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  1. Only had one 'off'. Driving to Paris a few years ago, coming off a motorway sliproad at about 50mph, hit a patch of what I assume was diesel, rear end went in to a slide and no amount of correction could stop it. All a bit blurry after that, bit it slid into a ditch and almost toppled onto its roof, then flipped back out the ditch, bounced off the armco on the left side and back into the position you see here. Hardly a spot of visible damage, airbags never even went off, but the shell had compressed enough to stop the rear doors opening. When the cops eventually arrived on the scene they
  2. I really like the look of those RG editions. Are they (206s) as horrible to drive as I assume they are (because MODERN CRAP)? Given the prices older Pug RGs fetch I'd say a nice one would be a pretty sound inv*stment if you looked after it
  3. Get in there before January 1st! Mine's been laid up for pretty much the entire year, maybe longer. Just needs a day of fettling to get it back on the road, but... I did at least drag it outside and give it a proper wash and polish so it doesn't look so bad. Being broke is so annoying!
  4. Jaymic over in Norfolk are the only people in the country I know of who can set up the Kugelfischer correctly. I ended up going to France to get mine sorted (actually nearer than Norfolk) and once it's sorted it should run spot-on with a minimum of upkeep. It's an irritatingly complex system, but once set-up properly it should theoretically be much more reliable than a carb
  5. Looks amazing! Now, you just need to peel those stickers off the battery and it'll be perfect...
  6. When do the rules for mirrors change? I know older things only need one mirror (either external or internal). Is 1978 the cut-off for having an offside mirror? What a pain in the arse
  7. Check this out! Not much info (like, that it doesn't have an MoT) but... Kinda feel like I need to make a matching pair https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1286978
  8. I think the body is certainly a bit later than the chassis, but I don't think those two are the same cars. Lots of differences on the radiator, wheel hubs, angle of steering column etc... difficult to tell for an idiot like me, but the second one could be a Star?
  9. I actually thought that was my old one at a glance, and was thinking 'come on, it's not that bad...' That one is quite bad. I reckon I'll have a bid though just for the alloys and the bonnet which has much better paint than mine. Front wings would replace the dented ones on my 'other' car if we ever get that far, too. Hmmm
  10. I don't know, but you should send it to https://www.oldclassiccar.co.uk/
  11. I never thought I'd say this, but a Montego or Maestro in that pale metallic green with a chocolatey interior is a deeply cool motor car
  12. Feel free to make it into a replica of my old car, something I'd like to do but have neither the skill nor inclination. You can even buy 1/43 GT6 rims on ebay for it!
  13. Hey @motorpunk would you like a review of one or more of these in a respected old-car magazine with international readership? Drop me a PM if so
  14. Love the home-made MUFF on the Regal. Always nice to see these pre-Ogle cars, they exist in such tiny numbers today. I'm pretty sure I've never seen one (only seen perhaps four Regal saloons in the wild, actually)
  15. That's a Toyota Corolla Trueno GT of about 1975. Very cool car
  16. If you know, you know. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night though
  17. That's a Jaguar SS100, rebodied by Les Leston. The body was scrapped a long time ago but the rest of the car survives
  18. Had a quick go at cleaning up the latest heap today. Was pretty grotty before... Marginally better now Still no idea what the plan is. Needs the non-operational driver's window sorting and then in for an MoT I guess. If it fails big time it'll be moved on
  19. That Ami was at a previous Silverstone auction a few months ago, where it sold for a ridiculous £11k. No mention as to why it's back, presumably the buyer turned up and saw the car and realised the mistake they'd made...
  20. Thanks for keeping me in beer for another month! A subscription makes an excellent xmas present. ahem.
  21. Is a diesel automatic Astramax even a thing??
  22. Just popped over to Peacehaven to buy some interesting photographs of Vintage cars taken in the 1950s, including a couple of the Palladium not long after it had returned to the road, complete with the home-made front wings. There were about 900 photographs from one photographer in albums, and I'd have loved to buy them all, but had to settle for a dozen of my favourites.
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