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  1. All the airbags have gone off. That won’t be going back on the road.
  2. Shame it’s missing its trailer!
  3. I can’t wait to visit your lightbulb museum one day Mr @LightBulbFun . the experience will be enlightening. it may give me some bright ideas for future projects. sorry.
  4. Well maybe someone changed it early on then. Shame it got writer off, it was waaaaaaay ahead of anything Ford or Vauxhall could Chuck out at that age!
  5. Unless it was a dealer option, I’ve no idea. Whole car seamed completely original. ‘‘Twas a twin choke Weber. Went like stink for a 1.4 manual. Don’t think I ever took a photo of it, but I t-boned a fairly new mk4 Astra with it. It got wrote off but was still drivable.
  6. I had a G reg civic hatch about 18 years ago. That was a brilliant car! 1.4 twin Weber with electric everything! It was ace!
  7. Today I finally got 4 minutes of free time to scooch on up to my unit and fit the newly cleaned Monza Recaros to the manta. I pulled the base off and swapped it for the manta one. Perfect fit. Dropped it into the car, bolted it up and had a sit in…. …..ouch!! Ooooo!!! This isn’t right! scrunched up behind the backing foam on the back rest was this! 107% part of an old curtain from the 70s. That material is THICK. I love it already. Mmmmmm comfort.
  8. Yes just like that! have a side boob shot. Love that square body.
  9. Believe it or not, the fuel gauge has started to work again. Or it’s just fucking me about .
  10. I think the pencil beam lights just come on when main beam is in use. dip beam main beam so I’d say it’s working just fine at the moment.
  11. So with those jobs ticked off, it’s time to start getting it ready for an MOT. I checked the lights a couple of weeks ago and weird things were happening. The pencil beams lights (you’ll never have heard of those before) were on with the headlights, but there’s no switch for them… so I cleaned the main battery earth up which has some other earths going to it, and that brought them down to a dull dim. so I pulled the relay, which didn’t work, and then pulled the fuse, which also didn’t work…. Standing there stunned, and confused, I remembered there were a pair of headlips in the boot. I set to and replaced them, cleaning contacts as I went, and hey presto! Everything works again. But one problem, the pencil beam lights were on and bright, so I’ve pulled the fuse to shut them down. all is now good!
  12. Onto oil leak fixing, hopefully the gearbox won’t leak any more blood juice onto the driveway with this fitted.
  13. Some progress made this morning. I have put a restriction in the inlet pipe to the ICV. Cost of said temporary fix? 1p 3mm hole drilled through it. and inserted into the pipe. Nice an snug. refitted to the car, first cold start and the idle is a little low. (But no longer 3500…. (Lighting box light on because I hadn’t woke the charger whirler up yet), but that was about 550rpm. Too low. so out came the coin, and a 5mm hole drilled through. (I can’t find a 4mm bit, but I’ve plenty of 1p’s to go at) and I slightly higher idle of 900. I’m happy with that for now. It runs and drives again. now to replace the speedo drive.
  14. Despite being utterly depressed at the fact I can’t get any parts to try and identify my idle issue, a part arrived from Germany!! If the weather is dry tomorrow that’ll be another job ticked off. Then I can get the rear brakes bled up and in for an MOT.
  15. Identical to the first manta I ever bought. Starmist black 1.8 GT exclusive. Quad headlights, rear infill panel, those lovely GM steel wheels and lots of rust! m they stopped production in 87 I think but lots of cars filtered out into 88. I know of a mint F plate near me. Carmine red GTE exclusive coupe. Lovely. there is a J plate Manta out there but it’s not an original dealer car. I think it was a Steve Thompson car who bought a new shell in the late 80s and then used new parts to build it. They were able to register it through their business and it got a J registration.
  16. I should have bought two 🙄 don’t be out of pocket. If they cost slightly more let us know and I’ll ping more mular over.
  17. That’s just it, they are great motors if you’re happy to fist money up it’s ass every year. Mine was great, spent £800 having the belts and oil pump replaced then it spun a main bearing 6 months later. Hateful thing. Luckily not mine when it did!
  18. I want this sooooooo badly https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255944245881?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=qIa83Qc3Ss-&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=oSyz5_rPQeO&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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