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  1. Blimey, that's the absolute twin of mine right down to the wheels (although a bit tidier). Great to see another one.
  2. Have you registered an imported car with no documents before?
  3. Famoulsy designed by Torix Bennett whilst he was in hospital recovering from an ulcer, which explains a lot
  4. Could it be as simple as the throttle cable? The clips have a habit of coming loose at the carb end causing the idle to shoot up and throttle reponse to go weird. Might be worth manipulating the throttle on the cable and see if it makes any difference? Don't try joining the AA if you've broken down. It'll be like £300, or normal price but they'll charge you a call-out fee and you have to pay for recovery by the mile. Ask me how I know.
  5. I've driven for a while with no belt. It gets very hot very quickly and I imagine it would eventually seize entirely, but you get plenty of warning when a belt goes. And in our one, it goes regularly for reasons too boring to get into here.
  6. Just realised I'm doing my 'top of head model' routine. @garethj haven't I come a long way!
  7. With £50k I could buy back every single one of my old cars except the 404, and still have change for... well, some more cars
  8. Brooklands, VSCC's Halloween Driving Tests if anyone wants to see it in the flesh! Yass, it's a 1960 Corvair 500. 25k from new, never painted etc. A lovely car. Here I am explaining the fan belt arrangement to some Frenchmen
  9. I took some detail shots... The newly-plated brightwork really shi9nes agianst the black, and the 'coined' top half is just so bonkers. Gonna try and get together with the 'other' Palladium soon for some photos
  10. As of this morning, the Palladium is now tucked up in its new home with the Riley. Haven't taken any photos as the headlamps need to be assembled and it looks a bit rubbish, but otherwise all the bodywork is done and it performed okay over the 60-odd mile journey back Otherwise, nothing really to report except this satisfying milestone in the BMW the other day
  11. It is odd, but people did build odd things. I think any unusual proportions are usually a result of inexperience in the designer/builder. The 'specials' which have survived today, or were publicised when new, tend to be on the more sporting spectrum, just because sports cars are more likely to be preserved, but there were just as many, if not more, odd little homebrew cars, or cars built by tiny coachworks, which have been forgotten because they weren't very attractive, or sporting, or well-made etc. I have reams of this shit, and the stuff I really can't identify is frustrating, but I've made my peace with it. Anyway, as a taster, when I first saw the photo in the top of this thread a few weeks ago I wondered if it was related to this, which is actually the product of a professional coachworks (although not one anyone has heard of). The general shape is very similar, but it's definitely not the case. Could be a product of the same hand, perhaps? Likewise this is a very awkward shape, and again a 'professional' job. Only because it did a couple of events was it photographed and listed at all, otherwise we would probably never know what it was This one is a complete homebrew (the bonnet is unoriginal). Not bad looking, but certainly not a typical 'special' as we think of them now This one... I mean, who knows. I don't - it's Morris-based, and it survived at least until the 80s. Otherwise a total unknown And this, another recent online mystery. Again, awkward shape, not at all 'sporty', but obviously put together with a fair amount of skill (those double curvatures are impressive). Lost entirely in the midst of time And an example of English vernacular coachwork c1955. Nice, neat, attractive but slightly 'off'. Luckily this one is a survivor
  12. No, because: Honestly. I know what every production car from every country (okay, maybe not every one from Japan) 1948-1970 is. That's not a boast, I just do. The mystery car isn't one of them.
  13. It's another home-made one-off, not a production car of any sort. Another one we'll probably never know the answer to. Don't show the Pistonheads wankers or somebody will start building a replica out of a Sunbeam Alpine...
  14. Yep, well, I'm 35 and the best car I've ever has was made in 1923. Admittedly I'm an outlier, but there are plenty of others like me - enough to ensure Vintage stuff will never be worthless for at least as long as petrol is available to private motorists
  15. They're a bit shit though, aren't they. 120s look nice but aren't very practical or particularly fast, and they're worth lots of money. 140s look shit and aren't very quick, so aren't worth loads. 150s look okay but only the S is properly fast - and they're worth loads. Annoying, as I really liked the 150S I drove (battleship grey, spats, steels, original paint and interior) but it was just a tiny bit out of budget... Also politely, XR3s etc aren't really 'the market' - the most expensive cars in the world are all 60 or more years old, often much older
  16. Yeah, exactly. My own pro tip when driving a French-registered car is always to keep your indicator flashing whilst overtaking, comme les français. And does anyone actually carry their driving licence with them when they're driving anyway? I never have
  17. Cosmetically challenged but apparently solid and mechanically good DS21 for a comparative pittance. This might be the last chance at a cheap DS ever https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1390678
  18. Yep yep, somebody posted it last time it was on and it's now on The List. Hasn't strayed far from home!
  19. Plastic toys fans - this lot, for £50, is probably worthwhile, despite slightly rough condition? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/605485547239950/
  20. I know MM parts aren't exactly scarce, but is this lot of any interest to you? I would have thought an electronic ignition kit and carpet set would be worth most of the asking price, but who knows. Does look like a few shed's worth of bits tbh but possibly useful to cherry-pick and then sell the rest? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/941000633151966/
  21. I had that Sierra when I was a kid. I won't tell you what happened to it, but it wasn't pretty
  22. Absolutely dreadful on anything other than glass-smooth surface, I'm afraid. Or my one is totally fucked (I don't think it is). The smoothest riding car I've ever experienced is a Renault 16. Much better than a hydro Citroen. Apparently, Peugeot 204s are brilliant too, but I'm not sure an R16 or 204 would fit the bill here...
  23. I had a couple of those (or something similar) when I was a kid. One was a Bedford TK breakdown truck, and I think the other was a Renault 16(?). I always thought they were Greek in origin, but it could just be that they were bought for me in Greece by a Greek relative. I think I can vaguely remember a 60s Thunderbird too. Never really thought about them until I saw those. EDIT: The Renault is apparently by Tomte-Laerdal of Norway (mine was orange) This is the Bedford, which is a Galanite
  24. Great work, and very good news that this is saved BUT every time this topic pops up to the top it makes me genuinely anxious because the title forces me to pronounce 'Safrane' to rhyme with 'pain' in my head. It's the little things, eh?
  25. According to the badge it's a lowly 21, though. Plenty of better candidates out there I'd have thought...
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