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  1. Yes they are quite narrow , not a massive problem on normal asperated engines . But the turbo ones especially in 16v form suffered with belt failure . Lancia recalled the 16v ones and fitted later pulleys and belts , it has deeper teeth and is much stronger .
  2. Cambelt changed today , nearly ready for mot now.
  3. V6 thema passed MOT other week but had some advisories . I've now replaced both track rod ends , changed rear discs and pads and yesterday morning I replaced the rear subframe as it was passed its best .
  4. Didn't even know if already told that story .
  5. The one that sits in my mind the most happened about 20 years ago . Went to look at a fiat regata 100s ie . The only reason I didn't buy it was the woman selling was totally deranged , I mean scaryly . Quickly walked away . We went on a road test and she insisted her probably 100 year old dad came with us . I didn't buy it
  6. It's down as year of manufacture 1983 . Clearly that's wrong it was a 1976 model year
  7. My dad and 3 friends went to Holland in I think 1983 to brings some mercs back . They all got W115 models . My dad's was a 240d . When it was registered over here it was allocated Q82WWJ . It only lasted 3 years ,sold due to rot . Weirdly it's still registered to him as guy who bought it never changed log book.
  8. For me it's the handbrake , I don't use it on my auto . Also cruise control ,never use it after it went wrong on my old 500se Merc and when going along nice and steady all of a sudden it accelerated fully without me doing anything . Safe to say I shit my self
  9. Been to Sheffield today to pick up four tyres for prisma . I'll get them fitted next week at work when I'm back . Still not decided whether to sell it , or daily it for 6 months
  10. 2 more brake pipes replaced today , also changed the other rear Flexi hose. Then freed off the NSF caliper and cleaned brake up . Also both wiper blade arms were rusty and looked a mess . I've removed them , sanded rust off and painted them Matt black , they look alot better.
  11. Will do . Probably better to wait till this lockdown is over .
  12. Yes it's been picked up by roof . I do need to try straighten those gutters out . Luckily they don't let water in . Tomorrow I'm going to do another brake pipe thats a bit past it's best and replace the other rear Flexi hose . Also going to strip and clean front brakes . Wipers only work on full speed so multi meter will be coming out to start trying to find the issue .
  13. Lock set arrived today , so I got that fitted . Cambelt next on list to do
  14. Washed and polished if today
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