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  1. I love a car derived van. Well done on the resurrection. Looking forward to seeing it after the body shop.
  2. I'm in Tilburg and it's 22 degrees and sunny. Having a BBQ this afternoon with Venison and Wild Boar. Yum yum. My apple ogees if it's pissing down where you are. Luckily there isn't a dislike button. My old heap drove faultlessly and a rough calculation it did 62 mpg on the veg. Will check when I fill up. Brought a jerry with 20 litres in that will at least get me well into Englandshire before I have to buy diesel. I haz grin.
  3. I think that the presumption these days is that you will crash and that every nun and kitten in the land will be killed. The press sensationalise any crash and the manufacturers sell cars on safety because everything these days is about safe, safe safe. It's the first thing to be mentioned by any company when something comes up. "The safety and security of our customers is a priority" is the first thing they say. Mostly when it was eff all to do with the original question. I've never owned anything newer than 1990 and I've had one crash in 40 years which didn't involve anyone else. Bloody hell ! I'd better get my ass in gear and get a bloated Mr blobby car because my luck, or driving awareness, will now run out tomorrow.
  4. 420 miles from Doodlay to Tilburg. Ran perfectly. Oldest vehicle on the road and boat as it is 99 per cent of the time. People on the car deck giving me and my heap classic van pitying looks. I just smiled knowing that a month of depreciation on theirs was about what I paid for mine. The next oldest motor was a 53 plate Transit Connect which I did look down on a bit I must admit. Haven't worked out miles per veg yet. I'll have to chuck the 20ltr jerry can of veg in that I took along and then top up with that expensive diesel shite. Going into the ferry port I was surprised to see no French or Brit passport control. First time I've ever seen that, or rather not seen that. Normally the French have a quick squint and hand it back and then the Brit control start a minor interrogation pretending to have a 'chat'. Where are you going ? to which I once said, Over there. He didn't like that one. So I asked why he wanted to know. Took him a couple of seconds to come up with NATIONAL SECURITY. Me. That's strange the french guy whose country I am entering doesn't give a shit so why do you ? That went down like the proverbial lead balloon and I was told to 'wait over there'. Had to coz he had my passport. After about 10 mins he reluctantly gave it back but he was not happy. Wanker. Another time I said I wasn't sure and I would decide on the ferry. Well, that did not compute. So he asked how long I was going and I said I wasn't sure. Maybe a couple of weeks maybe a month. So he asked what I did, to which I replied that I was a boat improvement consultant. So you can just go off like that ? Yeah I'm between consultancies at the moment. A consultant in a 30 year old Pug 305 van. I was trying not to laugh to be honest. I mean wtf do they need to know for anyway ? Tossers !
  5. Got to leave at 0300 to get ferry at 0800. Blimey ! Hopefully no hold ups at that time.
  6. Ovlov with a need for swede sticker and a Beemer. No idea what model.
  7. Looks like it's a week of little work, for me, what with the shit weather. I've only got outside work. Tomorrow looks ok, Thursday wheel bearing and new caliper, Friday till lunchtime looks shit so probably rules out doing anything. Saturday I iz on a floating thing at 0800 to go to Holland for four weeks work where I will hardly hear anything about the subject we can't mention. YAY !
  8. When they saw the Hubnut sticker on mine it opened up a good chat. The older bloke used to work for a Pug dealer/ garage in Wolverhampton and used to work on 305s amongst others so knows them well. Not that there is a lot to know about a base diesel 305.
  9. Went round to a garage ,DFTR Automotive, today to see about getting a new wheel bearing put on. The owner loves Mazdas and has about three MX5s in, along with a Triumph Vitesse, two CFs, an MGB, a Datsun 120y and a T3. He's a restorer. Outside was the Mazda estate he drives with a HUBNUT sticker. Yay !
  10. Shit pic of a model I'd never heard of. A Seat Keyah. Turns out Seat don't do a Keyah. I tend to think it's the owners name after seeing the number plate. K3YOH. Back to the drawing board.
  11. Cheers Beko. I just wondered.
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