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    Bus Shite

    Just been sent this if anybody fancies a run on a pre war RT on Saturday. It's just a shame it's such a non route but I guess it's better than nothing.
  2. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    I stand corrected. I knew it was South Yorkshire. From down here they are practically the same place but I realise that's like you telling me Southampton and Portsmouth are the same place so I apologise wholeheartedly.
  3. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    No, fraid not. The ones that went to Canada went over in unrefurbished condition with tungsten bulbs and most stayed that way. The buses that LBF is referring to are the RMLs that were referbished over here in the 1990s. All but two of the 500 odd RMLs were treated along with some of Stagecoachs RMs. Also the RMs that went to Southend got the same treatment. Most of the RMLs, or at least a majority, were refurbished in Sheffield. London Central did their remaining RMs with a different system with smaller more flush fitting fluorescent tubes but I have no idea what sort of tubes they used, sorry. And of course RMAs, RMCs and RCLs were built with them but again no idea what system was used.
  4. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    That's good to know. I wonder why they went with an American lighting system in the first place? I guess if you're converting 600 buses the economies of scale made it worth importing them if they were cheaper than a domestic set up.
  5. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    Just been sent these pictures from a friend of Leyland engined RM 1357 on the route A yesterday. I have no idea when the last time a Leyland engined RM worked in revenue earning service in London. I've also no idea how the ULEZ works with this. Maybe as they never leave London they don't get charged. Or maybe they just pay it and it's factored in to their daily costs. I know they have some 90s refurbed RMLs in the fleet which probably aren't compliant either or even the Dartmasters come to think if it. They were only ever euro 2 compliant I think.
  6. Can't you just get on it anyway, they all go in roughly the same direction from there don't they?
  7. Yes, it's an operators licence or O disc. Every bus has to carry one. With smaller companies I think they had to prove they were competent to have however many they wanted and would have regular inspections and could lose some if it was considered that they were overstretching themselves. I expect London Transport just printed their own. I'm joking obviously, that's a nod towards their overhaul system which was basically a massive ringing operation and the fact they were still using black number plates until 1983. But you know all that. I realise that doesn't help you with the Invacar one, but must be some sort of local licensing thing, or even a parking permit.
  8. It's not a fondness for ladies uniform, it's a fondness for green uniform and if it happens to have a lady in it so much the better. I have to admit the lady above carries it very well! I hadn't thought about the legal lettering, it looks like it says London Transport Board. In my day, the 80s, it was London Transport Executive, but still with the 55 Broadway address. I suspect somebody nerdier than me could date that photo quite accurately with the combination of of everything. This is my jacket. It's not mint by any means but does clean up a bit, this is straight out of the cupboard for the first time in a decade. Nice embroidered griffin's. Looking on google the Griffin lapels may have been short lived as photos are quite hard to come by. But it looks like the girl in your photo has them. But she has metal buttons and mine are plastic but still rather fetching. Which is why I reckon somebody in the know could pinpoint the date. And then the pockets have leather protective areas. Mine are a bit worn but I like that because I know the wear happened working on the streets of London a very long time ago. And inside it has a soft white cotton lining for the sleeves, for flexibility obviously, a sturdier dark blue lining for the main jacket and then an even thicker lining for the inside pockets. It really is a quality thing, Royal Mail could learn a thing or two here. Though an RM uniform from the same time is probably just as good but mine now is rubbish. The trouser pockets wear out in a matter of weeks and I have to tie the holes up with elastic bands. But I digress, back to the Russian girls...
  9. That's a green RT not a red one. How can you tell in black and white? The wheel arch is the same colour as the rest of the bus. A red bus would have black wheel arches. Then the garage code is RG for Reigate, a London Country garage, or London Transport Country Area depending on the date. I suspect the latter as the green looks quite dark. The route is either 403 or 405 both of which went quite near Reigate. This also means the clippies uniform is dark green with yellow details rather than the dark blue/white of Central Area. Just in case you want to imagine her in more detail. I'd love an original Country Area uniform, they were so classy. I'd happily wear it everywhere. Maybe not the skirt though. An old friend had a country area drivers great coat, a big full length one and I coveted it greatly. I have a mid 60s central area conductors jacket and it is a nice, proper quality thing unlike any uniforms today but the green really did it for me. Have I said too much?
  10. Outside Romsey Abbey this afternoon.
  11. I realise that, but that barrier doesn't look like like it's moved at all. I guess it's the angles as well, being end on.
  12. I think this road was still a bit icy at 11 o'clock this morning. It is quite a steep hill out of shot to the left and there was water running down it so I suspect a burst pipe. Still it could have been worse (for everybody else, not for the Prius driver) as the other side of the road is lined with parked cars, which is why I had time to take the photo as I was waiting for traffic to come down the hill. And it's either a very sturdy barrier or the front of a Prius is very bendy.
  13. One for the parking thread unless that mini is moving but there doesn't appear to be anyone in it. Also a Triumph Courier van (a Herald estate with the side windows filled in), a rarity even then.
  14. I would have seriously considered putting the handle back and going somewhere else. Depends how desperate you were for petrol I guess. The Sainsburys up the road is only 10p difference between the two. 147.9 to 157.9. There can be no justification for a 31p difference.
  15. Well it's been a few weeks, the Triumph has been on a few runs, but never too far and mostly sticking to bus routes just in case. The gearbox appears to be working perfectly but I don't want to jinx things. I'm still a little tentative as I still can't quite believe I have successfully rebuilt a gearbox! But we've had a couple of other issues. Firstly the radiator. There is a tiny hose outlet at the top leading to the header tank. You know how it is when you try and remove a hose that hasn't moved in years, it tends to stick. And it's such a small outlet that I've bent it a couple of times getting the hose off but it's thin brass so I've always bent it back. So when I bent it again removing the radiator for the gearbox job I bent it once too often and it creased and a couple of tiny holes appeared. Obviously it really needs a new tube brazing on but I really wanted to get it running to test the gearbox so I wrapped it in self amalgamating tape. This worked for a couple of weeks but steam started wisping out from under the bonnet last week. So now we have bodge number two. A bit of Quicksteel epoxy putty. This should also be a temporary repair* but I've a feeling if it works I'm going to forget about it. But the starter motor started getting slower and finally siezed up. I had two spare ones in the back of the garage. I've had them about twenty years (I certainly remember moving house with them) and they have had all the protection of a disintegrating carrier bag in that time but to my amazement I rigged one up to my professional* test* rig*... ... and it fired first time. So I cleaned it up as best I could and lubricated the bits I could reach and bunged it on. It spins the engine twice as fast as the old one ever did and it starts better too. The old one was obviously drawing so much power that it was taking power from the ignition. So that's a win win. I bunged a bit of oil on the old motor and put that on my test rig and that was soon spinning again, without having the weight of the engine to spin, though not as quick as the replacement but I'm sure it can be made to work again. It's certainly too valuable to throw away. The motors on FWD Triumphs are mounted at the front of the engine on the offside and spin anticlockwise so are unique to these. But, (this is where one thing leads to another) to change the motor you have to pull the exhaust manifold, and by extention the inlet manifold, out of the way. It's not a bad job, eight nuts and a couple of hoses, but when I was refitting I managed to pull one of the studs out of the block whilst doing the nut up. I can see now that the stud wasn't in properly... (and yes, that's a dog licking a battery behind). When you undo these eight nuts sometimes the nut just comes off and sometimes the stud comes with it. This one the nut came off leaving the stud behind but the stud had obviously come undone a bit at a time too (I take these manifolds off quite regularly) and it is one of the middle two under the manifolds so you have to do it by feel as you can't see them. Thankfully it looks like only the last three threads were in so I'm fairly sure I'll be able to clean the thread in the block with a thread tap and it will be OK. I have old studs but they've been sitting in a bucket of nuts and bolts for thirty years and none looked too happy so I went mad and a bought a whole set of new ones. Yes I know it says Midget but the Midget 1500 used the Triumph engine and I have a 1500 manifold on mine but they all use the same studs anyway. For now, with seven of the eight studs/nuts in it's not blowing so I can use it but for how long I don't know. At some point whilst I send the radiator away for repair I can take the manifolds off, remove all eight studs and put the new ones in nice and tight. Then hopefully the next time I have to remove them the nuts will undo and leave the studs where they should be. But despite all this, the gearbox (touch wood) is lovely. Almost silent, all the synchros work, and the selector is precise and the whole thing is a joy to use. So I can live with the other jobs.
  16. Going through a bit of a phase are we? I'd have one but I would have to put a 1300 in it. Not necessarily the full Spitfire spec TC as I have in my Triumph but the standard 1300/Herald. Technically less power but the power comes in lower down. Practically indistinguishable from the original 803cc from the outside but double the power. I believe a herald disc brake conversion is fairly simple too. The rest I would leave completely original and hopefully slightly careworn. It would then be a perfectly usable daily driver. Perfect for trips to London.
  17. Yeah that was pretty much how it was. To be honest I don't think they were expecting us not to look at stuff but they had to say it to cover themselves as the museum only had the emergency lighting on but it was enough to see by and gave the place a nice cosy atmosphere.
  18. I've only had to go on one speed awareness course. I got caught doing 37 in a 30 zone on the A30 in Somerset. The letter had a list of locations you could attend. Somerset police had agreement with other police forces so you could attend one nearer home, but Hampshire police were not on the list so I had to go back to Somerset. Looked at the list and one of the locations was the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton. That looked interesting. All the rest were at hotel conference rooms. That's OK then, I'll make a day of it, thought I. Took the ZT-T 190 (got the fine in the humble Felicia) for a blast, had breakfast at a cafe in Wincanton and turned up bang on time. Turns out the museum was shut, we just had a conference room at the back. But we had to walk right through the museum to get to it which was in semi darkness but enough to see stuff. We were given tea and biscuits and had a half time break. To get to the toilets you also had to walk across half the museum. We were told not to look at anything on the way. Yeah right. So maybe not quite worth £90 but a good day out anyway.
  19. Blimey, you're on fire tonight! The Tatra apparently has 238hp. That should be fun hanging over the back axle. And €183000 is the most expensive Tatra I've ever seen. But it's OK because they accept bitcoin.
  20. Winchester Road here has eight sets in about a mile, some are really close and none are synced obviously. One set is just to get in and out of The Range and another just to get in to Wickes FFS. I have to cross Winchester Road to get to and from work. Fine in the morning, it's 6am but coming home I'll attempt the shortest route but it will be immediately apparent if the lights have gone out of sync and I'll abort and drive the long way round via a roundabout. Because when the lights out of the side road are green nobody can move because cars are backed over the junction because the next set are still red. And they are only about ten car lengths apart, it can't be rocket science to sync them together. Anyway I'll stop now, this not the grumpy thread.
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