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  1. Well we’ve had some now in the Midlands. audi has white walls, neighbour has white walls
  2. Blimey you actually got snow! Whenever snow is forecast in the Midlands it falls as rain or just doesn’t at all.
  3. Yes very true. this one was spotted at my mates garage having some work done. It was very tidy, and all original straight from the USofA. I had a massive hard on stood next to this, despite a Noble m400 sitting the other side of the workshop. Same guy owns a “fall guy” pick up truck which is currently on ebay
  4. We used to have dicks EVERYWHERE but a lot have been removed including the employees responsible (they left of their own accord)
  5. My mates just set his own garage up with EV capability etc…
  6. It’s everywhere at my garage
  7. I’ve driven a DAF better than a 2018 mp4 Mercedes. Fact.
  8. This is a huge testament not only to build quality but to previous owners. but take it from me, occasionally we have older Mercedes trucks in work, for example a 2013 Axor rigid, which drives utterly perfect with 800k up it. Yet a later truck from 2018/19 drives like a pile of dog shit. It’s weird. MP2/3 actros drive a lot better than MP4/5!!!!
  9. Wow that’s nice! Are you sure it’s now mileage? I’m almost certain they came with 100k from the factory! Top purchase!
  10. Do you mean tick hill at Weston coyney? I doubt I’ll be able to go, but if you go in future months let me know! brother sutty sent me some pics articulation without roll bars stuck going nowhere
  11. I’d never try selling this thing. It’s not called “the hateful pig” for nothing!
  12. Got stuck again. But with no working winch, we had to wait about 10 mins for someone to pass by and assist. It was well stuck forwards and backwards.
  13. So we are out today at a pay and play site. Pictures are lacking, it’s hard to photo while trying to off road. we found a stuck dihatsu. And offered to winch him out. We got him so far then started to leave. He got stuck again so we went back, only for a pleb in a grand Cherokee to sail past and get stuck in the same hole. We ended up winching the jeep forwards to get the dishatsu out backwards…. Then the winch broke. Think the clutch has failed in it. That should keep me busy over winter.
  14. Yeah finding decent clean unabused examples of these is near impossible!
  15. I have that same twitch. It’s become part of my life, which will never go away. There’s no medication for it either. That is a shame. My mate charged me about 750 for the rear crossmember, then a bag of sand for the sills 12 months later. More than what we’d payed for it but it kept it alive. The real shame is the rest of the body is shite. I’ve even had to weld a patch on the roof!
  16. Feck all up with that! Get it fixed!
  17. It’s got early TD5 headlights which are identical to 300 series. The grill is standard, just cut out to accommodate the winch. List of jobs to get round to. Diff pinion bearing (rear). Rebuild swivels, gearbox oil leak (nah), steering box oil leak (3rd steering box as I bent the worm gear in the last one), change radiator and intercooler as it over heats over 60 mph. Battery nackered. Need to fit an air tank in the rear to run my air horns. roof is black for good reason. Previous owner painted this, and the rest of his fleet of Ford Fiesta vans. They started out darker, but the blue got thinned out on its last coating on this discovery. I like it. It’s almost Opels “monza blue”. If I could get a solid roof I’d swap it over. Brother sutty spotted a Range Rover classic the other day cheap and local, we didn’t buy it. 😢
  18. Yes unless you can repair them yourself, maintenance costs would run into the thousands. I had a tricky piece of welding done to the bulkhead under the break servo last month, cost us £222. But it’s section I couldn’t do myself, and it was my main man Steve doing the job. the chassis repairs I can do myself as it’s easy to get to. Like this shocker mount area. cut the old out make a patch from 2mm thick steel then weld it in can hardly tell! Apart from previous years patches 😂 other hole was around the old fuel tank strap bracket which no longer existed. (Has tank guard holding that up, which conveniently failed when the cross member holding the tank up fell off and I had to ratchet strap it up in place for a few months till Steve could weld it back in. Ahhhh sweet rusty memories. also see in the picture the cross member hole for Jate ring with part of bolt still in place. Still seized in. Still not coming out.
  19. One modification that makes a huge difference was removing both front and rear anti roll bars. The 200 series wasnt fitted with them, so these got taken off. Much better articulation while keeping the body reasonably level.
  20. I took it on myself to sort the rear tow point out. It was originally a tow ball bolted to the bottom two chassis pins. Now it’s a fully swivelly point attached to all four bolt holes. i removed the tow bar a couple of years back. The rear approach angle is much better now and doesn’t act like a ground anchor. I have two Jate rings to fit where the tow bar should mount. The left is on. The right is waiting for me to get the remains of the rusty bolt out……which is harder than it looks!
  21. Anyway. Back to 2019s episode of "he's got it stuck, again". This was beeched on a log in the centre of the track. Rear diff was just in front of it, and I had 3 LRs trying to winch me out backwards. Turned out forwards was better, but I had to dig for Britain to get it out forwards!
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