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  1. This has some similarities to the Intestacy Rules for England and Wales, albeit the surviving spouse gets the first 250 grand, and any remainder is split 50/50 between the survivor and surviving children.
  2. I live in feckin' London, and even I don't try to drive into the central bit of it. Not worth the bother when there are plenty of other places you could sit in traffic.....
  3. Might see you on the Saturday if the CX wiring has been sorted out for now (Monsieur Dubois thinks Tuesday will be enough for him to get his parallel wiring in). I've got a friend of mine to help share the driving; this will be her first time piloting a CX.
  4. You should be able to get away with Dexron III, which is supposed to be improved Dex II. I use it in the rebuilt CX gearbox, and previously in the 635CSi's 4-speed auto.
  5. Makes my CX's dog's dinner electrics look like very small beer!
  6. How easy is it to find a new / good used head casting for Gammas nowadays?
  7. That's in much better condition than the Capel Dewi one I stumbled across
  8. I have said that before too! That went well!
  9. Wasn't that a Cadillac engine, or do Chrysler V8s do this as well?
  10. The Friday morning CX electrical report from Monsieur Dubois is not very good. Engine bay wiring in generally poor state to the point of being a fire risk in places, "mostly bodged", so he will install a parallel circuit for now to ensure that the alternator gets its signal and will charge the battery so that the battery warning light goes out as it is supposed to. To try to return the wiring to anything like standard (he's had 3 CXs himself and claims to know them inside out) will take at least one full day and cost a minimum of £700. I think we'll leave that job for later in the year or in the New Year. I just need the car to work for now so I can take it to shows and run it to the stables at weekends without the spectre of a flat battery ever hanging over me. The camshaft pulley also needs attention as it appears distorted so he'll do that. 'tis not all bad news. He took it for a spin and says he was impressed by how strong the car felt (not surprising as it has barely covered 80,000 miles in 30-plus years) and he confirmed that the body, floorpan, etc. requires nothing at the moment (probably because it spent most of the eight years up to October 2017 sitting in a garage or a shed). Somewhere along the line I'll have to spend the money to have the electrics properly restored. Just not now.
  11. Junkman would probably be having kittens over the lack of brake fluid.
  12. What was the average wage 10 years ago? Are they more or less affordable* now?
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