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  1. That's the Autoshite way.
  2. Are we counting buses? If so this cost me £9k in 1989, bought jointly with a couple of friends. We sold it six years later at a considerable loss due to it needing an engine rebuild. I then bought it back again in 2006 for £12,500. Then sold it again in 2019 but this time I doubled my money. This far outweighed the loss we made first time round so I came out on top after 30 years. If we're not counting buses the car in front of it cost me £2100 in 2012 which was probably a bit too much at the time but I just loved the colour. Had it five years with very few problems so not actually a bad investment but double what I've paid for any other car before or since.
  3. Those plastic dinosaurs appear in at least three of the photos. I would demand they were included in the €266,000 asking price. Would make it slightly better value for money.
  4. It is hard to see where £3k went on that isn't it? If they'd done it themselves it would have cost the price of a bit of plywood. Then you could almost understand it but to pay somebody else just makes no sense. And if he really thought it was that good wouldn't the money be better spent making it work again?
  5. Well done. Don't worry, I'm not offended that you don't want to use our wonderful service. Not for something that important. I think it needs to be picked up personally in Big REV.
  6. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    Right this took a lot of a finding. I have no cataloguing system, just several boxes of packets of photos. I know roughly which packets to look in as they changed over the years as I used different developers. Trouble is Southamptons last Atlantean was February 2005 right in the middle of the winding down of the RMs in London so I've had a lot to go through but here we are. 270 was the only real service bus that day, the others were all preserved*. This is the convoy at the end at Lordshill and as I said I have a very similar picture of the RMs that I was going to compare it with. Now I know exactly where that should be, I have a proper album for those but there is a blank space where it should be as I've obviously taken it out to copy it, probably on here about 50 pages back, and not put it back. But anyway, here are the Atlanteans. And back at Portswood depot, also now demolished and turned in to a Sainsbury's. * By preserved I mean bought for a couple of bags, if that, a few months previously, wether any still exist I don't know. Maybe 268 as he was stripping that down and doing a lot of bodywork. He was keeping it at Flexford where I had my bus until about four years ago but then we all had to move and I've not seen it since.
  7. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    I was on it that day too. It was one of Phil Blairs at the time I think. We did a painful trip on the 14 as it refused to change down gears and we struggled up Cobden Ave at walking pace in top with a nice burning rubber smell filling the back of the lower saloon. That was a good day with a nice convoy for the last run that ended up at Lordshill coincidentally at the same bus stop that the Routemasters finished at 16 years earlier. I have very similar photos from both events. I know I mock them but it is with fondness really and CityBus did well to keep them going until 2005. Yes, they're just little chrome vents but where the air went I don't know. Perhaps they just ran air in between the inner and outer panels in a vain attempt to stop the frames rusting.
  8. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    And that's about a five minute walk from Lisbon Road! I wish I'd got more pictures of them in their later years, though that livery wasn't at all photogenic. But some of the additions to hold them together were comical. The little strips of aluminium that were riveted to a window frame, bent around the pillar then riveted to the next window frame were quite subtle and the the fact they would do a whole bus made them look almost like they were meant to be there. Less subtle were the bits of sheet ally that were bent to fit between the top of the upstairs front bulkhead and the panel just underneath the front windows. And riveted on of course. But left in bare ally. Best of all were the pseudo tree deflectors. Lots of buses have them now but these were made of bits of old Leyland Lynx handrail. You could tell as they had that sort of diamond pattern on them. They would be welded on just under the front window and bent to go over the fibreglass roof 'dome' and attached to the first roof strut thing. But they only seemed to be fitted to the buses that also had the internal reinforcements too. Coincidence? I really should go and dig out some of my Atlantean pics.
  9. They're not. You are just a very lucky man.
  10. Saw this earlier and thought it was stupid cheap by current standards but it fits with what's been said above. I know it's a 60s car but it's a 50s design. I know it's got 5 days left but if it was ten years newer and a Ford, any Ford, it would have 20 bids and be in to five figures by now. It was MOTd until July despite not needing to be so looks to have been looked after. Tidy but not a show car, looks very usable. Also my Triumph. I seem to have the most undesirable Triumph around, a 1300 FWD. I don't know about prices dropping, they never went up in the first place. Which suits me fine.
  11. As much I like Shadows, if I needed a wedding car I'd go for the C6 every time. But is that just the Autoshite state of mind?
  12. I run a Favorit and a Felicia as dailys. Although me and Mrs Yoss work at the same place we don't do the same hours so both get used every day with no problems at all. There's certainly no spares issues yet, not for general service and mechanical items anyway. I also have a 1969 Triumph 1300 as a back up but I've never needed to use it. I mean I do occasionally take the Triumph to work but only because I want to, not out of necessity. The Favorit was top of the range in 1992 so it has a rev counter, sunroof, velour seats and door trim inserts, alloy wheels, front fog lights and a great big rubber boot spoiler. The Felicia is also top of the range but six years newer and in that time gained power steering, ABS, two airbags and pre tensioning seat belts, heated electric mirrors, anti roll bars and a removable plastic lunch box (about as useful as the spoiler on the Fav but all cars have their gimmicks don't they). Both have DAB radios fitted by me. I don't think you need more than that, everything else is just gimmicks. I don't need buttons on my steering wheel because I can easily reach the ones on the dashboard. Despite only being six years newer and based on the same underpinnings the Felicia feels far more modern and handles and brakes better than the Fav though the Fav is more fun but I wouldn't hesitate to jump in either and go anywhere. I'm planning on keeping both until I am forced by law to go electric.
  13. Yoss

    Bus Shite

    That does sum up Atlantean vs VR nicely. We had both here in Southampton. It's true, you could hear Atlanteans miles away, literally. On a quiet morning I could hear them leaving Lordshill a full four minutes before they arrived at my stop. I could hear every gear change and intermediate stop as the engine note changed. The engine is practically outside, that fibreglass housing has no real soundproofing. The VR was a much better put together bus (our Atlanteans had East Lancs bodies which were just about the cheapest you could buy and they looked like it) and much quieter from outside. But inside, despite the racket going on outside, the Atlantean was a quieter more comfortable place to be. The VR seemed much hotter inside too, not helped by the brown vinyl seats. I used Atlanteans every day (apart from the year and a bit we had Routemasters, but even then I fancied an Atlantean occasionally) and the only two places I sat, if available, were the upstairs front seats or downstairs at the back. For a while I was on nights and would catch one home just after 6am and would always sit by the engine. It was a really cosy place to be and you could have a little nap on the way home. I only missed my stop a couple of times and only by a couple of stops, still walking distance!
  14. As you say, it could be the rear flexis. Even if there are two of them they are probably the same age so would deteriorate evenly. If they are collapsing internally they'll open up with the pressure of putting your foot on the pedal but there's not enough pressure on the return so the brakes stay on partially. Would rear flexis have to come from Aus? The fittings are fairly standard, you just need to find the length.
  15. There was no lift shaft to fall in to. I was in the lift, the lift was in the shaft, they tend to be quite a tight fit. Its not like I was outside levering the outer doors open.
  16. There's all sorts to like in that picture but those prams are fabulous.
  17. I must admit that never even occurred to me. Although once the doors were being held open I was out in about two seconds so had it restarted I reckon I'd still be out in time.
  18. Today I got stuck in a lift. It just stopped with a massive bang. It went from moving to not moving instantly. I was able to slide the inner door open easily, though it kept wanting to spring back. From here I could see I was between floors with the floor roughly at chest level. But the outer doors of either floor wouldn't budge. So I pressed the emergency button and got a terrible line to a woman somewhere. Luckily she could here me but she was all Norman Collier to me. But after about ten minutes she'd figured out where I was and said someone was on their way. So I sat there for another ten minutes but got bored (my phone worked for phone calls but not Internet so I couldn't even browse AS). I have a very low boredom threshold. So I thought let's have another look at this outer door. I soon found this bit moved up and down. And when you lifted it you could just slide the outer door open. You can clearly see my foot wedging the inner door open and that's the first floor at the top of the picture. Once the door was open I could tantalisingly see the outside world. This doesn't show the perspective well but I was pinning one door open with my foot and holding the other open with one hand whilst trying to take a picture with the other. Anyway, it was about a four or five foot drop to the floor. So I stood there for a bit contemplating the best way out. Both doors were spring loaded and I had a bag of mail with me. But just then somebody came in the main door so I asked them to hold the doors and I jumped out, thanked them and left. I was a couple of blocks up the road when I saw a Stour Lifts van turn into the car park. That was about half an hour later, so that's not bad, certainly better than the AA or RAC these days. I thought about walking back to explain the empty lift but I was late by now and he's a lift engineer, he should be able to figure out how I escaped on his own.
  19. Škoda wheels and Maxi 1750 badges. One and a half Estelles died to make this. What else is in it?
  20. My first Crab, an 18/85S. Best car I ever owned. T'was an auto but the kickdown dropped it into exactly the right rev range and it would take off like the Starship Enterprise going in to warp drive and the Rover wheels with 185/14s would keep it going wherever you pointed it. Rust was rampant, that's what killed it. A sort of before and after. A later Wolseley Six. More refined but not as fun. Same wheels. And a friends luminous Harvest Gold Six. It's not quite this bright in real life but not far off. He still owns this.
  21. If I'd owned it then I'd have gone for a set of RS alloys. It's why I have Sprint wheels on my Triumph 1300TC (bought in 1995 but I had the wheels long before that on previous Triumphs). Also had SD1 alloys on my Landcrabs, it was the thing to do.
  22. I don't like them but I like the idea I've never seen anything like them. If I'd owned it back in the day I would have binned them but if I owned it now I'd keep them for the interest. I've no idea when the bin/keep crossover date would have been. Nostalgia eh...
  23. It was oddly foggy all the way back to Bicester when I left. Cleared on the A34, I guess the cars blew it away, it wasn't proper fog.
  24. Two things struck me on the way home. One is I didn't chip in for the fish and chips. I'm sure this can be redressed somehow. The other is I left my spare battery in the Manta. Maybe one can cancel out the other? It's not a great battery, it's only an 063 and may not last more than a week without use. I had trickle charged it for the last couple of days and it's fine if you do that. You can keep it for jobs like that, makes a bit more room in my garage, not that it looks any better. The Triumph went well. It's been a long time since it went that far. It does love a good A road punctuated by roundabouts, particularly the roundabouts. Every time I use it I think the gearbox has got noisier but I think that's just where I've not used it and forgotten how whiny it is. It's been like it since 2008 when I fitted it. I have a spare but I don't know what that's like either and they don't exactly grow on trees so I'd like to keep this one as long as possible (visions of Triumph FWD gearboxes hanging from branches, it would have to be a bloody strong tree, I think they'd be more of a root vegetable). The only slight hiccup was at the bottom of the A34 where you join the M3 where it decided it didn't want to select either 1st or 2nd gear. As there was someone behind behind me I panicked a bit and tried pulling away in third which it managed but not happily and with much clutch burning smell. By the time I reached Southampton it was fine again. This makes no sense but anybody familiar with the Triumph FWD gearbox will understand.
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