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  1. Looking on my big screen, those rear brakes all look pretty decent to me. I'd be changing the flexis and filling it up with fluid to see what happens - might be a cheap/easy win, unless you know something we don't about the M/C
  2. Please stand down. Is it a non-turbo? I am now DESPERATE for a hub carrier but obviously I don't know which side. Are yours alright, and how much would you want for them??
  3. nerd! did you 'just know' or did you look it up? It was relatively cheap. Not 50p tat box cheap, but not loads of money
  4. If you can be arsed taking it off, I really need an offside front wing. It's a big job to remove though so understand if you cba
  5. I don't think I knew there was a GT70 model. Anyone know what the scale is? Corgis of that era always seem fairly approximate to me, but if it's actually 1:43 or close enough I might need to get one... Anyway, apparrently I know get packages of things I forgot I bought. It's dark, and I have more stuff due soon which should be revealed in one go, but here's a teaser of one of the most attractively detailed engine bays on any '60s toy I've yet seen. Lovely stuff.
  6. I can't tell if it's a Model 57 or an Austin A30, but the blue paint suggests the former to me. I think it's mid-late '60s judging by the A99 Westminster. Not much has changed since then!
  7. That looks flippin' fantastic man! It's gonna be the nicest invalid carriage out there when it's done, no contest. Anyway, what do you reckon about this one @LightBulbFun? Am I seeing things, or is that... something?
  8. Are you particularly wedded to the horrible wide arches? Personally I'd be buying this bonnet for £20 and saving a load of bother (prevous comments about Triumph panel gaps still stand) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203532027497
  9. I didn't know that about the bonnets either. I'd guess that the commercial bonnets are much rarer, and therefore could you swap your bonnet with a Minor specialist for a similarly scruffy Trafalgar blue saloon bonnet to match the rest of the car? I certainly wouldn't be painting the car at all - they look infinitely better (as most things do) with a bit of wear and tear. I'm not sure I could live with the later sidelamps and tail lamps, though, which would be a conundrum. But again - I'm sure you could find some s/h wings in the right colour, with the correct lamps attached, if you were inclined to make it look nice. Oh, and those wing mirrors have to go! Engine sounds healthy, and it doesn't look rusty, so it should be a relatively fun* straightforward project to just improve all those bits as you go along.
  10. Only the later cars. They started out as saloons only but I guess realised they could sell more if they added a hatch. Not sure when it actually appeared but not for a few years EDIT: apparently it was only a year after the launch, so that Fissore job must have been an early attempt, although the factory cars still had the big lip so perhaps just a marginally more practical option for those looking to own something exclusive
  11. Those Lloyds are really cute. I came close to buying a rough one a while back, but just couldn't justify it (because I DON'T COLLECT TOY CARS). Really mint ones seem to go for only slightly less than I very nearly bought a real, live full-sized Lloyd Kombi for a couple of years back... still not sure if I dodged a bullet, or denied myself everlasting happiness with that one. Oh well.
  12. Where you motoring round the M25 heading for the M23 last night at about 8:30/9pm? I thought it was CSK but the driver didn't look likehow I remember you looking!
  13. I think both these statements are a little reductive, no? Firstly, it IS a Prince Skyline, not a 'bastardisation'. As far as I know, the export cars where no different to the home-market cars. They were sold in Norway, probaly other Scandinavian countries and probably the Netherlands, and possibly built as CKD kits in Belgium too. As you say, the two-litre cars were alwasy rare and I doubt any were exported, so any European survivor is going to be a cooking 1500cc version - but just the same as the ones sold in Japan and other parts of Asia. Also, saying Prince made a 'crappy model in the 1950s' is a bit harsh. The company had been building cars and heavy & light commercials since the end of WW2 at least. The 1950s models were a significant cut above what most Japanese makers were churning out at the time - certainly better than anything Nissan could come up with. Prince launched the Skyline, the Gloria and the Homy van, and was developing a small fwd city car which became the world-beating 100A Cherry when it was subsumed into Nissan in the late 1960s. Not to be sniffed at, eh?
  14. perhaps. They're very nice tyres, though
  15. *cough* can't remember the last time I actually paid money for a set of tyres... but, happy to give Longstone a big-up because A. Dougal's a lovely bloke and B. 'proper' tyres for old cars would be much more difficult to come by if it wasn't for the industry they pretty much single-handedly spearheaded. And they're not really that expensive in the grand scheme of things. If you run a Vintage car you have to accept £200 a corner as a fact of life, so a set of Cinturatos is hardly gonna break the bank for a lot of people. I've had a £2000 set of tyres off *another company* before but won't be publicising them, because the owner is a mentalist
  16. Anyone want to join the Cheap P6 Club? This has a goodly number of CCs, if not carbs, and despite appearances looks like an excellent buy for somebody Great colour, too.
  17. Superb! Proper Autoshite, 23/10 for effort. Whitewalls are snazzy as fuck.
  18. Had a bit of a silly moment in the Rover the other day, driving down the A23 there was a bit of noise coming from the o/s front wheel, and for some reason I started imagining all sorts of horrendous wishbone/track rod/ kingpin/ spring issue which were going to cost me loads of money to sort, ignoring the fact that it was wearing ancient tyres. Anyway, I was overtaking somebody at 70mph and it suddenly went from 'annoying noise' to 'something's about to fall off' so I pulled into a layby and of course the tyre had just completely given up Anyway. Got on the blower to the lovely folks at Longstone Tyres and got a set of Cinturatos sent over, which arrived the next day. GR9 service as usual, highly recommended etc Unsurprisingly the ride and handling are significantly improved. Even though the old rubber looked 'fine' it just goes to show how much of an improvement can be made. It feels much more sure-footed now and I've been tossing it around with gay abandon (fnar). Really need to find a replacement driver's door now, as that one is rapidly disintegrating.
  19. I will say that some cars on the crossover do tend to suit black plates better than others, and an early 145 is definitely one of them. The first owners would have been precisely the sort of conservative, sensible upper-middle class people for whom keeping up with the Joneses (by fitting reflective plates) was of little or no importance. I still think this one needs reflective Tippers plates though
  20. Yeah, go Tippers or go home. Number ates make or break the entire look of an old car so there's no point skimping
  21. BONDWATCH: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304070338092 No reg or even year mentioned, so it's gone in the 'unknowns' file, but it does have all its trimmings. Terrible time for me but quite tempting at the opening bid Edit: This is number 76 on The List!
  22. What a shame that's so far away - when I was a kid, the first car in my family was a Mk1 Astra SR, registered A761 SDE. That's enough to make me want the LNA (plus it's one of the Citroens I haven't had yet)
  23. It's a Triumph, none of the panels fitted properly from the factory!
  24. You can buy complete sets of panels and tub for Spitfires in GRP and eradicate all the ferrous parts in a single stroke!
  25. I disagree, there are loads of people in the UK who would happily restore a '60 flat-roof Chevy. I just suspect they have no idea this car is for sale. Shipping parts from the US is barely more expensive than getting stuff from Europe, these days. No idea what these things are worth in decent nick, but I'd have thought it would be pretty difficult to lose money on it tbh
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