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  1. Only FraBu went to the lengths of applying for TüV approval for that single wheel design, as far as I'm aware. It took ages, as the German requirements are exhaustive. The result is a wheel that is almost indistinguishable from the original metric, but which can have much cheaper tyres, so all those CX Turbos currently running on Alfa alloys can return to something that looks the part.
  2. That's FraBu Classic in Switzerland. The fella sank his own time and money into producing a 16" (and only this size) replica of the Turbo metric alloy. The overall diameter is slightly increased, I think.
  3. Problem is that the ZX doesn't really attract the aggressive devotion that other / older Citroens attract.
  4. I wonder how many road accidents there are likely to be on the first day of "normality" as everyone rushes out in a mass alleviation of cabin fever?
  5. There ye go.... - just north of Snaith. Here's the seller's premises
  6. Management is pretty much the growth industry. 'Tis a bit like a virus; it spreads everywhere.
  7. Hopefully they will actually reopen for you after things start to return to "normality". There'll be quite a few that will never come back to life.
  8. I'd say there was a gap that needed to be bridged.....
  9. That V6-turbo Blingo that appeared on here a while back suddenly seems like good value.....
  10. Who said anything about WFH? I get AS on my mobile. It's WFM for me.....
  11. ^^ I believe the technical term for that is "hanging".....
  12. Why don't they just rewrite the Terms to say nothing is covered? At least everyone would know where they stand.....
  13. Hopefully will be able to get the CX from home to Garages Dubois-Loizou (3.5 miles) without doing too much internal damage.....
  14. At least Turbo Technics are still around - maybe they could rebuild that turbo unit?
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