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  1. It's like some budget attempt at the clear bonnet on the car at the end of 'Grease'.
  2. The spotted thread without pics...
  3. I've missed the 'Mini' boat but I'm quite happy to sail on it vicariously. I like orange cars but I reckon it would look better in another colour, although I guess that's a way away. My first thought on seeing the pics were, 'that's a massive dog!'
  4. GK Group, they had sales on Ecclesall Road where M and S is now and body shop and rental on Parkway.
  5. I can sympathize with not knowing which road to take with the Sierra, I reckon you should just do what it needs, either when it needs it, or pre-emptively, when, time/funds/parts availability allows. That's just my take though. I defo wouldn't sweat changing the doors, I worked at a Ford dealer in the early-mid '90's and there were always a couple of Sierras in the body shop having their door skins replaced under warranty, at the time there were three big dealerships in Sheffield, if the other two were as busy then every Sierra in Sheffield must have had new doors!
  6. Wow, that's in a right state, I'm in for this. I'm loving the wound up extension lead with probably a welder plugged into it too, just for added danger, as if a rusty Fourtrak isn't 'life on the edge' enough for you!☺
  7. 'Theres a theme developing. If it’s made of metal, it needs welding.' rickvw72, on the joys of Daihatsu Fourtrak ownership.
  8. That's bad luck, I feel for you mate, I reckon we've all had days like that, not that it makes it any better.
  9. Yeah, that's a crap ad, steer well clear Doc!
  10. Most Tesco filling stations have a 99ron super, I'm not sure what it's based on though.
  11. That's ace! Can we have more pics please.
  12. According to the badge this is a 190e 2.5-16. it probably is, they had self leveling suspension on the rear and this looks like it has a non functioning version!
  13. I would lick the paint off that e28. The fact that it's £9000 and I've owned several e28's in that condition in the past is making me more than a little sad.
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