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  1. That's a great result. I chat to a supplier of mine who's been building a car similar to yours for 5 years, so your 19 weeks seems mega quick! Nice work.
  2. You're on the wrong forum for discouragement, we're all going to try our best to persuade you to buy that, at least then it's 'in the fold' and we get a shot when you've finished.
  3. +1 for lowering it Doc, like you say, it's nothing irreversible, and it is your car.
  4. I'm liking it TBH, it beats a gravel driveway hands down...
  5. Boring but mildly related story. My mate Roy reckons that very often, if you don't like a car straight away, it will very probably grow on you, and often the reverse is true. I can remember first seeing these in the Mercedes dealer in Truro, I was very, very ruthless with my opinion of how they looked. I was definitely wrong, they've stood the test of time very well I think, that's a fine looking well proportioned car, even, dare I say it, in resale silver. That looks like it's been really well looked after which hopefully bodes well for the engine, 'box and suspension. Wel
  6. You're talking about the young lady with the dark hair... Right?
  7. Dunno how I missed this thread. There's some top welding skills going on, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result. Good choice on the wheels too.
  8. Good to meet you Andrew, result on signing up, life will never be the same! @skoda_fan, who knows, I took a look on the website before I went, imagining I would have to pre-book a ticket. It said I could buy one at the gate but would have to leave contact details. In the end I just gave my money, took my ticket and walked in. With regards to the current regulations it did seem pretty slack but I'm not going to complain.
  9. I did some of those pinch bolts on an A6 about 20 years ago, I reckon Audi corroded them in at the factory, it wasn't very old! Good luck.
  10. 1.3, that was the engine to have for a first car when I was first driving, either in an Astra or Nova, 75bhp I think. Nicely done.
  11. Usually on an old school diesel you just crack open the fittings at the injectors, one at a time, while it's running, any air will bleed out almost straight away.
  12. This thread never disappoints. Those seats look fantastic, you must just want to go outside to sit in the car and soak in the atmosphere.
  13. More school run delight. @TheDoctor, one for you I think. These used to be everywhere. OMG! Look at this! I'm going to guess it originally came from Farmers Garage at Matlock, who, ironically, used to sell stacks of Subaru's to farmers in the Peak District. Phoar! I really, really wanted one of these, even a regular Delta is a good looking car but these are teh sex. Mk2 Escort with period mods, although I think Revolution four spoke wheels would be more correct. Last pic and last boring anecdote for tonight. My dad had a mk 2 Granada in this colour, a 2.8i. It was
  14. Hockey stick lights ftw. Manta rally rep was spoilt by modern seats, although I guess they could be necessary for competitive historic events. A 20 yard car, painted with an old cheap brush I think. Still would though, I like the three seat abreast idea. Low fat 3.6... Full fat, V12, only masochists need apply... @Zelandeth I thought of you with admiration and pity in equal measures when I gazed in here.
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