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  1. Used to holiday there when I was a youngster. Climbed Stac Pollaidh once. It was steep.
  2. FFS can we all slow down on AS ? I can't keep up with everything what with all you WFH types. I only have a few hours a day coz I can still work and I have to drive 11 miles (x2) on nearly deserted roads ,which I'm sure you can understand is effing brilliant but a bit odd.
  3. Purists can get in the proverbial. I'd be braggin it was a bitsa, if I had a machine as good looking.
  4. This is the nearest Maserati I am ever likely to own so I would like a random please.
  5. Can't you hoist them up and sling them from the rafters ? No rafters ? Useless idea.
  6. Didn't notice. What happened then ?
  7. I wanted one of those as my first car in 1972 but the one I knew about was £60 and I only had forty so I ended up with a 1959 Consul instead. I was disappointed.
  8. In a way hiding the engine ,et al, seems a bit of a shame coz it looks spot on. Are you going to show it ? ride it ? stand and stare at it ? As I would. My drool would kill the paintwork though.
  9. Ooh is that a cafe scooter. I can remember back in the day, a Thursday I believe, quite a few owners would strip everything possible and blat around on an absolute skeleton.
  10. Sunday mornings 7ish if you want a lie in.
  11. Sorry Stuboy I iz dim but nice. STUNO instead, me thinks. Doh etc.
  12. Blimey Stuboy, got a bit repetitive there. Lo etc.
  13. Ooh, that is nice. Still 7 days to run on ebay though. I do love a Pug.
  14. Saw this the other day. The detail is amazing. The Mk1 he's building, slightly bigger, is going to have working window winders. Incredible.
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