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  1. I was in Yorkshire back in the 70's somewhere round Halifax, I think, and I was on a double decker and we came down a hill where, at the bottom, was a cross road with traffic lights and we hit it on the red. Off up the other side and it stopped about half way up and lots of people got off. I'm upstairs and thinking, 'fuck me that's a busy bus stop'. Then the ticket bloke came up and, basically, asked me to join the rest walking up the hill while the bus ground it's way up where we all got back on. Seems that if you get a green at the bottom it can make it if not it's walkies time. Yorkshire eh!
  2. By this time next year you could be a millionaire.
  3. A damn fine looking chariot there @trigger.
  4. The last refuge for my 305 was in the Highlands.
  5. M25 yesterday and I saw AB16VAN spaced as A B16 VAN on a LWB Sprinter. No pic, driving.
  6. Anyone seen an Ora Funky Cat? Saw one on the M25 yesterday. Had to look it up. Chinese, of course, a Great Wall Motor and supposed to be a luxury* electric car. Couldn't get a pic. Driving and stuff.
  7. Some years ago I had a Merc 609 ex Isle of shite shuttle with the blind still in it. I converted the bus into a camper and every time I moved I used to put a different IoW destination up. Dunno what the Spanish and Portuguese thought about it.
  8. ^^^^ I like that but would prefer the 505 version.
  9. If you, or anyone, comes to a show if you pm me before I may be able to give a bit of a tour.
  10. I looked that up as well to see what it was on now. Slightly surprised it's not. Although back in the 60's there was a Mk 2 Cortina locally with DAV 1 D, which I thought was kinda cool, but it's also not on DVLA. Worth shit loads these days.
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