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  1. My return to work 4 weeks ago after 12 weeks on furlough has been a bit of a trial mostly driving this old heap, It pulls really well considering its mileage though the syncro on third gear is non existent so it’s a good job I know how to double de clutch. I’m still being paid the company artic rate to drive rigids and have been assured I will be back driving artics very soon, I did one day in an artic 2 weeks ago and I was fine even having some challenging drops and having not driven an artic in 15 weeks. This old rigid has the nickname Triggers broom.....
  2. I would wager that that it doesn’t work anymore and probably never will, now if it had one of those old slanty 4 cylinder petrol engines.....
  3. My late father had one of these in the mid nineties and I ended up with it for a while before I could pass it on, a hateful piece of shit that was the worst car I’ve had the misfortune to own. I’m amazed any 2.3 Sierras have survived.
  4. Squinting through spectacles I think you are right Mk2 Craig, that Rover was doing well!
  5. New George Street Plymouth 1979, it’s been pedestrianised for decades now...
  6. Thanks for such an entertaining collection Jim, car looks a cracker though I fear that like Kenny I will be having nightmares about Harpy eagles now...
  7. He went through specialist broker Adrian Flux and got it insured for £1000 which I was quite amazed at, I thought I may of had to wait until he got to 21 before having any chance of getting insurance on a 50 year old American car with a 5 litre V8!
  8. He had no problems insuring it and had one of those black boxes fitted, I was more surprised when he managed to insure this that he bought when 19....
  9. Fag burn repair is brilliant, very nice hound!
  10. My sons daily driver is now 20 years old, I bought him this 6n2 Polo 4 years ago when he was 17 and had just passed his driving test for a modest £500. It has never been welded and hasn’t needed much doing aside from cam belt replacement, a power steering pipe, starter motor, one front coil spring, rear brake shoes and regular servicing. It has the 1.0 litre MPI engine which is fine for urban driving but it does get a bit vocal at motorway speeds but he did a round trip from Plymouth to Gloucester earlier this week and when I asked how the car was he said “It did alright for a small up and down engine” He has no plans to change this car anytime soon!
  11. I’m down in Plymouth which is a 2 hour schlep from that there Barnstaple, but if there’s nobody closer I don’t mind going to have a look.
  12. It’s always going to come to pass on here being a place of sanctuary for enthusiasts of old cars, no offence intended it’s just a bit of banter..
  13. There’s nothing wrong with diesel Peugeot’s (in particular older ones with XUD)
  14. I won’t be convinced until range is at least as good as an internal combustion engine, recharging is the same time as filling a fuel tank, and batteries last as long as an internal combustion engine otherwise it’s just not progress.
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