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  1. So long as I can play Spotify through it, that’s all that counts. I’d prefer a darker facia but there weren’t many available
  2. I’ve succumbed. the Philips 752 is shite. Radio is full of static and the tape deck is naff. I know these cars don’t have a lot of room for CD players, so I spent 13 quid on this. it’s very shallow it does FM. Bluetooth, usb etc.. looks easy enough to wire up too. m the FM transmitter I was donated will be fitted into the discovery, because the original radio just “died” and the replacement has a retarded tape deck. So it’s a bit of a shuffle round!
  3. It’s been parked up for the best part of 6 weeks? Maybe longer? I lost count. Got fed up of driving the Discovery so picked it up. Started first turn of the key, not wet inside and drives lovely in comparison to the td5. Glad to be back in it for a few days
  4. Phhhwwwooaaarrrrrrrr daylight shot! possibly has no engine in it?
  5. Down the road from the in-laws house, I’m slightly worried about this one because I’ve towed with a sapphire on a proper trailer with a mondeo and that ended up in tears. This single axle trailer looks like an old caravan chassis. 1.6 LX. Looks like a barn find.
  6. I’ve already tried to polish them, think it’s on page 5 . They’re cloudy on the inside 🤣
  7. I think these are those, but in poor condition? they’re expensive if you can find mint ones.
  8. Where can I get them from? edit. I think I’ve found the lights… 6 3/4… https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323354008899?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=iHickAugQvO&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=oSyz5_rPQeO&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  9. Yeah I’ve already had the nearside front bulkhead/floor welded up. It was very crispy. The only rot I’ve seen since is above the mudflaps but it’s not mot worthy so I’ll weld that bridge when I get to the mot. Etc. looking for a set of spotlights now to replace the original ones as they’re crap. But I don’t want to cut the looms, might need to find a scrap set to cut the wires off.
  10. So, back on track. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and got my private reggo on. Front was screwed AND siliconed on. Good effort. unbelievably the number plate I took off the Audi has screw holes that aren’t far off! And a blob of no nails 👌 lovely 😊 pulled the shabby rear off. But can’t find any screw holes other than 2 empty holes. Nor can I find any double sided tape. Weather is horrendous. Attempted no nails, it slid off.
  11. It happens a lot with tyre fitters, especially trucks. They use an inch knocker gun and you can hear them rattling till they stop turning. Those fucking guns can do 1000nm! Our mercs are 600nm. Then they have the cheek to go round with a torque wrench which obviously clicks off straight away each time. Muppets.
  12. I think I messed up the last fuel economy out. As there had been a battery disconnect and reconnect, which zeroed the trip. filled up again today. 228 miles covered to 41.2 litres of devil oil. 25mpg. That included 100 miles of a50/a38 dual carriageway to collect wheels.
  13. We have a bloke at work that uses a Milwaukee m18 fuel 1/2 inch nut knocker to tighten sprinter wheel nuts up. That gun will do 600-700nm depending on how many ugga duggas you give…. I use the same gun to do Actros wheel nuts to 600nm. Sprinter 19mm nuts are 240nm. 😭
  14. Passenger side I managed to stand on the factory wheel brace to loosen. Drivers side I had to put the bar on. No way I could do it with the brace. Good job really, wouldn’t have managed to undo them at the side of the road.
  15. Spent a bit more money on this today. £350 got me a set of 4 alloys with fairly new and good condition Insa turbo A/T tyres. Which had to be scrubbed and jet washed before fitting. Great time to inspect the brakes. Pretty new! Now listen folks, and folkettes, don’t go over tightening those lug nuts, just don’t do it, ya hear? Fuck they were tight. 3/4 socket on a breaker bar with a 5ft pole and they still took a bit of shifting! and they’re on. This should suffice for the work it’ll be doing. Not much road noise either.
  16. I’ve helped put that manta 400r together. Last year at the vboa after it had been painted it was on the show stand in a tent. We were puttin it back together lol. and yes, lotus Carlton is my dream car, full on lottery win money now though 😩
  17. Last night I found a better sad terminal for the battery so I can run another negative cable. I disconnected the battery to test fit it before cutting and splicing. It fits. So I reconnect the battery with a plan to fit it next week. now the radio doesn’t work. At all. can’t even power it up to put the code in. shall I set fire to it now? how bout now?
  18. They say a D2 body on a D1 chassis is the way to go. However, my D1 chassis is also toast, wet soggy crumbly toast. Oh well! 🤣
  19. Just done another refill. 48 litres used. 228 miles done. 21.3mpg. It’s got worse 🤣
  20. What I was trying to say, was you’d have thought they’d rectify some of the D1 issues on the D2. The D1 was pretty successful apart from horrendous body rot and drivetrain reliability. The D2 body can be quite good but they ruined it with chassis rot. Something the D1 didn’t really suffer with (apart from mine 🤣)
  21. Other jobs completed today, fitted better cup holders to the centre console. The original cup holder was a poor design, even for the D1. You can really tell how many fucks were given designing the D2 that they used the same shitty design. (Also see sunroof failures). The original design is ok for a 330ml can, that’s it. But even still, once selected beverage is in the holder, the heater controls are impossible to use. These new cup holders were made by @warninglight who did a groovy AS discount. I also assisted his venture by purchasing the only D2 with wooden effect trim, rendering his original design useless due to the additional height it gives. The original was sent back with instructions of how much to reduce the height of the base by. and once the redeveloped base arrived, they were fitted. suitable for anything. Pens, adapters, leathermans, isolators. perfect 💪 A couple of days ago I fitted an Anderson connection to the front nudge bar. I was going to do this to the D1, but f**k the D1 now. It’s rusty and doesn’t deserve my time. so with some “spare cable and new socket” from a new 24hr breakdown van at work, i plonked it there on a stainless bracket. Guarded the wiring and fed it to the lightning box. I haven’t connected it up yet, because the negative terminal needs to be replaced with one that can take a double cable. and the jump leads I bought from someone on here years ago will come in handy. just need to make some proper storage in the back now.
  22. Another job done today. drivers side window runner seal was completely borked in the corner. I have a D1 front door to scrap and noticed it was similar. It’s actually identical. So I started ripping the door to bits to get it out. 45 minutes in I decided against it. the entire door needs stripping to get the window out and I lost interest. here you see the seal is good on this one. so I did the right thing and cut a section out. and slotted it in to the gap on the D2. works a treat and saves 16 days work. Result!
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