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  1. I'll have to buy a copy of that; don't know if you've seen this guy's Irish work, he's a well known motorbike racing photographer with a love for old petrol stations https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/great-gas-a-history-of-modern-ireland-in-old-petrol-stations-1.4154107
  2. A mate had a 1993 Japanese import one of these around 2002 with a 1.8; looked like an eGT with gingercators but seemed faster than any 2.0 I ever drove Even a 2.0d another mate had the guts of 20 years ago was sharper than you'd think Tbh, I don't think I've seen a P11 in the wild for a good while, let alone a P10; even P12s seem to be thinning out by now
  3. He's around 70 now and fighting fit; I'd say it's likely to be developed soon, there literally is thousands of houses being built in 15 square miles around here; in rural Wicklow. Arklow, Rathdrum and Wicklow town are growing more now than during the 00s boom. We're thinking about moving elsewhere tbh
  4. Many moons ago I worked for a guy who owned an old station on that branch line; he'd bought all the station buildings and approximately 15 acres in 1971. For £800. He used it for his business until he retired and has left it idle since; it's on the edge of an expanding town and he knows well the payday that's coming
  5. Have a picture of the water tank for the closed train line opposite the garage; much of the track bed has been turned to a Greenway and many of the station buildings are now houses
  6. Norman Pratt was the owner, dead around 10 years, his wife still has a b and b nearby. Garage closed around 2000. His sons would be well known and regarded in the trade; they run a body shop and dealership (was Renault, unsure now) in Carlow town. Apparently there's a 127 round the back
  7. Locally famous abandoned Fiat garage (Pratt's of Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow) I pass from time to time, chock full of Uno's, Punto s, a Tempra and a few random Alfa 155/156. Apologies for the poor photos
  8. By the reg (06WXxxxxx, 5/6 digit after county marker is an import post 2012) it's imported Proton were actually pretty popular in Ireland around 1990; I can think of a few dealers on the east coast around that time (Aughrim, Shillelagh, Kilternan and Monkstown) and I reckon there were a good few more (Protons were a common sight until at least 2000)
  9. 1970 Toyota Corona - €2250 https://www.donedeal.com/vintagecars-for-sale/toyota-corona-1970/26098016
  10. What car is this filmed from please?
  11. I think the 25 was originally priced a good bit higher too; neither look a terrible buy at those prices though I'd say the Corolla would be a lovely revvy little thing and fun with the skinny rubber, but underdamped for Irish roads and the 25 must be ponderous with that lump, but I would be happy enough with either; when did you last see one?
  12. 1991 Renault 25 with a 2068cc diesel conversion from an 18/20 - €1500 including a spares car
  13. 1960 Austin Princess A135 - €1500 https://www.donedeal.com/vintagecars-for-sale/1960-austin-princess-a135/25984206 Looks like a taxi by the passanger door; original Irish too, would love to know its history (think that's a Dublin reg)
  14. That's funny, just noticed that Tercel above and had the same thought 1977 Simca 1000 - €2400 https://www.donedeal.com/vintagecars-for-sale/1977-simca-1000-saloon/25927981
  15. It's almost certainly a UK import being RHD and by its number probably came in between 2010 and 2013; I actually liked the numbering system like this; really can't abide by ZV plates and certainly no because they apply to imports up to 1990
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