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  1. Surely there's an award available for this much effort? I'm sorry it's fighting you but it's making a great thread.
  2. These 600 Rovers are a good looking cars, like your mates mum, not in the first flush of youth, not gorgeous, but despite that, you still would... The Minor was a 'Low Resolution Fox', eg, it looked OK from a distance but up close, not so good.
  3. I'm not suggesting you wouldn't get the interest, it's just a lot of people owning one car. There's maybe a few here, myself included, that would be interested in a half or quarter share but realistically I would never get to drive it and maybe only see it at the FOD or shows. With that in mind I'd be happy to pay £100 to make sure it doesn't end up on the 'Blue', scraping the ground and covered in stickers because it defo deserves to be preserved.
  4. I'd probably be up for chucking something in but barring a forum millionaire showing up you're going to be stuck with donations of maybe £100 a shot, so obvs you'll need 25 people interested in a 1/25 share of a car! You knew all that already though. If you can find 24 other buyers, I'm in. I'm not really sure what I'll get from it though!
  5. Yo Doc, would you like an HBOL for the Punto, it's free?
  6. Nope, compared to the equivalent Toyota it's reasonable, a little rarer and cooler for it too, if you like that kind of thing, which I do. Those wheels are smashing!
  7. Corr, about ten years ago I was looking everywhere for a good one of those, I never did find one. That looks really clean and in good fettle, times have changed though, I won't be shelling out £4000 for it!
  8. C'mon guys, we're all on the same team here, don't let's have a battle or a thread closure, life's too short.
  9. Yellows cars are great, suck it up and make the best of it. It'll all come out in the wash.
  10. There are 10 on eBay right now, summer* is coming...
  11. Brings to mind 'Withnail and I'.
  12. Wow, you must be a very mild mannered type to write about that so calmly! I'd be jumping! Those symptoms could be a lot of things but they have crank position sensor written all over them, maybe something to check? That's your weekend filled though, what would we do for fun without old cars.:-) Good luck with it.
  13. I don't think so, it's Japanese I'm sure. RS 200 had the engine in the back.
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