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  1. Front pipe on my 305 van broke off from the back box and was scraping the road. Fuck me it's loud. Bugger.
  2. What's that underneath ?
  3. Can I sell upgrades off my car and if so, how ? Anyone know.
  4. Much like @Stanky I've got a 205, Gti though, and a Volvo estate for taxi and courier work. I got the GTi up to a B9 and didn't come near to winning anything. I thought I'd repair it a bit, 10%, and now it's a flipping A1 which I didn't want. Bugger, back to the drawing board.
  5. Isn't that @DodgyBastard selling that. He's around Cowdenbeath somewhere.
  6. It seems that my trusty 305 van is not so trusty and is a bit fucked. Found out the reason why injector pipes kept breaking. The injector pump is held on by only one of the three studs that hold it into the housing and is moving a bit. My mechanic is going to have a look tomorrow and is going to give me the good or bad news. Looks a bit* involved to me. Still, he said I can borrow his taxi, not taxi. The Cresta van is up for sale on FB Cresta page. Didn't advertise it here as I'm pretty sure no one would want to take it on. Had 4 enquiries about it. Unfortunately it doesn't fit in with my future plan of Yank RV and trailering my 305 on the back. Retro rig style travelling yo.
  7. Got no Faceache here either.
  8. Just heard there is a world wide paper shortage. Look out ! Panic buying bog roll to start very soon.
  9. Yea, I realise that but I can take the hit. I wonder how much his insurance will be next year. I hope it's a lot. I doubt if he will learn from this though. Just an arrogant shit.
  10. I've never owned a car/van later than 1990 so I suppose for me it was the 80's although I had lots of 60's and 70's shite which was great fun.
  11. Further developments to this incident. My insurance has put it down as knock for knock. Serves him right for being a nobhead. Had a phone call today from, I presume, his garage guy who said it would cost me £250 and that I hadn't informed my insurance company. Load of bollox. Then he tried to tell me having a Ford badge on the front was illegal. Not as far as I know. I did tell him that his mates number plate was definitely illegal whereupon he went a bit quiet and I rang off. Insurance has a very good pic of his number plate. What they do about it I don't know. I may take a hit on this next time I renew although I might have paid for NCD protection. Will have to check.
  12. I had a go with a Plasma cutter on Friday. This one can cut through 20mm steel. I was impressed.
  13. I saw a local steel moving artic with L plates on it. Hingley or, similar, is the company. In house training.
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