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  1. Like others have said , probably be harder getting it out of america
  2. I've not imported a car from America . But recently imported one from Italy . I had a Italian logbook , and the car was from 1992 . It was painless registering it , they accepted the paper work without question. Also I bought a car recently with out a log book as it came from a deicesed estate . It turned out it had the wrong number plates on it since new , 30 years lol. It took 3 months but they did sort it out. The dvla are quite good if not a bit slow. I don't think you would have any trouble registering this end , can MOT off chassis number , ford can date it easily . The UK is one of the
  3. People also forget the MOT is minimum standards , and apart from corrosion everything else is at time of test .
  4. I work in main dealer and jobs go wrong on a daily basis , customers can be horrific , some understand but most call us cow boys shit , all sorts . We will work on any age car , but all new mechanics coming through don't like old stuff . Give them a car with dizzy cap etc and no OBD port and there screwed. There simply not tought it at college . It must be so daunghting for people who don't do there own repairs to A find a garage and B find one they trust.
  5. Ivy motors at darton in Barnsley. The garage is like going back to 1970s , and his prices seem to be stuck there too . Welded all boot floor , rear arch , rear sill , rear floor to sill only charged 70 quid . I've used him for years and tbf does a descent job .
  6. I've had call from the garage today , the welding is complete , as normal with welding , the holes were much worse once he had started . It's all done now and sealed up. Going for first MOT since 2001 next week.
  7. Where abouts in Wales are you . You don't have to post the coordinates , north south east west would suffice . Once this lock down shit is over I'd quite happily come over one Saturday armed with multi meter etc and spend a good few hours sorting the wiring out on the Yugo .
  8. Wiring can be a pain especially if someone has been messing about , and you don't have a wiring diagram to follow. I've not seen the car , only from the videos you have posted . A fiat Tipo wiring diagram should do the job for a basis to work from . Start at the battery and work back with your multi meter . Also with any Italian car , don't think you have voltage fault it could be an earth issue . Those extra wires you have could be someone else's attempt to try sort a voltage issue they don't have .
  9. I also like listening to his stories and watching the vids , especially on the invacar and Yugo. I'm gifted as mechanic is my trade and do all my own repairs . I'd like another Yugo update .
  10. Prisma going for welding today , garage is about 5 mile away so gives me a chance to give it a run .
  11. The case worker was very helpful tbf . I can now finish the work on it as I plan to take the thema turbo ds off road for a bit and use prisma as daily driver .
  12. Bit of an update , the dvla have confirmed that the reg numbers have been incorrect since new . They are swapping the chassis numbers over and leaving the history of both cars same . I will have the logbook issued in a few days. I'll get the welding sorted now I know logbook is sorted.
  13. I've checked the chassis number on the vin plate and the one stamped into the turret top , they both match . I'm 99% sure those 2 cars had wrong plates fitted when new . Especially both been same make , model , and spec , same colour , registered same day too . I work in a main dealers and it happens quite regularly would you believe . Usually gets picked up before delivery though
  14. No , you just wrote the chassis number down from the vin plate , and reg , then wrote that by hand onto either pass cert or fail cert .
  15. Both cars never got a electronic MOT. So it wouldn't get picked up.
  16. Well , it was all going so well. Got a letter from dvla as I got this car and it didn't come with a log book . Well something is a miss . The prisma has G526BPE reg number on it . But that reg dosnt match the chassis number . When I hpi the chassis number , that comes back as reg number G527BPE . That is also a blue prisma , registered same day too . Now I suspect them 2 cars had the wrong plates fitted when PDI was carried out . The front plate on my car is the old font so that's been on that car for a long time , also the old tax discs are G526BPE . This is now in the hands of the dvl
  17. Cheers , I love bringing cars back from brink , it's a good feeling . Been a lancia fan I had a starter motor in my stash of parts . Brake pipes were free as I had loads kicking about at work . Flexi pipes were 10 quid each , and 15 for cambelt. Labour has just been my time . Looking forward to using it , not had a prisma on road for 10 years
  18. Another small update . When I got car there was no keys , all brakes siezed , all tyres flat , it was filthy , didn't run . Just looked very sorry for it's self . Quick break down of work done 4new tyres All brakes freed off and cleaned up Replaced all brake pipes Inc Flexi hoses Replaced crank sensor Replaced starter motor Full service Inc cambelt Repaired stuck wiper motor Flushed coolant out Fitted new lock set Just welding left now then MOT time.
  19. It's then going into front line service , as I'm going to be selling the thema turbo ds.
  20. Replaced the last metal brake pipe today , just waiting for the Flexi pipe to come , then welding to sill . Then MOT time
  21. On the wiring diagram above , I'd say 26 is the fuse I've mentioned in post above
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