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  1. Or who park their Smart* car at 90 degrees to the kerb, resulting in one end encroaching into the roadway...
  2. I wonder if the eejit might be hit for Capital Gains as well.....?
  3. Could stick an alternative power plant in it, maybe?
  4. 80 miles range is a bit poor. Not a bad looking car, though.
  5. I once turned into a space to find a scooter in there. I seriously considered manhandling the scooter to the far end of the space and putting the car in anyway....
  6. Best not to leave car windows open.
  7. The engine in this concept was seized, apparently.
  8. That Escort Popular Plus that has sat in Hornchurch for almost six years is now revealed as a 1.3. The oul wan who owns it is a bit of a battleaxe, so my brother-in-law hasn't plucked up the courage to cross the road and ask her about it...
  9. Yes, this is quite a common tactic to make mental arithmetic difficult.
  10. One of the most ironic advert titles of the late 20th century, especially in the light of the corrosion problems.
  11. Is that an ID rather than a DS?
  12. It wasn't showing up at all.
  13. Incidentally, DVLA has no details for the ShittyRover tested by James May. Nothing comes up for "LJ53 JDX"
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