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  1. keef

    Austin Maxi

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293647768296 Some great photography skills in this one!
  2. keef

    Austin Maxi

  3. it appears it does.
  4. keef

    Austin Maxi

    OEP 524R ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 1 April 1990 Incorrect tax status? MOT No results returned Incorrect MOT status?
  5. Do alerts remain, even if a post is deleted? I ask as I can't find :-
  6. Nice Album! I found most of them were no longer on the DVLA site, so only posted the ones I found.
  7. RAF 222 ✓ Taxed Tax due: 1 September 2020 Incorrect tax status? ✓ MOT Expires: 1 September 2020 Incorrect MOT status? on a Landrover! BUC 515 ✓ Taxed Tax due: 1 April 2021 Incorrect tax status? MOT No results returned Incorrect MOT status? apparently it's a Rytecraft? ?? TTU 455 Tax Not taxed for on road use Incorrect tax status? A swallow.
  8. keef

    Austin Maxi

  9. I'll have to search this thread to find out what is so special about that one. I've got my eye on an early cable change Maxi, that's an H reg. No doubt you will tell me WUD is a Invacar batch as well.
  10. keef

    Austin Maxi

  11. There was a youtube video of a guy trying to tax his vehicle(s) as Historic. Might have been linked off of here. He had to pay a couple of quid for the Post Office to send his logbook off even though they were sending another off for him at the same time. I did suggest he tax the second vehicle and then the Post Office would send it for free. I might have known they would try and get extra from the customer(s) asking for special delivery! I assume they get a set fee for every car they tax, but not sure if they still get this fee for Historic or even disabled tax?
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