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  1. Looks a cracking purchase, I’ve become a bit fond of these early TT’s in recent years and quite fancy one myself, much more stylish than all of the current Audi line up.
  2. It doesn’t look like the Saab that Henry Crabbe drove in ‘Pie in the sky’ has survived, HUB 133Y.
  3. My current count is six, 1964 Ford Zodiac 1971 Triumph 2000 1999 Renault Clio ‘Le snail’ 2002 VW Polo TDI 2004 Volvo S60 D5 2007 Mercedes Benz SLK 200 All on the key with the newer 4 being in daily use and the moment, the Zodiac and Triumph only if the weather permits.
  4. That’s superb, that was a seminal music video that has stood the test of time but reading the link it’s not the actual car from the video but just possibly some parts from it.
  5. Spotted this old still grafting Merc earlier, I guess the Cypriot testing regime isn’t as strict as ours as the lorry has no headlamp lenses...
  6. Here’s another from today, thought it was a Lada initially...
  7. I’m on holiday in sunny Cyprus at the moment, I’ve only the one spot so far near to where we are staying but it’s quite notable in the shape of a couple of seemingly abandoned motors, the Merc is immaculate under the dust......
  8. Neighbours motor who seems to like it.
  9. Ha! The Clio is the sister in laws motor that I sourced and maintain, it’s only done about 50,000 from new but is dreadfully slow and generally crap to drive. I think Renault gave up making half decent cars after the last generation 5.
  10. I know I should have tried harder, but being up at 04.15am yesterday to be on the 05.27am Plymouth to Newcastle train I was literally on auto pilot after a week of 12 hour days steering a 26 ton 6 wheeler around West Cornwall on roads chocked with staycationers, I did witness a stunning sunrise over the bay as the train seemingly skimmed across the sea between Teignmouth and Dawlish, surely the most beautiful stretch of railway in the country. Soon after I nodded off and awoke to the magnificent Bristol Temple Meads station where I found myself reminiscing about early 80’s train spotting
  11. My return to work 4 weeks ago after 12 weeks on furlough has been a bit of a trial mostly driving this old heap, It pulls really well considering its mileage though the syncro on third gear is non existent so it’s a good job I know how to double de clutch. I’m still being paid the company artic rate to drive rigids and have been assured I will be back driving artics very soon, I did one day in an artic 2 weeks ago and I was fine even having some challenging drops and having not driven an artic in 15 weeks. This old rigid has the nickname Triggers broom.....
  12. Wise words, I carry one in both of my oldies.
  13. I would wager that that it doesn’t work anymore and probably never will, now if it had one of those old slanty 4 cylinder petrol engines.....
  14. My late father had one of these in the mid nineties and I ended up with it for a while before I could pass it on, a hateful piece of shit that was the worst car I’ve had the misfortune to own. I’m amazed any 2.3 Sierras have survived.
  15. Squinting through spectacles I think you are right Mk2 Craig, that Rover was doing well!
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