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  1. Yes, those were crap. I would be inclined to try and get hold of a few supplies before the drive like a fan belt, plugs points and condenser as well as some oil and coolant. Good luck!
  2. One of those Simca’s wouldn’t be the same without the rattling top end engine, my late Father had a brand new Talbot Alpine in 1981 and I remember his disappointment of the engine noise compared to the MK1 Vauxhall Cavalier it replaced, but it proved to be a good car and gave trouble free service over many miles.
  3. Slightly different as it appears to be open.
  4. I’m sure I remember reading about these 2 door Consul Classic estate conversions, 2 built for the Kenyan police force. Correct me if I’m wrong as it was a long time ago I read the article in a classic car mag.
  5. Thanks Matty I will check that out, can’t beat old British Lorries!
  6. National Carriers had many of those small Ford D series artics, but I can only remember the earlier cab versions..
  7. I’m sure it will be fine MrB, it’s a brave thing going solo though, safe journey…
  8. The hair appears to match the overspray under the wheel arch, paint fail?
  9. My old cars paint work is the same as Yoss and Viking have eluded to, looks not bad until you get close and it needs a repaint, and new steel front wings to replace the fibreglass ones, but I still love the old thing and couldn’t be without it..
  10. I still get great enjoyment from driving my 60 year old classic even though it has no power steering and struggles to do 20mpg, it’s still a pleasure to drive and keeps up with modern traffic though I tend to use it for local journeys. I have a ‘modern’ classic Mercedes which is a mere 23 years old which I’ve done long journeys in, I’d drive it anywhere and it feels much more modern than it is.
  11. Very strong engines those Triumph straight sixes, perfect colour and interior combination on that lovely looking example.
  12. Some old lorries I saw in Cyprus last September.
  13. Bedford KM 8 legger conversion, not an option available from the factory…
  14. Youngest son next to a stunning ERF about 20 years ago, my once boss is part of the family who ran this in fairground days..
  15. I’ve driven plenty of these in tractor unit form but as an 18 ton rigid it must be a lively performer! It’s a bit of a throwback to many decades ago where tractor units became rigids or vice versa.
  16. I had the pleasure of a weeks holiday on the Grand Union Canal back in September 1993, I enjoyed the experience so much but haven’t been near a Canal since which is something I must remedy.
  17. AEC, looks to be a Monarch 4 wheeler..
  18. Yes it’s lovely, one of my favourite Mercs these old fin tails.
  19. My old boss bought a couple of brand new Spanish Dodge 8 wheel tippers in 1980, apparently they gave good service and were well liked.
  20. I beg to differ, I had one years ago and found the Scammell Routeman like gearbox delightful.
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