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  1. Jeez. I thought that was cheap before, but that's just nuts. So much car for the money and looks like a really simple tidy-up and drive project. I'm sure it's a shit car, but I'd deffo daily that
  2. How completely insane. They built four of these things - one of them was destroyed in the Italian movie Uomini si nasce poliziotti si muore in 1976. And now here's another one being destroyed, in a different Italian movie, in 1973. What the fuck were these people thinking???
  3. Good job I bought that Peugeot, as the R19 starter gave up the ghost pretty quickly and it's now beached outside my house waiting for me to be less lazy. I've just got back from Vintage Revival Montlhéry, which means almost exactly three years ago the Palladium looked like this, about to run for the first time in 60 years Gotta keep reminding myself that there's been some progress since then! I recently discovered a load of photos I'd never seen before from a 1922 road test. This is the slightly earlier version with wing-mounted headlamps, and it doesn't have the polished top. This photo was particularly evocative Somebody managed to ID it as Knoll Road in Dorking - amazingly the wall and the house are intact so I'll be taking my car there at some point for a reconstruction
  4. I'm not a monster, I'd be fitting steels and selling the wires and hubs to a dullard
  5. Watching the Weslake Cup at the Goodwood MM the other day has really revitalised my desire for a 1960s sports thingy based on A-series oily bits. Apparently though Midgets and Sprites are now worth proper money, to the extent I could probably buy something actually good (like an Olympic or similar) for what it might cost to build upa sporty Spridget. I'm still half-keeping an eye out though, and this horrid little heap looks like it would fit the bill perfectly https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1630839543966606/ Somebody has already but a disgusting bonnet on it, so it'll be a guilt-free decision to bin it and fit something better looking. It's 1970, but one could easily put early rear lamps/ interior bits on without too much hassle. This lot has appeared on ebay and I'm half tempted to buy it on spec and store it until I can actually afford the car, as it seems quite reasonable https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144509718300 + a bit of paint = All fantasy of course, but it's what's keeping me up at night at the moment
  6. Alright lads? Here's a new batch of rubbish old cars, starting with this Stagea thingy. Not sure if this was in use or not, looked a bit down at heel but that might just be the gravel drive and odd parking angle A very clean R4 in Worthing, with my camera on a 'square' setting for some reason Local Asda car park regularly delivers the goods, including these three recently. That looks like waxoil or something leaking out of the Xantia Found a house which some may recognise from internet urbex fame. A Herald being caned up the A23 And a couple of cla**ics out the other day. I assumed they were in convoy but the Alpine turned off at some point and I followed the Fiat for ages. I could sense the drivers' frustration as they were being held up by this Ignis doing 42mph on an NSL road. Three from the same small town the other day. Particularly pleased with the Maestro van An XK in Firle. I think I might have snapped this years ago in Brighton actually And three from France this weekend That's it, cheers!
  7. I think you can probably name your price for a really top FD VX4/90, or any big-engined car in good condition or a nice spec. I've seen five figures asked, but not sure if they ever get there. IIRC the Black Prince was an absolute lash-up and a horror to drive. Maybe I'm misremembering, I'll have to dig out the road test. I'm sure it's generally thought they only built two because they were absolutely lethal and few people were stupid enough to buy one. Still deffo would, obvs.
  8. One of the two Black Princes has been for sale a few times over the last few years. I remember when it first popped up back in 2013 (!) I was really surprised, thinking it had long ago been scrapped. Last log book was issued in that year, so perhaps it did find a new home. The second car was supposedly cut up years and years ago. One was manual, the other auto, and I can't remember which one survives. Also worth mentioning that these are the BEST LOOKING British saloon of the era. So weird that Vauxhall was building the ugliest cars on the market (HA Viva, FC Victor) which were replaced by the best looking ones (HB Viva, FD Victor). Anyway I'd absolutely love one of these things.
  9. We've got one of those as a 'company car'. It's grrrrrrrrrrterrible. I wonder why that one's been converted(?) to hndlebar steering, I've never seen that done before. Any excuse to post a tiny picture of me having a great* time peddling it in France a few years ago
  10. Sorry for Pilen spam, but the variation in greens really appealed to me
  11. Mk1 BX being broken here. Difficult to tell what shape the inside is, utterly it could be a source of seats etc... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224962978495
  12. It's been giving me the eye for ages on ebay, so I finally pulled the trigger on this little beauty. Not sure why it took so long, as the real thing is one of my favourite car designs. I love that it looks like a concept sketch which somehow made it on to the road. I'm pretty hungover so I'll keep things brief. All my usual Pilen enthusiasm applies. It's lovely, great quality, nice finish. I like that it's a very similar colour to the real thing too (I've only seen it in this shade and white, which isn't very flattering). Another one of those odd cars which had several models made, albeit all in Spain. Guiloy and Mira (in two scales at least) also had a go, but of course the Pilen is the nicest by far.
  13. Genmetal grey is silver...
  14. Our own Bramzmeister spotted this one a few years ago, since scrapped sadly. I believe there is now only one surviving Stanza 3dr in the UK, which has been offered for sale recently. Perhaps the ultimate Autoshite car for its mixture of extreme rarity and inherent dullness.
  15. Some cheap cars on facebook for a change. £850 for an MoT'd R5 seems like great value these days. Clean it up, four hubcaps, sell it just before Festival of the Unexceptional and doulbe your money? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/537627297934982/ This Maxi needs PUMPING UP and a clutch slave, but looks really solid. £1200, get it sent down to Les at BL Transverse for 'the works' and you've got a great usable '70s motor https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/959507851392358/ Time was the A40 Farina was the unloved brother of the A35 (too modern, presumably) but these days they seem to go for stronger money than A35s do, I guess because far fewer survive. This sweet Mk1 needs a basic recommission but looks like VALU for £1500. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/533379624821582/
  16. Some bloke called Barrett said (in 2010) "they are just an 'old car' without any of the famous unbreakable qualities of things like 205s/405s or Bluebirds of the same era, regardless of what Giugiaro says. I can't see these even begin to become interesting enough to collectors or even shiteists until they reach double figure survival rates."
  17. Latest delivery. Another 'original Pilen' ticked off the list. This is another particularly nice one (although they are all lovely, really) - the Seat 850 Spider in fetching metallic green. Lots of play value with this one, which has opening everything, tilting seats, a decent representation of the engine and supple suspension. The wheels have Seat hubcaps and rubber tyres - even the fuel filler cap is a separatepart. I think there are 25 components making up this tiny toy. There is a slight issue with the base casting.... But hey, nobody's perfect. Here it is with its Coupé brother. Just need a saloon now for the set. And with a 'normal' Pilen to show the titchy size (it's about 8.7cm long) Overall, excellent and an one I'm very pleased to add to the non-collection. But then I always say that. As ever with these Pilens, the lack of casting lines is clearly evident and the paint is a wonderful lustrous metallic which looks great but I'm sure is very fragile. Mercury made a series one Fiat 850 Spider which goes for huge money, but I'd love one to compare the two.
  18. Well the BMW has gone in the worst car selling transaction I've ever had, and getting ripped off for £200 by a member of the travelling community. I'm very annoyed at myself for letting it happen, particularly because I was 90% certain he was ripping me off as it happened, but after 35 minutes of arguing I just wanted him to fuck off. Won't be selling any BMWs on ebay in the future, that's for sure. If anyone feels like bombarding 07743 REDACTED with offers of cheap cars in fictional locations or whatever, please be my guest Edit: actually I'm going to report him to the police first so I'll remove his number for a while!
  19. Wahey! Check this little thing out. It's a 2002 Peugeot 206 1.6 Roland Garros. I quite like the look of these, and enjoy the ott plush interior, panoramic roof etc. This one was local and reasonably priced. It's been owned by an old lady since it was one year old, and her daughter was selling it on her behalf as she has now given up driving. It's done 59,000 miles and seems to have been serviced pretty religiously. TBH it's pretty much near-mint compared to most cars I've owned. (baguette not included, but necessary for French car purchasing) Seems quite spritely and nice to drive. This is the sort of thing I was actually looking for, ie a modern-ish car with lots of life left in it rather than a rusty banger, so hopefully this will serve me well for a long time. MoT until March I think. I paid £900 which I reckon was alright? Not sure WTF I'm gonna do with the 19 now, but I guess it's good to have a (third) back-up car, right?
  20. New HG and a bottle of K-Seal, fingers' crossed job's a good'un. We're all rooting for you.
  21. Er.... right, that was a bit unexpected. Just drove the Renault 80 miles to go and look at a car for sale and I appear to be MR THREE DAYS, TWO CARS. Collecting it tomorrow, all being well. It haz alcantara
  22. That chassis is from the Corgi Lotus Elan. The bare chassis was part of the Lotus Racing Team set - I used to have a couple of the Elans and always suspected the chassis was removable but never quite had the balls to try and prise one off.
  23. Sadly it's covered in spots sort of like when you touch a car with sun-screened hands - marks which go under the laquer and can't be polished out. There's also a bit of weird paint loss on one door, and several rusty pockmarks breaking through. I did consider diging out the machine polisher but not sure it's actually worth the effort! It does look loads better than it did and if I can get the skirts back on it'll be even nicer. 'Nicer'.
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