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  1. ooh, same seller has this which I'm sure one of you needs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194201787122
  2. Never in real life. It was one of the vewry last Spanish Dinkys along with the Scirocco and Alpine(?). All those Spanish Dinky castings only lasted a a short time and became Pilens after Dinky collapsed - the Pilen castings of all are much easier to find. Here's a currently cheap Pilen Fiesta: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194201808066?hash=item2d37546cc2:g:XSIAAOSwLjxgkA40
  3. That R9 looks incredible. Best colour combo for those and pleasingly manual. I know people ask all the time, but does somebody here actually have a Copart account and has anyone successfully bought a car via the site? I'd say that £300 RNM suggests it's gonna be overpriced, but I'll be watching with interest
  4. Are any small tat-lickers near Maidstone? I'd quite like this but don't have the time/ inclination to go and get it. Seems reasonable compared to what people ask on ebay and this is one I've wanted since I was a kid https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/992589801492159/
  5. This next ACA sale is shaping up to be one of the most interesting auctions for ages I reckon. As well as my old Panhard and Hotchkiss-Grégoire there are some wonderful Lancias, including this It's an Iniezione, which is Italian for 'Walk Away' but otherwise looks great! I wish I wasn't poor. https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/sat-26th-sunday-27th-june/1968-lancia-flavia-coupe-1800-iniezione/
  6. That's identical to the one a teacher at my junior school had, apart from the fact that hers was quite scruffy. This would have been the early '90s so already an unusual sight and something I took notice of. There was an HC Viva always parked opposite the school, and one of my friends arrived in a Mk1 Astra 'Celebrity' so it was quite a Vauxfest
  7. That has aged in a most appealing way. I hope somebody does a low-intervention rebuild on that and keeps the paint as-is
  8. I got all the way to the MoT photo before realising this wasn't the Falcon you were working on...
  9. Facebook has just told me that it's SEVEN YEARS today since I travelled to Chester and picked up my first BX! And also the new owner of Grey Haggie has just got it back from the bodyshop looking amazing Two cars I miss, but at least one of them lives on in good hands
  10. Well that photo was taken years ago and it's had a new roof covering since then, plus quite a bit of woodwork repairs, but it looks exactly the same and is still just on the button and doggedly reliable and still pissing off idiots who think it should be 'restored', though it hardly had any use last year for obvious reasons.
  11. I did try heating the bolt that goes through the wing but it wasn't having any of it, and there is no space to get anything other than a little spanner in there. On the other ones it would have just resulted in pile of melted plastic. Once I got them off it was pretty clear they would never have shifted, the threads had totally fused together. Bloody French shite It's the ex-Sir Malcolm Campbell 1938 Ford V8 woodie, which I am partly responsible for looking after, seen here with Campbell's Bluebird K3 WSR boat
  12. Hey gang, remember this old pile o' wank? Well, the bumper held together with gaffa tape and only very approximately connected to the rest of the car was really starting to embarass me. It looks great from the rear but when you walk round the front it all sort of falls apart. Anyway, I've had a replacement bumper in stock for ages so I nipped up to the office today (more space to work, lots of tools) to have a crack at swapping them over. This is nearing the end of an actual SIX HOUR day dealing with this shit! All the bolts were, predictably, rusted solid and without a g
  13. Anyone else think the Lone Star E-type looks more like a very early Porsche 356 Gmünd coupé with an E-type bonnet grafted on?
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