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  1. So there's this annual event held in Bushy Park called "Chestnut Sunday". All the chestnuts come out or summat, fucked if I know. Hydrogen-powered cars are one of our possible futures and I'm comfortable with that. In this instance, it's a Toyota Mirai. Back in the olden days, I presume one could get not-Whippy cones from a vehicle such as this. By golly, this was a treat. Probably should have stuck this in the Truck thread but couldn't find it right now, soz. That's an early one was my first thought and my second thought was Dave Numbers. Look at the arse on that. I heart late '90s Gixxers Similar colours but quite the different motoring experience. Still seems odd seeing the MG octagon on a thing like this Oooh, a Kia Magentis. Not managed to photo one before now.
  2. Extraneous badging makes it hard to work out what we have here but I happen to know this is an Ital that's been fitted with a Marina front end and a Rover M-Series. That Marina front end: (LIBRARY PIC) More from the same* factory. Early Focus Quite liek the lack of wheel covers here; might be futureshite. Quite fancy a Suzuki Baleno estate because reasons. Some re-spots: 1990* Escort At last, an almost front view. Accessorized Previously not-seen in the "No Photo Spotted" thread.
  3. Hey, our glorious* leader officially left office today so let's get stuck into the darling spots of May. Auto Italia at Brooklands: there were Integrales galore obvs but this cooking Delta won my Best In Show award. First Runner Up: Kappa Coupe powered by the 5-pot Turbo (one of 499 built) Second Runner Up: registered in the UK from new.
  4. British Marques Day at Brooklands; a hot Japanese model You will get noticed if you drive a three-wheeler. Oooh, a Saab wagon. Highlight from within the venue: 2300 SD1 that was languishing in a shed for 18 years and has recently been brought back to life.
  5. Hello, is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me. It seems that I missed adding a few spots from the end of April; I blame forum turmoil meself. Hanging on or just hanging. Impressively filthy in places. Nice little Pug Don't see many Signums these days. Nor Phase 1 Megane Scenics. Daft stickers aside, this was a pleasing spot.
  6. P333KKK A very white Hummer H3. I wonder if it will be taking part in the PUSA's impending motorcade.
  7. Previously owned by James Hunt so it has most definitely appeared in print. https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2018-11-24/motorcars/ref-8-1979-mercedes-benz-450-sel/
  8. Interesting to see that Cavalier up in Norfolk, it lives (or perhaps used to live) not far away from me. The guy paid £650 for it in 2014 and was his third Cavalier in a row so obvs a fan of 'em. EDIT: Just had a quick look at the auctioneers website, they don't appear to sell motors. Maybe it's up there on holiday.
  9. OK, let us enjoy the last few spots from April. Mazda 626 starting to get a bit bangernomical. JDMs interest me; this one is a Nissan Tiida. "Who Killed Bambi?" sang matey out of Tenpole Tudor. A few similarly monikered camper vans do live on tho. Quite an early W202. A very early S-Type. Quite a bangernomical Corsa B. Is there a "Preview" button amongst all these new-fangled changes? Can't see one so here goes.....
  10. A test post; will this photo appear as thumbnail or full size?
  11. I'm sure I've read some threads implying that Scotland can state with confidence that "ALL YOUR VOLVO ARE BELONG TO US" but this one has been imprisoned within the confines of the M25. The way things are going in this fucked-up nation, I may break into it and claim political asylum. Dunno what that plate is meant to say. Fade to white Not an everyday sight when on spotting Patrol Not-scene Golf; an older person's shed. I always knew the hippies were hip. Not just any old Gooner; a V6 Monaco. It looks anonymous and it sounded lovely.
  12. Plastered. Oooh, a 323F of the extra cylinders persuasion. Very tidy Ghia. Bargain bASement executive; 2.8 with *gasp* wheel covers. Previously not-seen in the "No photo spotted thread"; I finally caught it. DELIGHTED Previously seen in the thread u r in; now with frontal view. Crikey, these are getting a bit rare now. One owner Astra. Deffo makes it into the Top 10 of this year's spots.
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