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  1. I've never had my three parked side by side before. They have to park line astern on the drive and even then one of them has to be in the garage. Well I was doing a bit of shunting this morning and there is a space at the top of our Close for two cars that was empty, which is a rarity in itself. Plus the sun was shining and the leaves have just started coming out on the trees so I thought why not. Like I say, parking for two cars, but when they are all quite small and all yours you can squeeze three in. Obviously you have to start from the left. If I'd put the Triumph in last I couldn't have got out of the car. Also, how to make a Favorit look like a big car. Park them either side of a Triumph 1300.
  2. Thanks, I never knew that was there and it's really quite close to me. I don't know when it closed but the block of flats that sits there now looks 80s/90s. And from the rear in Queens Road. From the age of 10 or 11 me and a friend used to walk all round the Shirley area asking for brochures from all the dealers. That was from about 1978 onwards. Most were quite friendly and some would even let us sit in the cars. On the map above where it says The Range/Iceland used to be Seward's Datsun which we visited many times so we were very close but I have no recollection of a Daf dealers so it had either gone or we just completely missed it.
  3. Any details on that? It's just they are all wearing CR registrations which is Southampton, or was and I don't remember any Daf dealers round here. Though I was only four when they were new.
  4. I agree but that is still a huge improvement on a week or so ago when any attempts at an Allegro were just met with some sort of generic 1960s car. Now we've got the right era and company. So it is learning, god knows how. I would suggest it is up to this place to teach AI what an Allegro is.
  5. Comes with a cloth interior because it is a proper luxury car. None of your cheap leather here.
  6. Thanks. Trouble with the coupe, with all coupes in fact, is you get less car for more money, quite a lot more in this case. And again I think the the saloon looks better.
  7. Thanks. That's answered a few questions. I definitely would. Borgward Pullman Limousine. Now there's a car. Looks like there is at least one in this country judging by this picture. Though I don't think the lines work as well in the bigger car, I'd be happy with the smaller Isabella.
  8. A Borgward Isabella is on my list of lottery win cars. They're not that expensive compared to some things but I need the lottery win to buy some land and a barn to put them all in. They have a great almost art deco dashboard. And an interesting engine where the carb seems to be mounted directly to the top of the rocker cover. Like a semi crossflow. I still can't figure out quite how the fuel gets from the carb to the combustion chamber and I'd like to buy one to find out. And 75hp from 1500cc in 1954 seems pretty decent. And the one below might even have a few more horses.
  9. I always tend to use BA these days simply because Heathrow is so much more convenient from where I am. And there are regular normal service buses from all over west London. I've found a few areas five minutes off the end of the M3 with unrestricted parking, then get the bus into the airport. So it's £1.70 each way instead of whatever airport parking is. I'm usually only going for about 4 days so I travel light. Would obviously be different if I had proper luggage to worry about.
  10. The grille is too small on that. By 2030 BMWs will just be one massive grille that somehow encompasses the whole car. You'll have to sit in it and peer between the bars like a prison cell.
  11. Mittenwald is lovely. I only did it on a day trip from Munich but it looked like somewhere you could happily spend a lot of time doing nothing. It's a very pleasant train ride from Munich down to Mittenwald too.
  12. Yes and yes. The Croma was basically the same car as the Lancia Thema and Saab 9000 and very few people would question their superiority over a Granada.
  13. Ah, but it's not A to B is it? It is A<2>B, which is some sort of mathematical equation that works out your chances of arriving at your destination. To be fair Royal Mail provided a damn sight better service when its fleet was almost entirely LDV, though that might not entirely be down to the type of van we use. I used to love driving them and was quite upset when they replaced mine with a Transit. Funnily enough nobody else agreed. They obviously weren't better than the Transit but they were more fun.
  14. I see these about quite regularly, can't be many still in regular service.
  15. You jest but our office still has a couple of pogweasled 08 reg Combos (Corsa C shape). They dragged them off the scrap pile during covid when we needed more vans (as we weren't allowed to share) but for some reason these two stayed.
  16. That's actually about as un base-y as you can get for an Austin. By the time they'd ticked the boxes for the six cylinder engine, auto box and power steering it must have cost nearly as much as the Wolseley. Unfortunately being a mk3 it has the least desirable interior. The Landcrab went through its own Project Drive between the mk2 and 3 with cheaper seat covers, carpets, door trims and headlining. Basically turning a 60s car in to a 70s one. I'd find a decent mk2 interior and throw that one away. We used to do things like that all the time when the scrapyards were full of them. I'd also throw the steering wheel away if it has power steering. I had a 1300GT wheel in one of mine.
  17. See that one looks more like a Landcrab than the one that actually claimed to be one. I guess it knows what a mk1 Escort is because there are so many more of them already on the internet. Plus it's got the Routemaster pretty much nailed down now except strangely, out of all those above this one is obviously an RT for some reason.
  18. It's not an argument, it's a healthy discussion! I generally agree, most Leyland stuff was under developed. They had lots of good ideas but quite often got it wrong. They got the public to do a lot of their development for them unfortunately which didn't help. But I'm going to pick you up on a few points. Triumph weren't late to monocoque construction, it was a conscious decision to go back to a separate chassis. The Standard 8/10/Pennant, the car the Herald replaced, plus the Ensign were monocoque designs. I forget the exact reason but it was something to do with all the usual sheet metal suppliers being booked up with other manufacturers for quite a long time so using a chassis meant they could make the body from smaller individual panels. Waiting for one of the big panel suppliers to become available would have delayed the car. To be fair the chassis served Triumph well, with them getting four different cars out of it, or at least two variations of two designs but a Herald and Vitesse are more different than they look at first glance. The Triumph V8 suffered from poor cooling but it was discovered that a lot of them had poorly cast heads and blocks, with blocked oil and waterways. They even found sand still in some of them so it was more of a quality control problem. Any that have got this far will probably be fine with regular oil and coolant changes. Hydrolastic suspension works better the bigger the car, but I suspect that's probably the same of normal suspension. The Austin 3-litre had a terrible image problem and came along as bigger cars were going out of favour so nobody bought them but the ride was superb. There have been a few reviews on YouTube in recent years by people who've never driven one and they are all amazed by the ride quality. I know HubNut did one and their have been a couple of others who have all said if they could make a car ride this well 50 years ago why can't they do it today. And I don't think they bothered updating the MGB because people kept buying it as it was. It was one of their more successful designs commercially I'd have thought. There were so many things they could have done differently but it's too late now, and besides what would we argue about on crap car forums if they'd done everything right.
  19. Yes but we're talking Minors and Marinas here aren't we. By the time the Marina came along (which is the time frame we're talking about, as the post that sparked this was about Capris) no other Leyland cars had trunnions. Certainly none of my cars did. My Triumph is 55 years old and has double wishbones on the front and cast aluminium semi trailing arms on the rear. Years ahead of Marinas and Fords of the time.
  20. I never said they were cool or desirable, I just said they were technologically more advanced.
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