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  1. This is what happens when you're paid by the parcel not the hour , rush rush rush , he probably thinks the van's been nicked 😄 9840d4a70ddeb016153acaa658f153f0.mp4
  2. postman pat convention but it got painted the wrong colour
  3. Fuck me , can you imagine being a copper and seeing this coming the other way 😄 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMN2UnbhM/?k=1
  4. I wouldn't want to think how much this costs , fascinating though 293ec582391234932e0056bb88052354.mp4
  5. There's a few of them about When you leave the roof rack at home
  6. Now that's got to be some kind of medical episode https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNNQRhs2/?k=1
  7. Not much room for a mistake though , most construction jobs you'd get away with a fuck up , that one you'd definitely be dead
  8. Hi I'm here for the interview , what's the job Watch this video Bye then 0f85b2cb2c9958f5be3bf3f5d155a031.mp4
  9. MX5s , my R reg 1.8s has been in the garage for 8 months on a battery conditioner , covered in dust , pushed it out into the sun First turn of the key , fired up , ticked over,got to temp , no warning lights, no drama Lovely
  10. If they get found whatever the punishment is it won't be enough , they should be paying £20 a week for life In the 80s my sister found her car with the door mirror kicked off CCTV , guy known to police , charged,convicted ordered to pay her compensation She never got a penny , last time she contacted the court they said he's moved and we don't know where to You can bet your house everyone involved in prosecuting him got paid though.
  11. The amount of CCTV there is now you'd think there'd be no crime because people would be ID'd in hours but it seems if you want people found and identified it needs a good reason, a clear picture and a prominent facebook/ tiktok account.
  12. Where was this , I was looking for somewhere to go today but Google came up with sweet fa I had a RD400 in the 80s , came close to a RD500 , took it out for a test ride but the riding position didn't suit me and the guy had painted it blue with a toilet brush so I left it.
  13. It was plenty rigid , that's had a heavy box dropped on it , I didn't bother with a claim , you could drop that off a building and it wouldn't get bent like that
  14. No pictures because driving , had a yellow RS2000 in front of me this evening , 78 on a T , I had the smell of 1978 in my car for 5 minutes , valve stem seals I'd say
  15. I don't want it , I'm incredibly clumsy , I'd probably freeze my hand and it'd shatter into a million pieces , or something
  16. This is how some railway track I posted with hermes arrived , I'd wrapped it in 3 layers of card good luck
  17. Some cunts need dragging out and a good kicking , hopefully it's been reported e1036f7eeb1c5b5c8a0471d90487c8d2.mp4
  18. Good luck with an underground nest and a plastic bag
  19. He won't do that again I had a wasp nest under a tree in the garden so I bought a can of wasp nest destroyer , found the entrance, went out at dusk and the little fuckers had covered the hole over with leaves so I gave it a poke with a stick That's when I found out they had a back door and they weren't happy , I screamed like a teenage girl as I ran into the house Are you allowed to buy liquid nitrogen
  20. it seems that Scotland, Wales, NI and London it's 60 for a free bus pass England it's state pension age which for me is 67 , why is that ?
  21. Last Saturday I was sat in the garden , lovely & quiet , until getting buzzed by a plane for 15 minutes I guess there was a party going on locally , remember the days when the doctor looked at the baby & told you what it was , these days Fucking annoying though.
  22. I am a bit pissed on a school night but this has had me laughing, I can't stop watching it f29dcb05924f49de58234c6064751be3.mp4
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