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  1. Today's spotting highlights: And spot of the day goes to...
  2. Chocolate digestives at 8am. How decadent
  3. Hope all goes well. Looking forward to seeing what horrid set of wheels will be gracing the forum from hereafter
  4. Here's my spot of the day. Not a classic but it's automotive and very shite: Someone did that, took a step back, looked at it and thought to themself 'Yeah... that looks good'.
  5. And whilst I'm here I might as well show you some street spots too
  6. Here's a few photos I took from my visit to Bicester Heritage yesterday: Sadly I took a lot more video than film so there was a lot more I can't show you. But still, really nice to see
  7. Didn't realise this thread existed but on Sunday I only went and saw a Yugo 45! It was that dark red colour and on a H reg - can't be too many like it now.
  8. A few finds from yesterday
  9. I thought that from when I saw your Mighty Dacia vids. I guess she meant there's now a lot less than there used to be.
  10. Just been interviewing a lady from Zagreb who does tours in Yugos for my radio show and I mentioned about the Sana. I think she was impressed that one survived, as well. She was saying that now most Yugos in Croatia are driven by old ladies and there's barely any in the capital any more...
  11. Yeah sadly its a fake. Me being Poirot I noticed that the dog food ad from beforehand had a date of 1977 on the end, so unless there was a company airing the same ad for 8 years straight and were too cheap to change it in any way, it's a fake. What isn't a fake is this gem we all know and love from Swithland Motors: If you're wondering the first line is just 'Another new car, Jane?', the audio error doesn't deny us of clarification of the afterlife or conformation of the way the world was created sadly. But I mean, it is a local ad for a Yugo...
  12. Was the stripe an aftermarket job or did it indicate a slightly higher trim level (maybe even a dealership special to flog the thing)?
  13. I have a very very similar collection of car magazines ranging from 1953 to 1993 and I couldn’t ever part with them. My best find was on Facebook - someone put a post on a group saying they had a bunch of old, mostly HotCar magazines. I took the image literally and thought I was getting about 15 or so. I got to his house and he gave me this huge box literally FULL of 1970s car mags. When I got home I counted them and there was 150! And he said he has a few more boxes somewhere in the roof and he’ll let me know when he finds them!
  14. Did you take your 11 to FOTU back in 2018? I remember there being an Electronic a lot like yours there. In fact the more I think about it, the more I remember you showing me the talking dashboard! Small world. What an excellent collection. The two tone Renault 18 is a personal highlight.
  15. Not a scan sadly (my current printer doesn't have a scanner) but here's some news from 1981 about Vauxhall's new baby car that's gonna compete against the miniMetro
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