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  1. Kicking the number plate so more air can get through the grille. Pure engineering
  2. I will judge them heavily on Allegro treatment here
  3. Probably, in all fairness I can just remember him buying a Trabant and filled in the gap from there
  4. Haven't seen Minder in years but I remember seeing an episode in which Arthur bought and imported a light blue Trabant.
  5. I'll see if I can dig out a photo of the 1993 AX Highlight (white with multi coloured polka dots running down the sides)
  6. I know it featured Angela Rippon’s Capri and interviews from random people in a cafe in order to try and find a correlation between how much they pay on meals and how much they pay on motoring. Just like TopGear today, really.
  7. MiniMort


    New Top Gear, new presenters, classic Woolarding:
  8. Latvian Lada Bright BMW Simca Estate!!! Never seen one of these before in the flesh. Especially rare in RHD
  9. So yesterday I attended the Tatton Park Classic Car Show and Autojumble and it was a fine array of glistening Ferraris and splendid vintage Rolls Royces... But fuck that noise, this is Autoshite. Time to take a look at some of the really good stuff! A rather late Maestro in Bulgarian spec An Ambasador Princess combo An All Aggro with a man who was confused at the prospect of a car only having one wing mirror Bond Buggery
  10. Absolute beauty. So even if I don't attend this event can I join in with my C1 in Coventry? Its a Citroen and its better than having to walk into city centre.
  11. I spy a vinyl roofed GS Pallas!!! I wont be able to sleep for 48 hours now...
  12. How about the Kiira EV. Uganda's answer to the Tesla. And what an answer!
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