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  1. I think this was in the eBay thread earlier, somebody commented on how tricky it might be to find glass for it.
  2. Stop! I can't take any more body-part replacement puns.
  3. Yeah man all the best, that's not a pleasant situation for any of the parties involved.
  4. So that's your own design of chain tensioner? Neat. Is the engine not very long lasting without modification?
  5. Ah! Let's hope the internal cells haven't leaked. You can buy universal power supplies, although the last one I bought was from Maplins. @Zelandeth apologies for the thread drift.
  6. Presumably they've just made enough of a change to avoid legal action!
  7. Can't you just add up the voltage of however many cells it takes, or an I over simplifying things?
  8. Wow, the Casio calculators with the little solar panel seemed space age compared to the massive TI models with the LED displays, although I'm sure school recommended the TI for maths 'O' level and beyond. That's a great little collection, I wonder if they were made with such an extended lifespan in mind. I'm guessing they must be nearly 40 years old?
  9. 'Liked' for the MOT pass and the TI scientific calculator photo bombing, reminds me of school.
  10. I can see the attraction, in modern traffic probably more relevant than an exotic too! I wistfully imagine doing the school run in something like that, or tootling about on a Sunday like a giffer, although in reality my girls wouldn't like it and I never have time on a Sunday, or any other day. Slightly concerned that the Ensign seller seems very proud of a 5 mile trip...
  11. I thought that too, I would have thought the steam roller would have ploughed over/through the car, although, I guess if the pivot is cast and the car crashed into it at speed then that may cause it to snap?
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