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  1. Aldi car park in East Grinstead
  2. The 17th means I am not able to make it [emoji25] Will be down on a family holiday in Camber.
  3. If you do go for it you can look at all the new mercedes in the middle storage compound in there at Hobbs, and the unit with about 40 electric mopeds in various stages of repair.
  4. Drove past this yesterday afternoon in Tunbridge Wells while out delivering and did wonder what happened. Also drove past a few prime specimens of chod in Groombridge as well as a few steam/traction engines.
  5. 3rd of July is the preferred date for me and the boys as we are going on the family holiday on the 16th.
  6. Minors in Horsham Reg number of second one is 745 YUK
  7. The other half was on phone with her friend who was moaning as her husband wants to get her a Saab 9-3 convertible 2004 with 90k miles, mot till September for £250 off of a work colleague. I cannot see the problem myself [emoji848]
  8. Halfords ran out of letters when the father in law went on a shopping spree.
  9. He has had a few health scares and with covid going on he hasn't been doing as much but he did blow the engine on his vectra with the z20net engine due to his bad choice of boost mods and ecu with "pop corn" tune, it burnt out two high flow sport cats in a few months before grenading the engine. So he bought another one [emoji848]. He also drives this citroen C4 that he managed to nearly kill within hours of owning by sticking a Alpine stereo with dvd sat nav unit under the dash but wiring it in himself and wiring into and knocking out the Can network across the whole car losing all the commu
  10. The old hall/theatre was just up the road on the opposite side to where Howes tv shop was.
  11. Found this on a new estate in Horsham
  12. New council building looks in use but the two big blocks of flats (luxury apartments) are near empty but I did a delivery to someone that just moved in. Think the picture was on the old restaurant (still there) part of the building site. Edited for spelling.
  13. This picture on the side of a building site in Southborough near Tunbridge Wells.
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