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  1. That is ace and I don’t even like motorcycles, Bristol reg number if I’m not mistaken...
  2. Thanks for sorting the issue...
  3. That does rather sum up Launceston, deliverance country..
  4. Summercourt scrapyard near Newquay might be worth a visit, some years ago I posted up some pics on here of some 50’s/60’s chod in The hedges on the perimeter of the yard.
  5. These pics are great, I think Cuban mechanics must be the best in the World for the ingenuity and skills of keeping these vehicles mobile..
  6. Fix it up! I hate this ethos that as soon as something stops working properly just bin it and buy a brand new replacement that might be of worse quality Chinese made shit than that you are replacing..
  7. Fantastic pics, I’d love to visit Cuba before it’s modernised and ruined.
  8. Great effort Mr B, this is what running cars should be about and getting the most serviceable life out of vehicles..
  9. I managed to start the car earlier by running a wire between the positive battery and coil terminals, she started easily but I couldn’t stop the engine on the key only by removing the temporary wire so it must be the ignition switch at fault. I’m going to remove it in the hope I can do something with it, if not I will have to get one of those universal replacements.....
  10. Nice pics chaps, love the colour combo on the one you owned Yoss, but what is that article above the windscreen of the pic sudsprint posted?
  11. OOF! As much as I like my MK2 I would love a MK1, they just look so perfect..
  12. You are spot on Yoss, the Chris Witor sports exhaust sounds glorious, it makes you want to have a drive for no other reason than listen to the exhaust note, my favourite is through the Saltash tunnel!
  13. Thanks for all the replies, I took off the earth straps and gave them a good wire brushing, put the coil in the Triumph where it worked fine and put the rotor arm from the Triumph in the Zodiac which made no difference, a good friend of mine thinks the ignition switch might be suspect and suggested ‘hard wiring’ from the battery positive to the coil positive, I will give this a try tomorrow as I’ve had enough today, bloody cars!
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