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  1. I was following an SUV of some kind recently which also had a stoopid looking narrow cabin and wide track; can't recall what it was tho soz.
  2. Yet another contender for SOTY. Sapphs can still be found but in 1.6 L spec? Not very much. There was some other stuff too, also from as recently as today.
  3. Three of the five vowels can't be bad. I wonder if anyone has UAE10
  4. Never did like the styling of these but in this 2020, my opinion is changed to a positive. Nice to see a 200SX that isn't all DRIFTMONGYO. Also, purple. Still not sure about the rimz. Nice plate tho. Oooh, a scene. One owner and 27,000 miles. I could SWAN about in this, no bother. Some bASe Malaysian joy. Want level is sepuluh.
  5. It's all about the details. I spotted this and thought "interesting modern" and lo, it's a wheelchair access conversion. Not a delivery vehicle. Still fairly common but they'll likely disappear one day along with their late owners. A re-spot from 2017, still hanging in there with the help of wob. A re-spot from 2018. Oooh.
  6. In this interminably awful year, October seems like a good place to be 'cos we are that much nearer to 2021. A brand new calendar won't change the shit state of everything of course but I take my smol comforts wherever I can. Big comforts can be found in this Alphard. Big* powers in this V5 Golf. Always a pleasure to see an old Volvo estate. A well ventilated container full of crap. And a portaloo. Does anyone pay much attention to vans? I try to. These are quite hard to spot nowadays. It's very green and has a good old fashioned
  7. Earlier this week, I found myself trapped in traffic behind a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. No photo as I wouldn't want to inflict it on anyone with a morning head. Think two giant Duplo bricks with metallic paint. Later, I found out there's a wallet-Barry version with the catchy* moniker of "Novitec Cullinan Overdose by SPOFEC". "Overdose" FFS
  8. Oops, nearly forgot this one. "Pam" has excellent taste in 'shite.
  9. A contender for my Spot Of The Year; 2L GL with manual 'box.
  10. A couple of spots that started life in Swedenshire; this XC70 Cross Country looks a bit bASe in white, apart from the decadent alloys of course. That's more like it. On the hoof grabshot of an A70 Supra. W202s are starting to thin out nowadays; this one is 2.4L Still a fair few of these around my way. Fairly early MGF Two 205s in one day? I was fairly* pleased.
  11. Stickerage suggests a female owner; perhaps she's bovver in that special time of the month. Wouldn't want to find out TBH
  12. Soarer that's gone a bit Sauron or summat. Not my cup of tea but someone's enjoying it. Again, make your vehicle whatever you want it to be. MOT history recommends a weldathon; if it hasn't been done, I hope it will be. Sacre vert! Ooooh those rims.
  13. September is turning out to be a month of peaks and troughs, spotting-wise. Not sure where to place this Primera on the graph. One of those Mustangs that were imported in LHD before Ford USA cottoned on to the RHD money they could trouser. John Cooper Works GP Semi-abandoned Elise These are really scarce now in my areas. Living in luxury Sacre bleu! Sorry, sacre blanc!
  14. Wildspots were limited this month; here's a re-spot to fill out the post. Like the Look of this Landy. Those mirror mounts are magnifique, oui? Early Avensis in not so common estate version. Another 240 GLT... ... with unusual spotlamps.
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