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  1. I don't remember seeing it, or I forgot, so it only slightly counts. What's happened to it ? Is it on the road ?
  2. At last another 305 van. I don't feel so lonely now.
  3. In the work I do I try and persuade people that oiling hardwood is better than varnish. The sun will dry out oil especially on a dash. Two coats to start then one coat every few years. Low maintenance for the win.
  4. I watched this on the toob earlier. I'm not sure I understand why anyone would want to keep so many classics that will probably never be driven again. Seems a shame to me.
  5. XUD 1,9 (305 van) I get about 55 mpg on a run if I keep to 70mph. Which I don't. Round the houses about 38. So I don't bother too much about economy. I did once go down the M5 driving like a granny at 55/60, which was as boring as hell, and managed 65mpg. I'll never do it again coz I was losing concentration.
  6. Having said I don't see many cars over 20 years old, in a couple of hours today I saw a Moggy, pre 63, a multi coloured 1990 Scrote, a Triumph Spitfire and a 93 Range Rover. Never seen so many in years. Foot shot I think. Back to the bloody drawing board.
  7. I get your point to a certain extent but round my area I very rarely, if ever, see anything 20 years old never mind 30. Maybe my example wasn't the best comparison. Perhaps an Ashtray van might have been better. I've looked at them as a possible replacement, should mine go totally tits up, and most ten to fifteen year old ones are spears and reapers. Maybe the more upmarket models will fare better because of desirability and scene but I've seen many 10 year old, and younger, cars in scrapyards because of electronics going tits up.
  8. I was thinking much the same at the time. Will they make it to 32 ? Somehow I doubt it. The electronics will kill 90% plus.
  9. I was socially distancing up the pub and when I came out I couldn't help but take a pic of this. Don't know if a thread can be made out of this. If not I'm sure it will disappear fairly quickly. I know it includes my own heap classic van but could be any old shite with any new shite.
  10. On the way back from saabnut on Sunday this was the only spot worth taking a crap photo of a D reg LT. Shite weather and all.
  11. I'm going to saabnuts on Saturday with an empty 305 van from Dudley. If anyone wants stuff moving north let me know. Also returning Sunday same deal southwards.
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