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  1. "You're through to the parts department how can I help?" "Hi, I need to get 4 subframe bolts and captive nuts for a Corsa C please" "Okay, Vauxhall sell them in packs of five so you'll have to by five" "Riiiight... Okay fine - how soon can you get them?" "Oh we're past the cut off point for the weekend now so won't be til Monday" "Brilliant [emoji849]" "The total for your order is £39.50" For four sodding bolts. Or rather five and one that I don't bloody need. Grrrrrr. Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Tapatalk
  2. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201912185457411?price-to=2000&radius=50&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=relevance&postcode=cv364ep&page=1 "Been in storage for 13 years" Yeah, stored in a sodding hedge! What a ridiculous claim... The ad gives Ansel Adams a run for his money photography wise too...
  3. What sort of parts are you after? I know a man who's breaking a 1.8 one of these, but not sure how many bits he has left Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Tapatalk
  4. I haven't the foggiest what this is, but it's a Datsun of some description, complete with AA badges: Interestingly, badged as both a Nissan and a Datsun - I didn't know this was a thing? Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Tapatalk
  5. Evening all, Been far too long since I updated this thread a bit... apologies I've spent a bit of time attempting to fix the misfire - it was definitely an air leak somewhere, as I could hear the whistling noise. However, in attempting to diagnose where the air leak was I discovered a few other issues. - The inlet manifold gaskets are indeed perished, hard and no good at making a decent seal - The injectors are knackered - some of them just fell apart on removal, others are in desperate need of new seals (£10 per injector!) - The earth strap between the engine and the chassis is knackered and needs replacing I also had a better poke around underneath - what appeared to be quite a clean and tidy underside (fnar fnar) on first inspection is not - there is underseal covering a lot of rust. The underseal just pulls off and beneath it is rust. To make matters worse, the rust on the wheel arches has got substantially worse recently. My conclusion is, that she's not worth saving, as she'll require a load of cash just to get the engine running properly, and that's before sorting all the rust. So, before I get rid of it, any of you other XJ8/XJR own gents on here need any bits? Get in touch with a PM, you're welcome to any of it bar the wheels (Unless you've got a manky old set you can part exchange so I can roll it onto a scrap lorry) and we can discuss prices once the condition of the bits has been ascertained. Thanks, Abelw44
  6. That A6 is absolutely awesome, without the horrible alloys of course. I bet it's glacially slow with a 1.8 - presumably has a calendar rather than a speedo.... Sent from my TA-1024 using Tapatalk
  7. Right then chaps, I've done a bit of fault finding, with the help of a friend who is a superb mechanic, and discovered a few major things. First thing, is that I think the knocking noise is not the gearbox at all, and is actual a misfire. The engine is definitely misfiring and I suspect the unburnt fuel in the cylinders is what is causing the knocking. I think the misfire is being caused by an air leak through the intake manifold gasket, as I can hear air being sucked in when revving the engine and having sprayed some brake cleaner as a make shift smoke machine I can see that it is being blown around near the seal for the intake manifold. So, I'm hoping that this misfire and consequent engine management light might be the main source of issue - i.e. I hope that the engine, due to it's misfire, is sending inaccurate signals to the gearbox, causing it to change at inappropriate times which gives the jerky/uneven changes. As I understand it, Hooli had the gearbox fluid changed at least once in an attempt to remedy the issues, but I'm going to try doing it again, ensuring that I've got all of the old oil out, replacing the filter and ensuring the car is as level as possible before refilling. Hopefully the combination of this, fixing the air leak and resetting some fault codes might produce a result! I will keep the thread updated as I attempt to solve these issues... Thanks, Abelw44
  8. Afternoon all, I'm afraid after moving the Jag out of my workshop and back home today, I realise she is in a very bad way. She's developed a few nasty flaws, the gearbox is knocking badly and it now has an engine management light. So for the time being I'm removing it from sale/roffle as I wouldn't feel right punting on this colossal money pit onto another member of the Autoshite collective, nor would any of them be daft enough to buy it having inspected it. I will work out what my plan for her is and report back once a decision has been made. Apologies all. abelw44 Sent from my TA-1024 using Tapatalk
  9. List updatificated! Just so everyone is aware, I have a gentleman coming to view the car at some point next week, though not sure if he will actually want to buy it. Just wanted to be clear that there is potential for the roffle not to go ahead. On the other hand, if everyone gets on and buys a load of tickets sharpish, then I will obviously roffle it first! Thanks, abelw44
  10. Splendid, glad to see a few more tickets coming in - I will update the list this evening! Thanks, Abelw44 Sent from my TA-1024 using Tapatalk
  11. Wot he said ^^^ Sent from my TA-1024 using Tapatalk
  12. Come on then chaps and chapesses, roll up, roll up, let's get this barge shifted onwards! She's sat here doing nothing, looking sad, needs a new owner to cherish her and waft along in her. Just think how much the school run, the morning commute and nipping to the shops will all be improved by doing them in a V8 Jaaaag... Get yourselves some tickets people! Thanks, Abelw44 Sent from my TA-1024 using Tapatalk
  13. Consider yourself fully randoms - apologies for missing you, not sure how I managed that! Ta, abelw44
  14. Right then, Apologies for the absurdly long time it's taken me to update this list, but I have only just got to a computer to do it! I think we're all up to date now, but do shout if I've missed you out and I'll add you on! In the mean time, buy more tickets, tell your friends to buy tickets, tell members of the general public to buy tickets - anyone! You know you want it, imagine the feeling of swanning about in your £13.50 XJ8! Wafting down to the pub for a pint, sitting in a sumptuous leather seat whilst the steam billows out and you wait for the RAC man, claiming to have "left your wallet in the Jaaaaaaag" while out for dinner - all these unmissable experiences for a meagre 13 and a half squids! Come on folks, one foot in front of the other, your body'll follow - they call it walkin! If you don't see value 'ere today, you've not come up 'ere shoppin' and so on and so forth... Get buying those tickets please! Thanks, Abelw44
  15. Apologies chaps, haven't been able to get to a computer to update the list, and Tapatalk doesn't seem to like doing it.. Yes, the car is just outside Oxford, near Woodstock. Can collect from local train stations if necessary Will update ticket list ASAP Sent from my TA-1024 using Tapatalk
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