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  1. If they wanted a right hand operable gear lever surely an automatic Landcrab would be perfect. The selector is mounted on the dash to right of the steering wheel. Further more, there are no buttons to press to release as some autos have. Morris. Wolseley Guess it might have been a bit big though. All the other cars on the list seem to be smaller. Though in reality the footprint isn't much bigger than a Cortina.
  2. Yay! At that price I don't think you'll have to prevaricate for long before somebody else buys it. It won't be me unfortunately which is why I'd rather you bought it.
  3. For some reason pick ups, all pick ups, not just Funs, seem to be worth about three times as much as the cars. Even rough ones are in regularly in four figures. Not as rough as that one though.
  4. Hmm, mk2 front on a mk1, it's usually the other way round, like my green one with a mk1 front on a mk2. That's about £2600. Decent ones are starting to go up now though prices still seem to be a bit all over the place.
  5. Probably exempt, definitely not compliant. The end result is the same but very much not the same thing. If I ever need to drive in to London again I'll have to use the Triumph despite it being the most polutey car I own. It's a great* system.
  6. I've left a window open occasionally but a tailgate is special.
  7. The 130 is the one to have. Has the same revised suspension as the Rapid so handles* like a 911 allegedly. And a 5 speed gearbox for relaxed* cruising. It's all relative obviously.
  8. I think so, there were a few different types. The later 130s had the 'doppler effect' seats from the Rapid (but still with separate headrests unlike the Rapid which had sporty* built in headrests). Then there was a pinstripe effect and beige. That looks lovely, if I hadn't just spent a similar amount on the Favorit VRS (as I'm now calling it) I would be very tempted. Does seem a good price these days, though I would be a bit disappointed to end up with a white one when they came in so many fantastic real colours.
  9. Don't worry (too much) that's quite a regular occurrence. I find keys in doors quite regularly, probably at least once a month, and I've been a postie for 32 years so that's a lot of months. I always knock and almost always the people inside didnt know they were there. Very occasionally someone has said they left them there because they were coming in and out or something but even then they don't seem to mind me pointing it out. It's just another public service we perform that no one knows about.
  10. Dunno, it was just a random picture I pinched off the Internet. It is ex LT though and they were often a law unto themselves. I don't know enough about Nationals and I intend to keep it that way.
  11. Visible cable ties holding on cheap aftermarket wheel trims! Waste of good cable ties that could have been used to hold more important things together.
  12. We would support you, except that sounds like the perfect collection thread. Go for it.
  13. Not sure what's with the square plates. Is it JDM?
  14. An interesting thread, especially in the last couple of pages where one longstanding member has the temerity to say he doesn't like it with several reasons explaining why whilst still stressing how much he appreciates the work that has gone in to it. Then another member slags him off for daring to have a different opinion and within about five posts the first member decides to sell all his 75s (he seems to have more than one, not sure of the exact details) and go away for ever and 'get his life back'. That seemed to happen about once a fortnight when I used to frequent the place (I had a ZT-T 190 for about five years). Nice to see nothing has changed.
  15. No but it seems a lot of bother to go to on a standard 500, I'm going with @Jamiehere, PCD adapters. By the way five spokes is the right number of spokes regardless of wheel nuts/bolts. I may* be biased.
  16. I think the one above probably looks better than one that Rover would would have made themselves bearing in mind the budget they would have had available to them by that point.
  17. That's very close but not quite. Most notably the valve hole is at the end of a spoke on the Triumph wheel, and the ones pictured on the 500, but between spokes on the one above. Also that's only 13" the Triumph wheel is 14", which the ones on the 500 look more like, though of course they might come in different sizes. But I'm still going with PCD adapters.
  18. Aah, indeed. Such things do exist. It seems obvious now you've said it but that hadn't even occurred to me.
  19. This was really tidy which must make it even rarer. The few that are left tend to be sheds.
  20. They do. They look even better on the Triumph.
  21. Don't know what's going on here. I managed to almost surreptitiously snap this today. A Fiat 500 you say. But those are Triumph Stag/2500S alloys. They're not just similar, they are identical. But the PCD isn't anywhere near the same. The Fiat is 4x98 and the Triumph 4x114. So if you were really keen you could fill the original holes and re drill them. Except, on both cars the wheel nuts appear to be central in the inner black circle. If you redrilled them to 4x98 surely the wheel nuts would be practically touching the centre cap. I wonder if the same design was used on an old Italian car. The Triumphs are a Michelotti design, maybe he designed the wheels as well and so felt he could use them again on something else. It's got me stumped. They do look good though.
  22. Err, thanks? But I know what you mean. I of course now have two Favorits, one of which has 125bhp, the other is bog standard 61bhp. But if one had to go I'd keep the standard one. It's nowhere near as quick but is just as much fun and being a mk1 you feel like you are in the 1980s. I don't pretend it's better than any other car but it's still light and nimble and makes me smile. My mum once had a Rover 114gsi. I loved it, it's the only car she's ever had that I was happy to drive. She liked it too and called it Geoffrey. I've no idea why. She now has a pink Micra CC but I don't think it has a name.
  23. I've put a watch on it but I'm not bidding. You bid and I'll look after it for you until you can pick it up. You might need a week off though, not sure how much oomph there is in a 1.3 auto.
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