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  1. How is that possible unless the driver is shagging the owner of the seat
  2. You can with Aviva, most of the others like to charge you £25 to press a couple of buttons
  3. If I hide a treat the dog knows it's in the room as soon as she comes through the door, then it's a sniff test to find it, rarely takes more than 30s Their sense of smell is amazing
  4. I've seen some tough jobs but chasing evasive plants with a spade has to be up there, especially if they have the diction to talk you out if it.
  5. Just been to M&S, thought that looks nice, HOW MUCH!!!
  6. I passed a bike test in 1978, it was a bloke in a brown flared suit watching me with a clipboard, ticking boxes as I rode round the block 44 years on I'm fully licenced to kill myself on whichever 1000cc of death I like the look of
  7. Wet N Forget will clean the outside of any mould, mildew and green stuff It's fantastic at removing it on patios and soft top car roofs, water it down , spray on a dry day and leave it, I was amazed when I did the patio and the green smart car roof with it https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wet-Forget-Mould-Lichen-Remover/dp/B005IW4GWI/ref=pd_lpo_1?pd_rd_w=6QbSy&content-id=amzn1.sym.2d229339-2f42-4596-a90d-b81a4f52d6d3&pf_rd_p=2d229339-2f42-4596-a90d-b81a4f52d6d3&pf_rd_r=6TRF89N6AH82V1J6TNCM&pd_rd_wg=0cKKF&pd_rd_r=59d468aa-058b-4a3e-b9a6-d069c30ab963&pd_rd_i=B005IW4GWI&psc=1
  8. At matalan to drop a parcel off for dpd One on the till, loads of staff wandering about, 10 in the queue, nobody gives a shit about actually selling the stuff
  9. It's the cleaning, I've got a bean to cup one, empty this, clean that, fill this, descale, it's also far too easy to press a button and get caffeine addicted I started getting bad stomach ache so cut it out, within a few days my body ached all over, somebody was drilling holes in my head, it was awful Caffeine is anti inflammatory
  10. I regret not buying the one that came up on here a while back
  11. Could be worse, like a fucked TV for a £1000 worse Or maybe £1400 for one that's only slightly fucked
  12. peanut butter and those traps that catch them on a rocker so they go in but can't get out , they always fall for it
  13. I've lived in this house since 1996, broadband has been awful in that time , until yesterday, Virgin are now able to offer full fiber to the house , boom 40 MBPS to 240MBPS Finally, internet that works makes me grin
  14. It's done now but thanks, I'll probably buy one as they look handy to keep in the car
  15. Well that was a faff Took it to Costco who are great if you want to buy 4 new tyres but if it's 2 they have to go on the back, they won't sell less than 4 tyres if it's a 4x4, and now punctures are a problem Wouldn't fix it because it was in at an angle Took it somewhere else, sorry, no glue, FFS 3rd try, there was a bit of air sucking through the teeth until I said I won't be buying new tyres, I've seen a set of L405 wheels with 7mm Pirelli scorpions I'm pretty sure the guy will do for £500 so I'll just put the spare on and buy them Amazingly it was fixable if the only option was £20 or £0
  16. This kid has some talent https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMF9wdJD8/
  17. Some cunt in a Skyline has left 2 dead and 2 fighting for their lives in Birmingham at a car meet , one a 16 year old girl I hope he gets 10 years but I doubt he will
  18. Yes, I want to get the prop changed first though The changes are a bit clunky when it's cold but OK when it's warm, there's a bit of a thump if you boot it but I'm not sure if that's the box or the prop
  19. Next job will be supercharger oil, prop, then gearbox oil Gave it a wash and polish, cleans up well for 16 years old
  20. Diff oils changed, needs a rear propshaft £250 exchange, that'll be another day though Left side plug change is more awkward, that'll be why it's got ngk on the easy side and denso on the hard side then Somebody's gone fuck that he'll never know
  21. They don't make changing the plugs easy
  22. Back on the ramp tomorrow Hopefully in the 4 hours they've got it they'll do the oil in both diffs and the transfer box, find out why the prop is thumping on the floor when you boot it and if there's time, change the plugs Then I've got to decide if I'm changing the gearbox oil, there's a mobile guy who comes highly recommended on the RR forums, he's got a van all kitted out with a machine that sucks 99% of the old oil out and replaces it, £300 though The changes are a bit clunky when it's cold but once it warms up they're smooth And I also found out the washer bottle has got a crack in it, filled it up and watched £3 worth of screenwash run down the road, jets still work though When it's parked up I still walk up to it and think "hell yes" that's a good looking car
  23. It's not a doormat, it's an above ground damp proof storage facility
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