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  1. Blimey, this is really appealing for some reason. I like anything with green carpets. I would definitely buy that if I had £500 to my name...
  2. barrett

    BX Roll Call

    I'm down to one BX now, this lhd Mk1 16TRS I imported a couple of years ago. It's been laid up in my garage awaiting the mythical future when I have enough cash to do the various things it needs to get an MoT so I can register. It's a brilliant thing, a real experience to drive compared to a Mk2 and the colour scheme makes it look like a concept car from the late '70s. I really must do something with it before it starts to really suffer from being laid-up. Although I have always loved Citroens, I don't think I would have given much thought to running a BX if it hadn't been for this forum, and now I really can't imagine being without one. My first came from Cavcraft about five years ago (or was it six?) which cost £300 and looked like an absolute shed. It went like stink and I totally fell in love with it (as has been well documented elsewhere on this forum) but eventually rot killed it. Still miss it. I had this one from occasional forum member Talbot, which I parked on my drive and never did anything with. Sold to somebody who will definitely never get it back on the road, sadly, although its definitely worth saving The ex-Fabergé Greggs TXD estate was a real beast, slow and rusty but doggedly reliable. Sold to Dean I think, but not sure what became of it after that. I also had a nice Mk1 16RS estate for a bit, which I really liked. Somebody gave this to me for free after he saw my other BXs parked at the office. It was unregistered and there was a bit of funny business with the import shizzle, but I was on my way to getting it legal when the head gasket blew on my morning commute. Didn't have any cash or enthusiasm at that moment so I flogged it cheap on ebay, but from cursory research I don't think the next owner did anything with it and it's since been sold on again. At one point I think I owned all five of them, which was a bit stupid, but that wasn't for very long. There was quite a lot of scenes like this dicking about trying to move a load of half-dead cars around various places. All good fun. Best cars ever, bar none.
  3. The ice cream van is an FG 'thrupenney bit' innit? The windscreen has been turned upside-down and the lower windows are as per usual
  4. Excellent thread, 11/10. Good start, shows lots of promise for the future. Will read again.
  5. Indeed, I am pretty great. Funnily enough I'm also flat broke and constantly stressed about making old cars work. Why didn't anyone tell me?
  6. It's mid spec. Meat is the low spec version, and Meatiest is the full-fat all bells and whistles deluxe. I think it's basically a GTi interior on a 1.6 pez or n/a diesel. So an n/a equivalent of a TD TXD. Or something.
  7. Blimey, you're (sort of) in my neck of the woods. Did you see the ENORMOUS Stymie Bold Italic round the corner from the Art Déco God building?
  8. Here you go. Apparently it has a Mercedes diesel engine and no floor, with rope hammock seats as the guy's legs just dangled underneath.... This was his first attempt at making a car: Based on a triporter-style three wheeled delivery motorcycle, with a windscreen repurposed from a light aircraft canopy...
  9. Lord have mercy, but I really want this is a daily smoker. When was the last time you saw one with original upholstery that hadn't been totally fucked about? https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1118662
  10. Not exactly super bargains, but this guy has some very interesting stuff on ebay. My favourite is this Crown, which I've never seen before And this lot of Lion-Car Dafs. Difficult to tell if the three on the left are repaints, or the recent-ish reissues, but in any case these models are incredibly difficult to find and £100 for six doesn't seem outrageous to me https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/2261davidg?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  11. Yeah I was being a bit 'internet pub bore' there, seeing as I haven't driven that many '90s cars. Xantias do, though, and that's all that really matters.
  12. If my library was more organised I could tell you who built that car and what it's made of. iirc he did not have the use of his legs and it's a sort of home-made Greek invacar with hand controls. Wheels are obviously Mini but I can't remember what powers it. I did spend an hour last night looking for the answer but I got distracted, soz
  13. barrett

    Old classifieds

    Malcolm's son Mark runs the business these days under the name 'the motor shed', based at Bicester Heritage
  14. This is the top of my list of sensible cars to buy if I ever have any money. The 2.2 CTDI would do me perfectly well. If anyone sees one (has to be a five-door, preferably in that nice pale bronze colour) in the £800 arena that doesn't look totally shagged, please let me know (looking at modern cars for sale on the internet gives me a headache). I'd be really interested to know how you get on with this long-term Gareth, assuming it doesn't die a death next week. Although, the knowledge that it doesnt have an AUX input has sort of turned me off a bit - most '90s cars have them and Mp3 players weren't even invented then, how can a modern car not??? Actually, that makes me so disgustingly angry I don't think I could live with one.
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