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  1. Daughter on her first driving leason.
  2. I'm still off work on furlough at min, but penciled in to start 8th June. I'm dreading going back with social distancing etc. Also been told poss open 12 hrs a day for all mot's that's going to be needed, it's busy around March and September for mots anyway, but goung to be even worse with 6months extra cars to test. Let's face it, people aren't going to take then early, most haven't got a clue when it's due. I only realised mine had expired in April, luckily it's been extended for 6 months.
  3. My uncle worked for Yorkshire traction is 70s, he has told about a few bad accidents he had, I think while driving Leyland nationals, first was coming upto a bus stop, but just before bus stop was a road turning, he indicated to stop at bus stop but the car thought he was turning left and pulled, he hit it and it flipped it over, ended up on roof. Sadly he also killed a girl who run out in front of him. But he also said he had a nasty habit of changing gear with the hand brake lever, that shook the passengers up.
  4. That's just dried out grease. Nothing to worry about
  5. They repainted Barnsley main colliery other month, looks nice now. There is a preservation group too looking after the grounds too, put benches there etc.
  6. Lol, have you seen the film kez. Its not bad now really. Investing some decent coin in centre. Built quite alot factories on old pit sites.
  7. Lol, have you seen the film kez. Its not bad now really. Investing some decent coin in centre. Built quite alot factories on old pit sites.
  8. I hope these lager prices aren't a sign of things to come . Our local £2.60 for fosters. £2.90 morreti.
  9. It's now a rolling year thing for the black plates, I didn't know that, shame my oldest car at min is a H reg.
  10. It's nice to see you have it sorted. I must admit, I do like getting the A/C working on cars I have.
  11. Well the maser is currently broken. Its got a conventional steering rack, then it changes to a sort of box steering system. So there is 3 track rod ends to each side. 2 are right hand thread and one left. The outer one on the steering link has a split boot so I checked parts catalogues and come to conclusion that one was the lh thread. So I ordered it, we'll it's the wrong one. Turns out that the inner one. Well I also saw the steering gator had a small split in it. I had one in my stock so attempted to remove the track rod end so I coukd remove the boot. Well I caught the thread whilst shock hitting the track rod surround. Fitted new boot, this is where it all went wrong, I saw the damage to the thread, I cleaned it up best I could but when tightening the nut it just stripped the thread, so it's now waiting for 3 new track rod ends to come. Might as well change them all.
  12. Been doing a bit of car fetaling today, refitted undertray to thema td, and cleaned earth points up on V6 thema, and broke maserati, but thats another story.
  13. I came home from hospital in a taxi in 1980. My sister came home in a merc w115. Fast forward a good few years and my daughter came home from hospital in 2018 in my rather tired out K reg lancia dedra.
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