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  1. He's clearly been burnt by the price of the original metric wheels, hence the use of E39 Style 31 alloys.
  2. The Speyer collections are so extensive that I can't believe that any of that stuff is capable of running again. The Sinsheim museum is home to one of the most enigmatic locomotives ever to come out of the DDR - no. 18 314 - but it's been sitting in one place for so long (almost four decades) that it is unlikely ever to be restored to steam.
  3. Sounds like it's going to the dogs.
  4. Hopefully yer man will live long enough to cash in.....
  5. So do the Chinese, but they haven't taken over here. Yet.
  6. Loads of redundant rail routes are becoming Greenways now. It all started with the oul line between Westport and Achill. There are moves to turn Rosslare to Waterford, and the remainder of the Western Rail Corridor north of Claremorris, into Greenways. Once that happens, rail will never make a comeback.
  7. When did the place shut down, and who owns it now?
  8. In Ireland, the Travellers have long been able to shut down major roads and hold back traffic, just so they can run their trotting races. The Garda can't touch 'em.
  9. Bedfordshire Constabulary don't really have the resources to deal with a concentration of pikey mourners anyway. Police forces here seem to get a bit nervous when required to handle* mass pikey gatherings. 'Tis the same in Ireland.
  10. Easier to pick off the undertakers than trying to pick off 400+ pikeys, many of whom will have been drinking....
  11. Might be one of very few SD Turbos left here, so maybe worth curiosity value, if nothing else.
  12. Phil Blake is selling this one. Of all the piston-engine conversions, this is probably the most appropriate. Automatic is slow, though.
  13. This one looks very familiar.... ...especially to @wuvvum
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