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  1. Yea, that's Weymouth Quay. The old rail track to the ferry.
  2. No no no. You're all wrong. It's obviously 335.
  3. If there were 12 pics of the build with the final one of it parked in front of some 70's building and it became a calendar I would buy one. I'm sure there are a few others who would as well.
  4. What about a nice red door. I'm not for the symmetry of the same as the front door. A bit staged. What's half a Harlequin ? A clown ?
  5. I agree with others in the 'do not paint'. Then you could win the 'mismatched panel colour' thread. A grade one winnah in shiteland.
  6. Post is getting it's arse in gear. Wasn't expecting it so soon. Cheers @brownnova. Proper job.
  7. Yeah, and it's a bit shonky which I like,
  8. It is well tidy and 19000 on the clock isn't much. Whether I would pay that much is doubtful.
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