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  1. This was in Hamble this morning. Then I took this one whilst sat at the bus stop eating ice cream.
  2. I've been on this delivery for three and a half years and it's only the second time I've seen it. Makes you wonder what's in all the other garages doesn't it?
  3. So I posted this in the lazy spotters a few months ago when it was parked in the garage behind it in this photo. It's on my delivery and that was the first time I'd seen the garage open. Today is the first time I've ever seen it out. It confused me the first time. DVLA says its an Opel Ranger but it's only badged as a Ranger, there's not an Opel badge to be seen. It seems to be a sort of Rekord coupe and does have a sort of 70's Vauxhall look about the front end. The badges do tell us it's a 2500 but I've no idea what sort of engine it is. It is right hand drive but I'm not sure it was for the British Market as I'm completely unaware of it.
  4. My limit is for cars is 2002 unless you count the 3 day old Pug 208 we hired in Zagreb last year which just felt like one of our work vans. Not unrelated, my van, a Peugeot Partner dropped its clutch last week. One day I was given an elderly Vivaro. I stalled it three times in the yard before I realised they'd put a sixth gear where reverse should be.
  5. Love the second shot with the Silver Shadow behind. Proper old money London Street scene.
  6. Okay, Morris Minors don't generate that much interest normally, they are probably the most common car of their era but this is different. How many are still working for a living? But just look at it. Zoom in and take in all the details. It's perfect.
  7. My cars have cobwebs on them and are still in daily use. I've tried hosing the mirrors out but the cobwebs are back the next day so I've given up.
  8. A friend of mine who likes his Fiats once told me the design of the Matiz was offered to Fiat but they rejected it going with their own 500 (a few years later, but I think it was in the design phase). Whilst we can't argue with the success of the new 500 I can't help thinking the Matiz is more of a true successor to the original, the new one being rather overbloated, to my eyes at least. I can't verify this, it's one of those a bloke down the pub said stories but it sounds quite feasible.
  9. There's one on my delivery. Because I see it nearly every day I forget how weird it looks then one day I'll look at it and the odd proportions hit me again. Not sure if it's too tall or too short.
  10. Some of you will know I'm building a Model railway in the loft, though there only seem to be about six people on the miniture railwayshite thread so this may be news to most of you. But there's a bit of a crossover here. Skoda made locos and stock for most of the former Eastern Bloc (still do of course, and buses and trams and trolleybuses but they are no longer connected to the car company since the VW takeover) but models of their stuff is very thin on the ground but I have found this. It's not an elegant machine, quite austere and industrial. It's a Czech Railways ES499 made by Piko. They were (and still are) a Dresden based company and at the point this was made were a state owned model railway company. Its not up to the standards of the West German models of the time but way ahead of Hornby whose models were little more than kids toys back then. The printing is superb, it has several Skoda badges on it. Look at that mark at the bottom of the body. It's barely readable to the naked eye, it's about 3mm long and 1mm deep. Probably made sometime in the 1980s, I'm impressed with this scale of printing. I think it goes well with the Favorit, it has the same sort of no nonsense angular design and even the colour is quite close. My potato cam struggles to get both in focus at the same time. I'm sure my proper camera would but I couldn't be bothered to get it so this was the best I could do.
  11. That's a great period extra to have. I don't think I'd play it but it'll look good in the car.
  12. @Andyrew Have done some measuring and I think the tailgate will fit sideways diagonal through the hatch. May have to slide the front seats forward to drop it in but I can probably slide them back again once it's in. Might have to wait a little while, Mrs Yoss doesn't consider it 'essential travel' at the moment.
  13. Ah well, there's only one way to find out. Actually there's several ways. I could measure mine. There really is a lot of room with the seats out. It's a very deep space. We once went to IKEA in the Felicia to look at sofas. Only to look mind, we had no intention of buying one but then we measured one, a small three seater then went back and measured the car and thought we can do this. At this point the back seats were still in the car, but as we know they just fold up and lift out giving you a van in seconds. So the seats came out, the front seats were slid forward, the sofa was unwrapped, all the packaging was discarded in the corner of the car park, all the bits of the sofa were packed in like tetris and the folded rear seats slid in on top of the sofa. I had to drive home with my knees round my elbows but we did it. This is the sofa with Mrs Yoss lounging on it. It's a fair size. So I'm fairly confident the tailgate will fit. Edit: And it's not even an estate.
  14. Yes I meant the cab heater. There's some kind of little radiator in the front of the cab. I can't quite remember as it's been a long time since I had my head up there but there's an in and out pipe from the engine bay. I know this because one of the hoses blew on the A4074 between Reading and Didcot once filling the cab with steam and hot water. Fortunately I was keeping the bus in Didcot at the time and always carried a 5 gallon tub of water for just such occasions. The saloon heaters were fed from a radiator behind that grille above the cab and relied on the bus moving, no blowers involved. Apologies for thread hijack.
  15. Ok. Dunstable and Godstone are about the same really, one just north of the M25 and one just south so you may as well leave them there. I assume the tailgate actually fits in the back of a Favorit (or Felicia, which is the same really). With the seats out obviously.
  16. I think variations of those Smiths heaters were used in lots of old British cars, certainly Leyland ones so they shouldn't be too hard to find. My 1300 doesn't have the big metal tube with the flappy valve as the heater sat nearer the middle of the engine bay (surprising how different the front and rear drive bodies are). Even my Routemaster had the same main blower bit.
  17. Hmm, interesting. Where are you? And when you say your Favorit won't see the road again, what are you going to do with it and what spec is it? It's surprising how different the mk1 and 2 are and how little is interchangeable.
  18. Asda this morning.
  19. That's special. That's old money parking that is.
  20. He found my Favorit for me too. Can't thank him enough for that.
  21. Ah, reading that tripped a little nostalgia switch in my brain. Went there a fair few times. Not with anything too barried, usually a Triumph 2000 or my friends Austin 3-litre.
  22. That must be up there with the MG 6 as cars that were shite as soon as they rolled off the production line. Not in a bad way, just the fact nobody's heard of them (or is that just me) and sold by the dozen rather than the thousand. EDIT: Just been looking at these. It's a 2.4 litre with 4x4 and auto. Now I'm impressed, I was assuming it was gonna be about 1.5 litre basic car, like suzuki do well. This must appeal to the Suzuki demographic about as much as an Austin 3-Litre. Says its ULEZ compliant too on autotrader but that be a lie.
  23. Thanks, apart from mine neither can I.
  24. Are you just making places up now?
  25. My tailgate is perfect and it has the spoiler (which is essential* for putting that 61 bhp down on the road) but I've seen some pretty bad ones. They go under the windscreen on the inside. I don't know why some do and some don't. I have some blistering under the tailgate seal on the body which will be attacked soon but it's only surface at the mo.
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