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  1. It’s been quiet on this recently. New track ends have arrived so that’s a job to start tomorrow. I noticed a fresh patch of oil under it the other day. So this morning I slid under to investigate. It’s coming from the speedo cable. How odd! I’m sure these have an O ring, but can’t remember. I’ll pull it off tomorrow to further the investigation.
  2. Popped into Asda while out shopping this morning. Good small haul. Green Volvo to match the red one I’ve got too.
  3. I’d love to visit that museum. mate of mine has a similar Lincoln continental convertible but it’s blue not white. Lovely machine.
  4. Chodspeed fellow shiter. May the gods of beige be in your favour. Amen.
  5. It does run! Honest! video-1655401425.mp4
  6. So the transmission oil leak hasn’t come back. I’ve had the engine running as well. There’s plenty of oil in it, but I think for what it’s worth I’m going to change it anyway. Then if it needs a new pipe or a gasket it can have another change or top up. Nearside track rod end no good. Ordered a pair off eBay for 24 quid. it’s relatively clean in here. The brakes look ok, disks look like they went rusty yesterday.
  7. Theshadow never fails to impress the beige……. Legendary.
  8. Well done ma’am. Now put the pedal to the metal and bring it home!
  9. Don’t be so hard on yourself 😢🤣
  10. We need one of those gender recognition symbols by usernames lol 😂
  11. M6 has 60mph restrictions between J15 and the M5 every time I’ve been on it. Shit section of motorway. Even when it’s clear! Chodspeed sir.
  12. Not much has been happening on this due to work and spare time (lack of) but today I got the front end up on stands to clean transmission oil leak off, to find out where it’s coming from. im hoping it’s the two small pipes on the right. But I’m not going to hold my breath. It really needs a fluid change. while it’s up, I’ll address these inner arches Left side right side that is the only rust I can find on it. The rest is in really good condition
  13. Went to BnM today. Shite. They’re usually picked clean of the good stuff straight away then the carcas is left to hang. needed fruit so instead of going to Aldi on way home we went to Morrisons next to BnM instead. Thinking out loud, what might they have? A box of hot wheels on the lowest shelf….. picked clean again. Oh what’s this? A fresh unopened box of randoms behind? Out she comes……. Wicked
  14. I’d buy it myself if I had the space and cash. Ideal motah to take to shows with the doggo in the boot!
  15. Someone on here needs to buy this cortina…… I bet Scott is fed up of these dreamers. Save him the hassle! 🤣
  16. I’d love to be able to find some original air shockers for the rear. The ones on it are standard gas but I’m a sucker for quirky add-ons. They’re pretty much unobtainable apart from a pair in Germany.. they’re also listed for estate/van. but at this price, I think I’ll leave it
  17. Fish tank glass sealant. I tried everything to stick a rear view on something. Until my neighbour asked what I was doing one day. ”here, try this….I stick fish tanks together with it” it worked. I can’t remember what it is….but it’s good bloody stuff.
  18. Guys you need to see the bigger picture. ITS GOT A FUCKING TOW BAR!!!!!!! 🤣
  19. Actually about 209.9 but for some strange reason my 5 litre can took just under 6litres…..
  20. Well folks I took the plunge and went to the gas station to have my bum hole well and truely FINGERED by mr Shell. £13 for a gallon of go go juice. Dumped some of it in..... chucked a battery on then this happened. video-1654863715.mp4 Quick check for fuel leaks and shes good. OK transmission is definately leaking. It does move forward/backward but i can tell the fluid is low. That'll be the next thing to address.
  21. That’s nothing …. this is epic
  22. Oooooooooooo very nice indeed!
  23. He should change his tactics. Quite considerably. 😂
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