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  1. Well, the Cotswolds was a no-go as apparently the R16 'stinks of petrol' according to the current Ms. Barrett. Another 500 miles in the Xantia then, which I think had pushed me up to 4k already. Assuming it lasts long enough I reckon I'm on track for breaking the 406 yearly mileage record pretty easily. It has been going very nicely though. I took it to Sevenoaks the other day and used it as a daily most of last week. I'll get it put again tomorrow if it's nice, just because driving an old car is better than driving a modern even if you're just going to work in it etc
  2. Probably a bit early to start sniping, but let me know if you want to move that on - it's the closest to my 1:1 example I've seen. Might have something to trade (not plastic tat) if that floats yer boat.
  3. Has everyone had the email inviting you to enter the concours? Suggests numbers might not be as high as previous years if they're still searching for entries at this stage
  4. These are a few of my favourite things etc... In other news, the R16 has had a load of work dobe by the very helpful independent Renault specialist in Worthing, Paul Cunningham (highly recommended) and I drove it home for the first time in ages tonight. Ita running better than ever so I think I'm gonna take it for a short trip to the Cotswolds this weekend. Humber Sceptre brakes next I reckon and then I might have multiple working old cars for the first time in ages!
  5. Well. On Wednesday I really didn't think it was going to make it. We fired up the engine for the first time in 60 years and all seemed well, but there was still a lot to do before it could be driven. By Thursday afternoon it was much more together - the lamps were wired up, a starter switch plumbed in, rear number plate fitted, twmporary perspex windscreen made, the last bits of floor cut and fitted, dashboard fitted and a million other little things to get it driveable. At 7:30 I was able to take it for its first drive in a very long time and it all seemed good. There was a last minute panic as the fuel tap started to leak so something was bodged up with the tap fully open and some mole grips on a bit of flexible pipe as the tap... we loaded up our luggage and tools and drove it ten miles up the road. Nothing fell off, so we headed straight for Newhaven and boarded the overnight ferry. The next day we set off from Dieppe at 6am along a back roads route, in convoy with a friend in a van towing his car behind. Our putative breakfast stop was something of a let down as we'd managed to arrive before any shops were open! This heap goes along so much better than expected that were ahead of schedule all day, arriving at our destination in time for lunch - 140 miles covered with no drama whatsoever. It attracted lots of attention all weekend and everyone was stunned that we'd driven it down so soon after its first run. I managed a couple of sessions going round the Montlhéry track, comfortably the slowest car in our grid but conscious not to thrash it too much as we had to get home. Monday was less successful. First of all we lost a tyre after about an hour of driving - if you've never heard a beaded edge tyre let go, count yourself lucky: it's like a gun going off, followed by a total lack of control. Fortunately I was on a straight stretch of road and I managed to direct it in to a lay by. The resulting mess too four hours to sort out which meant we were never going to make our 6pm ferry, but we cracked on with the car running perhaps 80% as well as before and the gear change getting worse and worse. Eventually we lost all gears at a busy junction and lost another hour taking the floors out, taking off the top of the gearbox and figuring out what was wrong - the shaft with third and fourth had worked loose and popped out the back of the box (!) but I managed to get it all back together and somewhat functioning. After remembering to put some oil in the box it all sort of picked up again and the last 50 miles towards Dieppe were fast and fun as they had been on the way down. 45mph in a 1923 car on beaded edge really does feel exciting. We made the midnight ferry, with time for dinner and lots of beer in Dieppe, and I got home at about 6am. The car is currently parked outside my house and I'll take it back to the workshop later and collect my Xantia. All in all, an excellent stupid adventure with just enough drama and excitement to make it memorable. Would recomission Vintage car and drive directly to France again.
  6. It cruises at 50 with a little more to come. Saw a true 57 on the sat nav at one point. Should improve when the engine's loosened up a bit
  7. Well, against all odds its made it to France. Goes like a fuggin' rocket!
  8. Hey, it's looks weirdly appealing. Can I have a random - I won't be able to pay til Tuesday at the earliest though as Im gonna be pretty much 'off grid' for the next few days
  9. Technically, I still have this, though not for long
  10. Really like this picture. Can't figure out what the red grp special is, which is annoying https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Panhard-Dyna/163678858783?hash=item261c052e1f:g:c40AAOSw4uhc0DeW
  11. This is really winking at me. Best colour, all the correct bits and seemingly unattractive to everyone else at £2k https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1967-BOND-EQUIPE/283473615250?hash=item4200581992:g:5YoAAOSw1tRczd4h
  12. Looks really nice. Dibs?
  13. Driving this to France in two weeks (supposedly)! Wheels are painted, tyres fitted, rebuilt enigne and gearbox back in. Just waiting on the back axle to be finished and then it can all be plumbed in, and then driven about I guess. Easy!
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