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  1. That's gorgeous. Also yes I rate the prv in a thema , for me it's best combo although the auto needs another gear as it's only a 3 speed in the V6. I've got a series 3 turbo diesel at min and that ticks all boxes as it's used as my daily and engines are bullet proof.
  2. Prisma is cleaned , setting off about 7.30 , got to pick a mate up them get on A1 at Donny , hopefully see a few old stuff on way down
  3. I should probably ask this in your thread , but never mind. What tells you it's a private car or ministry car when doing your checks , chassis different?
  4. Sorry to hear about your grandad. Good work on the Volvo too. Water leaks are a nightmare arnt they to sort . My prisma let's it in into the boot and I can't find where it's getting in .
  5. Really good work on all yours cars buddy . Loving the dolly progress , hopefully see it at the festival of unexceptional this year .
  6. You know what , if it wasn't for your enthusiasm for these cars I don't think there would be half of them back on road . Or so much cross referal regarding parts availability. There not everyone's cup of tea , but I can relate to your enthusiasm with the cars I like. The girls at work loved me giving them 20 plus reg numbers of old invacars . But in my eyes it's worth it to get it all categorised .
  7. I like your thread , it's interesting . Everybody has an opinion about the car they drive , and about the cars other people drive . It's not unique to this site . If someone's giving you some shit tell them to fuck off . If they don't like it it's there problem .
  8. I work in main dealer network and some mechanics can't improvise to get them out of a problem . I always say a bodge is a repair that's not worked .
  9. That's one of main problems when your on drive and things go wrong . Been there many a time . Sometimes just take a step back and re think .
  10. I do everything myself . But I'm a mechanic by trade , so sometimes I neglect my own cars as can't be bothered having been doing it all day on other people's cars.
  11. Invacars came up in conversation at dinner time today at work . A technician said yes there used to be a repair and maintenance garage for those things in Doncaster back in day . He did say garage name but I can't remember what it was , aparantly it's still there and open .
  12. Lbf . H&H motors in e2 dosnt look bad , some good Google reviews . I don't know the square mile of how big e2 area is but might be worth a walk to , chat to owner.
  13. Lbf , what area of the big smoke do you live in . I'll look at some garage reviews for you and see if I can recommend any local , let's try get get ball rolling .
  14. Go old school , get yellow pages , or online version , search garage within 3 miles of your house see what comes up. I don't want to sound stereo typical , but there must be shit loads of back street garages down alleys etc . If there in walking distance , have a strole down and chat to gaffer .
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