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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/464615308584880/
  2. Let's go into the removals game , how hard can it be
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2786811264952448/ Bring a chainsaw Not sure if serious Phil McIntyre Phil ma fucking tyre
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/303505491832712/
  5. Not even got it off the road , this is how many young people see life , a bit of a joke and a chance to post something on social media I think it's points and a fine for causing an obstruction , hopefully there'll be a copper waiting for them
  6. Do you not find the aussies do all they can to avoid hitting them while swearing though Maybe they don't have no win no fee lawyers out there
  7. They sound like arseholes to work for so I'd just be taking as long as I needed , it's not as if it's a sniffle or a hangover
  8. I was following a woman in a Q5 last week , 40 in a 60 , brake for every slight curve , something coming every safe overtaking spot then we hit a 30mph village and she didn't slow down , must drive at 40 everywhere
  9. It's late and I can't be bothered to go to bed , too late to start watching anything meaningful so I started cruising YouTube I honestly can't believe how many cunts in this video uploaded footage thinking they were in the right after driving into someone who made a mistake , there's loads of them , WTF is going on , is it drive into them if it looks like it's their fault I really hope a lot of insurance companies went 50/50 at least on a lot of these
  10. Giles Coren is not a happy man 🤣 don't alter his work would be the message, I think https://www.theguardian.com/media/2008/jul/23/mediamonkey https://www.theguardian.com/media/2002/aug/19/1
  11. Super Saab with windows inside for when your passengers are getting on your tits , suit reluctant family man as the kids will be 10 ft away behind glass https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/303644224637327/
  12. Not wierd as such but a weird experience My wife's car had been damaged so we got a courtesy car She isn't a confident driver This is how it went Lad brings a brand new delivery miles scenic round which he's quite proud to do He gives her a piece of plastic What's this The key How is that a key , what do I do with it Put it in this slot Views slot with suspicion How do I start it Press this button Views button with suspicion How do I stop it Press the same button Look of dispair Sits in it Where's the handbrake You press this bu Right that's it , take this stupid car away and bring me one with a key and a handbrake He looks at her like she's mad but comes back with an astra
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/301988138536169/
  14. I once came back to a jaguar XK8 with a car touching the back bumper like that I was parked in a narrow side street near a corner , a car stopped behind me touching the bumper with the back of his car right on the corner I thought cheeky cunt Then a bloke came out if a house and said he did that and pointed to an Asda van unloading down the street I went to the back of this car and he'd hit the corner of it that hard he'd shoved it into mine , caved it all in , bumper hanging off , light broken I walked down to ask about it , lad about 21-22 , I could tell he had no idea he'd hit it , the irony was I'd applied for a job with Asda a few weeks previously , 30 years experience of driving vans and I didn't even get an interview 🤣
  15. The slow walk to the boss's office while you think of an excuse 35c7e55df24d5b6fac2a21c942fca625.mp4
  16. I should've taken a picture This morning in a supermarket car park a woman of about 75 drove past me in a 65 plate Mégane Both front wings had dents in and the bumper was badly scuffed on the front and both corners The rear bumper had deep gouges on both corners I made sure she found a space well away from me before I left the car
  17. Grin , this has bought a tear to an eye that rarely sheds tears , it must've been so uplifting to be there when it happened 0e14760dfeb07ba1e8bd81c8a919b86b.mp4
  18. Budweiser Budvar is available in Lidl for £1.49 in 500ml bottles That is all
  19. Is that real , 37k a week for farting , I should be a millionaire by now
  20. I bough this from a charity shop a few weeks ago , plugged it in to test it and I love the ring , so 1960s , only scammers call us on this number so it's like a scammer alert
  21. That does sound familiar , I had a mercedes at the time which is why it stuck in my mind , not that I'm planning to bury anyone
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