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  1. I’m assuming the article wasn’t all too accurate. The Daf was probably on display in ‘58 but deliveries wouldn’t start until 1959 - and from there the Chinese university heard about it, imported one and made their clone. Then again you know what they say about assume…
  2. Ah that’s a great site. I’m pretty sure Chinas made pretty much every car to ever exist at this point. For instance, here’s a Qinghua 7, a Daf clone made by a university. The Chinese magazine that talked about it mentioned that production began in 1958, and if that’s true that means it was built before the original Dutch version.
  3. Not sure if I’ve posted this before but if not… say hello to the Sungri Paektusan - potentially the only car uniquely designed in North Korea: Manufactured for a short while between 1978 and 1982, there’s pretty much no technical information about it - but it’s generally believed that it’s a rebodied GAZ 24 Volga. What’s more, none have been spotted since the mid 80s - so it’s very likely extinct too.
  4. Haven’t done it for a while but it’s once again time for some resprayed and hand detailed shite, and for the first time it’s something BL: For some reason these photos make it look slightly more yellow than it actually is - I actually used Ford Jasmine Yellow, an adequate substitute for Almond I’m sure you’ll agree.
  5. Well if you wanted something that’s older than it actually is, but still Autoshite cheap, I’d go for something like a Perodua Nippa, Kelisa or Kenari. I’ve never driven one but I know they’re based on Daihatsus so they’ll probably be quite reliable, plus you’ll have an air of mystery around you all the time since nobody outside of this forum will know what on earth it is.
  6. I remember my primary school for some reason had a collection of wheel trims from various cars. Not exactly sure what purpose they served - maybe they were used for some kind of decoration but young me took great delight in trying to identify them all. Only one that sticks in my mind is one for a Mk2 Polo CL…
  7. Well well well, I was also at this show helping out the radio station. Had a wonder about but sadly didn’t get much of an opportunity to pap anything, so I’m glad you did! Incidentally I had a go in that Sinclair C5. It didn’t have the motor in it but it was incredibly well geared - great fun too!
  8. As a Nuneatonite myself I can wholeheartedly confirm that the boat was left on Frank’s driveway for approximately 30 years. Really they went on the show hoping to win a new Fiesta Popular to replace Barry’s smoky 1972 Escort 1300XL. In the end I think they wished they’d not gambled the trouser press and the 14” colour portable…
  9. That’s actually a good idea. I’ve got quite a bit of excess wood too - I might even be able to build my own
  10. Been faffing around with my new models, respraying a few of them. My detailing is still incredibly a bit rough and ready but on the whole I’m quite pleased with them. I think I need to come up with some kind of background and make a diorama for them…
  11. £15 down but 15 cars up: And boy am I pleased. There’s a 1/43 of a Lada Oka (which will probably go to a mate), a Nova, Mk2 and Mk3 Escorts, two 2CVs, a Dyane, a Rover 800, a Volvo 480, a Citroen CX, a Beetle, a Minor, a Renault Express and even a Matra Rancho! With the exception of the Express, the Minor and the Oka, all of them are going on the ‘to be restored’ pile.
  12. Small world! I think there was but I didn’t get a chance to pap it. I also saw a rather tasty faded red Starlet which was sitting alongside a Saxo in a very pristine front garden. Pure elderly lady spec.
  13. Ohh ok. I’ve got no clue when it comes to these American Fords, at least of that era.
  14. Not the kind of thing you typically see in Britain, but I quite like it - 1992 Ford Taurus
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