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  1. Mmmmmmm bluebird. Round the corner from me.
  2. I’ve got a couple of them in my box in the loft. Battered from heavy play use in the 90s. still not found a Volvo 850, beginning to think they’ve been panic bought 🤔
  3. Buy it. chuck a 6BT in it and crack on.
  4. I’ve never met the guy but he sounded like he was a good bloke. Rest in Piece.
  5. Similar to you. 2006/7 I bought a 518i shark nose on a D plate for £107. It was mint apart from the smell of curry inside. Changed the whole interior but it still smelt of curry powder. Used for 2007 scally rally. Then got ebayed off. Did have a picture but can’t find it.
  6. Yup any EML or emissions related warning light on is a failure regardless of age. Glad it’s passed now!
  7. I think time has been unkind to it. Oil leaks haven’t been addressed when they develop (probably better to sort them all out at once) but things seized and broken bodges are all part of the fun putting them back together!
  8. To be quite honest, other than the seats and rear bumper, there wouldn’t have been much money to make breaking it, as most parts were broken anyway. Lol
  9. I don’t mind putting a few days hard graft into it, just look at that ST I’m rebuilding, doing it for the love. Coventry isn’t toooooo far away, but right now cash is something I don’t have a lot of. I think a lot of people are probably starting to tighten their belts with impending corona self isolation lack of wages outcome.
  10. I’m 32. I work as a mechanic in a cold workshop putting trucks back together. I can’t stand being indoors when there’s work to be done outside, I think I genuinely suffer from seasonal affective disorder as the rain depresses me. That or my PlayStation is pretty boring. I’m hoping to keep this one, use it every now and again but I see it as an investment. Fast fords through the years have shot up in value and these 220s are at rock bottom. Scurry it away in a barn for 10 years and see what the values do.
  11. I’ve put worse back on the road. It needs love and attention. Lost a lot of cash putting an Opel rekord back together after it had been pillaged for parts. It’s a good job I loved the car.
  12. I wouldn’t waste your hard earned cash. I had to change the oil in my 300tdi in quick succession (24hrs and about 5 miles done) and still went black as the ace of spades real quick. Runs sweet as a nut though.
  13. Deffo want some randoms for this! I’ve got a soft spot for these. Especially 4.0 high output ones
  14. sutty2006


    £30 worth of curious stains eh? WCPGW.
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