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  1. This one would be perfect if it were an estate: https://m.mobile.de/auto-inserat/opel-omega-2-6-cd-klima-schiebedach-anhängerk-dresden/350780314.html?ref=srp&refId=4ca8078e-0ae5-2893-f059-4b17daee8279&searchId=4ca8078e-0ae5-2893-f059-4b17daee8279&type=ad
  2. https://m.mobile.de/auto-inserat/opel-omega-a-2-0-irmscher-bodykit-tüv-2025-73-000-km-filderstadt-bei-stuttgart/367721042.html?ref=srp&refId=4ca8078e-0ae5-2893-f059-4b17daee8279&searchId=4ca8078e-0ae5-2893-f059-4b17daee8279&type=ad
  3. Just spoke to the seller, collection rearranged for Tuesday with better instructions on finding their place. Seems they’re about 3 miles away from where I was…
  4. Today I went to collect the machine I’d won on eBay. Seller was quick to respond, date and time arranged, no problem. Went out to collect, but couldn’t find the house. Google maps wasn’t much use either, as it’s in the sticks and a named house rather than numbered. The postcode covers a few square miles too. Went in to the local post office, they couldn’t help. Sellers phone was going straight to answerphone. So I’ve returned home empty-handed, sent a polite message saying I couldn’t find their place and could we reschedule, but no response as yet. Weird.
  5. Dear Sir, I wish to subscribe to your newsletter…
  6. Took a long drive today, thought I’d stop to take a photo:
  7. Whilst I can look forward to a collection in a couple of days, work hasn’t stopped on the rest of the fleet. Today it was the turn of the recently acquired Ay-beeeeef-ah for a service and a few other bits. This is going to Cornwall in a week or so to be outstationed at the in-laws as a car for my MiL and also for us to use when we’re there. Driving it back from Norfolk it became very obvious that the rear dampers were shagged. Fine on smooth tarmac but any bump had the rear wheels skipping around. A few days ago a pile of parts appeared. One of them is incorrect, more on that in a bit. Thankfully unlike the VXR8 epic swapping the rear dampers on the Ibbitttza is a doddle, jack back end of car up and remove wheel: The dust cover had split into its separate components, and the bump stops didn’t look too clever either - the n/s one had split in two. Fortunately the new pile of bits also included topmounts and bump stops, so the only bit needed from the old unit was the dust cover. From this: To this: Sachs dampers - OE fitment according to the labels, so it’s actually rather pleasing to fit replacement units that are the same. And back on: The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the before photo is the o/s/r, and the after photo is the n/s/r. By the way, if you’re planning to do similar make sure you have a 16mm socket and spanner in your set. Who the fuck uses 16mm? Well, Seat do. Crazy Spaniards. Test drive confirmed that the suspension was now behaving itself, so onwards to the service. Engine bay was minging: I much prefer these canister-type filters, they’re invariably easier to deal with. Cleaned out and ready for the new filter: The old and new filters - always worth checking that they’re the same size: Sadly the intake for the used oil pump won’t fit down the dipstick hole on these engines, so it was off with the undertray and sump plug out the old fashioned way. Went to put the oil in and looked again at the label - I’d ordered 5w40 and this was a bottle of 5w30. I think 5w30 is a bit thin for higher mileage engines (reinforced by a video a while ago by @richykitchy ) so I’ve been careful about which oil I order. The 5w40 does meet the specs for the BTS engine, so off back to Halfords I went. They were good about it, a straight swap. Only then did I realise that the 5w30 is ten quid cheaper than the 5w40 for a 5L bottle, even with the trade discount, so I’m definitely glad I went back and made sure I got the right oil. Note to self - be more careful and double check they’ve picked the right items when dropping in for a click and collect order. Once that was back together it was the air filter’s turn. It didn’t look too bad but the new one was already there, so in it went: Once that was back together the engine bay got a wipe over: Not exactly a concours-spec toothbrush job but clean enough. Last filter to change was the cabin filter, located in the passenger footwell: Move two clips, pull old one out, fit new one to frame, slide back in and refit cover. Easy. Final job was to fit a replacement switch pack in the centre console - the aux input was knackered on the old one. The flap that covered it was loose anyway, but the sound was only transmitting to one speaker and the input cable wouldn’t sit securely, indicating the jack itself was broke. Testing the new one before clipping it in: And all done. An easy, steady afternoon.
  8. Ok. I’ll drop you a message sometime rather than clog this thread up.
  9. I might have to tap you up for some advice then, I really like the idea of something like an Opel Omega A, preferably an estate and with the 2.6 or 3.0 six.
  10. Pretty much, though it’s a two-wheeled machine rather than 4. Squandered the good riding weather because since I got the Triumph back from MoT last month the keys have gone AWOL.
  11. Friday next week. It’s not some intercontinental epic sadly, but it is to cover for some self-inflicted idiocy. Pro tip: don’t lose your only set of keys.
  12. This thread has given me bad ideas about going to Germany to bring back some old Opel or similar. Off to browse mobile.de for a bit.
  13. I did wonder if I’d have actually been better leaving later and avoiding the rush hour, but then I’d hoped to be nearly home before it started. Car drives very well, I’ll get a service and a few bits done and it’ll be decent.
  14. Finally got home. 5 hours to do 170 miles, traffic everywhere, a smash on the M6 with trucks, vans and cars, and the usual Friday night nonsense. Thanks again to @JJ0063, 11/10 would buy from again.
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