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  1. I once spent ½ an hour reporting about 15 of them All got the same bot response , doesn't breach guidelines , if you feel this isn't correct resubmit for sn actual person to look at it A week later , we don't have time to look at it , useless
  2. Facebook marketplace is fucked as a selling platform There are the first cars I saw for sale
  3. Winner , I could live in those seats https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1328593174433975/
  4. It's bad enough when it's a council vehicle but business needs reliability , if the big fleets buy a couple and they're this unreliable they won't be buying any more
  5. Tiktok guidelines the video I commented on showed an edited version of a woman who was being asked to sit down because the fasten seat belts sign was on so she decided to take a shit in the aisle
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3707512512905744/
  7. 2 owner from new 80k bereavement sale https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1296929354519557/
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/140488725792271/ Reads £2000 ono in the text 8
  9. These don't seem to be worth much I'd this this one is bridge money
  10. Oh yes there's a witness mark , a groove in the plastic on the nearside , you can't see it when the wheel is straight though.
  11. Well I found out what the vibration at speed is The original wheels were 20" with 50 profile tyres , the set I.picked up from a L405 are 21" with 45 tyres , same width It's not noticeable until you turn the wheel but the front tyres are catching the inner arch at the front Internet wisdom suggested they were a bolt on fit but apparently not , looks like a heat gun and a bit of reshaping is needed I'm really surprised a plastic cover would make the steering shake that much
  12. Americans , I wonder if that price includes the tip
  13. Disappointingly we didn't hit 217mph at any point between cordoba and Madrid, fastest was 280kph
  14. Not what I was expecting to see in Madrid diy body repair
  15. They have 2 high speed trains here , one looks like this , one more traditional looking , the website I researched them on called it a bullet train , presumably to differentiate it from the standard trains It was about 20 minutes late getting in to cordoba , walking up the platform I saw an access panel at the front missing , whether it'd come off at speed or there'd been a problem I don't know
  16. Sorry don't know , looks it though Cordoba is quite nice
  17. I hired a car in Italy, it was 6 months old and it looked like that
  18. My wife and I were discussing the banana splits and the double deckers just yesterday I commented if I had a wife 20 years younger than me I wouldn't be able to have this conversation Luckily this thought stayed in my head but if I did I probably wouldn't care
  19. That was warrington to London express , no stops , not even peak time a day return to London for two 1st Class is the price of a foreign holiday the Spanish train is 200mph , there are even cheaper but slower trains in Spain.
  20. This is what's wrong with public transport in the UK I looked at how much for a 2 hour trip to London on a clackety clack train 1st class booked in advance for two people £493.60 !! Tomorrow I'm taking a Spanish bullet train from seville to granada , same kind of time , 2 hours , so i applied the same timeframe booked in advance for Wednesday 1st Class 2 people £64.17
  21. I think I'm going to be uncontrollably grinning for a week , ordered a tanqueray G&T €5.50 in Spain This is how much he poured in the glass
  22. Dropped on a car show in Seville , thought they were fiat 500s but no Seat 600s with a few Abarth versions As we were leaving a mini turned up , didn't get the memo
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