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  1. The bottom hose on the radiator goes back to the engine on most cars and does not have a thermostat to divert or stop the flow for a quicker warm up. So if the radiator was under pressure in the test I would assume the whole system is. *been a few years since I worked on a citroen bx.
  2. That vert de gris on the plug screw cap would have me inspecting the coils as well. Sent from my SM-A526B using Tapatalk
  3. Not sure if it is supposed to be that rusty!
  4. Yamaha DT50 MX at 16 was my steed. It came with a jack up kit fitted (longer rear shock and front shock spacers.) Aftermarket full exhaust and oversized off road tyres fitted. A school friend was an apprentice bike mechanic and with his help I fitted a big bore kit, bigger carb, oil pump mod and changed the chain and sprocket. 55 mph with good acceleration was what I achieved by playing with front and rear sprockets. Also had a Suzuki CL50 Love as a run around and project bike. First car was a yellow mini 850 with bright blue house carpet stuck in it that stank of perfume and gained the name tarts boudoir. Sent from my SM-A526B using Tapatalk
  5. Mk1 Prelude spotted from a takeaway window on Saturday near Gatwick.
  6. Had to deliver to the Space House today and this was out to greet me.
  7. Popped into my local yard in Crawley GW Bridges yesterday with my son looking for trim bits for his fiesta. Car park was quiet only two others cars there, a BMW estate with the boot open and tools everywhere while he inspected a cylinder head on the floor. The other car was a Mercedes C class about 6 years old. We only got as far as their yard gate to read a sign stating: yard closed collection only from counter. Just my luck. Sent from my SM-A526B using Tapatalk
  8. Where is this? Do they take holiday bookings? As that looks like a good few days fun. Sent from my SM-A526B using Tapatalk
  9. Farewell Polo you served my son well. Bought for £750 two years ago to learn and pass in, serviced twice, the exhaust and discs & pads replaced on the front it was all going so well too until the dreaded valve guide problem started and the final nail in its coffin was the clutch failure 50 miles from home and AA recovery home. The sh*t exhaust was his choice because yoof but was cheaper from China then a ebay pattern one.
  10. Had a double take at this headlight on a Mokka today, a giffer repair with fibreglass that looks like bird poo....
  11. My nearest Mot place has another fiat.
  12. I am tempted to ask for an engine bay pic for this.
  13. I don't mind the format they have settled into but did want them to film more like this from last year.
  14. You are right. My apologies His description does include his claim of spending 10k on getting it to that state so hopefully an actual bargain for someone out there.
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