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  1. That looks a great wee thing, love it!
  2. I’m not at all keen on that Anglia, though an amazing amount of work has gone into it. I prefer the custom Anglia I owned back in 1985, Cortina 1500 GT engine and gearbox, Weber twin choke and classic Capri front struts with disc brakes, all scrapyard parts! Here’s a pic of a very youthful BS6 and the car….
  3. Sorry about the pics of my recently sold Polo!
  4. Currently enjoying a very nice as always holiday in Cyprus, and have taken a bit of time out of laying in the sun, drinking Keo and eating vast quantities of grilled meat to get a few spots in…. first up a daily driver Toyota Land Cruiser… I have to confess I didn’t realise a Nissan Micra floppy top was an actual thing… A traditional Cyprus village bus, this one being based on the very long lived Bedford TJ and seemingly abandoned on a patch of waste ground in Paphos. This Austin A55 Cambridge was found ironically in the car park of the motor museum in Limassol, at least the poor old thing won’t get painted in Dulux and come to a horrible end on the small oval. Some stuff in the museum, including a very small Mazda with a rear window exactly like a 105E Anglia.. Remains of a 1960’s Jones yard crane.. Ford Cargo at rest.. Now this is actually an ice cream van, the rear seats have been converted into a fridge/vending area, a compressor sitting in the passenger footwell… A village garage had a Marina van out the back and a nice looking MK1 Cavalier inside… Who in their right mind would do this to W208! I do enjoy the sight of big Bristols on holiday!
  5. No, every time I’ve attempted anything I end up a disgruntled swearing injured mess.
  6. That copper appears to be wearing Jack boots.
  7. I’m on holiday in Cyprus currently and was glad to spot an Iveco 8 legger tipper (sorry cavcraft)
  8. Yes, these things are hideously ugly and I can’t believe how BMW have lost the plot in their designs, very nice looking cars up until not that long ago but now…
  9. 1984 Ford Sierra 2.3 Ghia estate, absolutely horrible. Dreadful drive and fuel consumption. The only thing it did well was rust when it was only 11 years old in my ownership. A real low point for Ford as you see more 1960’s Fords at classic car shows than anything from this age.
  10. It’s great as a garden ornament but I wouldn’t fancy going airborne in it, if the model gliders I had in my youth were anything to go by!
  11. Yes I’ve seen and photographed these, the tractor unit is the sole survivor of the few that were built and originally was registered 1 JAF new to Dingle & Sons of Stoke Climsland, mated to a low loader trailer to move their road rollers and other plant.
  12. Would that issue also need addressing on the later R171 model?
  13. I’ve never owned a Morris Minor but have borrowed a few over the years and they are a very endearing driving experience on local journeys or B road blasts. They are one of the few cars of this era you can practically drive on a daily basis.
  14. The company I drive for has one on display at the head office in Cullompton, she was brand new to the company.
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