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  1. Went to matalan last night to buy socks n undercrackers, bought this. Great success. still no volvos.
  2. Blimey a 2 door mk1. That is rare. Most of them got turned into 400 replicas. Great to see it still in standard form.!
  3. Your fabrication skills are great. I wish I could make random panels like that lower rear quarter !
  4. Any free repair is a great repair in my honest opinion. But I must stress, this thread is useless without pictures.
  5. Remember folks. Always change out your chocolate flavour hub reduction oil on a regular basis!
  6. It’s a thing. I looked at two Mondeo STs in 2010, an 05 plate with 50k and a 55 with 98k. The higher mile 55plate drive so much better than the 05.
  7. Nope that’s miles. KMs were about 1191600
  8. 62 plate actros in today for oil leaks.
  9. Ask yourself, do you REALLY want to endure 72 miles a day in something that is dreadful to drive 72 miles a day in? There’s probably a reason it’s done 11k in 16 years.... and the two probably relate. So you know the answer. get it bought.
  10. Shiters, load the pineapple canon and fire it at that VW! seriously tho, enjoy it dude.
  11. Said nobody, ever. especially on here.
  12. You bought a Corsa for a bag of sand from a random bloke and it breaks every time you use it? Sounds about right actually. Water pump failure would give a different issue...... is there a common issue for the temp gauge? I know voltage regs on the old mk1 cav/manta can fail causing temp gauge to lie like a cheep rug.
  13. Ford Fiesta. forty quid.
  14. I hope one of those attempts was a blue brothers style handbrake attempt 😂
  15. Boiled Linseed oil you say? Please elaborate on this technique as there are areas on my discovery that need “unshiting” great news on the mk1. I do love seeing these
  16. About 40 years too late for the Sinclair C5 on scrappage 😂 theyd have to give me 100% of the electric cars value for me to trade my Carlton in. Then I’d only sell it and buy myself a used Audi A6 Allroad. 🤣
  17. Peugeot 206 1.4 petrol with a pre lockdown McDonald’s waste bag under the passenger seat creating one horrible smell in the car. Chod speed
  18. Was talking to my mate the other day about his insignia SRI he bought at 12 months old. 2500 miles on it he payed 19. List price was 32k. I’m unable to work out the percentage loss, because the price he payed will be more than the dealer bought it for..... but I worked it out at about £6 a mile
  19. Just had my Carlton MOTd yesterday, my usual tester still going at it full steam ahead. I didn’t want a 6 month extension putting my MOT into winter. I prefer summer MOTs incase any work has to be done 😂
  20. Pre lock down saw the back box fly off spectacularly (while lent to a friend) in good old vauxhall fashion. So I bodged it up with a piece of ST220 pipe to see it through. today I’ve been to get a Powerflow box fitted. Wasn’t cheap at all, but the original centre box pipe was rotten as a pair and I was fed up of patching it. So this has been made. Then I went straight for MOT. Wasn’t interested in a Boris MOT, as I don’t want to be testing stuff in winter thank you very much. Passed with flying colours (2 advisories on the rear sills but I’ve waxoiled them to stop them getting bad) Doesn’t really smoke much anymore (not as bad anyway) so a plus all round.
  21. Ooooo or a fat boy! Lol
  22. These are fairly easy to work on. My apprentice still has the blue one we bought off Cavcraft over 12 months ago. Starter motor packed up just after it’s last MOT but it took 10 mins to take it off, and 5 to put new one on, (needed a brew in between etc etc). So yeah, easy to fix. It’s getting a little crusty round the filler cap though. But I have seen another blue one same year and model with absolutely NO rust round the filler cap...... I was gob smacked.
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