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  1. BONDWATCH. In its natural habitat However, it's a new one for my REGISTER, which is always good to see despite the condition. I give this a 600 to one chance of going back on the road, sadly. It's got 'the bits' though, at least https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bond-Equipe-GT4S-1966-Classic-Car-Spares-Repairs-Restoration/333866504577?hash=item4dbbfe9181:g:3VsAAOSwNCRgC8Eq
  2. I know exactly the response I'd get if I suggested that to my Citroen mechanic, and I'm not even going to attempt to get involved in something like that myself (or any of the rest of, although my abilities might just stretch to fitting a new wiper blade)
  3. The entire 1970s Felber 'range' was pretty out-there. I'm not keen on the two retro-styled roadsters, but I love the Ferrari because brown Ferraris are ace. How good would the Beta/365 be as a two-car garage for the ultimate ironic '70s cheesefest lifestyle? I even like the Firebird thing turned into a swb town car Edit to add - the Beta was styled by none other than Michelotti, and was based heavily on his Beta-based Mizar show car of 1974, which is genuinely cool
  4. All the pipes have been flagged because the guy couldn't tell how many were rotten (if at all) and how many were just filthy, but if it needs any replacing at the back end that's suddenly a massive and expensive job because the rear subframe has to be dropped entirely. The other stuff is definitely doable, but it's all going to add up so it may not be doable by me...
  5. Hmm, BX MoT results are in.... er, that sounds quite fucked. Although a couple of those seem nuts to me, so maybe its just 'a harsh one'... hmmm
  6. It's an ex-Autoshite car, I think imported by @Alexg and subsequently featured on 'a telly show'. Seems ot have struggled since then to find a good loving home. Shame, nice thing, but I'm an R5 purist so it's too modern for me
  7. Can't tell if you're being sarcastic 'cos I'm pretty sure I've posted this about a million times before as it is a full-on Dream Lifestyle image which I use to make myself look cooler than I actually am, but Here You Go: I also found the one of the hard top fitting just complete Sorry for excellent quality. Shit phone camera, uploaded to Instagram, added to Facebook and then downloaded again. Lovely.
  8. As intimated in the 'end of year accounts' thread, one of the longest-serving fleet members left the fold just after Christmas. After about a year of advertising it on various platforms, we stuck a classified in La Vie de l'Auto magazine and straight away had loads of interest. One chap is a car trimmer by trade, so wasn't fazed by the knackered interior. He made an offer, we accepted. Booked in a tat-hauler to take it over to France on 28th December, as we were all aware selling a car to France was going to get a hell of a lot more difficult after January 1st. Because life, they closed t
  9. Piss off! (if it doesn't sell at £2k I might message him. I know he took a low, sensible offer for the red coupe after it failed to sell a few times)
  10. After five minutes of googling, it seems to be a Hungarian Lendkerekes from the 70s. Judging from the handful on ebay you did well for £2!
  11. Luckily Portugal is one of the few places that doesn't seem too difficult to move to, even after the Terrible Event. My missus is really pushing for us to uproot and move there full time but I'm not sure I'm brave enough. Lovely place though.
  12. Eugh. It was minus 1 here yesterday, and just seeing these photos has me yearning for a nice cold glass of Super Bock and a francesinha...
  13. To be pedantic, that's not a Standard at all. It's a Leyland 20, which should have gone a bit better with the 2.1l TR engine
  14. If you're the sort of enthusiast who enjoys pot-hunting, I reckon that Metro is a shoe-in for a prize at the Festival of the Unexceptional after some careful restoration, should that event ever take place again. I have no interest in Metros, and even I think that's pretty damn class. The seats are INCRED.
  15. Pretty sure it's a Xantia with a weird grille (mk3 Cavalier?) and various bits of oddness around the bumper/lamps
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