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  1. I'm in Dumpley (Dudley) and could collect and hold till it can be moved on.
  2. There was an article in Classic Van and Pick-up a couple of months ago about Humbers. A Humber collector on the IoM couldn't find a pick up, after searching for years, so recreated two. Allegedly there were 200 Mk111's followed by 200 Mk1V's made. The Mk1V's had the wider body which is why the rear arches are different. Further research found that maybe only five were actually built.
  3. Veg will help the emissions. My Mot man reckons 30% less.
  4. Just subscribed. For 22 squid it's got to be worth a look. Hopefully it will go with my Classic Van and Pickup subscription.
  5. Nobody's mentioned the number plate yet. It was mentioned a number of times at SF. Suitably shite.
  6. Had a good time at shitefest. Upstaged by a gate crashing 305. Grr! Thanks to Kirton for setting it up. Excellent venue even down to showers ffs. Showers at Shitefest ? Whatever next ! Blatted 'MY' 305 up the m5 at 80/85 and used about 13 litres of veg for 157 miles. Not too bad although at 75p a litre I'm not so bothered about economy.
  7. I'll have the 305 manwell please.
  8. When replying to topics and wanting to put a number of pics how does one put text between the pics ? I'm probably being really dumb not knowing but you can't know everything, ay. I kind of liked seeing who was up at silly hours as well.
  9. Excellent. I have a crate of Belgian beer I shall bring. Them monks, and nuns, knew what they were doing.
  10. Can one just rock up on Saturday and stay till Sunday or is it a booking thing. I know, I could read all 23 pages to find out but cba. Oh yeah, and is it still at/near the postcode on page 1 ? Wasn't sure whether I could make it what with work in Dutchland and Mot a week before the great annual pilgrimage ,but the Mot gods, well a guy called Alan who welded the back box on after it fell off on Wednesday, shone down upon me.
  11. Yahoo !! Another year of veg eating miles. A couple of advisories, well five actually but nothing to worry about.
  12. Got the Mot on Saturday and everything is lookin sort of ok. Until the back box made a bid for freedom this afternoon. BOLLOX.
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