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  1. I'm travelling down from South Yorkshire if anyone wants to make a small convoy or needs a lift
  2. Thanks but I found them in the car so I don't need it now but thanks anyway. You bringing y10 down, think I'm coming down in thema turbos ds
  3. I'm not on Facebook or owt, not sure if I'm been a idiot or not asking this, but do you need to book a ticket for the fotu.? Thanks matt
  4. Just cought up on the thread. So happy you finally got one, it really is a good feeling when the car you so yearn for finally comes into your possession. I'm off work this week but I'm back next, I'll try get them other chassis numbers sorted for you.
  5. Sold dedra tonight, descent chap from scunthorpe, bit of a car nut, got various things. But to me the most interesting was his Y10 turbo and early delta hf turbo, so at least gone to a good home. I'm on the look out for something even more od ball than a dedra, I'm fancying a Yugo, or something like a fso polonez. Both even rarer than dedra, but I shall keep my eyes pealed.
  6. Bloody hell a regata weekend, rare as hell now
  7. Your enthusiasm is an inspiration, fancy finding all lancia themas that have been registered in UK lol. Only kidding any news on the one you might be buying
  8. Is the fuel cap same as mk1 uno, if so I think ive got one from my many uno days.
  9. Cleaned v6 thema last night about 9.30 neighbours must think I'm mad, but with it been dark color washing in sun causes streaks. Washed and looking nice now
  10. Thema turbos are rapid, I've had loads, series 2 are monsters, loads turbo lag but once on boost hold on. Series 3 have most power and better delivery of it too. V6 are best to drive, loads of torque and sound nice.
  11. Thama was in for mot this morning, a clean pass, very happy about that. I got the car last May after it had been off the road 11 years, service done, new cambelt, changed tyres and that's all it needed for mot. I've used it pretty much every day for 12 months as work car. It's not missed a beat (touch wood). Not the quickest thing but OK work commute to Doncaster, and it's good on juice.
  12. Was thinking today, I bet the mot is due soon on the thema td, I checked and it run out 4 days ago. So booked in tomorrow morning, hopefully will pass
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