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Cole-ex-shun Fred......


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Up at what the fuck o'clock and underway. Fellow shiter awaits far yonder. 

What delights will this morrow provide

This pile of demi century tissue needs not much at this hour 


So into the night with gilet - but which polished bonce cover to have discerning ladies fawning?  Boy racer beanie or Farmers day out in the smoke? 


and my body clock is correct.... Far too early to be up and about 


Living out of streetlight catchment just means I sneak up on foxes

Ah.... Civilisation IMG_20221112_051523.thumb.jpg.9f70d675cbbf3bc95051f717b3ef0bcc.jpg

First wheels sorted 


And a check on the plans as we trundle off



Ah BOLLOX......... 🙄

Let's see what we can do about that then......... 



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Almost forgot PC: 0

And we're off..... Southern comes to the rescue as I'd left the phone hooked up to my duff cable.... So 10% warning.


The car was advertised here for small change and with life getting in the way I forgot all about it...... 

A fellow shiter grabbed it eventually and I'm now paying a bit more - but for a roadworthy steed. 

Collection point clue: taming and interr 

I've wanted one of these and it was this or Alfa4s rat SAAB but I was away and missed out. That is now bean tins apparently 😞 but the hunk of wonder that is now mine fills the gap plus has 4wheel drive 😁

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Just dawdled through Stafford Station. Missed grabbing a pic but there's a full West Rrailways restored engines and carriages buffet special sitting ready to head off.... Couple of monster diesels each end. One ended 676..... 

Pissed I missed papping it but Google says it is Spirit of the Lakes. 

What a beauty 


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Smart man Mr Hairnet..... 

Shrewsbury it was. Collected from said station by Scott 83C of this parish in the Fabia vrs...... Thanks fella. 

Met the family, whooped the girls at the gymnastics competition 😁 and had Harry the Lab my new bestest friend. 

Docs done online..... And I'm away in the new (to me) shed/workhorse.


I trawled 100s of the BBW sites but Google led me a right dance. Couldn't find bring-back-woollarding.com to save my life (or relationship) So you lot have to suffer. 

Forester S Turbo Manual...... Wanted one for ages but most seemed to be autos. 

Happy to pay the extra for an MoT on it after original owner Mark had it sitting a while. Scott has got it a ticket and I'm enjoying motorway cruising on my way back down south. 

Happy customer.

Thanks again Scott 



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Apparently my stopover didn't publish.... Damn it. 


Rugby Services..... Scrum on in you say - alrighty then. 

Volvic flavoured water, mango and pineapple chunks. Not worthy of posting as not real motorway fodder. 

Land rover looked a meaningful bit of kit.... apologies for terrible shadow pic


All good with the boxer


Already home - 200miles without too much bother, nnone of it from the car. Can't stop opening the window to listen to it. 

Tunes to be sorted - Scott warned me. 

Deep clean and she's a good'un. 

Clutch is low, but no trouble and after I work her hard and put her away wet I'll treat her to bits n bobs now n then. 

Sun shone the entire way down. Chod-god smiling down upon a lonely disciple. I smiled right back 😁

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On 11/12/2022 at 8:30 PM, stuboy said:

looks good, is it the engine or exhaust sounds?

I love the burble from the boxer engine..... This has a Sebring tailpipe that gives a sousense of added je ne sais quoi to the final result..... Not intrusive at all but a nicer bass to it. 

I'll give it a proper going over in the coming weeks and add the rest of the fleet here.... Turn this into my ongoing fuckups thread. 

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2 words..... Amberley Museum

Looooooots of photo's coming.



There'll be a dedicated post for @LightBulbFun and another for @beko1987..... As the radio valves, electricity section and hoovers etc.... 

Roadworks through history, comms, radio and TV, broom maker, bow maker and loads more. 

4hrs of gob-smackery at the former Lime kiln works 


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