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  1. Just got my tickets , looking forward to it . Not sure if to take thema or prisma
  2. Small update , been using the prisma everyday for work since 1st of month now , and all appears good . Running well , it's not doing bad to say it was stood for a good 17 years .
  3. Not yet , I want to use it for a bit first .
  4. Live update , prisma passed its first MOT in 20 years . Really happy with that considering state it was in last October
  5. Like others have said , probably be harder getting it out of america
  6. I've not imported a car from America . But recently imported one from Italy . I had a Italian logbook , and the car was from 1992 . It was painless registering it , they accepted the paper work without question. Also I bought a car recently with out a log book as it came from a deicesed estate . It turned out it had the wrong number plates on it since new , 30 years lol. It took 3 months but they did sort it out. The dvla are quite good if not a bit slow. I don't think you would have any trouble registering this end , can MOT off chassis number , ford can date it easily . The UK is one of the
  7. People also forget the MOT is minimum standards , and apart from corrosion everything else is at time of test .
  8. I work in main dealer and jobs go wrong on a daily basis , customers can be horrific , some understand but most call us cow boys shit , all sorts . We will work on any age car , but all new mechanics coming through don't like old stuff . Give them a car with dizzy cap etc and no OBD port and there screwed. There simply not tought it at college . It must be so daunghting for people who don't do there own repairs to A find a garage and B find one they trust.
  9. Ivy motors at darton in Barnsley. The garage is like going back to 1970s , and his prices seem to be stuck there too . Welded all boot floor , rear arch , rear sill , rear floor to sill only charged 70 quid . I've used him for years and tbf does a descent job .
  10. I've had call from the garage today , the welding is complete , as normal with welding , the holes were much worse once he had started . It's all done now and sealed up. Going for first MOT since 2001 next week.
  11. Where abouts in Wales are you . You don't have to post the coordinates , north south east west would suffice . Once this lock down shit is over I'd quite happily come over one Saturday armed with multi meter etc and spend a good few hours sorting the wiring out on the Yugo .
  12. Wiring can be a pain especially if someone has been messing about , and you don't have a wiring diagram to follow. I've not seen the car , only from the videos you have posted . A fiat Tipo wiring diagram should do the job for a basis to work from . Start at the battery and work back with your multi meter . Also with any Italian car , don't think you have voltage fault it could be an earth issue . Those extra wires you have could be someone else's attempt to try sort a voltage issue they don't have .
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