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  1. Well, it's another year on the road for my lil old 305 van. Yipeee ! As for the advisory, it's 32 years old FFS what do you expect.
  2. I'm not sure what is worse. Stolen never to be seen again or stolen and getting it back like that. Commiserations @Dave_Q.
  3. I do like a bit of karting but it's an hour and a half from me so am oot.
  4. Any chance of someone on the route away from you that might have cctv ? Maybe worth a look.
  5. Chucked a vote on for ya @Blake's Den. Solidarity bruv innit like.
  6. While round at DFTR I spotted something familiar and an old Datsun.
  7. Tried to PM about coming and seeing this, somewhat legendary, machine. Is your message thing full ?
  8. Last Saturday while popping along on the M1 coming home from seeing a mate there was a bang. At first I thought I had run over some debris, but hadn't seen anything in the lane. The loss of a bit of power made me realise that it was an injector pipe going bang. Didn't stop till the next junction and had a look. Yep, squirting diesel all over the engine. Decided that stuffing a rag around the pipe and getting it home would work ok. Had an appointment for Monday at DFTR Auto for some sill welding for the mot next month so left it with them and went hunting a pipe. Now I thought it would b
  9. Anyone like a fat ass? Here's an expensive one.
  10. Ooh, I reckon that will do around here. Welcome and what took you so long to get here?
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