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  1. Shit ! I'd forgotten about those. Second dibs please.
  2. I'm surprised it's that high. Good stat though.
  3. I think it's too late to do much about global warming. Carbon neutral by 2040 is the vague plan here. Meanwhile we will be adding another 100 million a year to the world population. I have said for years, since the late seventies, that if we had half the population we would have half the problems. I decided in the late seventies not to breed because I learnt at that time there were approximately 4.5 billion and now, in my lifetime, we are up to about 8 billion and by the time I pop off this fucked planet, hopefully another ten years or so, there will be 9 billion. I'm in agreement with Saabnut and Tadhg Tiogar. Too many people but you can't tell people to have less children than they want. To me more than two is just being a bit 'I want therefore I will' without a thought of the consequences. Along the same lines as wanting a new car every few years whether you need it or not. Regression is the only way forward but won't happen because we have to " progress". Meanwhile, for selfish reasons, I'm going to keep running my veg friendly 305 van for as long as I can.
  4. I fancy a drive in a Stalwart. Preferably my own but unlikely to happen. Sigh.
  5. Hey Beko, as you are now a sleb, when will you be on 'I'm a sleb get me out of here'.
  6. Looks like I will be driving the same 305 van I've had since 2000. I is a sad old git. I'm hoping to make it to 2030. And the van too.
  7. The 505 Dangel estate nearly made me, erm, well I won't go into it. I would give a kidney though.
  8. Getting the ferry back from Holland after spending 5 weeks here working. Holland is not what it used to be that's for sure. The farmers are protesting against the new regulations about cows farting, construction is stopped because the ground is polluted, the hospitals are striking and so are the teachers. There are shootings every week and synthetic drugs, xtc, amphetamine, crack etc are becoming a huge problem. Xtc is now 1.50 euros a time which is less than a small beer and the youngsters here are buying shit loads to go partying on a weekend. The chemical shit left over is getting dumped in the canals and making more pollution. It's all going to hell in a bucket which is a real shame coz I really like being here and have more friends here than in the uk. A lot of them are leaving to live in France or further afield. Anyhoo, my old van is behaving itself as it usually does, and I got 61 mpg on the way here.
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