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  1. Spotted this from the rear and thought Bedford TK. Pleased to discover it was in fact an Austin FFK. Thank you google. An adjacent Ford Pilot was a slightly less unlikely vehicle to find parked up on a suburban side street. Rubber bumper Midget under the cover there. Mmmm. Ghia X V6. Homer Simpson drool. Th The streamlined 323F is disappearing a bit fast now. A few highlights from the Shepperton Classic Cars meet to conclude the month of July. The not pictured Gilbern Invader that was also present features in a much recommended thread owned by 95 quid Peugeot (forgot how to do the linky thing there)
  2. Rarely spotted outside of the show environ. Oooh, nice. A lovely looking car when new and the design has aged gracefully. The automotive equivalent of MILF It's another late '90s Fiesta. Zetec and less bangernomic this time. A re-spot again with some minor detail changes. Still one of the greatest affordable homes in London I've ever spotted. Neither a home nor affordable. Nor a car. This is "Astoria", a 1911 houseboat converted into a recording studio and owned by Dave Gilmour of the popular beat combo known as Pink Floyd. Who's that grey haired chap striding up the garden there? Wish He Was There. Well, it might* be him....
  3. This 205 Rallye was in for MOT and absolutely stank of petrol. Personally, I would have failed it solely on the (not pictured) interior which was MINGING Some repairs happened to the fuel system and it passed. Good. Never seen an R8 that's been old skooled before now. A re-spotted Carlsson from the rear this time. There's a 'Dub scene in Jersey apparently. Spotted this from the rear and thought Piaggio Ape. Pleased to discover it was in fact an Innocenti Lambro 175.
  4. PHEW WHAT A SCORCHER (in the SE) Before I assume a liquid form and end the day as a congealed puddle of cholesterol and scar tissue, here's some July spottings. Sherpa living quarters. Bangernomic bASe Fiesta Cherished plate on a cherished R8 Gold. Always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know, you're indestructible. 15,000 miles on this little Knightsbridge fucker. Nice, innit. Hardly ever see Espaces nowadays and this generation is even more hardly ever seen-er.
  5. Like a (hypothetical) Metro Streetwise, a Peugeot J7 and a Merc C126. For ginormous children.
  6. I hardly ever take full shots of engine bays but there may be some clues here.
  7. I nearly fell off my camera when this turned up at a local meet last Sunday.
  8. BPE11H BMW 2000 CS Oooft.
  9. Here's a Lagonda 2-Litre Tourer that looks quite like ^
  10. London-bound on the A3 this afternoon, a UK-registered Hyundai Grandeur V6.
  11. Not spectacular spottings to end the June thanks to virus and ting. Golf owned by a yoot I presume. Good on him or her. I read somewhere on AS that these are regarded as shit in France? 'Cos they're quite rare on this side of le Chanel n'est pas? Don't see the GTV on the street much these days. This one is a bit lacquer peely. A luxury coupe when new but looking a bit tired now. BAGGEDYO (I have no idea what the yoot would actually describe this as and that's exactly how the world should be). It were all slot mags and jack-ups back in my day. I suspect this a new addition to the smol plumber's stable. Others can be found ^ up there somewhere. Previously seen in the "colour" thread. Oooh, a denim Beetle. For the 'Dubber who doesn't have to try... too hard.
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