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  1. Having looked, I would agree.
  2. 60 litres of filtered Wvo for £30. You can't beat having an Xud. 😁
  3. I drove an 0709 from England to Portugal, then to Holland and back to Portugal. I never repeated it. It became a shed and never moved again.
  4. Tesco's car park. Very rarely see anything worth a pic so it was nice to see a young woman get out of this slightly scruffy 2cv.
  5. I was out on this road today, a good hooning road, and saw this sign. needs a paint job.
  6. I think it's a one off homemade photoshopped car from the 1960's. Discuss.
  7. Cheers @horriblemercedes I may be in touch. I'm going to ask my mechanic if he still has his Beaver tail. He might be up for it, coz he likes chod, or I might be able to borrow it. Out of about 50 vehicles he has, he's not sure exactly, 90% were built before he was born.
  8. Thought of it but thought it's a bit short distance for him.
  9. Well, it's been a while and things have not gone according to plan. Got the gearbox back from Andy but my mate got really busy and couldn't fit it. Eventually got a Saturday afternoon when we could get it in. Bloody hell it's a heavy lump ! After a bit of a struggle we got it on and all the bell housing bolts done up finger tight. Then came the problem. The Torque convertor seemed to be jammed and wouldn't turn to line the fixing up to where it bolts to the end of the crank/starter ring. Bollox ! Couldn't get it to fit no matter what we did. More bollox !! So that was as far as it got which was about 2 weeks ago. Contacted the Cresta club and various other bods but no luck on finding out any useful info. Then I got in touch with Andy, which I'm sure some of you are thinking why didn't you. Maybe I was over thinking it but asking why a box that he built might infer that I was saying it was his fault that it didn't fit which I didn't want to do. So I rang and had a chat with one of the two mechanics that work there, and emphasised that I wasn't criticising their work, and he said he knew how to sort it. He did start to explain but I had to stop him as I have never had an auto in my life so it was right over my head. Upshot is they can have a look at it in a couple of weeks and sort it out. I'll be honest I was on the verge of going my mechanics way and sticking a dizzel in it. He said he had a good Mazda 2.5, can't remember if Turbo, with box I could have if I could get a pedal box coz it was a manual and I did actually have a look to see if I could get one. Luckily not. His next suggestion was to get a cheap TS 2 taxi for the engine and automatic box and I even went on Ebay to have a look and there was one in Cradley Heath which is about 3 miles away and it was at £302 and running out in a few hours. Phew, that was a bit close. Anybody near Doodlay (Dudley) could transport a Cresta to Wolverhampton in a week or so ? No ? Fairy nuff. Gratuitous pic.
  10. Same as the Saracen. Drove them in Norn Iron in 72.
  11. I think the tow bar hinges up and then it's rev up and eff off.
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