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  1. There's a thin line between truth and lies trulth
  2. Hot-ish Saxo Early Mk4 Serck-tastic Clipper 728i looking base-ish in white Nice. Nicer.
  3. HML suggests there's loads of 807s over here; this is the first one I've noticed and it's not even British (I could get a spot on GB News with this scoop) We all anthropomorphisise (sp?) vehicles whether we like it or not; monobrow Transit with a stupid hat and bus wheeltrims. This sort of rural-looking machinery is an unusual sight within the M25 perimeter. More of this sort of rural machinery; a Great Wall Steed that totally took a wrong turn off the M42 or some other Godforsaken backroad. Ooh, a Dodge Durango. That name sounds a bit Tarantino-esque to me.
  4. I saw this and thought of @dollywobbler Japanesicals.
  5. More re-spots; nice to see they are still alive.
  6. A misty start to October, let us commence with a re-spotted Corolla Exec. Rolling resto 525tds
  7. Cayman GT4: I presume it is wild
  8. @JJ0063 I did my Direct Access in 1999 and the subsequent two years provided some of the best memories of my entire life. Whatever bike you choose to ride, you won't have to try very hard to enjoy (nearly) every minute you're on it.
  9. Surprisingly not painted in the livery of *that* plumbing company; maybe they're operating undercover.
  10. Finally, a handful of spots from the proper wild. Looong LDV Those windows. A specific requirement for Monarch Airlines perhaps. Immaculate and early E46. Jubilee Edition. Cadillac not living the American Dream. Possibly the American Reality should you choose to go down a youtube rabbit hole. Never seen one outside of a show environ.
  11. The seppo who designed this lump of fiberglass must be in love with England: he named it the Tiffin Allegro Talbot Express camper designed by a Corrie fan (it's a Holdsworth Topic) Don't see many G-Wagens of 1986 vintage nowadays. Oooh, a poggy 1.0 Fox Deutsche-plated Jetta Still not often I see a saloon from this era. Thinking about it, mid-80s estates are also scarce now.
  12. These will soon disappear without trace and without acknowledgement I fear. The daft name doesn't help. Oooh, three-spokes. Streetwise in a field Some re-spots that will always be worth re-recording.
  13. They're not getting any commoner 'round my areas. There's more chance of spotting a 45 to be honest. Never seen an estate P12 before now.
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