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  1. No, sorry, I was hoping somebody else would oblige!
  2. Matt black? Maybe you should change your name, Matt Black sounds a bit film star-ish. "The name's Black, Matt Black..." Soz Doc, I am just messing, it's good to see you can get out and give your motor some love.
  3. Thanks Skizzer, I'm not sure why I didn't think of that! I thought the same Bo11, having looked I see now it was a B3 my mate had. £1200 doesn't look too bad but I can't imagine the market is very good right now.
  4. That Audi looks lovely, they did make solid good looking cars back then in my opinion. Looking at the ad though it reckons 85bhp, from 2.0l ! My mate had a 1.8 and I don't remember it being too dire, surely that's not right?
  5. @Zelandeth, I think that bus thing that you've found was the subject of a thread on the blue, it was going really cheap or free, something like that. Or maybe I'm wrong.
  6. I'm loving this thread. Every post is an education, (to me at least), and there's a good mix of old school engineering and some modern solutions. More please.
  7. My dad had one of these, it was awesome.
  8. That's great news, I too am leaning towards the 'must own a BX one day', preferably a hatch. Having one more in the fold increases my chances. Good luck with it.
  9. Despite the current madness there are some proper gems out there, either the gang are trying extra hard to find them or the market isn't as bad as we thought... Yet.
  10. Only just caught up with this. If we still need funds then let me know. Unfortunately I'm at capacity ATM, do can't offer storage.
  11. On the basis it involves needlework, at which I am not good, I've always avoided trimming. Props to anybody that can put down a spanner, have a cup of tea, then start trimming seats! My car had the same dash as yours, I can't remember the seat pattern though, it might have been that hallucinogenic check.
  12. What's going on there, did you buy a kit or re trim those seats yourself from scratch?
  13. Ha ha, once we get back to normal you might have a chance to own one! I get bored fairly quickly, so it may end up being moved on. I'd like to get it running 100% though, and also splash some rustproofing around like you say.
  14. I had one years ago, I bought it from a breaker for £1000, it was probably '92 so it would have been 10 ish years old. I couldn't get the mechanical injection system to work so I converted it to twin sidedraughts. I can remember it being a really comfortable long distance car. The engine was a joy to work on, loads of room around it and a sound design. More pics please, especially interior.
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