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  1. 83C

    Bus Shite

    Long term Shrewsbury Garage resident, I remember seeing it regularly, probably rode on it a fair few times too. Shrewsbury's last two PUK-R's were 637 & 652, both of which visited Early Learning Centre Bodies for later-style Greenway conversions. Not the most popular of things but I reckoned they looked smart (cue much coughing and spluttering from the National purists!), but the best National in town was ex-Crosville GMB 383T - instantly recognisable thanks to its Gardner 6HLXB burbling away.
  2. 3 minutes. That game didn't last long!
  3. I couldn't decide what 4-wheeled implement to buy (a couple of things including a CL500 in Bristol and a certain vast American land barge in Tavistock got away just in time), so tomorrow I'm off collectioneering this: Any guesses? In other news the Range Rover passed its MoT with a clean bill of health, then immediately went on a week long 1000 mile trip to Cornwall and back with no issues. Cost me £240 in fuel though! The ZZR was also a clean pass, so thats the whole working fleet through MoT with first time passes this year. Radical solution to lack of use thanks to awkward access happened - I moved house, so it's now safe and secure but I don't need to scrape the exhausts every time I move it. Next step is to build a proper workshop.
  4. Saloon for the win. I had a pair of Cavs when I was 17, G955 ONH was a 1.6L saloon in maroon. After six months and 11,500 miles I stuffed it into an armoured barrier on the B4391 near Bala, so it was replaced by G706 BEH, a 1.6GL hatch in the same Platinum Silver as the OP’s car. The saloon was by a country mile the better drivers car, it felt much less floppy than the hatch.
  5. Energy companies. Useless twats, the lot of them. Moving house, changing suppliers. British Gas - took forever to get through to them, but at least the upshot of patiently spending nearly half an hour explaining to someone who's first language isn't English and couldn't understand that on the date they wanted to fit the new meter (going from prepayment to credit) there wouldn't be anyone available, is that I'll get what I want done and on a date convenient to me. Fingers crossed I can then ditch BG and move to a better supplier, but getting shot of the card meter with the nearest top-up 25 minutes away was the priority. Useless cnuts of the day award to EON:Next - would set me up an account but point blank refused to carry over the credit on the meter, even though I paid for it prior to move in. Apparently because it was credited before the 'official' move date it'll get refunded back to the previous homeowner, so bye-bye £190, consisting of £140 still on the meter and the £50 I had to pay today for what has been used since we moved in. Still, it's only money. Now I've got the arse-ache of two trips to the nearest paypoint, once to get a code loaded to get the meter/key reset and then straight back to the shop once that's done to put a top-up on. They won't change me to a credit meter because they're not doing credit checks at the moment. Trying to switch away from EON is an arse-ache too - the comparison sites are all saying 'stick with current supplier' but they're not taking account of the fact that I'm switching to get away from sodding useless prepayment meters that aren't even able to be topped up from home via an app.
  6. I’ll try and be there at some point, work and life permitting.
  7. Had one in the family in CDTi 150 flavour with most of the toys - it was a bit weird but very comfortable. Can’t imagine a petrol one being worth much these days.
  8. Can confirm. A friend had one and it was a proper hoot - it’s the car he regrets selling. Trouble is, try finding one these days...
  9. U.K. prices have been cheap but our climate, road salt and a majority seeming to care more for having the newest numberplate possible does combine to reduce secondhand values especially once past 15 years old. The other thing is that price is driven by demand, and I don’t know if that demand is sustainable given that everyone is going to have to tighten their belts. Energy bills going up £50 a month? That’s about the cost of tax and insurance on a fun toy each month, so some people will take the hobby car out less often or sack it off altogether if their budget demands it. I can see why a standard European hatchback with half decent trim level, 60+mpg capability and solid reliability will hold its value, but the last couple of years has seen stuff from the pages of history and the bargain basement price range go a bit daft. It’s not like everyone’s rushing out to buy old shonkers either, I know plenty of people who lease and wouldn’t dream of going back to owning an older vehicle - someone I was talking with today summed it up - if it breaks they just phone up and have it fixed at no extra cost, running costs are fixed so no anxiety over how much the MoT will cost etc, it’s new so shouldn’t break, and they get to have a nice new car on the driveway that is better than what they could afford buying something the normal way via HP or outright. The ‘lost’ money by not owning the vehicle is just counted as a fixed cost of motoring like tax or insurance, and that’s the end of it. Work introduced a salary sacrifice scheme and plenty of people want to try it (despite the actual figures not being all that good), again these folk won’t consider buying a £1-4k car. I don’t know, it’s just over the last 18 months when folk have had spare cash or been better off the secondhand market has gone silly (helped by the component shortage) but now that spare cash has to go elsewhere it would make sense for the market to slow up a bit as people get jittery about spending too much. If it doesn’t slow up, does that indicate people are willing to fuck themselves over with huge debts again and means we are headed for a repeat of 2008? House prices have been mental as well for the last 18 months, people just seem to be spending like pissed sailors.
  10. Thinking during my daily browsing of assorted rammel, I started to wonder if the impending/ongoing cost of living crisis is about to affect used car prices. *I did wonder whether to put this in the Politics/Open Forums bit, but as it’s car related it’s here. I’m not so concerned with efficient modern tat, I reckon if it’s a modern thats über cheap to run it’ll command high prices. I’m thinking of the stuff that doesn’t usually make it onto cost-conscious buyers lists, so pretty much anything that does sub-40mpg, costs over £200 per year to tax, etc. Prices of most cars been a bit high recently, pushed by people having a bit of spare cash from lockdown, but if that cash is drying up and people are having to fund increased living costs, it should follow that the funds available for fun things and fuel hungry/expensive/2nd-3rd cars decrease. So, what’s the thoughts of the beige on this? Are prices of less efficient/expensive to run stuff (certainly including stuff from the low cost/big liability thread) about to drop, stay the same or, perhaps less likely, about to increase?
  11. I've a set of Pirelli Scorpions on mine and I've no complaints - it came on a worn set of the same and a replacement set came in at £500 fitted. Yet to tackle anything properly off road though.
  12. Can’t say either engine stand out as liabilities to me - both are well proven BMW units, especially the 3.0 straight 6 M57 diesel which pretty much never goes wrong, it’s just not exactly quick in the L322 application. Later JLR power units are a different matter.
  13. Spoke to a man on Friday about this. He reckons £500 to sort it out, and I'm sure he'll do a decent job - his past work speaks for itself and is well known in the area. Also began pricing up new bits for underneath, so investment into the F10 is probably what will happen to keep it good for another 12-24 months as the daily driver. But I've still got a bit of an itch to scratch, though I don't know exactly what. Next year I'll buy myself something a bit special, but this year I fancy buying something for a couple of grand (or less) that will just be a bit of fun for 12 months. My Ebay watch list has Mercedes CL500s, a VW Scirocco GTII (which I'm really tempted by but it's a long way away), Land Rover Discovery TD5s (bit close to the Range Rover but the ideal number of Green Ovals in the fleet is always N+1), a 1960's VW Beetle, a BMW E46 325Ci, a Rover P5... just lots of nonsense really. I'm also spending far too much time browsing the low cost/big liability thread, because obviously having an L322 Range Rover isn't risky enough. Speaking of which, the Range Rover is still in for surgery - an ABS sensor failed so the garage sorted that first before tackling the rear prop replacement, I'm hoping to get that back this week, just in time for the MoT to expire. ZZR booked in for MoT and service at the end of the week, hopefully get some more miles on it this year. It's almost been confined to quarters the last year because it doesn't really fit through the gate to/from where it is parked. A radical solution to that issue is happening very soon.
  14. Minor fleet update and procrastination. The 525d just keeps on going. New battery fitted and coded in, clean MoT pass too on Friday. I'm getting to the stage where I don't really know what to do with it, I've had it for nearly 4 years, done nearly 50k in it and it has cost me virtually nothing in repairs - sum total so far is a pair of headlamp modules (£60 the pair), a pair of rear springs (£250 fitted), a battery (£140), and usual consumables such as tyres, brakes and oil/filter changes. However, its beginning to look tatty, the front bumper loses more paint every time I jet wash it, the o/s/r door lacquer is starting to go and the drivers door seal is knackered. Mechanically I can feel a few rattles from both front and rear, a fault code scan from when the battery was coded in shows couple of the glow plugs are u/s and the oil seals on the diff occasionally show signs of being a bit damp. If I keep it I'd want to put some money into it, correcting the paint deficiencies, rebush the suspension all round and sort the diff, so probably around £2k to bring it back to really tidy condition. But ultimately its a £5k car and doing that work isn't going to make it a £7k car, and I don't know if I want to keep it. I keep looking at getting something a bit newer but I can't really find anything that I reckon is good value and that I actually want - ideally I'd like to replace it with a 530d M-Sport Touring but a last of the line F11 LCI is still around £16-17k with sub 100k miles and thats just daft. I was hoping that by now an early G31 530d would be dropping into that price bracket (and a bit lower) but they've all gone up £2-3k in the last 12 months. But then the Range Rover fills the family wagon/go anywhere with everything brief very well, so what do I need an F11/G31 for? I absolutely adore my F10, driving it has become like putting on a favourite pair of boots, I know it well and know its pluses and minuses. But my commute is about to go from 12 miles to 3 miles which won't help it, so maybe I should be looking for something smaller? Must have 4 seats at least but maybe I could have something more sports-orientated. I like the look of a Porsche 996, but I don't really want to commute in one. Maybe something like a 135i? I don't know. I would like something with a bit more go (the 525d isn't sluggish with 204bhp and the 8-speed auto making very effect use of it) but anything wantable seems to be going up in value. But maybe the increase in fuel prices will temper that? I've no idea. In other news, the L322 is going in tomorrow for a new rear propshaft because the bearing and UJ are knackered, and the UJ isn't available as a separate item. Hopefully it won't need too much for MoT.
  15. Very rarely is the car described as ‘fully loaded’ ever actually specified as such. People selling BMWs, Mercedes & Audis seem particularly guilty of this. ‘Fully loaded’ - on a 318d SE in fleet spec with no iDrive, no heated leather and lots of blanking panels where switches should be, or a Mercedes S280 where because it’s the biggest car in the range and it has one or two more bells and whistles as standard compared to an A-class it must therefore be ‘top of the range’. No, an S65 AMG with every option ticked and a carefree attitude to spending money is ‘top of the range’, not a base spec big taxi. Other nuggets of advertising shite: ”Very fast car/not for the faint-hearted” - its a 2.0 Golf turbo diesel and you’ve thrashed fuck out of it. “Serviced by a friend so no receipts” - what, not even for buying the parts, or is your mate so generous that he gave you them for free?
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