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  1. Absolutely love the slightly off the wall paint scheme on the Thames 300E.
  2. Some say there's still a couple of Morris Oxford Diesels in the ShiteCabs fleet. Legend has it the drivers have spent over 40 years trying to get the glow plugs warmed up...
  3. Well I wasn't expecting that! Never realised just how versatile the Multipla was for customization:
  4. Well if you want old taxis there's one perfect place to go: Madagascar... And if that's too old for you, there's so much more in the way of beige French economical motoring...
  5. True. What amazed me though was how tall it was. Looked taller than most modern superminis!
  6. Got stuck behind this yesterday...
  7. Just set up an account and am really excited already. I love the idea of virtually buying cars other players are currently selling. Just set up an account and spent most of my £800 budget on a 1989 Nissan Micra 1.0LS. Sadly buying that and half-filling the tank bankrupted me so I got a job delivering pizzas. Hopefully I'll have some more funds in the morning.
  8. I did one of these last year at Bicester. Drove a Lotus Cortina and a first gen Escort RS1600. Absolutely fell in love with the Cortina until I saw the price tag.
  9. Never actually noticed how few and far between black cars were back in the day. The only black 70s car my family owned was a 1975 Mini 1000. It was bought second hand so I don't know if the original owner paid extra for a black car. In my lifetime, we had a black 1995 Xantia and I remember it was a right pain to keep it looking clean.
  10. OK its a Clubman, not a 1275GT, and it's the girl driving but it still counts
  11. I seem to recall a similar sketch on (I think) Not the Nine O'Clock News which had a Mini 1275GT with a blokes name on one side and a whole list of names spanning the width of the windscreen on the other
  12. My grandparents kept one of these very similar to this in their Rover 3500, complete with an aerial that could be mounted to the bootlid. Still have the aerial, and I think the TV is still at their house. Edit: turns out it was exactly the same model as that one. Anyway, apologies for going off topic
  13. Aha! That would do nicely! Cover up that grille and the side trim, paint it Burnt Copper and hey presto CUR415T would live on in diecast form
  14. You and your bloody thread going through your car history with diecasts is the reason I want to do it. It was a terrific read!
  15. My diecast dream as it were would be to have a collection of little replicas of all the cars my family's owned over the years (same colour, trim level, quirks ect). Mind you, I'm not sure if anyone's ever bothered to make a Chevette Estate diecast.
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