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  1. I drove the Lotus Cortina last time. Let me tell you, it was a glorious car. Everything about it felt straightforward, dare I say easy. The hardest bit is finding one for a reasonable price.
  2. I mean... I think The Great British Car Journey offers you drives in some pretty shite cars - an Allegro, a Viva, a Chrylser Avenger ect. I'd really like to do that actually, might have to see whether or not I can stomach the prices.
  3. 'Is it me, or is it you?' Sadly the wrong Leapy, but that would've been even more incredible. I was at Abingdon Air Field, but the company (Car Chase Heroes) do them in other places too. I did one at Bicester once which admittedly was a better setup, but the Abingdon runway track was faster.
  4. I did one of those classic car driving experiences today, and really enjoyed it. Amongst a sea of Mk1 Mustangs, Dodge Chargers and the like, I drove a Mk1 Golf GTI, a Pug 205 GTI and a Mini Cooper S. I loved all three of them (even if the Golf's clutch pedal felt like it was attached to a jar of honey - it was slooow). The one that really stuck with me though was the Mini. Never driven one before and, at 6ft 2, I was a bit worried it would be too crampt but boy was I wrong. The experience was further improved by the fact that the 70s hot rod racer Barry Lee (or Leapy if you will) was in the passenger seat. Such an amazing guy.
  5. I went to the Cotswolds this week and I done saw a few things: A boggo Metro without a passenger door mirror. At least it had the luxury of front headrests! A tidy Punto that I've been meaning to pap for a little while now A man getting into a Sunny LX... A manky Saab A tidy Micra A mega late Daewoo Nubira... ... a mega-early Toyota Yaris (it'd only been on sale for a month when this one was registered) A 90s Civic in a very 90s colour A Bond Equipe being obscured by a Powertrain pickup. A Rover 600, Audi A3 and Morris Minor awaiting their fate... ...and finally a Vauxhall Viva in a scrapyard. I didn't realise I'd temporarily driven through 1987!
  6. Been meaning to post this little Corgi Mini Mayfair I got the other day for £1. Looking it up it seems to be from a series of Minis they made to celebrate it's 30th anniversary. Rather than restore it into the Mayfair it once was, I think I might turn it into a little version of a Mini my family had back in the 80s and 90s.
  7. Haha FFS I looked at the front end and thought it looked very BMW-ish. I'm gonna be thrown out of Autoshite now aren't I?
  8. Oh Facebook Marketplace, never change
  9. I can completely relate to the paint related issues. My first time spraying a diecast it looked like a really crap banger racer. Still I guess it's all about perseverance if you're interested, but you should be pleased with the BMW - it looks amazing!
  10. A few months back I bought a 70s Matchbox of a Mk1 Capri. Sadly I never took a photo of what it was originally like, but it was effectively a rougher version of this. Well, a few months of not getting round to it, some cellulose thinners, a spray can and some acrylic paints later... Obviously it's not perfect by any means but I'm relatively pleased with it.
  11. I love my C1 apart from the rear tailgate. Because of how the body was designed, all the dirt gets swept to the back, but Citroen fitted it with the smallest, naffest rear wiper that barely cleans any of it. And whilst I don't mind it, I always love how the interior light only comes on when you open the drivers door (not the passenger doors or boot) and as soon as its shut its off. It means, if I wanted to get something out of the boot when it's dark, I have to leave my door open.
  12. I'll take the £350 GS Club please
  13. This time let's look at some dealer listings from Liverpool in 1993. I'm taking the 1990 AX Splash. .
  14. Here's a handful of ads I found on the British Newspaper Archive from 1984. There's literally thousands of pages worth of these ads so I can keep this thread going if you'd like. Also could you imagine a Vauxhall dealer today advertising one of their approved used models as 'heap of the week'?!
  15. On today's spotting adventures I saw... ... a Peugeot 806 that appears to have been converted into a campervan of sorts... ... a prefacelift Corsa B... ... a rather sad Sirocco... ... beigeness... ... and a driveway containing five Ginettas.
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