left” or “parking lamp right” which is a whole load of use. I’ve tried disconnecting the main light switch, and it still does it. what’s even worse, I can’t seam to get the column surround off, it’s a whole unit, and I recon the barrel needs to come out first. This is going to be hard to rectify 😢
  13. I went to a local car meet Thursday night. And remembered that I’d seen the side light cone on when I indicated. So I had a quick look in the car park. When I indicate right (ignition on/engine running) the corresponding side light comes on both front and rear. How odd. And happens both sides. now. Some folk shout “it’s an earth issue!” But why? I don’t think it is. If it was an earth issue, why would the rear come on, and be bright like it’s been switched on? I think it has parking lights. So when the ignition is off, and you indicate, the side light comes on… I recon something is confused. Either the stalk is faulty or the ignition switch. Got to look into this asap
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