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  1. A bunch of in-the-wild spots to conclude the month of September. Bertone X1/9 Sub-30,000 miler Alto Move. Great name for a car 'cos that's what they are designed to do. Ooof. Another local car that has been very evasive for some years. Lomax 223 with Guzzi power. Getting very thin on the ground nowadays. Well this is just lovely.
  2. Historics auction: Previously seen in the Lazy Spotter's thread but needs to be seen again, such is it's goriousness. I believe a load of pissed-up Hooray Henries decided to recreate The Italian Job. Fair play to 'em. Lovely XJ with less than 12k on the clock. Corona coupe imported from SA. As a child in the early '70s, I was the proud owner of a Triang Gadabout pedal car which looked a bit like a mid-60s Ford Falcon IIRC. Had I been blessed with one of these, I may have grown up to become a pissed-up Hooray Henry.
  3. Brooklands American Day: I saw this, thought of @Junkman and then felt a bit wistful. Brooklands Capri Day: When your Rover V8 isn't enough, simply* pile a couple of superchargers on top of it. I did wonder WTF was going on here; turns out it's a sub-5000 miler. That's some evangelical stonechip protection going on tho. 1.6 L... Meanwhile, outside in the visitor parking areas... the rear ends of two FWD hot Escorts. Another arse end. Very clean it was. Justy.... A major highlight of the year for me; Taunus 20M RS.
  4. September 1st: Walton Bridge Breakfast Club. Oooh, it's like the one that @PhilA is currently restoring, only with less doors. Haven't seen a 100 saloon in a very long while. Acclaim.. Premium Plus was a dealer special from what I can gather. Waftability. Crusader... A bit handbag but 2.8 pre-facelift desirability. What an unassuming beauty this is, what with it's 200ci motor and everything else about it.
  5. N121 MR T (spaced as such on a Boxster) I pity the fool who can figure that one out.
  6. It has a less photogenic near neighbour.
  7. That's a Daihatsu Hijet underneath these autumnally pretty red leaves.
  8. Aaah, looks to be an Eriba-Car.
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