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  1. I actually went there in the 1980s with family. Decent place, if a bit cramped. Much more cramped were the kitchens in the basement - it was like stepping into the Victorian era. The heat was quite something.
  2. Always liked the roller-digit clock on these, just like those bedside table alarm clock radios that Argos used to sell in the 1970s. Also, a warning light to remind you to rotate the tyres!
  3. That's probably the best angle to view it. If you look at the thing from the rear, it looks very distorted.
  4. Golf/Jetta had round key heads, with the VW emblem placed eccentrically.
  5. They could have had DNA out of the turd in the kettle, which might have helped with identification....
  6. That's actually not bad for an Alfasud. Interior looks like hardly anyone travelled in it. Windscreen scuttle repair might also be an opportunity to improve the drainage. Current bid level is sensible, but will probably go silly.
  7. It never seems to go anywhere. I thought it was decomposing!
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