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  1. keef

    Austin Maxi

    And another. :- Not sure if you can tell the thread and contributer from the url on these?
  2. You should! Poor Maxi. DSN 293V ✗ Untaxed Tax due: 1 March 1988 Incorrect tax status? MOT No details held by DVLA Incorrect MOT status?
  3. keef

    Austin Maxi

    Just found this on another thread. This thread was meant to be about the Maxi, but a lot seem to want to turn it into something else. Please start your own thread if you want to talk about the downfall of BL or similar.
  4. I wonder if Photobucket realise they have shot themselves in the foot? Fair enough if they want to start charging new customers or even old customers for extra storage, but to delete old images for current customers and generally make images unavailable? Flickr seem to be doing a similar thing, but at least a certain number of old images are still accessible. Seems to be a fair number of imgur.com pics not displaying. Are they doing the same thing? And tinypic images seem to be broken. They must be all doing the same thing?
  5. Ok. A 7 rather than a 6? 1979 rather than 1969?
  6. Is this not more likely to be a typing error rather than a "wrong" date? 9 hit rather than a 0?
  7. I guess KRW794 was transfered to the car in 1977, but your comment about the date buff log book was transferred makes sense, so it could have been soon after first registration. BTW: You are too bloody quick and picked up my post before I had time to amend ROL871M to the correct ROL471M, but I doubt that is on any records either.
  8. Does it show a different date of first registration when you do this? KRW794 was originally ROL471M, but DVLA insist it was first registered in 1977 not 1974 which it obviously was to get an "M" plate!
  9. They used to allow you to transfer/sell plates that were allocated when you sold a plate off a car, but they stopped this when people just kept selling the replacement plate. As to telling DVLA they are wrong: don't bother. They never admit to being wrong, even if they are.
  10. That must be wrong! The non transferable refers to the current plate, not any you may put on it.
  11. Ah right. Sort of trade add on to vehicle look up site? I had similar access for a while until the website owners/developers sussed they'd left it "open" A very handy tool indeed.
  12. Anyone near Gillingham, DORSET? Saw 4 tyres in Gillingham and assumed they were Gillingham, KENT. DOH!
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