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  1. It's premium diesel too The guy was telling me the raw fuel gets delivered then Costco put the additives in as it's pumped into the tank . The 97 Ron petrol is a good price , it's normally 10p a litre more than 95 at BP ,shell etc
  2. Grin removed , fuck me it's got a big tank , that wasn't even from empty
  3. No need to pray , I can confirm I'll never be changing a starter
  4. This makes me grin, Touareg V6 Picket it up from Shandy Legs on Friday after he very kindly collected me from Sheffield station What a car , looks like it cost 3x the money and drives like it too The downside is £600 tax but it's replaced a car and a van so no different, oh and it likes a drink Goes well though Very pleased , I thought I'd keep the E280 forever but practicalities meant it had to go , I can see me keeping this a long time
  5. Ahh yes the 205 GTi The car that turned me into a hooligan in the 80s
  6. It might have been 2 years ago , I found a external drive I wanted to connect to the TV so I was seeing what was on it
  7. Clever idea £45 doesn't include the booze though https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/925062231674073/?ref=facebook_story_share
  8. Hope the test goes well for her , keep us updated
  9. There really are some utter twats on the road Found this while going through some of my dashcam videos 30 limit with a speed camera , lights at the bottom, RH lane is right turn only 20210617_202553-VC.mp4
  10. Found this on my HD from a while back Confident start but then it all falls apart , I gave up waiting after the third go 20210617_203129-VC.mp4
  11. This guy was a 50 year old welder , a teenager I could understand , he said he couldn't see it on the dipstick so kept pouring expecting the light to go out It was a faulty switch
  12. Fuck me , ex navy , what was he in charge of , making sure nobody pulled the big bung in the bottom of the hull A guy I worked with came to work , asked the maintenance guy to have a look at his car because the oil light wouldn't go out First thing to check , oil level , only he couldn't get a reading Have you put oil in it Yes but it didn't go out It was full , and I mean 5 litres over the top of the dipstick
  13. This kid should sign up for England 10 minutes of this and the other team would have no players left https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMd2UKUe6/
  14. When the client says , do what you want I bet he'll never say that again 🤣
  15. Teenage girl seriously injured and a lad killed at a car meet last week in Dorset by some cunt who thought he could handle a powerful car
  16. Wack

    Youtube moments

    Biker should buy a lottery ticket
  17. BCA own Cinch the car retailer There must be a rush on for new stock 🤔 941997776343c8384bb96e8ff8855a56.mp4
  18. A mate was restoring an escort, at the time I delivered to a place that did blasting and E coat , had a word with them and they said they'd slide a few parts in for free so he gave me a box full of rusty suspension parts and some engine bits a few weeks late I bought them back looking better than new, he was happy then sad when he realised that 70% good part he was going to bolt on now had to be 100% good
  19. Unfortunately it doesn't end with an explosion and s JCB scraping up the remains Burnley,Blackburn,Bolton,Bradford, take your pick , it'll be one of those What a cunt 3fb3dccaf711522d870ccef012e1b86e.mp4
  20. 105c9c9022a3c9ed2876adcd7405418e.mp4 Australian doesn't like his new Toyota
  21. Just read something that made me grin Trying to understand a woman is like trying to understand what the colour seven smells like I think after 25 years of marriage I'm at that stage
  22. It does show what's wrong with people today though , they could see what was going to happen but instead of looking for an emergency stop button or telling the operator they watched him drive in and recorded it
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