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  1. Yeah but he's been welding his up for as long as I've known him, which doesn't bode well. What do you reckon @Angrydicky If anyone happens to live round the corner and wants to have a look on my behalf, speak now
  2. Since selling the Sceptre and then failing to buy a Standard Ensign, I have seriously been pining for some grey porridge in my life. Possibly this is just a general need to be driving an old car, which I've not done for ages. The R16 has been off the road for like a year (starter gave out and I can't move the thing to get it to a garage) and my only working old cars are Vintage, and not really suitable for just blezzing about in every day. I just want the option of getting in something obsolete to potter to work or the shops or whatever. So, I've been looking at this thing at least four t
  3. No. Well, sometimes. Sort of. But not one of those
  4. I've always wondered why this thing had been given such a horrendous paint job - should have guessed it was a wedding wanker. Even if you brush-paint the sides black it'll look about a million times better I reckon
  5. Well, I'm stealing a bit of that for my signature
  6. Slightly out of order, time-wise, but in entirely uncharacteristic fashion I decided to give the underbonnet area a cursory clean (!) I even did the inside of the bonnet! It's not Pebble Beach standard but it's much better than it was I've also sourced a good n/os passenger wing to replce the crinkled original, and have found but not yet bought a driver's side wing too Today it rewarded me with the driver's window winder deciding it didn't want to wind any more. Little bitch!
  7. Would quite like a car called an ELEGANZA just for the lols
  8. You've all seen my one so I won't re-post it here. Does anyone know if the GT was sold in the UK? I reckon this is the ultimate 205 - basically a five-door XS. In an ideal world my one will look something like this some day
  9. Don't ask me why, Reg, but I'm not sure I can continue to live in this world without this shitty old piece of grey porridge Like, I'm on the verge of phoning my bank and seeing if they'll loan me £3k. WTF is wrong with me? That reg though! And everything else about it. FFFFFFFUUUU https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194128142566
  10. Fucking hell that Alpine is INCRED. I really, really, really, really want that.
  11. It's a tricky one. I might revert to K70 actually, assuming you could also get those with opening doors. I've never seen one but possibly all the early castings had them, and they all changed later on? There does seem to be a bit of variation.
  12. I think earlier versions of the 124 had opening doors (check the shut lines on this one) But you're right, the shape isn't quite right. I thought it was a K70 at first, too, but now I reckon it's this 132
  13. I think the pink thing is Politsil RJ14 Fiat 124
  14. Okay, a proper introduction to the second-newest member of the fleet. Sam bought this thing ages ago and it was local to me so I collected it and stashed it on my drive. Eventually, he offered it to me for a knock-down price which I couldn't refuse. The last MoT fail was pretty minor stuff, so I figured it would be an easy little project. First I needed a new battery as the one on the car was goosed, but even then it wouldn't start. There didn't seem to be any fuel getting to the carb so I luzzed the lift pump off, gave it a good squeeze to blow out any gunk and put it back on which seemed to
  15. Nice! Really looking forward to having a proper go in my one (1.4 pez) later today. I honestly wouldn't have given a 205 a second look five years ago, but they've really thinned out recently and the shape looks better and better. I do think the 5-doors are nicer, though
  16. I'm just gonna out-and-out say it. The owner of that is definitely a nonce.
  17. I've always wanted to make a Pignose C15! What are the chances of finding a pair of Visa wings for it to complete the look?
  18. Any idea what that's supposed to be? EDIT: A Hindustan Ambassador! That's a great piece actually
  19. Hey, is that pasty as big as it looks?
  20. Crikey. If my sums are correct, this little beauty is £230 and according to the vendor "will get you where you want". Do you think I could hold him to that?
  21. Can't tax the BMW until I get a new V5, so I still haven't really driven it but my one journey so far was pretty good tbh. I'm not sure it's a keeper, but I appreciated the effortlessness of it all so I'm sure I'll enjoy blezzing round in it for a bit. It's quite frustrating having a new toy and not being able to play with it, though. Luckily, I have a plan - I've booked an MoT for this thing on monday! What a little beauty, eh? Long story short - I picked this up on behalf of the Brammzmeister last year during the first lockdown (I think, I lose track of time easily) and
  22. Hey if you can find an extra driver, I would definitely like to buy an early-ish (round taillamp) 968 if one could be landed here cheaply so why not make it a convoy? I know two people who drove 968s back from the East with no problems whatsoever, so I reckon trying to bring two back would just make it twice as likely to succeed.
  23. Don't take this the wrong way, but your Cadillac is a complete shed and if somebody wanted to bring it up to the same condition as that Galaxie they'd have to spend, what, £25k on it? For it to be worth £10k? Of course a beautiful, sound, totally original car with a mint (in both senses of the word) interior is worth twice what a hanging old beater is worth! And the Ford is always gonna be the more attractive car regardless of condition. I love seeing 'cla**ics' in crappy condition with primer patches, fibreglass repairs etc being used as transportation - that's what this whole website is
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