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  1. Indeed, there are far too many ‘experts’ voicing their opinions on this subject now, any well maintained diesel engined car from the last 15 or so years will be much cleaner than that old tractor engined Peugeot..
  2. Needs no MOT, use as is...runs and hides
  3. bigstraight6

    Austin Maxi

    It certainly does, clean uncomplicated lines unlike whatever that monstrosity next to it is. The Maxi could well be more spacious inside to...
  4. Got my unit back after a night trunk driver ploughed into an abandoned drunk driver crashed car back in early November, I think it took so long due to the circumstances and it was borderline write off. The first day I got her back I was on the Totnes Paignton road when a pheasant flew out of the hedge straight into the windscreen breaking it (and the pheasant!) so it was off the road another day.. Here she is today waiting to take a full load as storm clouds brew over Buckland Filliegh....
  5. Indeed, it’s the gesture posturing thing so beloved of the middle class, being concerned and vocal about climate change while using a huge great troop carrier to take the kids to school.
  6. I will have it if nobody else does, one of my daily drivers is an S60, I have something slightly shite and Swedish content I could swap! (Not old shuffle mags!)
  7. I must be living in some past times parallel universe as I dont know a single person who works from home...
  8. bigstraight6

    Austin Maxi

    Very interesting thread here, I never really wanted to own an example in my youth when they were plentiful fodder, but now I feel an affection for this very British car....
  9. It’s episodes like this that makes this place what it is, absolutely brilliant effort!...
  10. Turnbulls Garage on Charles cross roundabout, Plymouth. I remember buying fuel there back in the mid 80’s, they were a Vauxhall main dealers at that time, a much missed local landmark...
  11. If it wasn’t for AS I’d be rather lost, this is always my first and last place to visit online each day as it has been since I first found this place back in 2006. The highlight for me this year was having the pleasure of meeting some other patrons at this years shitefest.
  12. Great challenge you’ve set yourself there, this is going to be good!
  13. Bigstraight6 the younger has just spent the last 2 days removing, overhauling and reinstalling the leaking power steering pump on his 68 Mercury Cougar, the job was a complete success and it now works perfectly with no more leaking, both he and me are well pleased. Most of his friends of the same age struggle to check their engine oil let alone anything else and enlist my boy to jobs on their cars regularly. He hates new cars and his daily is a 20 year old VW Polo, the next generation...
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