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  1. Britain has usually been quite subtle about its corruption over past decades, but better information/leaks these days means it's much more visible. Doesn't really matter what system you have, because corruption will always be there, and people will invariably adapt and learn how to game the system.
  2. Oddly enough, my oul 635 took 16.7 secs to do a quarter-mile at Santa Pod, at best. Was considered very slow, because automatic.
  3. MoT comments hint at spreading corrosion. Should polish out.
  4. ...or he may just have borrowed someone's car park to take pics in. The only other car item he's currently flogging is the central pad of a Primera steering wheel.....
  5. Or possibly it's owned by a 'shiter who just has loads of other cars dumped stored in several other places? At the end of the day, no matter how much shite you collect, you can only physically drive one at a time....
  6. Now that looks remarkably clean. Definite FoTU material there.
  7. After watching that, I kind of understood what made that female police officer pull out her firearm instead of her Taser....
  8. ...but out of sight, out of mind....
  9. .....until you read the MoT history up to 2016. It managed to fail at first time of asking in almost every year. Dunno what's worse: the asking price (salty), the potential fail list this time round, or the fact it's on the Isle of Wight.
  10. Not half as ridiculous as the number of new-builds on flood plains.
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