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  1. I'm in no doubt that it's a model 67, with the split air vent on the engine cover Does this mean you could more conclusively date these paintings than the Lowry experts?
  2. The late, lamented Reg_Bo11ox has flagged up this lovely example of the world's most handsome motor car It's got no paperwork so it's essentially worthless in France, although it makes no difference over here, hence its €1000!!!!! Somebody NEEDS to get on this right away. It's in the Vosges, easily doable in a day trip on the tunnel. Who's gonna step up??? https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/2231796174.htm
  3. Whaddup. Check this tiny mutha out! It's Pilen No. 509 Bertone Stratos Zero from 1973. Whilst I'm more a fan of '60s and earlier cars, you can't deny the impact this Gandini design had back in 1970. It's the wedgiest of all the wedges and was the template for the Countach and every copycat supercar ever since. It's also another 'original' Pilen model, and perhaps one of the best, although it's quite simple in exectution it just feels 'right' Sadly missing its windscreen and steering wheel, but this is rare to find in any condition and particularly with such good paint. Missing parts can, in theory, be replaced some day. There's not much to it, really, but it's got a beautiful Lancia narrow-angle V4 from the Fulvia HF, couple of a transaxle. Sadly impossible to photograph (by me) but the rear panel includes a tiny and accurate Stratos HF badge. Little bit of base detail. The accurate wheels are different sizes front and back and the whole thing is TINY - just like the real car. I love it!
  4. No, not a Pegaso, but maybe an Alfa Romeo or something of that ilk. I doubt the body is Spanish, but it's possible. Love the letterbox rear window.
  5. Blimey, that's been well-drilled! Riley club should be able to provide drawings of the chassis to any fabricators, I'd have thought. Have a pic of my Nine for inspiration...
  6. Never thought I'd say these words, but that toy bus is fantastic @Datsuncog. As I'm currently not eating meat or gluten, that sausage sandwich thing also looks quite incredible. Long live tat fridays!
  7. @Split_Pin do you have the Mebetoys ones? In both 1:43 and 1:24 scale! The little one in particular looks great, but I don't think I've ever seen one for sale (and I literally search 'Mebetoys' on ebay multiple times a day)
  8. It's your lucky day! Don't think these come up very often, or in such nice condition https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/374279573028
  9. Holy moly! That's a proper interior right there...
  10. Those outer sills on the donor looked alright though!! This is just flippin' great work anyway. Not much I can say except keep plugging away at it, it's really pushing all my vicarious shite-welding buttons at the mo and I'm getting a lot of satisfaction seeing that new metal go in. Once you've done the sills how much more hot glue action dya reckon it'll need?
  11. I've never heard of this 'Cult' outfit before (as I'm really not interested in modern model cars) but they've deffo got the shite market sown up Not sure how many typical Marina owners would shell out £200 for one of those, but they do look nice. I'm sure they're wonderful quality, handmade etc but to my eyes I just can't see that much difference from your bog-standard 1:24 partwork type model which costs £20 or whatever, which is more a reflection of how good modern model cars have got in recent years rather than anything against these Cult jobbies. For example:
  12. If you buy all four they're just* £174 each... not sure how, as it seems like they've not been released, but this guy is trying for £325 for a gold one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234702541658 which... might not be beyond belief when they're all sold out??? Dunno, if you could turn £700 into £1000 it'd be worth it I reckon
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