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  1. My mighty Megane hit a mileage of note.
  2. This Focus has been slowly run into the ground over the last few years and is due to go on a few banger rallies next year. The current owner said it was his grandads originally and was garaged from new and kept immaculate then passed down to his mum then to him.
  3. Needed a tyre today and just missed capturing the boot being closed on this from inside the car with a rope by the owner.
  4. South of England Winter Fair tucked behind the carousel that my girls were riding.
  5. Might have posted this one before but its still here and has gained a friend now. It is also blocked in by this Navarra that never seems to move but does have an Mot though it might need welding in January.
  6. Just broke one of these snap rings putting a cv joint back on a corsa. Phone Vauxhall and they say not available separately buy a outer joint for nearly £300 and it comes with it..... All my motor factors say no to snap ring but joint available next day for £70. J&R driveshafts have a complete shaft for £65 next day delivered so that's an expensive snap ring failure. And after ordering it I was chatting to them and they said they sell a box of snap rings for £30 but how often would I use them?
  7. My mum drove fiestas always new or nearly new from mk3 through to mk6 until changing over to the Bmax till they stopped making it and now drives a Kuga. The change came as they wanted taller easier to get into cars as they were getting older. They did notice that there was not really a difference in width parking the later fiestas and Bmaxes in their garage but now the Kuga sits outside as its too fat for garage.
  8. I believe this is a kit car body with mgb running gear? Papped in Redhill as it was being prepped for mot on Wednesday and I had a quick chat the owners wife. He built it after finishing University before starting work full time, built in his mum and dads single garage.
  9. 12 years and 80k miles on this cambelt. Renault Grand Scenic 1.5 dci. The fuel filter was dated 2016 and i changed the pollen filter as well and it could have been the original as the lower dash panels then the clutch pedal assembly have to be removed to get it out.
  10. Print out all the mot history of the car and then when you get there lay out all the paper work/service history they have next to it across the bonnet and stare intently at it for five to ten minutes whilst tutting and sighing.
  11. He also has this 320i that he loved driving till it failed its mot for sale. There is also a polo and a golf that look in need of work as well on the drive and that mystery thing in the background.
  12. louiepj

    PPC Magazine

    I thought that a lot of car journalists ended up taking turns being banned by Ferrari when they gave their true opinions on the cars failings.
  13. Market Gates multi-storey car park in Great Yarmouth has about 40 cars seemingly abandoned in there. The red peugeot is missing a rear wheel and on a scissor jack.
  14. louiepj

    PPC Magazine

    Sad to see them go. Have been notified that my subscription was cancelled.
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