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  1. This thread needs a bigger "Like" button.
  2. A P14SMA A second of confusion and then I noticed that the van was owned by a company flogging home entertainment equipment. SOF 4T Merc with disabled badge; didn't see its 400-stone owner tho.
  3. Just a few street spots 'cos the month of January is so bloody awful in general; I only put this here 'cos the parking is pretty terrible and that number plate. B/W 'cos the oranges came out as purples for some digital reason. Fascinating* Cheating again because Aston Martin dealership but this is one of the ninety-nine Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brakes.
  4. My old man had a '66 1200 deluxe back in the day and I'm fairly* certain it also had that whitewall tyres thing going on. Deffo had those wheel trims. The nearest thing you'll see to mid-'80s council estate chod in 2020. Oooh, it's one of them fancy Sports Hatch Vivas. I would have moved the sign to make the better photos but it looked a bit flimsy. Registered as a 408 but I've managed to convince myself that it is in fact a Bulgarian-built 1360. Junkman would have loved this I believe; I certainly did. AMERICAN VASTNESS Yes, it was making RUMRUMRUMRUM noises in the bassy ends of the ranges. Blimey, a beige Opel Rekord that's been UK registered from new.
  5. Here we go then! New Year's Day Gathering at Brooklands kicks off the new year as usual. A full-fat Mondeo (I consider the ST to be full-phat). A pride of Prides. A summat (summit?) of Metros. A car that evolved... A Plah that the OAPs probably wouldn't like. Some DVLA confusions abound. Rover or Austin? Who cares, it's a van.
  6. Not from that thread but one of my flickr friends caught this one:
  7. Seen a few at shows but the last one I caught in the wild was back in 2012. Not diesel! 1.6 LX automatic.
  8. The father of a schoolfriend had an XA Falcon wagon with the 4.9L V8. This was in 1980 but I've no idea if it was officially imported.
  9. One from my archives, seen in the year 2014. Both have Junkman approved automatic 'boxes for additional interesting.
  10. And now, let's take a look back at 1995.
  11. I didn't add it to the thread because re-spot and not a great photo.
  12. Spot Of The Year awards because I heart this hobby: Second runner-up: First runner-up: Joint winners because I never expected to find something like these in one place: Happy New Year, everyone.
  13. "And now, the end is near" as sung by various artistes over the years. Still a fair few Rover MG's out there? 1.4 Match which suggests bASe-ish dealer specialler to me. Oooh, nice. An '86 XR3i ragtop. While I was framing up a shot of ^, an A-plate MG Metro drove on through but I didn't catch it. GUTTEDFACE Driven by "a woman of a certain age" and not a yoot. No SCENEYO stickers anywhere, just the yoot-ish alloys. A lovely sight on the last day of the year and decade. The owner turned up at just the right time to turn the lights on for me*.
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