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  1. That's real bad luck, on the other hand, I've enjoyed your pictures of your day out! Better luck next time.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that, it's annoying, frustrating, maddening and many other things. I hope it gets found.
  3. @dieselnutjob, this is a 'go to' thread for me now, I'm loving the progress you're making on what was frankly a forgotten car. Please be careful working in that tight space, although I do understand it's all you've got.
  4. I was a tester a long time ago and that just wouldn't cut it, you can't tell a customer, 'there's an exhaust leak' but then not show them one. Get him/her to allow you under the ramp and then show you exactly where it is.
  5. I'm in hospital right now, and will be for some time but if I wasn't I'd be winging my way down to Devon to collect this, I don't know what it is about it but I'm hooked.
  6. Great to see somebody out having a good time! You're living the dream mate, relish it!
  7. You can't just leave it at that! Details, how fast, what did it handle like, when are you signing up etc etc.
  8. I'm pleased to see you've managed to find one locally and haven't had to travel to Europe, it would have made a great thread but ultimately been a pain. The shape of that one is very pure, I'd be wanting to make a sleeper but I can also see the allure of a 400 kit, a local had one back in the day with a RV8 fitted and he was a bit of a hero in it.
  9. That's a proper find, if I needed a people carrier I'd be on that. Great vehicles.
  10. I think for the pipes that run near the exhaust manifold, (which is beautiful), you're looking for a loose fitting sleeve, rather than a tape. The car is looking great.
  11. Wow, please accept a virtual award from me, that is brave purchasing. In the absence of any comparison that front end doesn't look bad to me. Can we have more pics and details soon please?
  12. Gulp, I'm guessing a new chassis won't be cheap, are there different options?
  13. I'm by no means thinking of buying a Focus but I do like a write up presented in this way. Thanks @sierraman
  14. That's a great looking car IMO, the colour suits it well. Is it in as good a condition as it looks?
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