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  1. Me too. 505's are damn good looking cars but the Dangel is definitely a trouser moment for me.
  2. I was in the Daft LF and the side lights on the trailer stopped working on the way up. Couldn't really stop on the hard shoulder as only had the right hand indicator so no hazards. Typical circus shite.
  3. I mentioned about going to Peterboghorror to pick a vehicle up. Well here it is. A 2.0 dizzle. It was alright if you like that sort of thing. 6 speed and pulled quite well. The bum bit of the seat didn't give me a numb bum, which nearly all vehicles do to my unpadded ass, but the back of the seat was bloody awful.
  4. It's been all hands on deck here because of the wind. All the trucks and trailers have been put on the windward side to act as a wind break to shelter the tent. Performance still going on. Broken window in a bunk door that I had to temporarily board up in the pissing rain. I had to hold the door of the girls changing unit against the wind so they could get in and out. Aren't I the gent. My bus is rockin good. Starting the move to Ascot tomorrow.
  5. Tomorrow and Tuesday is days off but not for me by the look of it. I'm off to Peterboghorror, as I believe it's called, to drive something back here so that's one day not off and Tuesday isn't looking good for a break as somebody in the 'ladies' toilets decided they were going to remove the linkage in the cistern and stuff toilet rolls into it. Ffs. The womens toilet is always the worst. Trying to flush nappies and shit loads of wet wipes and complaining about blockages. There are bins in every cubicle and by the wash basins and they don't seem capable of using them. Grrrrr. Holland has gone from 2 weeks to 4 in Amsterdam so that's to look forward to. Nice. Last show is on 6th January. Then it's 3 weeks off before a show somewhere. Don't know where yet. So November off and 3 weeks in January. Got to get some work done to the Big, service, brake pads, possibly shocks, a tyre has a bit of a bad bit on the sidewall. generator needs sorting as doesn't supply lecky. I also want to get the Lithium set up in. £1755 for a battery and then £100 for a controller, Dc to Dc invertor charger £600, and other bits £3/400. It was nice to meet @808 Estateand put a name and a face to a fellow shiter.
  6. I shall wear the badge with pride although I think my days as a Captain are probably over until we return to Dorset. Perhaps next year. I finished sorting the water for everyone, about half an hour ago, and today we are not allowed to work coz the Council said so. Dead Queens and all that. This is the first circus here for a long time so we don't want to screw it up as it's a good site and hopefully a good crowd. I am cooking a couple of Lincoln sausages for a sandwich and then maybe to bed although Spoons is open today and Lee managed to acquire a book of discount vouchers so we shall see.
  7. I haz bin a Capitao de estrada. Involuntarily I hasten to add or, to put it another way, I was elected by others into the role. On the way yesterday, in my rig, the A35, Honiton, Dorchester, etc, has quite narrow lanes, for a fair part of it, and a lot of bends. There are also some lengthy straight bits and I could see a queue forming behind so at the first straight I was waiting for someone to overtake. Nothing. Not even having a look to see. Ok. Next straight I could see there was nothing for a good half a mile so I stuck the left hand indicator on and slowed down to let anybody get past easily. Nope that didn't encourage any movement. So I became a Road Captain until an overtaking lane came up. I thought about fully entering into the role by giving it the flashing lights and horn But decided to be a benign RC and think they were just being ultra careful rather than a bit crap. Just got back from Plymouth with the minibus and a caravan and it was the same along that road.. I bet tomorrow with the truck and shop unit I will once again be a RC so from now I am identifying as one and expect to be treated as one befitting that role. E.g. You fucking wanker, but said nicely. Off to bed. Got a long 24 hours starting at 7ish.
  8. It's moving time again. Off to Southsea. A few going this evening and coming back tomorrow for more. Portsmouth has a clean air zone but it seems my bus is good to go. A bit odd. Sunday is the big move after the last show as usual. Not much worth writing about lately just doing maintenance stuff which is not really exciting.
  9. What's the blue and white car opposite the Imp? Looks familiar but I can't place it.
  10. Hopefully this idiot won't have to do them again. 😀
  11. We have an attachment that goes on one of the telehandlers but a few weeks ago the bit for the hammer broke and the pins had to be done with sledges. A new bit costs about a grand and took a week to get a new one machined. It must weigh about 25 kilos. This site is quite small and to fit everything in the trucks are close to the tent so they have been used as anchor points.
  12. Interesting* circus shite job I have been asked to do. All the pins have mushroomed over at the top from all the hammering and the hammer head won't go on them so I have been cutting the mushrooms off with a big angry grinder. I haven't counted how many there are because I don't want to become depressed at the number. Still, managed to do about 20 today. The last pic is just the ones that are not in the ground so it looks like I will be at it for a while. What fun*. It's been a bit quiet, and the signal here is crap, so not much to write about.
  13. I see. So only vertically challenged friends. I don't know any, so ahm oot.
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