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  1. This is built on the site of the oul Edgware ex-GNR/LNER railway station (closed 1964)
  2. This must be the Apsley branch, which I sometimes go to.....
  3. ^^ That Ferrari Mondial went cheap.
  4. News report here Looks like the company behind it was dissolved a long time ago.
  5. No, but the proportions are!
  6. The extravagance. America still doesn't really care about polar bears; that's the job of the Canadians.
  7. Why, are you broken as well?
  8. There's a glut of Fly Agaric as well....
  9. The badlands of South Ealing...
  10. Going nowhere, near Brentford County Court....
  11. The peasants are revolting!
  12. I was there for a winter break, after the tourists had all gone home. I like it to be deserted and quiet. That Trabant is probably still there....
  13. Then there were the various Acclimatisation Societies dedicated to bring loads of non-native plants to Australia. That went well.
  14. They were quite advanced for their day, it seems. Most people are familiar with the much-later Tatra 603.
  15. Looks like a Tatra. Tatra 77a, according to a Google search....
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