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  1. The ex- @Minimad5 S210 I briefly had really opened my eyes as to how good a 210 can be. Cosmetics weren't perfect, but it drove so nicely. Everything about it was well thought out, and to be honest I do have some regrets about selling it - I really wouldn't be averse to owning another. I would say specification is important. A relative owns a very low mileage E240 estate with MB Tex interior and to be honest, it's grim. Silver/light grey everything, bland and boring. It's also very ripe. It uses more fuel than the 320, and feels less urgent than a 220. The better 210s are those with the bigger engines and better spec, which is one difference from a 124. I've had low-spec 124s and they've been great, but similar spec 210s don't feel as good. My green E320 was considerably less rotten than the newer E240 mentioned above, which does 500 miles a year and almost never touches the road during winter. Statistical anomaly maybe? As for space - absolutely agree. It fits tall people very well, seat down and back, set steering wheel reach and rake, and there isn't a whole lot out there that'll be more comfortable. I think in time (and probably quite soon ) the W210s will be appreciated for what they are by a wider audience, and the good examples that are left will really climb in value. There will also be the buyers who miss the boat on the last cheap 124s and will then go looking at 210s instead.
  2. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, partly due to time constraints. Fingers crossed I’ll book another one when I get time.
  3. It’s a TD6. I do like the V8s but not the 15mpg thirst on a run to Cornwall. This does nearly twice that if driven sensibly. As with all L322s it needs some money spending, but this is already factored in. I’ve known the car for the last 5-6 years so it isn’t a complete blind purchase, and the previous owner has already pointed out where it’ll need money next. The drive back from collection was lovely, it drives and rides really well with the exception of a bit of vibration around 60mph. I’ll do some more detailed pics in the next few days.
  4. Since the last thrilling* instalment, I sold almost everything apart from the 5, the Tiger and the ZZR, due to being on a training course. Course finished, so I’ve been really fucking stupid sensible and bought this:
  5. As a few people have mentioned, one consideration is do you actually fit on your chosen machine? If you’re 5’ 8” then the world is your lobster. Over 6’ and it starts getting a bit awkward. I’m 6’ 5” and had a Varadero 125 while on ‘L’ plates and then went straight to a Triumph Sprint 1050 - no way was I going to fit on a 675. Most 600-ish machines are a bit too small for me, and so are some 1000s. Go down the local bike place and have a sit on what you like. Remember to get your feet on the pegs for a bit and make sure your ankles and knees don’t feel too tight, and your wrists aren’t taking too much weight on the bars - an SV650S that I had last year was a great little bike but every time I rode it my wrists would be sore after about 15 minutes. For two-up riding with a bit of comfort in your budget I’d probably be looking initially at a Suzuki 650 V-strom. Same engine as the SV, so plenty of go for a first bike (70-ish bhp I think), more upright but also a much better pillion seat. Not really prone to anything serious in the way of faults, and engine shared with the SV means parts are cheap and easy to get.
  6. Bah. I’m on lates this week. Fingers crossed though once winter sets in there should be ample opportunity for some cold start Cummins NT or Perkins TWH action.
  7. It's against @320touring's rules on page one but this is too good not to post. Cold start, blowing smoke rings out of the exhausts and being able to count individual cylinders picking up. Fantastic: https://youtu.be/W6R7QR01L9g
  8. Have some TL11 roar to enjoy.
  9. Yes, the O.680 and TL could be either horizontal or vertical depending on application. My Tiger has a horizontal TL11.
  10. 83C

    Bus Shite

    CCTV saved a driver's bacon years ago at a firm I used to work for. They were accused of being inappropriate with a secondary school pupil on the bus, the pupil alleged that he cornered them on the back seat and grabbed them. I had the job of downloading and reviewing the CCTV, the first thing we noticed was that there was no feed from either of the upstairs cameras - both black. But the downstairs were working just fine, and showed the driver never went upstairs from the moment the pupil boarded to the moment they got off. Then we went and looked again at the bus, and found both upstairs CCTV lenses covered up. So we scrolled back to the morning trip and were rewarded with full facial pictures of the accusing pupil staring straight into the camera before the feed went black, and the second one showed them covering the first one before doing the same thing. Back to the school with the evidence and the pupil ended up expelled.
  11. This week I are mostly dreaming of owning: Old stuff: Volvo 240 estate, there's a silver one I see regularly on the way to/from work and it looks GR9. Land Rover Series 3 SWB. Just because. Expensive stuff: Bentley Turbo R or Arnage. Must have the 6¾ V8, not interested in the BMW-engined Arnages with the piddly little 4.4. Years ago I set myself the target of owning a Bentley before I turned 40, I've got around 2 years left to achieve that. Porsche 911. No idea why but recently I've found myself browsing them occasionally. Something like a 996 Carrera 2 would be nice, just the basic one with no silly wings. I've never liked or wanted a 911 at any point in my life, so why now? Is this how a mid-life crisis starts? BMWs: 645i. I'm really starting to warm to the E63 6-series - my Mum's neighbour has one and the more I see it the more I like the idea of one. More emerging midlife crisis evidence? 530d. Planned replacement for the 525d, maybe next year. Will be a touring, will be an M-Sport. Electric: Mini Cooper electric. Really liked the one I drove, I could see a space for one as the daily driver in a few years time. Big stuff: Scania R164 Topline, just for fun and to take to shows. A tractor. Why? No idea. Ask me again next week. Half of the above will have changed, I mean, who actually wants a 911? Edit: I also want an Alfa 166 V6. Preferably in that lovely pale blue/cream flip paint they did.
  12. As good as the Y26SE engine can be, it doesn't take kindly to lots of short distance work. A relative owned one from new and used it almost exclusively for a 3 mile trundle into town and back most days. Full VX service history, the lot. At 26,000 miles it was blowing blue smoke out of the exhausts because it almost never got warm.
  13. Well, the Sharan is still parked outside, unsurprisingly because nobody turned up. Maybe he got lost on the way from Newport, maybe he was bullshitting. Looking on his profile he seems to be rather religious, maybe he is praying tonight for forgiveness for being an arse? Somehow I doubt it. Fortunately no inconvenience to me, I'd planned a day at home anyhow. Still don't get why pretending to come and see a car is any sort of game worth playing though.
  14. Got a message at 1530 saying he was 50 miles away. Unless he’s travelling aboard a heavily drugged sloth, I reckon he is lying.
  15. The Sharan is on facebook marketplace, so I'm dealing with the usual idiots. Today's example: Buyer: Is this still available? Me: Yes. B: 500 Me: No, £750 is the lowest I'll go. B: 600?? Me: See above. B: I come from Newport, fuel is expensive. 650? Me: No, I'm not subsidising your fuel costs having already dropped £200 off the price. You want it, you pay your own fuel. Message deleted, I can't be arsed to waste time responding any further. 15 minutes later he comes back with agreeing on £750, and a request for address and phone number, vague address given but no number. Apparently on his way around 1300, be here in two hours (120 miles away on not great A roads, good luck). Just had a message saying he's still 50 miles away. Will he turn up at all? Will he have £750 with him? Will he try and pull any little stunts like sticking water in the oil etc? Who knows...
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