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  1. Are those Mk.1 Scrote tail lights?
  2. That looks a very nice one, and only the second one I know of in white. Same year as the one I had but with NSU alloys instead of steels. Only 800 RHD built out of a total run of 211,127 and the British market cars didn't have the basic 75hp engine - it was 90hp (which this one should be) or the later "LS" 100hp. You can't run it on basic unleaded; it has to be 97-octane or higher; they were originally 4-star leaded only, so you need to add Tetraboost at every fill to keep the engine sweet. Front brakes are mounted inboard, like the Ro80. Very heavy unassisted steering, so parking and three-point turns require muscle and time. Nowadays you can install electric assistance to make it easier to live with. The trademark of the K70 is the gearchange up/down into 2nd - when cold, it will always struggle to shift cleanly. Also there's no room for your left foot to rest when you're not using the clutch pedal: I'm also a bit thrown by the lack of a rev counter - all the cars sold in Britain had one as standard. Mine certainly had one. If this was originally a Gibraltar car, then I wonder if the specs were different for the colony back then? Also, shouldn't it be LHD, as that was and remains the rule for Gibraltar? Something not right here. The stock of spare parts is a plus point (K70s share nothing with any other VAG product, except maybe the oil filter); when I had mine, there was no go-to Internet spares source, and everything was feckin' difficult to find unless you had contacts in Germany. BUT: Nine grand's asking a lot of a K70 when they usually struggle to fetch a grand. It also doesn't have the optional headrests which would have made it even more exclusive.
  3. Calling @Lord Sterling to the boardroom phone.
  4. Trying to send two medium to large parcels to Italy. Royal Mail sez these come within International Signed & Tracked, but local post office sez no and tries to divert me to use Parcel Farce. This then becomes academic when the post office sez Royal Mail won't carry any car parts, new or used, because Covid. Fuxake.
  5. See @captain_70s for details.
  6. If it's any consolation, she's not deteriorating any quicker than the other residents at the FoD.
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