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  1. I do apologise ,I mean silver on black . I didn't know myself it was someone who informed me
  2. Black on silver plates can now go on any car that is mot and tax exempt
  3. Still not managed to get rid of fire extinguisher dust yet either ,that vid is first start up since fire
  4. A few jobs have been done on thema since last week when starter motor caught fire .luckily managed to put flames out .replaced said starter motor ,and this evening replaced OSF Flexi hose and brake pipe .just got drivers front Flexi to change now . VID-20200829-WA0003.mp4
  5. I'm looking forward to you getting it sorted lbf . It's same with most cars ,when there common place and over 10 years old you can buy them for price of an evening meal out . Another 10 years when they nearly all gone prices go up . My daily driver is a 1994 lancia thema turbo ds ,which I didn't pay a great deal for ,but to replace now would cost me a lot more . I'm looking forward to seeing your model 70 outside your house .
  6. Some of US spec head lights I can live with ,it's the horrendous bumpers they put on too .just look at BMW e28 bumpers for instance .
  7. Really good work with the trevi . Credit to you and your classic friendly garage ,looking forward to seeing it some time .
  8. That and thema were last rhd ones.dedras were never that popular, good cars in my eyes.
  9. Dedra and tempra same car really, along with tipo, fiat coupe, alfa 155, 145, 146, gtv,spider,90s delta,. I tried offering it free, no body was interested, and that was before the roof damage.
  10. Garage roof collapsed onto it.
  11. My old dedra is finally going to scrapyard today.
  12. This is exactly what we do with abs units on corsa D models as they suffer badly from this same issue. Swap existing control part over to new abs block.
  13. We used to fit a timing chain tensioner from the 2.0 turbo as it was spring loaded, not oil dependent.
  14. Ah, the 2.2 petrol. Done many a timing chain on these back in day at vauxhall, snapping at 20k. Fuel pumps used to go down, also fuel regulator . Nothing else really.
  15. As my name suggests I like em lol. I'm after a y10, or prisma. If anyone can get intouch if it's for sale. Thanks Matt.
  16. Sorry if this question has been asked or answered all ready, do you still have the Y10?
  17. I don't want to antagonise your neighbours, but could you get the 1850 moved to your house, if it's tax and mot exempt Park it on a quiet street locally, then work on it at leasure once 1300 sorted, or use it as spares. Just another ludicrous thought.
  18. With the speed of progress at min, I'm expecting a vid of it starting for first time rather soon.
  19. One persons Passion for something is not always echoed by everyone. Also It would be a boring world if everyone liked the same things, I get lbf obsession with them as I'm pretty smitten with 80s lancias. But people don't always want to hear about them.
  20. Loving the progress on this, I've kept up with your dolomite adventures and pain you've had, nice to see it making progress. Looking forward to a vid of its maiden voyage. Keep up good work lads.
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