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  1. MiniMort

    TV cars

    Legend has it that Nicholas Pissing Parsons of Sale Of The Century fame started Lada jokes as the show offered one when they first went on sale and in showing that it had four doors, he went to open one and it fell off. Sadly I don’t think the show exists anymore but he talked about it in an interview once. Edit as I found a picture of him getting ran over by a miniMetro:
  2. As an 18 year old it’s probably for the better I don’t have a kid. And since I don’t have a kid, it’s probably for the better that they don’t have a car since they don’t exist.
  3. MiniMort

    TV cars

    Gonna play the ol’ Uno Switch card on you and take a look at some prime shite on offer in gameshows of yesteryear: A classic choice for gameshow producers - this one in Primula Yellow (yes like the cheese) and being a City it didn’t even have a parcel shelf America’s Sale Of The Century often offered Camaros and Mercedes 190s... ours didn’t To quote the late Jim Bowen ‘It’s a Proton. One of the best cars you can buy’ And finally back to 3,2,1 for this. Not gonna hate on the Allegro but would’ve felt woefully dated (especially in 1100 poverty spec) compared to a Mk3 Escort in 1982
  4. You can always tell who loves their car by where they park in a supermarket car park. Sorry, thats another story really
  5. I'd play the ol' cars are bigger as they're safer card here but look at Japanese kei cars. They're tiny and remain pretty safe - they'd really declutter the streets, certainly make them more interesting. Anyway, theres me rambling on about a modern solution to the problem. As a classic one lets all drive automotive Jerry cans (aka: Isettas and Meserschmitts)
  6. I always thought that Peugeot Citroen offered the first truly popular diesels, or at least ones that could be described as a little more than 'not much cop'. My family's first diesel was a 1981 Citroen CX 25D Super Safari in '83
  7. Indeed it is, and the Duster's now £10,995. Sandero's still the cheapest on the market though...
  8. The caravanner's choice
  9. Ah yes, the classic example of what everyone calls 'the worst car ever'. Surely not though. Looking forward to seeing this at next years FOTU all being well and best of luck with it!
  10. Because above all, it's not a Rover
  11. That’s a very desirable car in that colour. May I wish you the best of luck with this beauty
  12. MiniMort

    Car features

    In the 80s in order to boost the profit on their Metro City, my grandad put a stripe down each side, installed a sunroof and put on City X badging. Fools, they’ll never know. And don’t forget the rule of the road: if you’re in the fast lane and the same model is coming up behind you with colour coded bumpers it is your obligation to let them through.
  13. Aye they were built in several Eastern Bloc countries when they became capitalist. This one would’ve been built in the former Oltcit factory who’s name had changed to Rodae Automotive.
  14. I think the ‘sold as seen’ sign is more likely to be due to the fact it hasn’t got any wheels
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