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  1. I should feel a bit of empathy, because this guy clearly has a pretty serious personality disorder, but I just can't feel anything for somebody who seems so hell-bent on twisting history to suit their own narrative... which is that it's a Sunbeam Alpine. Who does that even affect except him? Grade-A nutter.
  2. Seen on facebook without context... Assume it's a 'known' car, but a good photo nonetheless (Looks like other AC products in the background, wonder what the story was?)
  3. Oh. Well, I've been trying to buy a car since the end of last year. Owner had just come out of hospital when the lockdown came in and was reluctant to let anyone come and have a look. Finally managed to arrange somebody to go and see the thing today, and apparently he sold it 'six or seven' months ago! Somehow this wasn't mentioned a few days ago when the arrangement was made... He thought he had sold it to me. 'somebody with a truck came and took it away'. I don't know if he even got paid for it. Or if he even sold it. Or if it ever existed. Well worth my time and that of the guy who's been d
  4. Okay, two of those arrived in a job lot with these, which was the real reason for purchase. The new red 2600 is nicer than my old one and the police car... well, not sure yet. I thought I might use it as a wheel donor for the other 2600, which I'd then sell... fuck knows, this lot cost quite a lot of money and I'm not sure why I did it tbh. Anyway, the prizes: The Mebetoys Mistral is a bit borderline in terms of condition, but it's just about okay. Nobody apart from me is ever going to see it anyway. The Politoys 3500GT is what I really wanted, anyway, and although it has a fe
  5. What is this idiocy???! Nobody needs THREE Politoys Alfa 2600 Sprints. Although I've learned the police variant has a separate number - 537, with the standard road car 514
  6. I thought the other axle and wheel went in the box but it might have gone in the bin, sorry! Could be a candidate for a mild custom with some donor wheels from something else?
  7. Say that I sent you! Not sure it'll make any difference but I've done him a favour in the past (see GN picture above!) So it might oil the wheels. He's a good chap anyway, I'm sure he'll steer you right. I need to PM you about summat else actually, watch this space...
  8. Well, thanks to some pony express action from @The Moog I now have some lovely, very rare tail lamps. I just need a car to fit them to now
  9. You're not far away from Craftmaster Paints are you? I'd pop over and speak to Adam there, who can supply everything you need. A nice guy who really knows his stuff, although it's not particularly cheap. We did all the Palladium chassis in Craftmaster coach paint and it's come up lovely
  10. I think 'honest' repairs, with no attempt to hide them, are perfectly acceptable. That bonnet would look much better with fresh paint tbh, but if you can save as much of the old paint as possible even better. You should do some research when the time comes - there are ways to give new paint a much flatter look by mixing it with cutting compounds (?? I think) and then not polishing it to a true shine, but I guess it depends how well the old paint comes up , and then try your best to match that? I'd say this one was 'beyond Oily Rag' tbh, and I know you're not going to re-trim it in vinyl o
  11. Here are some vehicles I have seen and taken photographs of recently. Ford and Volvo-heavy. I had a dream recently that somebody on here had 'spotted' this Jag, and I was really pissed off that they'd beat me to the punch by uploading it first To get a photo of the above, I had to climb on to a wall to get a good vantage point. Behind the wall was this lot I love these little Peugeot vans. Every childhood holiday to France was littered with these things, although they seem to have mostly disappeared these days A scruffy, street-parked Mk2 Escort is a
  12. Yep, pretty sure the mystery dangling wire is something to do with engine servicing and actually shouldn't be connected to anything
  13. Wooley gear change? They all do that, sir. You might be able to remove a little slack, but it's never gonna be super-precise. Ditto for dodgy heater controls, but that's probably more easily solvable. I must say, looks like you've got a good'un. A sorted BX is as good as it gets, really, so be prepared to fall in love
  14. Most of the edges are already burnt through to undercoat, and the paint is so knackered I wasn't worried about doing any more damage. In fact, (sorry two-bucket wrong'uns) I didn't even wash the car first so I 'polished' in a fair amount of mud and dust... Good tip on the waxy stuff, will order a bottle and see what happens
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