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  1. Wait for it... Spotted this earlier diving locally, I can't remember the last time I saw one and it looked clean, excitement levels were high so I gave chase. After a 16 mile detour the driver finally turned into a drive, I asked him for a pic and fairly predictably he started telling me all about the car. It's a 1970 S.A. car, imported in '76, hence the plate. It looks in good condition and has a raft of gen-u-wine giffer mods, including electric power steering controlled with a program knob from a washing machine and a length of thick old school flex under the bonnet with the three cores twisted together, one end is attached to an earth and the other is attached to a crocodile clip, 'just in case he needs to jump start it'. It's column change, which keeps the floor in the front flat, the seats were like armchairs and the cooling fan housing was a lovely one piece casting. Defo worth the massive detour!
  2. I owned a lwb Landy with a spec lift on the back in the mid nineties. I took it with me when I moved to Cornwall, with my e28 528 on the back. The radiator decided to let go about 100 miles in to a 330 mile journey. Ironically I had to get recovered. The steering was quite light with a car on the back, and the guy who recovered me noted that the rear axle of the Landy would be well over weight with a car on the lift. I ended up swapping it for a speedboat.
  3. You learn something every day, I thought they were Malaysian! Trekking is always a good way to spot tat, I see something new every ride out!
  4. There's a thread on 'Boxes' on the blue forum, I'm not sure how much extra info is there though, you seem to have it nailed Datsuncog.
  5. Great story, fantastic save. It looks like a licence built Mazda, is that right?
  6. I hated these back in my early car driving years, (late 80's), but now misty eyed nostalgia has seen me lusting after one, this looks a good spec too.
  7. 68-69 Camaro is my guess.
  8. It puts the seatbelt on for you, as you close the door the seatbelt moves back from the a pillar to a more normal resting place on the b pillar. One of those crazy American legislative things I believe.
  9. Fantastic, is that all pop riveted aluminium? Do you have any more info, he was clearly a 'character'!
  10. My '51 plate Toyota Hiace van achieved 300'000 today. I've 'only' done 80'000 of those, it's still the most miles I've done in one vehicle. It feels good for another 100k!
  11. Get the eye bleach ready...
  12. The thread is over... Nothing can top that.
  13. Good looking work there Bo11, it's a shame you've found ask that extra to do but at least some of it can be pulled out and fettled 'on the bench'. You'll reap the benefits sorting all those little holes out now, they're the ones that become untraceable leaks once you're on the road, ask me how I know! Keep it up!
  14. Phoar! I'd love this as a daily driver, it belongs to the guy we bought the tractor from, he dropped a couple of spare tyres off for us.
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