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  1. Not just any episode of the likely Lads, the film! How man it’s canny like….
  2. As already mentioned, when it comes to cars the vast majority are clueless and just don’t care about maintenance and safety so any proposed changes to the annual MOT is a recipe for disaster, just the simple things like checking fluid levels and tyre pressures weekly eludes the masses, I can’t believe the Government is even considering this as they have more pressing issues to deal with.
  3. There’s so much to like in this image of pre gentrification Britain, the street lamps, gas holder and what looks like a few prefab homes..
  4. Nice but nowhere near nice enough for the seller’s expectations on price.
  5. Rovey much goodly nuerothorcus.
  6. Oh my days, an LDV thing still in existence and apparently working. I was working at a main dealer for these late 90’s early 2000’s and still have nightmares..
  7. Was it the Scambusters squadron?
  8. Being boring, but both of those Austin’s have a Devon reg number.
  9. How did you get those plates with the Scottish flag Tam? I only asked for a Devon flag on some plates a few months ago and was flatly refused “as it’s not legal blah blah blah bollocks” Very cool ‘ private’ number by the way!
  10. This is lurking on an industrial estate in Redruth and is apparently going to be converted into a mobile catering unit.,
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