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  1. I spotted a broken down Tesla Model 3 earlier this year and it wasn't on fire for some reason.
  2. When you've got the perma-poppy and you need MOAR PATROTISM
  3. O/S wing in same shade; appears to be contrived but can't be sure.
  4. Spotted just this week in Pembrokeshire; despite extensive* research, I haven't found any photos of a CF with a 3-piece windscreen arrangement.
  5. Is this a "great plate"? I'll let you be the "judge" of that A photo taken from the driver's side would have featured a pair of smooching teenagers (a "courting couple" in old person speak) in the background but I didn't want them to spot me and think I was a fucking nonce
  6. I don't want to be too graphic but my cock is straighter than the shut lines on this thing.
  7. Quite certain I've never spotted a 45 in this shade. Pretty sure I spotted a 25 in it tho.
  8. U BO4T Spotted on a Touareg; if it were me, I would have gone for DA5 8OOT
  9. A frosty finale to the January selection. Lacetti of the Daewoo incarnation. Early K11 and late 2CV... TOGETHER Previously spotted in 2021 with added frozen water photogenetics. I still see a few of these around but my spotting radar may be using old calibration data. Oooh, Silvia. UK registered from new so decals may be SCENEYO. I've seen this a few times over the years and this is the first* time the owner has reversed onto the driveway.
  10. Oh, whats that over there? Why, it's a Jurgens Autovilla bearing a South African licence plate, a parking ticket and a Council Removal Notice. Went back the next day because better light and the documentation submitted by The Man has been removed. Two days later it was gone; by the hands of owner or Council, who knows. I remember a time when Hs were non-existant in the UK. Still enjoy seeing 'em tho. Explorer in 4.0L V6 flavor. Gopping when new, a bit like the final incarnation of the Scorpio was. Nowadays, loverly*.
  11. Some Archishite that caught my attention. Looks quite incongruous on a residential street. Mer u y Motors was established in 1941. Orbit Electronics was established in the 1980s; that's "Data 70 Font" I believe and the sticky-out sign has the 081- phone number on it.
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