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  1. Oh dear, this abomination is going to give me nightmares tonight...
  2. I’ve no idea where this is, but is the car a ‘55 Chevy?
  3. That seems a very good price, much better than what I’m paying weekly for a council garage down in the wild Westcountry...
  4. They certainly are, about the best looking current car on the road I would say, it has that distinctive Volvo look...
  5. bigstraight6

    TV cars

    I liked the Saints Volvo P1800 in which he could outrun E type Jags and the like...
  6. That pump job does indeed look fiddly, I’ve been lucky with my D5 S60 in the last 6 years and 60,000 miles in that nothing has gone wrong, it’s been serviced annually and the only parts that have worn and needed replacing are 3 brake callipers and both front lower suspension arms. I was finding it had an appetite for tyres in particular front ones, about a year ago I upped the fronts too 42 psi and rears to 40 and this has solved the issue.
  7. Brilliant, this collection thread is off the scale! I’m full of admiration for the effort and glad it worked out in the end and the car made the journey..
  8. Here’s my current steed when it was brand new on the fleet, she’s just about to crack 500,000k now and has been virtually fault free in service. These MAN’s have been far superior to the Renault and Merc units we had previously, the Merc Actros units were particularly bad and the boss won’t even consider that brand now.
  9. I’m going to put more thought and monies into filters I purchase from now on, I’m guessing all this sub standard stuff is made in China rubbish.
  10. Here’s my Zodiac with my sons Cougar on the Torpoint ferry last Sunday, it seems lost among all the moderns around it....
  11. Great stuff! That shite Hillman Avenger with the roof/boot rack and stickers only lasted another 12 months according to DVLA site...
  12. Why trash an E28, surely a 1 series would be more appropriate if only the producers could find one that still moves under its own power. I loved the ‘82 528i I owned once...
  13. Another shout for the Volvo D5, one of the best Diesel engines ever and you certainly won’t be working on it apart from servicing Which has been my experience for 6 years now.
  14. We have some of these on our fleet and agree they are a very nice drive, they sound and feel like proper lorries unlike the new Volvo 6 wheeler we have which feels sanitized in comparison and has a slush box which takes away the driving pleasure.
  15. I know it’s the future but I still don’t want it, I’d rather listen too, smell, and feel what it’s like to drive a fossil fuelled vehicle. I can’t imagine my Zodiac or Triumph 2000 would have any appeal to drive sounding like a golf cart or old electric milk float.
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