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  1. It's the same as a Pug 305. Can be fun* finding it after the cable breaks on an urban traffic light junction where it lands right in the middle. Puzzled looks from other motorists, who probably think you're a nutter, trying to retrieve something they can't see. I now have a couple of spares made from threaded bar with the ends rounded. Originally would've had a plastic cup on each part it joins to to stop the bid for freedom.
  2. Lucky you got a few spare Autoshite dealer stickers, ay ?
  3. That's really bad. Hope you gave them a right Bolloxing at least. I've been following this thread and really rate what you are doing. Top Bollox in my book.
  4. I drove my 305 van to Tescos where there didn't seem to be any panic buying.
  5. I reckon it's been kidnapped and is going, erm, somewhere to be used as a sex slave.
  6. The MK1 Tranny drove like a car as well. That was part of the advertising at the time if I remember correctly. So I don't know if they have come that far.
  7. What an ad ! 3 pics, 2 the same and 'sold as seen'.
  8. Mileage 958000. Bloody nora !
  9. If it's getting painted why not get a sheet of 18mm MDF and get them to cut it to what width you need. Probably cheaper.
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