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  1. Friend drove round in his toyota aygo with engine light on and fluctuating idle. We plugged obd dongle on and discovered fault code P0511 idle air control valve fault. We peer under bonnet and poke at engine while tutting to ourselves and sucking through our teeth at the expenses this will incur like real mekaniks. Then we find a broken wire to the idle control valve that is broken right on the plug. To confirm this was the issue I poked a t-pin in to the plug connector and bared back the wire and soldered it on. She idled again!!! we called it a temporary* fix that we covered in silicone sealant and electrical tape while we look into getting a replacement 4 pin wiring plug for it. We then drink tea and bask in the glory of fixing a car.
  2. They have been out in force in Sussex, I was delivering all day Saturday with my 18 year old son along for the heavy lifting and spotted every single type of camera detection out working the bank holiday. Both Waze and Google Maps were warning us of the vans and marked cars but the unmarked cars are so difficult to spot until they catch you/someone.
  3. Why is the offence date and time only half an hour ago? Did it drive OK At 90+? So many questions
  4. Definitely the place there is a Euro Car farts next door I sometimes have to use on a Sunday in desperation.
  5. First ftp in the megane 1.6e today. Was struggling to crank over/no crank so I whipped out the starter to have a look. Although all connections are heavily corroded it appears that the solenoid is not energising when I tested it. Stripped the starter down for a clean up of all the corrosion then gave it another try and still nothing so new one ordered. Only positive to this was finding out the starter also fits a renner 5 GT turbo.
  6. So your not selling a Renault Clio with 400 alloys fitted?
  7. Wasted my whole morning looking at a Citroen C4 picasso with a hand brake fault and warning for rear sidelight bulb (which was working) As far as I can tell its a communication or wiring issue between modules, as diagnostics tell me everything is there and working. And just for a laugh the car now insists a front sidelight bulb is out (it's working). Citroen why just why.........
  8. Camber Sands near Camber Castle pub. My boys believe they have seen it here the last 2 years they were down here.
  9. My teenagers were taught to use 3.142 at school.
  10. Euro Car Parts love those idiots as they don't have to apply any discount for them. Crawley has so many stupid customers they opened up a second place half a mile down the road. Recently saw one walk out with a headlamp cleaning kit asking people in the queue how to use it as his car was right outside the door, everyone turned around looked at the car headlight and immediately told him that's condensation and corrosion you need a new headlight. He marched straight back in because f*ck us and our help he only queues once, to get a headlight.
  11. Think I drove past those on Friday in Warnham.
  12. Aldi car park in East Grinstead
  13. The 17th means I am not able to make it [emoji25] Will be down on a family holiday in Camber.
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