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  1. A subtle alternative to an hilarious* decal featuring Calvin urinating on a Porsche logo
  2. Appears to have been registered as such from new back in 1999.
  3. TDW ORGASM DENIAL @tobydThanks for keeping the technical stuff stable.
  4. Previously seen in the Mismatched Panels thread. LT with round headlamps. Scarce. Wow. Wow again. Anglicised German plates if you are wondering.
  5. British Brute Bavarian Baur Bleu... Blue... Sacre bleu! BX 14 RE
  6. A nice bronze colour. Priceyplate on an Arctic II Been watching some Korean films and dramas on Netflix recently; the accents don't upset me because subtitles but the deference does. Pillarless aren't they. Always lovely to spot a saloon. Looks so much better without the faux animal deflector up front.
  7. Thirty years old now and just parked up on the street. Not an everyday spot in a Tesco car park. A couple of Rovers would be more expectable. Another Carina II in the same Tesco car park as PAM4H back up thereaways ^
  8. It was either this thread or that one; I stand by my decision.
  9. The family silver could do with a polish.
  10. I love a modern tribute to better* times, me. Is this the very definition of walletshite?
  11. That's about it from the car boot car parks, apart from a couple of speshul spots. Meanwhile; street machine, out on the streets. It's just car enthusiasts, modifying their cars and enjoying themselves. Fair play to all of them I say. Back in my day, it was like this. I owned a V6 Mk1 Cortina in the mid-'80s and I am empathising with Ver Kids of Now
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