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  1. Here is a pic of the yard, for any MX5 lickers, and a crap pic of my future Mazda shite/not shite is. I think they had 12/13 Mx5's there.
  2. Are you mad, oh wait. Yea no probs m8, classic innit.
  3. The days, or rather years, 23 to be precise, of 305 van ownership may be coming to an end. I have come to the conclusion that the body work, to tidy it up, is going to be in the region of £1500. I was having a chat with the guys at the garage about another small van within budget, 2 bags, but anything at that price is basically tired and shagged out. It then turned to estates and I said something the size of your Mazda estate would do. To which he said, well that might be up for sale as we don't really use it now. My lugholes twitched a bit so I asked what they might want for it. They hadn't got as far as that because they aren't in a hurry to sell. I know this Mazda has been well looked after as they have service record and receipts for everything going back years. This is not an unknown car on the forum. Hubnut either did a review or it was on a vid from the FoTU. I'll have to have a rummage on da toob. It's a 94, K reg, Mazda 323 in excellent condition and well looked after. So I'm thinking this is going to be over my budget. So I was asked what I would pay for it. So I said it's got to be worth 2 bags any day of the week. Personally I thought it would Ebay for more than that, 2.5 to 3 grand. Anyhoo, so I said my budget is 1500 so that's all I could do to which he said the immortal words ok it's yours. Fuck me, you could have knocked me down with a one ton feather. It's ideal for me as it's old enough not to have shit loads of, in my view, unnecessary electronics to go wrong. It is a step up for me as it has lecky windows and powah steering which I have never had on a car or small van. So my plan is to take this on in May. Meanwhile I'll get a new wing on the 305 and think what I'm going to do with it as I can't keep two cars, but what is a tatty Lhd 305 van worth ? 500 ? Can't see many people wanting it. The other thing I might be able to do is, while I'm running around Britain with the circus, get the guys at the garage to do the body work when they feel like it and then sell the Mazda back to them when it's done. I think they are selling me the Maz because they said they would like somebody to look after it and they have seen over the years that I get my van serviced and any other work that I can't do at the side of the road they have the pleasure* of doing. I like the Maz coz there aren't many of them around but I like my van coz there are even less of them and it starts some conversations, some good some boring. Blimey! That was a bit long. I hope not boring.
  4. As UselessPS said that it had been damaged in transit I was round the garage to have a look. Packaging wrecked but no damage to the gear box. Yay!! Getting it put in on the 6th. Yay!! Anybody want a 4 speed box for a 305 ? No ? Didn't think so. Picked up the old box and a load of scrap from the guys and dropped it off at the scrappy's. £100 in the bank, thank you very much. Got another load to take in a couple of weeks.
  5. I had my gear box changed the other week. Box out , box in. £150. Mind you there's not much to undo on an Xud.
  6. Having had gearbag probs and ending up with a 4 speed that 3rd is not great in, the garage rang to say that they had a gearbox delivered this morning from UPS. Well dip me in the proverbial. Only a month late. Asking for a change of delivery address did fuck all as well. UselessPS. Another £150 to get it put in. Heyho.
  7. On the way up to Leeds the other day, M42, M1, I as usual at this time of year had the oldest vehicle on the road. I was nicely surprised when a Toyota Litace on a J plate went past. The only thing of any interest I saw. Sorry, no pic.
  8. I think the ratios on a 305 van were different to a saloon/estate because the thinking was you were going to be loaded up a lot. I noticed with an empty van that first was too high and second too low, or is it the other way round, when pulling from standstill.
  9. Look out! thread resurrection. It's been a while and some things have happened. Ealing was where we were and I ended up driving various shite for 22 out of 24 hours. Some stuff had to go to Norwich and some to Stratford on Avon. I can't remember how many trips I did but the last one was to hook the shower unit up, the last thing left, and take it to Norwich. Problem was that a hitch had broken on something else so the hitch on the shower unit was robbed and I had to put it back on when getting it. All very well but there is a cylinder that works the brakes and you have to push it back, with a fair bit of effort, to get a bolt through before it pops back. A three handed job. Must have pissed around for about an hour with it and I was tired and wanted to Gtf out of there and go to bed. It would have been about 4pm when I got away and got on to the M25. Driving at truck speed it was like being in a truck race and at that time, and pissing it down, it was the most horrendous drive I've had for a very long time and something I never want to do again. Going to Norwich there is a a section of dual carriageway where they have been road working for a few years from what I could make out and it's one lane a side with a metre, or so, high wall on either side of the lane which in a truck gives you about a foot and a half, max, on each side and when it's dark and raining the concentration level is off the scale. I think I mentioned a possibility of going to Holland for a month. Well I ended up going but not staying which was a bit disappointing. Reason was there was not enough for me to do for 4 weeks there. I got asked a few times last year, by the public, if we went in convoy from one site to the next to which the answer was naa, once a load is ready it's fuck off time. Well we did make a convoy when leaving Norwich to go to Harwich at 4 in the morning. I tell you it was a sight to see with 15 trucks all hauling a trailer. or two. The length of a Peterbilt, extra long trailer then a draw bar shop unit behind is fuckin looooooong. Flashing lights everywhere. Behind the trucks came 12 other smaller vehicles pulling caravans and stuff. I don't know how long it all was but I was 7th in line and I never saw the back end. There was a slightly amusing event on the way to Harwich. Leading the convoy, rubber duck and ten four good buddy, was Elaine who was driving her artic fifth wheeler. We came to a fairly large roundabout and she missed the exit so continued round and therefore met the convoy coming onto it. Caused a bit of havoc for a bit. Luckily little traffic around at that time. Got to Harwich all at once which caused a blockage getting into the port which the port bods didn't seem to know what to do about a sudden influx of circus shite. Much hilarity ensued as they ran about trying to sort it all out. Then came the customs. When you go abroad with equipment you have to list EVERYTHING so when you come back they can check if you have more than you went with and if you have it's get yer wallet out time. Well, as you can imagine we had shite loads of stuff so therefore shit loads of papers for the nice customs man who was suddenly deluged in papers and us giving it loads of 'what about this one' and 'I've got all these do you want them all?'. 'Where do I sign this' and 'do I have to sign them all' etc. I think he took a look at all of us crammed into his little office waving papers and in about 5 different languages at him and thought fuck this get the stamp out and get rid of them. Going Freight is all right though. You get a cabin with shower, bog and telly and, depending on ferry time, a breakfast and a meal an hour before landing in the truckers lounge. Then it was rubber duck time in Holland up to Beverwijk near the Dam. I'd forgotten that the roads in the Netherlands are smooooooooth with not a pothole to be seen. Got put up in a bit of a swish, for me, hotel near Schipol called The Plaza where it was a eats/a few beers and bed. Next morning, early, flight to Brum and taxi home. So that was that. On the tenth of this month it was taxi to Brum airport and back to Schipol where it was another good hotel called the Marquette, then the minibus arrived to take us to the pub which happened to have a coffee shop next door. When in Rome etc. Got slightly blitzed but when a lock in in the bar was mentioned I declined the offer being an old woos. A good night. Next morning it was all rev up and convoy, 10 4, to Den Haag. I like convoys and let's be honest it's rare to be involved in one never mind two. We got out of Harwich about 7/8 in the evening so more traffic around which must have pissed off anybody trying to get past. This time I was the last in line so could see the traffic building up behind and it was a lot. A convoy like that doesn't travel very quickly, about 40 mph. Dropped everything in Norwich and then it was a lift back to Brum and a taxi home. Looks like the season starts at Easter and finishes end October. Don't know about doing updates this season as it will be very similar to the last one but if anything different happens I'll pop something up. Might be going to the Stratford yard next month to do some maintenance/repairs on stuff before the season starts.
  10. Having put a 4 speed box into my van I had to make a trip to Leeds to drop my lithium battery off coz the battery management system doesn't work and therefore wont give the power out of it. Anyway that's probably more a grumpy thread thing. So off to Leeds I went. A 305 base van doesn't have anything to stop noise, no carpets etc,. A 5 speed is bearable, a 4 speed is noisier. Had to stick at 60 instead of 70, fuel economy goes down. I worked out it would be about £20 each way but forgot about only having a 4 speed. I reckon it cost an extra £5 each way. I've had an update on the box that UselessPS damaged/lost. The tracking now says 'on the way, delivery rescheduled' so it may still turn up, after I spent out on getting the 4 fitted. I'm trying to be philosophical about it but it's difficult.
  11. I would love to twin my 305 van but I think the chance is very small. The closest I've got was being in Plymouth and another I know of in Truro 55 miles away.
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