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  1. keef

    Austin Maxi

  2. keef

    The Wolseley Six

  3. That looks like a nice example with the original cloth interior having been replaced with what looks like vinyl? http://www.drivearchive.co.uk/vehicledetails.asp?CarID=21954
  4. keef

    Austin Maxi

    Sold on EBay in July - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324218358483
  5. keef

    Austin Maxi

    Odd it doesn't show up. https://www.flickr.com/photos/albertsbite/4443122573/in/pool-2487527@N23/
  6. keef

    Austin Maxi

    MBH349H, if that is the reg. May not even have been registered with DVLC, as prior to 1974 (I think) cars were registered with Local Offices and were not on computer.
  7. I think the one advertised is a Morris and they call them Travellers.
  8. @Austat I like the estate. Not many of those left now.
  9. @Austat That's a lovely, quite early, Maxi. Not sure if I like the wheels or not, but they could be easily swapped for some original steels.
  10. Looking to bring a car back from Deil in the Netherlands to Sheerness in Kent. Anyone coming back to the UK with an empty trailer or anyone recommend someone? The people I have used in the past either don't do International or are no longer collecting vehicles.
  11. That's a lovely HLS with the correct twin carbs this time.
  12. Thanks for that. The HLS looks nice. I wonder what happened to the rear seat and the twin carbs?
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