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  1. Not mine, but the intention is to get it roadworthy for the relative that owns it: Grandad bought this car new in 2003, declared that he didn’t much like it and then set about driving it into the ground with no servicing whatsoever. The Swift had the last laugh because it has currently outlived him by 10 years. It had its first service in 2010, and has been on the road sporadically until quite recently. It’s a boggo 1.0, the daft alloys we’re added 7-8 years ago for reasons that I’ve not yet managed to ascertain. It was SORNed on the expiry of its last MoT, and has sat on the driveway ever since. The battery is totally flat, so first job was to whip that off and stick it on charge. To be honest I’m budgeting for a new one but they’re only £40. Under the bonnet there was plenty of grime, so out came the spray bottle of TFR, a brush and the hosepipe. Come up pretty well so far, needs doing again in certain areas. The 1.0 3-pot is quite a rorty little lump but even in the smoll Swift engine bay looks a bit lost and undersized. The sort of engine you’d take out and put by the fire at night with a nice tartan blanket to keep it cosy. Jobs to do: Get running - charge/replace battery should be the only issue here. Carpet repair - the floor pan carpet has split between the drivers heel plate and where the carpet goes up the side of the inner sill, exposing the wiring loom. Not sure what to do here yet, if I can find a good carpet I’ll strip the seats out and replace the whole thing. Pre-MoT - it’s such a simple machine there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it, plus the mileage will help (sub-45k). Tyres are my only concern, and might be a good excuse to go back to standard steelies if I can find a set. MoT and drive. It’ll probably be a bit of a slow burn despite looking an easy project, but it will be satisfying to see it on the road again.
  2. Eh? You parked illegally, got caught doing so by an automated system, but you’re going to take out your frustration with being caught by not giving way to bus drivers?
  3. 83C Transport Services can assist with that. I’ve dropped you a message on Facebook.
  4. Paging @cms206. Failing that, I might have a cunning plan of my own....
  5. Bear in mind they might have access to customers that wouldn't necessarily see your RR elsewhere - it may cost a few quid as a commission sale, but equally you might just find the right buyer who is prepared to pay for a good useable 3dr. Also, have you thought about getting Land Rover Owners mag or similar to do a feature on it? Submit it as a restoration project gone well and maybe a nice 4-5 page article effectively advertising the car....
  6. First time I’ve really caught up with this thread. That Series looks spot on, I’ve had a hankering for a Series for some time. Probably out of my price range but drop me a PM anyway if you do want to sell....
  7. A worthy addition to this thread: @M'coli on winning a Vauxhall Cavalier:
  8. No problem. I’ll be available with a few days notice for a while so no problem if shitely is needed.
  9. I can indeed move that quickly, and I'll cover my own fuel costs as its doing me a turn. GIB!
  10. As an option, I could shitely this up country as I could do with moving an estate car’s worth of stuff from Cornwall to Shropshire.
  11. I did my DAS on a 650 Versys - lovely thing to ride. I was looking for one when I found the GS, but couldn’t find one that matched the GS for cost/mileage/age.
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