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  1. If its an ally sump the Vw sump plug repair kits work well.
  2. Just replaced both rear dampers on a friends 14 plate W204 c180 as one was causing a noise sounding like a failing anti-roll bar link rod. Mercedes wanted £183 each for rear dampers but local motorfactors got us both Meyle HD ones with top mounts for £170. An hour a side and a cup of tea later and wafting silence is resumed. Oh and its left hand drive.
  3. My neighbour had success on a ford ka by flushing the matrix both ways through with dishwasher tablets dissolved into the flushing water. He used coke/water bottle to mix the solution and squeezed it in via the bottle.
  4. Slowly making my way through those type of videos at the moment on the tube so will look out for him.
  5. This sounds like a good idea how long do they usually run for as I am usually settling my girls to bed for 8 p.m. but could join in after that.
  6. You need to feel the two hoses going through the bulkhead and check they are both hot, most* heater matrix's have the coolant flow going opposite way to radiator, so low point in and higher hose out for thermal efficiency. So lower hose will be hotter than upper hose. Big difference in temps usually indicates blockage/flow restriction. Back flushing can sometimes help but I am sure I was told years ago that radiators and heater matrix both naturally act similar to filters in the coolant system and catch all the crap and sediment, lowering their flow and efficiency. Sometimes parking the car up
  7. Car Thieves Documentary, plenty of chod including how the number of stolen Lada's is as high as luxury car numbers.
  8. If you haven't pulled the drum off and confirmed it is just the brake shoe, you may want to get the fitting kit as well as the shoes as sometimes the clips and springs fail or are too corroded to be reused.
  9. Think everyone working from home has bought a printer and webcam in these lock downs as you cannot really get many printers for under £100 and webcams now seem to be £30. I am also surprised that countries such as China haven't been making fake/copy printers before now bundled with ink, as once used or tried they would be unreturnable.
  10. Definitely worth the lower stress to take a nice slow walk home and get some time on your own after a stressful night and morning in hospital.
  11. Jump started a friends car a citroen c3 2005 as they left something on, they live in a flat off the high Street and had no way to charge it in their side road so back we go to charge it at our house. They get out of the car with the key in their hand but the engine still running.... well that just escalated, we then discover the engine stops if you press the brake pedal? Disconect battery and have a look around at schitroen electronics, then stick battery on charge anyway. Come back a few hours later and battery is charged, soon as its connected up everything is powered up as if ignition is on
  12. Reading through the posts I was thinking the same, a relay has to be in the circuit somewhere due to fans power demand. Really need a wiring diagram to help solve the problem or you could try following the wiring back from the fans as it should be thicker wiring and easily spotted. Had a Peugeot 206 with the fan relays in front of the radiator behind a 'splash' shield that easily corroded up and caused problems and needed regular cleaning.
  13. Mapp gas torch on offer at moment with Toolstation. https://www.toolstation.com/vortex-map-torch-pack/p71324
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