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  1. I get the feeling the fuel stabiliser might* turn out to be more drinkable than the Dom.
  2. Come to think of it, I do have some Dom Pérignon on the shelf. Forgot it was there. Probably been sitting there so long that it no longer meets quality* standards and is no longer drinkable. I don't seem to be proficient at this long-term champagne storage thing.
  3. Was that a real Uber driver, or someone just filling in for the real Uber driver?
  4. How about part-exchanging the Merc for the dream car?
  5. Presumably the dashcam evidence is available. Or has the Shamazon driver deleted it already?
  6. Alternatively, it may still be here, but on foreign plates
  7. Release your inner @Six-cylinder
  8. I'm dreaming of a shite Christmas, Just like the ones we never* had, Where your fluid's leaking And springs are creaking, And something's stuffing up your rad. I'm dreaming of a shite Christmas Your coolant hose is gonna blow, May your bearings be over-tight, And may all your Christmases be shite.
  9. My bet's on the reserve being three bags or above.
  10. Moral of the story is: don't get your car restored by Kienle if you want to maintain AS standards*
  11. Note no traffic lights under the bridge. They weren't installed until some years after, replacing the zebra crossings.
  12. Local one hanging on grimly. Particularly like the AS method of front bumper mounting.....
  13. Just remember that it took me 2½ years to find a suitable one. Very early days for you.
  14. I actually liked the look of the Sana when it came out. Reminded me of a Citroën ZX. Unfortunately the small matter of a war in the Balkans got in the way, otherwise it could have been a contender.
  15. A front exhaust section....
  16. In 1977, the oul man bought an ex-Met unmarked car, a 1973 Cortina 1600 L Decor "TMC 371M". The seller was a serving Detective Inspector who in turn had bought it from the Met. There were a few mysterious holes in the dash, plus a series of switches hidden beside the steering column. We never did find out what they were originally used for. It had been quite well cared-for during its police service. The black vinyl seats were lethal in summer. I remember the oul man replacing the nearside wing once due to rot. By 1985 it had developed a severe reluctance to start in cold weather, so it was flogged off to a Spanish restaurant owner for £150. Since then, all of the oul fella's cars have been German.
  17. Based on what he mentioned in passing to me months ago when I passed him the Alpine cassette stereo out of my CX, you'll need to set aside at least a week to hear the full list....
  18. There actually is a logic to it. One might almost say "an Irish solution to an Irish problem".
  19. Bedford rather than Luton, surely? Bedford's practically Little Napoli.
  20. To keep the current tyranny in control?
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