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  1. I initially convinced myself it was a Mazda RX7, but then talked myself out of that. It looked well finished and like a 'car', rather than a body-kit or 'Ferrari conversion'. I was rather hoping somebody on here would tell me!
  2. That blue cover picture is an almost exact copy of that b/w photo below, even down to the way the driver is hanging out of the window. Well spotted JeExEll.
  3. Aren't an MGTF and an MR2 technically mid engined, along with most of the supercars listed at the end of barrett's post? Just so we're all singing off the same hymn sheet, a rear engined car is usually defined as having the engine behind the gearbox, which is attached to the rear wheels, isn't it?
  4. A few local spots and some from a recent trip to Spain...
  5. If we think it'll Roffle then I'll chuck in £100 towards that AX.
  6. OMG, that motorhome is lovely, I would lick that until my tongue was raw.
  7. I dabbled in car audio bitd and they're impressive numbers if they're correct and if that's your bag. Willswitchengage, can you tell me/us more about that hole in the ground behind you in the Mongol rally pic please.
  8. Any chance it could have jumped a tooth or two on the belt/sprocket. It's starting to sound like it's got fuel and sparks, just at the wrong time.
  9. It's a collection, or rather, a drop off, this is AS, there's always a way!
  10. I've got a trade policy LBF, if you win it I'll drop it off for you.
  11. I'll join in for clarification, then go again because it's '90's, but this is an N13...
  12. Really, a mk 2 at £595? Presumably an ex taxi with 400,000+ on it? Edit, I just read the ad above, it looks pretty good on the face of it, usual rules apply, if I had the space, money, need... Blah blah.
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