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  1. LArge job lot has come up near-ish to me. Anyone see anything they can't live without?
  2. I've always liked that 204, mainly because it's quite a bit worse looking than a normal 204 coupé and it looks like it's been nailed together with bits of MDF.
  3. It's real! I really like how it looks, it's amazing how well integrated the two different bits are
  4. Oh who is that. She's a famous person, right? Her name is on the tip of my brain and it's driving me nuts.
  5. oooh, if they stay reasonably cheap could you grab a Biscooter and a Ligier for me when they come round, please?
  6. Thanks, well found. He offered them to me for £20
  7. The big Massey-Ferguson is unbranded. Possibly Britains? The front axle is bent but otherwise it looks alright. The little one is a Corgi Juniors Volvo Edit: It's a Corgi!
  8. Now, does anyone know what these are? Circa 1950s plastic toys from Hong Kong, with no maker's name anywhere to be seen. Chap selling the other lot offered this to me but it's really not my thing. I said I'd try and find out some info though. The couple of cars I looked at were seriously mint, as were most of the boxes. It looks virtually unplayed with. There is a little hardboard garage and some street furniture which may or may not be original to the cars. They're pretty crude, but quite charming. Any ideas?
  9. Tat Friday! As you might of seen in the general forum, I had a (high) bid on a local job lot just to see if I could cover the costs and end up with a couple of 'free' models at the end of it. Having had a close look through I'm now not sure it will work out quite like that, but oh well. As it turns out, this was an expensive day as, unbeknownst to me my car insurance had lapsed - a helpful policeman informed me of this fact whilst handing over a £300 fine and three points. Would be nice to think these toys will pay for that but it's unlikely! @bunglebus has expressed interest in some of these already, but I'm putting everything up here for everyone's enjoyment* - shout if you see anything you like, but there is a small chance it's already been claimed. Right, so first up here are the things I'm keeping. The two Spot Ons are quite tatty, and the Goggo has been set on fire or something so the interior and glazing are just a melted ball of plastic stuck to the inside of the base! I might flog the Minivan as they seem to fetch decent coin even in this state. The Herald was very manky but has cleaned up beautifully and can join my shelf of 'cars wot I've owned'. The Corgi Heinkel is missing two of its tiny tyres - anyone have any replacements? A selection of dragsters. The pink one has lost a corner of its grille which is a shame, as otherwise it looks mint. The other two are in very good shape with a bit of playwear. Rogue bodyshell FOC to anyone who wants it - I knwo there are some collectors of these on here... Now this is the main reason I bid on this lot - a pair of Hot Wheels Redlines. The Custom Camaro is one of the original 'sweet sixteen' and is apparently quite collectible. It has a slightly wonky front axle but otherwise is in excellent shape, and it will be going on ebay. The 'Nitty Gritty Kitty' Cougar was a 1970 casting and has suffered quite badly but is complete. Also an ebay job unless somebody wants to make me an offer. Three nice Rockets. The Carabo is MINT, seriously. Absolutely beautiful shape. The Jensen would be too if not for those chips on the leading edge of the bonnet. The MErc has sadly had some over-painting which seems quite stubborn. That one will be cheap, the others less so. Some regular wheels matchboxes, all in very nice shape apaert from the Galaxie. The two Beetles and R-R are particularly clean. Then yellow convertible is missing its screen which, again, is a shame as otherwise it's in great nick. And some Huskys, all a bit playworn but the two VWs have their bits intact which I assume is a rarity Some Whizzwheels Matchbox. The green thingy looks brand new, but has a twisted axle. The Carabo is also in astonishingly good shape. I doubt any of these are that collectible sadly. Some Corgi Juniors, both very nice, and a Lone Star Corvette with nasty paint loss And this lone Corgi Marcos, which is in pretty good shape The best of the trucks. The blue Mercedes is mint. Horesbox includes horse! All cheap. A couple of bigger 60s Corgis. The VW is very nice, actually, apart from the tyres. Merc is strictly for spares. Some BP vehicles including two variations on the Dodge tow truck The rest of the trucks an others. 50p tat box fodder, but shout if anything takes your fancy. And the dregs And then of course there is the Matchbox carry case itself. It's a bit battered but all complete. So, do please let me know if anything catches your eye. Not sure if I'm going to go into diecast dealing full time after today, but hopefully I can claw back from total financial ruin with those Redlines, at least...
  10. This lovely gold Astra also looks like a pretty good buy for just £995 Until you see the gearbox Oh well, can't have everything. How bad could it really be? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265483998411
  11. Hey, is it just me or does £2500 ONO seem like INSANE VALU for a Mk3 Spitfire. Scruffy and two shades of red, but fully restored a while back with a rebuilt engine and various sensible sounding upgrades, and is 'mechanically superb' https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324976063361 For comparison, this one is on an auction and is already more expensive I don't have any money but I'm trying to stop myself going to buy that tomorrow. Good job it's really far away. Talk me out of/ into it?
  12. That's identical to my former step dad's old one. That was the second car I ever drove, and the first time I experienced 100mph (not me driving). It holds some fond memories and I'd love to take that on but am seriously lacking the skills to put it back on the road. Hope it finds a good home.
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