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  1. I just saw Retropower graffiti over a mint condition Allegro for one of the videos, idiots. I remember seeing that car on Car And Classic, it was in mint condition and had been dry stored since the early 80's. I really dislike Retropower and what they do to mint condition cars, doing all these naff modifications and ruining them in my eyes. I hold more of a preservation stand point when it comes to classics, I just don't like the whole Retromod scene in general, finding rare stuff and chopping them up and modifying them to todays car mod trends, only for them to look naff a decade later (the Pimp My Ride effect I like to call). If you want modern performance, get a modern car, it's that simple yet people don't get it. Don't waste your time ruining something that's rare for Instagram likes. Apparently they're building two Allegros, it just seems as if they're following the Top Gear crowd by saying their bad and now their "improving" them with these awful mods. Fucking hell.
  2. One for the OVLOV fanatics, an article on the Kalmar factory.
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