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  1. 83C

    Bus Shite

    Dart with a Cummins C-series/ISC? Edit: Dart SPD, rear frame looks very similar.
  2. More injector bedtime reading: http://kesr-mic.org.uk/resources/The+Steam+Injector.pdf Also, the BR 'Black Book' has several good diagrams on various injector types.
  3. Injectors - water + steam in > magic stuff > water appears in the boiler.
  4. 83C

    Bus Shite

    Yup, that’s how I remember the MRN examples. The last line especially is remarkable for an Early Learning Centre Bodies vehicle. Lovely things to drive despite the Voith gearbox. Just thinking of the misfits at Shrewsbury has reminded me of this: YBJ 403/3399 DAF SB220 with an Ikarus body. Quite a few drivers didn’t much like it but I did, fairly grunty and handled quite well. Dashboard wasn’t the best in terms of layout and finding the right switch/button as required, but I don’t think I ever had a failure with it and it was comfortable.
  5. 83C

    Bus Shite

    I think the MRN & Clydeside examples were the only low-floor MaxCis in the U.K. When they were new MRN made a big deal about the kneeling suspension, but unlike a Dart the N113 chassis actually dropped a useful height, so it didn’t run aground anywhere and it also got low enough when required. Later a batch of L113s were also acquired, registered in the N-PUT range. One made it to Shrewsbury which seemed to collect all the misfits of what became Arriva Midlands North, nice to drive and as you say, a little more ‘urgent’. They were followed by a batch of L113s fitted with Plaxton Paladin bodies (R-TJW) that were also good. However, they couldn’t shift the old B10M/Alexander Q-types entirely, one job (the X5) required a B10M until the timetable was recast because anything else usually went bang within a week.
  6. 83C

    Bus Shite

    When I worked for Tanat Valley Coaches we had an electrical genius at the depot. He took an old Leyland semi-auto hydracyclic gear selector, rewired it and made a custom loom that would plug into the ZF 4/5HP500 brain diagnostic port and bypass the ZF selector in the event that either the ZF brain or selector failed. It worked very well indeed, there's a video somewhere of a Cummins L10/ZF Olympian being driven manually, with the Leyland semi-auto selector clamped to the cab door. Scania hot rods - yes, but not always as solid as a Volvo. (Not my photo). T35 - the Scud. Fire it off in the morning, and off it would fuck at a vast rate of knots until the driver phoned in to say where it had landed and exploded. In two years it went through: engine, gearbox, roof resealed (twice) a/c overhauled, rear axle, another engine and numerous smaller things. It also had an unhealthy appetite for turbos. However, on a good day it was great for out-dragging Corsa-driving scrotes away from the traffic lights around Cheltenham & Gloucester. The B10Ms were slower but handled much better and rarely gave trouble. T35 didn't stay with Swanbrook particularly long (2005-2007) and went through a lot of operators afterwards around the country, eventually landing up in Wiltshire. Surprisingly it survived until at least 2019, which is when the last MoT ran out. To be fair it was almost certainly a Friday afternoon machine. I did a good few hours driving this and it was a fantastic thing to drive - a totally different proposition compared with the lemon of an Intercentury above. (Not my photo). Still didn't handle as well as even a rough B10M, but a very pleasant thing to drive. This was too, but for different reasons: (Not my photo). Moving into proper Autoshite realms here with a real rarity - an N113CRL with an East Lancs European MaxCi body. Midland Red North ordered 4 (1401-1404) delivered new in 1994 for the new Meole Brace P&R service. They lasted until around 2010 on the same job (though they occasionally escaped onto other routes), and despite the East Lancs body they were incredibly solid. Gutsy, thirsty and made a great noise, they also rode well which is nothing short of a miracle on Shropshire's pot-holed and cratered roads. Sadly all gone now, I'd have loved to own one.
  7. I'm rather partial to older BMWs, usual time/space/money excuses as to why I don't currently own one. E30s - agreed that the price boat has well and truly sailed on them now, and taken E28s along for the ride. In fact, prices are on the rise for anything pre-2002 or so. £2500 for an E30 318i auto thats been off the road for 20 years seems a bit salty, but if the body is anywhere near intact it could well be worth a punt. If the underside is non-existent then walk away and try to find a decent E36. They're still out there, but getting thin on the ground.
  8. @holbeck certainly looked happy with his new steed: I now have Saab envy.
  9. Proof, as ever, that money doesn’t buy taste. Utter gash.
  10. This is ace. Don't mind me, just off to trademe for a browse...
  11. Swinton insurance. Thieving fuckers, £64.52 to cancel a policy. Fuck them and the gold-plated horse they swam through their ocean of wealth on.
  12. A colleague at work has one of the Saabillac things at work, an estate. Looks ok but it’d look better as a Saab 9-3. That said, for less than a grand with a year’s ticket it’s not a bad deal.
  13. I'd struggle to hand over a quarter of that, I appreciate some VX fetishists will pay more but £10k is insane. For what its worth I don't think there'll be much of a crash, maybe the market will tread water for a while but these prices are here to stay. We'll have a better idea early next year when things have settled down a bit.
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