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  1. I work for vauxhall, back in the day we were literally changing 10 egr valves a day on 1.9 engines. P2279, P0400, and P0101 were the common egr codes. The ecu uses the masair flow reading on overrun, it looks for it dropping this means the egr has opened, with tech 2 connected we used to actuate the egr, with it closed you wanted a reading close to 50, when you open it it should drop to late teens. Split vac pipe will cause loss power too, check pipes from vac pump to boost controller and to waistgate
  2. Remapping on these age cars involves stripping ecu and removing chip and getting it updated, then resoldering back in. Probably better results, but resistor cost 2 quid. People wire in a switch so it can be turned back to stock. I'm going to hay on wye tomorrow in it so shall get a clearer inclin on what if any difference it's made to the MPG.
  3. Not sure about colder, unless I've read it wrong, think it's tricks the ecu into thinking it's delivering less fuel, so it opens the injectors for longer,thus more fuel enters cylinder,so more power. It works better than just increasing boost for instance on a petrol turbo, as this can cause lean running a melt a piston. Diesels don't generally have throttle body's, so if you increase fuel you naturally increase air intake too. And the waist gate still opens as normal
  4. Ye evry mod in vw circles. I'm going to remove the egr valve and fit a exhaust temp sensor, just so I can keep eye on things.
  5. Not sure if anyone or everyone knows about this, but there is a really cheap mod you can do to bosch 1.3.1 diesel management. This system is fitted to quite alot of cars like land-rover 300tdi, vw golf, rover 220td, to list just a few. Its also fitted to my lancia thema turbo ds,. Basically you fit a 1kohm variable resistor into 2 wires going to the fuel pump. (on 300tdi it's pin 6+7). I finished this today and the results are remarkable, more power better response, obviously you can go overkill and cause damage. But if you set it sensibly all will be fine.
  6. When I was a kid we had a merc 240d, that was a 1976 car, sold it in 1986 due to severe rot
  7. Finished putting prop on last night, if weather stays ok I'll go for a run to see if sorted out knocking etc.
  8. Small update, maser off road at min as propshaft centre bearing was worn out, managed to find a new one for cheap money in America compared to the ridiculous prices there asking for in Europe (700 euros) just for bearing. Also dropped on the front and rear sections of propshaft NOS at a dealer in Southampton so got them too. Started fitting it last night, hopefully fit rest today then I can start using it again.
  9. Jealous about this, love these cars. Guy on our estate had a fiat strada, traded that in for a yugo sana, had that years
  10. Drove up from barnsley to Northumberland today, nearly crashed on a1 near Newcastle, saw a Leyland atlantean come past, people on it too, wonder if it's still in service
  11. These run 1 belt so you can't remove belt, I'd get one from a scrapyard and get that fitted.
  12. You spoke to me and was interested in doing a video on my thema, it's still available if you want to do one
  13. There the correct wheels for a series 1. Even the turbos only had 14" alloys.
  14. That thema is a rarity these days. Quick cars them turbos.
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