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  1. Here's a Moggie vs a C1. Really shows how small cars were back in the 50s!
  2. Imagine when this bloke pulls up at the petrol station...
  3. Scrapyard spotting time - hoorah! This all comes from a place near Millom which is near Barrow-In-Furness. See? I can do tourism! Might as well start with a pre-facelift Corsa B GLS without wheels. ...Then moving on to an old-ass Land Rover which by law every scrappy needs. Or if you want a little more class with your rusting pile of shite, how about an original Range Rover? Executive Shite can be had with this 1993 Rover 820 Or a 1995 Ford Maverick A pair of F reg Escrots were also in there. Shame as the estate in
  4. Time for some more spots from the Lake District: Starting with a Morris Minor 1000. Look how tiny it is compared to the C1! A Jaaaaaaag in a Rover 100 colour A pretty late MG ZR A buggered bug. I love how the rear wings are inside the car. Nice touch A Type 2 without headlamps. Digging the 70s alloys tho A Figaro in typically Figaro green A pretty late MG Midget. I believe all of the last run was in this black. An XR2 thats so famous it has its own Facebook page. Actually got to briefly speak to the proud
  5. Thanks. Just noticed that myself too. Carbaba's such a useful site
  6. According to Carbaba it was scrapped in 2001. Last time it swapped hands was in 1998
  7. Next up a slightly blurry action shot of a Cavalier Then a rather tidy Reliant Robin LX An MGB GT with 7 previous owners... And pure shite itself, a Polo Harlequin!
  8. More spotting! Hoorah!!! We start with an MG ZT-T Monogram which looked very nice if a little... loud. Next up, a Lotus Excel. Some classy shite, I'm sure you'll agree Not so classy but still very cool is this 1986 2CV in this 'custom' paint style. Then we have two Volvo 700 series estates, both of which have the early 90s facelift.
  9. A few finds from the other day: We'll start with a very tasty Metro 1.1L. Pretty early one this, rolling out the dealership around 3 or 4 months after they launched. Next up is this not so nice Citroen AX Elation. It's been off the road since 2012 and is most likely incredibly rusty on the inside. Nevertheless it was a cool spot. Next up a first generation Discovery with the wrong grille... But wait! It's a moderately rare 3 door variant. Don't know how many of these were made actually... Now time for a very shite scene - a Volkswagen Type 3 Squareba
  10. Last time I saw a pre-facelift 19 was in France two years ago. Very good find. Just goes to show that not everything on FaceBook market is complete shit
  11. Today's spotting highlights: And spot of the day goes to...
  12. Chocolate digestives at 8am. How decadent
  13. Hope all goes well. Looking forward to seeing what horrid set of wheels will be gracing the forum from hereafter
  14. Here's my spot of the day. Not a classic but it's automotive and very shite: Someone did that, took a step back, looked at it and thought to themself 'Yeah... that looks good'.
  15. And whilst I'm here I might as well show you some street spots too
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