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  1. That suggests no. What they'll have to do is check with their supplier, who may* have it.
  2. Similar thing with Afros - shave the sides, but leave unchecked growth on top, so you end up looking like a tree.
  3. As @Zelandeth found with his BX, WD40 is probably the worst thing you can lubricate* an instrument display with.....
  4. Hopefully you'll actually be able to obtain enough petrol.....
  5. 1970/1 Citroën DS, cream body / black roof, seen going Northbound A41 Watford Way this afternoon. When I looked up the numberplate, it showed a completely different vehicle. Something dodgy going on.
  6. Fancy having a go at entering for Britain's Strongest Man, attaching a harness to your new car and hauling it home? Gradients could be interesting....
  7. I'm currently in the automatic car wash in King's Langley Texaco after finishing at the stables. They ran out of fuel hours ago. There's not a drop of any fuel to be had in this area, or in Watford. There's plenty of cars just going up and down this stretch in the hope of fuel, and burning fuel doing so. Government minister sez no problem with fuel. Grate British motoring public instantly disbelieves him and goes off on panic-buying spree, thus creating a problem where there hadn't been one before. Why do people do this? 'Tis like self-harming! *shrugs*
  8. 'Tis like the motoring public want to be architects of their own self-fulfilling prophecy
  9. I suppose the icing on the cake would be if Insulate Britain tried to blockade petrol stations....
  10. I don't know why ministers haven't realised that every one of their "don't panic-buy" announcements actually leads to panic-buying.
  11. Isn't this already available at your local cut-price off-licence?
  12. Years ago I used to see OUD 1T around here on a Volvo 340. AUD 1T would be great* for an accountant, but is not currently in circulation.
  13. I guess he'll be stuck with it for a good long while to come.
  14. Just add tetraethyl lead. Job done.
  15. I was about to ask if there was going to be anything left after dismantling....!
  16. Irish Traveller funeral news update: "Fight over tomb in Tuam"
  17. There's clearly something rotten in the state of Denmark.
  18. DD Classics prices are a joke. That is what happens when you operate in that London.
  19. Maybe @dozeydustman has a theory that explains this 🤔
  20. In the oul days, this was known as transubstantiation.
  21. ...and five times the cost now.
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