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  1. A lot of small mid 90s hatchbacks are starting to interest me. The other day I was admiring a K11 Micra. It's the sort of car you can still get for £500 but, in prefacelift form, is becoming a bit more uncommon
  2. Very talkative. And I'm pretty sure he's driven anything that qualifies as shite. Apparently he rolled a Maestro onto its roof on its launch day. As he was hanging from its seat belt, all of a sudden, he heard a little synthesised voice say 'Oil pressure low'
  3. Very nice indeed! That is about as Autoshite as a sporty car gets: It was a bit of a flop It was made by a company mostly known for the 2CV - the anti sports car It combines all the best* engineering and electrical prowess of the French and the Italians It is, quite simply, ideal!
  4. Well in an interesting and very fortunate turn of events today I interviewed Chris Goffey for my motoring online radio show/podcast! He was such a nice guy and had so many funny stories to tell about his time Road testing for Top Gear, Wheels and Autocar
  5. I was reading the other week that they very briefly imported them to France in the late 80s but they were so poorly built that, after an array of complaints, they were forced to recall them all and replace them with new Lada Samaras. Thats the level of quality we can expect, I guess. Fantastic buy!
  6. Highlights of the past two days:
  7. There really is! Never seen one that colour before. I was buzzing when I saw it
  8. Haven't posted in this thread for a while but today I've an excuse to! Went to Hinckley today to rummage around in some charity shops for records and the likes and also did a little bit of shite hunting. All very nice, I'm sure you'll agree, but a wrong turning provided me with what might be my favourite spot of the 2020s so far:
  9. I like to think in a parallel universe there's a How Many Left for remaining pianos in Britain. Don't ask how you'd figure that one out though...
  10. Noticed quite a lot of people complaining about the production team chopping up R11s for a bit of a laugh. I think it is a bit of a shame because they looked like pretty solid, usable classics but at least they were French imports rather than much more valuable RHD ones
  11. I'm very pleased to announce that none of them got harmed. There was a stupid bit where they tried to drive on one another's lap but otherwise I really enjoyed it. Also Chris announced on Twitter that he's bought the BMW.
  12. Ah, you know our culture! Sounds like a great start to the most Autoshite of days
  13. Roll on classic car shows! I have an online radio show about cars (not a plug, I swear!) and my first, full, hour-long show was a report on the 2019 NEC Classic Car Show, my first and (so far) only car show I've covered. As a Nuneatonite, I'm not that far away from Gaydon or the Coventry Motor Museum, both of which have the odd car show every now and then. But I'll definitely travel for FOTU if it's still going ahead in the Summer
  14. My apologies I seem to have got my wires crossed over figures. The 6% was from a predicted reduction of CO2 emissions due to covid. According to the source below its to reduce emissions from transport by 2%. https://www.cenex.co.uk/news/incoming-e10-petrol-a-stepping-stone-to-zero-emission-vehicles/#:~:text=Using E10 petrol (10% bioethanol mix) instead of,to taking 350%2C000 cars off the UK roads.
  15. Remember, all this confusion and anxiety to reduce car emissions by 6%... Worth it?
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