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  1. I’ve only ever driven one. A 2.8 special. It was very tail end happy which is cool, but the rest of it was a bit wallowy and unstable. May have just been “that” car. Much prefer to drive my manta. 😁
  2. There it is! The instant hard on shot!
  3. Top find that. I often dream about someone ringing me up and telling me they have a manta tucked away and needing a new home. Good luck with this one! Give it a bath and report back!
  4. Fairly certain I’ve got those two somewhere in the big box…
  5. I’m 34. I will do the bottom row sometime soon. Plus there’s even more of them in a larger box in the loft, but that would take days to sort out. 🤣
  6. That rings a bell. The James Bond thing anyway. I think I remember buying it in a James Bond box. It’s all coming flooding back. and yes. The closer I look at that golf I can see it, maisto. My eyes are poor tonight. And I’m sober. Which is disappointing.
  7. Next up, matchbox BMW e30 “cabriolet”, looks like a baur convertible to me. a mk1 golf this time. Majorette again. more basic though Nice Mercedes from matchbox. Dad was round this evening for tea and picked it out the box. “This was the first one we bought for you”. Welled up a little. slightly damaged but well used and loved. unsure what this is, but it’s a good one. Think it came as a set with a doctor pepper flat bed truck. pair of Ford sierras. On the left, matchbox xr4x4. On the right, hotwheels 4 door base. The matchbox is by far the better one. and another majorette. Landrover defender. Loved this when I was young. Think I got it from north wales while on holiday with Nan n grandad.
  8. Thanks. I might have a wonder round home bargains tomorrow. but for now. BEHOLD! what an awesome thing. this may get pic heavy. first up is a Plymouth fury police car. Matchbox. Very worn out. I think this was one of my favourites as the suspension is buggered. I may have tried to touch up the white with tipex or humbrol enamel. next up a majorette golf with opening boot this next one is a later addition, maybe 10/15 years ago? Corgi, but terrible really. the bonnet is openable but you have to hold it, or it shuts. doesn’t even tell you what it is. next is a lovely majorette jag. Lovely suspension action and opening doors. lovely indeed.
  9. I’ve been in the loft tonight and brought my matchbox blue car box down. more of that to come. but for now, I have this majorette flasher. It’s old, and the batteries have probably gone flat. Can anyone identify the batteries so I can renew them ?
  10. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these in a colour other than grey. Top purchase!
  11. YES!!!!! you win. Everyone else pack your bags and fuck off.
  12. I’ve got three of these now if anyone wants it for cost plus postage or has something to swap let me know
  13. The only 1/18 I can find for the panther body crown vic is an estate/wagon/long roof. Someone really needs to make the saloon version.
  14. That’s the only thing that would put me off that, the wheels sitting about 4ft (scale) out of the arches. These cars the wheels sit quite far inbound of the arches. I wish there were more 1/18 versions of the crown vic in this body. I have the green light p71 in Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  15. I dropped on in mozzers today, 2 boxes of hotwheels. Got a spare rs2 …
  16. Good find in B n M the other day
  17. Maybe it’s worth getting it repaired. I’ve currently got the wings off the Carlton for repair as they’re rotten too.
  18. Looks a good purchase that does! How’s the Mercury doing. Still miss her.
  19. 🤣 can only be that!
  20. That’s what I love about Spain and especially the canaries, cars that would have turned to dust and been “uneconomically repairable” in this country are just happily plodding on as normal. I bet they treat their lacquer peal like we treat our rust. Patch it up and carry on…. 😂
  21. Those rear crossmembers are a yearly service item on a defender aren’t they?
  22. Both front wings are now off and away at body shop being repaired. To my surprise I found a 10mm spanner behind the front bumper!
  23. Was it originally from South Africa then? With it being right hand drive?
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