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  1. Big respect for all the patrons who have actually slept in a car, an experience I haven’t and probably never will now but if I did it would have to be in a late 1940’s/early 1950’s Nash Airflyte that was designed with this feature…
  2. I saw a couple of Turkish registered artics down at a shellfish company in Redruth only last week, wish I’d taken some pics now! Hats off to these real distance drivers..
  3. My friend had his Pinin professionally under sealed a good few years back, I guess that’s why it’s still good.
  4. My best friend who I’ve known since 1978 School days and is more like a brother visited earlier, below is his daily driver and he also has a 20 year old Mazda Bongo and Porsche 993 in regular service, so is he a shitter without knowing it!
  5. I’m thinking the one for the Scout camp run had an actual floor, or see the pack being the Anthill mob.
  6. I found this mag among my full collection of Jalopy mag’s while up in the loft yesterday, can anyone else on here remember this publication?
  7. Love it! I have to admit I like the blue wheels.
  8. bigstraight6

    E10 Fuel

    A good friend of mine has a Mazda Bongo as his daily and tried E10, fuel consumption dropped and now he’s having starting issues. I’m not putting this shit fuel in any of mine, it might be a bit cheaper than super but if MPG goes down there is no benefit.
  9. I’ve no plans to replace any of these, Zodiac sits in the garage from October to March but always starts first time and proceeds without issue after it’s winter lay up as it always has in my 18 year ownership, Mercedes has full history and only 82,000 miles and drives like it’s new and is used sparingly at weekends, Volvo has been my daily donkey for 8 years and being an old Volvo will continue to be.
  10. I was rather taken with this small camper yesterday, might be a bit snug for me though!
  11. I remember some years ago an agency driver filling the adblue tank with diesel, he did wonder why the nozzle wouldn’t fit in the hole and it took an age to fill, it was a rental unit to the company at the time just to make matters worse!
  12. Not bad, but I’d still rather have an R4!
  13. How a car manufacturer can go from making one of the most successful simple World cars ever, to total shite today.
  14. Thankfully, my good friend from school days (Dodgy Des) will literally take any repair job on at his garage business, he is a legend and keeps many old shitters on the road!
  15. I spotted this sad old heap at a local supermarket today, gaffer taped body repairs and homemade roof rack with a strong hint of burnt engine oil as I followed it to this parking spot. Driven by an old giffer.
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