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  1. I've just looked up the reg number before and after mine, 1988, coz I'm a sad git. On one side, a Scooters India Ltd, yep, that's the make, 123cc, erm, scooter and it's Purple. Sorn, MoT expired April 2019. First registered May 2011. On the other a Bedford, 8198cc diesel, 2 axle rigid, 17 ton truck and it's greeeen. Sorn, no MoT details held. Well, that was vaguely interesting. Anybody got more interesting ones ?
  2. The cruise ships in Weymouth Bay are parked up coz no customers and cheaper than a berth in Southampton. They trundle off to go shopping every now and then.
  3. A mate of mine drove one of these from England to Portugal with the back full and a/framing a pick up. French cops weren't too happy especially at 38 mph on the Peage.
  4. In this pic you can see I've used one of those silver wire and paper hoses which don't last very long. It's now covered in gaffer tape which works but is ugly.
  5. I need the air intake pipe from the filter housing to the engine. I've seen a xantia with the same filter housing as the Pug 1.9 xud and the pipe goes in the front instead of the back as the Pug does.
  6. I also worked with the late great Horsdini, the greatest escape horse known to equinekind.
  7. Nah mate. There's a bolt and he can't get his head through to see how it works.
  8. I made a gate to keep a horse where it should be. Designed specifically for this one (Olly) who likes to paw, or should that be hoof, at the gate. With this one his hoof just slides down it and causes minimal damage to both participants and now he can see through it he may do it less. Job jobbied.
  9. A couple of arses and a Volvo.
  10. I was behind one of them Rolls Royce suv things today. A very forgettable arse. I hope the interior made up for the exterior.
  11. The one you didn't know is an UMM.
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