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  1. Probably the plate of the vehicle that was towing it...
  2. That looks like Tom's van from Father Ted - the one he used to rob the Post Office "...tis my money; I didn't want to fill in the forms..."
  3. The last time I saw this street a few years back, I'm sure it was flooded, and there were two fellas canoeing down it in the late evening....
  4. They're not visible because they're all at home, using Priests' Chatback.
  5. There has been a K10 Micra featured on AS threads (Kazy Spotters?) at least twice, which I think has a single letter / single numeral registration.
  6. There was also the 3-foot Cork Blackrock & Passage Railway, which was possibly the closest Ireland had to a narrow-gauge urban/suburban commuter system and which even operated over a considerable length of double-track.
  7. Another sight long-banished from the streets of Cork. Cork once had something like three or four railway termini in the city centre, but only the ex-GSWR one remains open today.
  8. The environMENTALists help to push Lithium batteries because their manufacture is "out of sight, out of mind". Western society only sees the finished product, not how it is made, so we can't see the damage done elsewhere.
  9. If that had been a proper oleopneumatic Citroën, they might have stood a chance of raising it and wading out....
  10. A friend's father was a miner in Geordieland, and similarly unable to get rid of things. The Morris Minor which he buried under the back garden of the family home is probably still there....
  11. Normal for Cork. Note also the ATE "tin lantern" traffic signals, a staple of British urban streets until as late as 1999, when the final set in Liverpool were decommissioned.
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