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  1. Annual Steam Rally - https://www.facebook.com/events/379689442703237/
  2. keef

    Error code 2S136/C

    I did try and quote my post in other thread, but it seems to just pick the first post, unless you click on the link itself. ? .! ,
  3. keef

    Error code 2S136/C

    Could be. Whatever Autoshite is run on.
  4. Any idea what error 2S136/C is and how to correct it?
  5. Missed the meet on the 5th , but I might be able to make the 29th. Is there a new thread for this and is anyone here going? What about Offham in October?
  6. I've been posting to the update thread, but so far no answers. Back to the usual "we can't find that" error now, so looks as if the permission thing was temporary problem.
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