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  1. I saw that on another forum. It made I larf. Venezuelan tin pot gunboat attacks unarmed passenger ship. Unarmed passenger ship does nothing. Venezuelan gunboat sinks.
  2. Yes, easily in a new one. Hence the ‘thanks, but no thanks’. I appreciate I won’t get the very best rate due to a bit of debt elsewhere but that was taking the piss - for comparison carfinance247 were looking to charge me around £8500 for a £6000 van, and were up front about the costs and APR.
  3. No DPF, it’s way too early for that. I’ll try fitting a blank inline on the EGR pipe later. There’s no warning lamps on the dash though. It also wouldn’t account for it being a bugger to start from cold - even in limp mode it should start fairly easily. Its not squashed but I’ve not had chance yet to crack it off - most of my big tools are in Shropshire and the van is currently in Cornwall. Obviously the Covid-19 shituation isn’t helping.
  4. Half way through a test run. It is however still utterly gutless. It doesn’t rev any easier or pull any better, I’m at a loss as to what else it could be other than some unseen leak in the pipe work somewhere.
  5. Transhit news: We have (compressed) ignition!
  6. For fuck sakes: One nail I can understand. Two??
  7. If it’s limited it doesn’t feel like it’s running into a limiter. That 74 was going down a serious hill flat out. It just about holds 70 on the flat but any form of hill takes the wind out of its sails very quickly. The same bit of road I hit 74 going down I was down to 35 by the time I got back up the other side - not even the old 208d Sprinter was that bad (and as @HMC will confirm, a 208d Sprinter with the old 2.3 N/A diesel is not quick).
  8. I had a phone call this morning from a firm in Liverpool because last week during a moment of madness I had shown interest in a Transit Custom that they had, just a basic white panel van that would have suited me right down to the ground. They were trying to interest me in a completely different Custom (higher spec, newer etc), and were making a big thing of it being ‘just’ £69 per week. I asked for the total price and the initial vehicle cost, only to be met with lots of jibber about how they’d cut the profit on this one to just £100, they were desperate for the sale etc. So I worked it out for them - £500 deposit plus 260 payments of £69 = £18,440. “Er, well yes that’s about the total cost, it’s a very competitive offer in these circumstances, my manager has told me to cut it down as much as I can to get the sale...” Fuck off. It’s a five year old van with a retail value of eight grand that probably owes them between five and six trade, with over ten grand’s worth of interest added to the HP. Get. To. Fuck.
  9. G Zuss tittyfucking Christ. That is very definitely the bargain of the pandemic so far. Much envy.
  10. Rarity value comes into play, as does the history of some of the Grosser’s owners. That ever-reliable source Wikipedia reckons 2,700ish 600s were made, vs. 30,000 Rolls-Royce SY-series cars. Of course, that has to balance with the fact that if you painted the 600 in a yellowy-creamy colour it would look like every other taxi in Berlin from a distance...
  11. Horses for courses. The Jag is a proper car to drive, a big saloon car that can hustle along and yet still feel like a gentleman’s club on wheels. It would certainly be my all round saloon car of choice. The Royce is a car to move from one place to the next in comfort whilst issuing orders over speed and course like the captain of an ocean liner. Don’t expect it to turn, stop, go or ride like a small personal conveyance, because it won’t. If you try and drive it hard it would want to ask the butler to have you thrown out and the gates locked behind you. Things like the Turbo R are all about the ability to cover vast distances swiftly whilst being completely isolated from the rest of the world. I maintain that one of the great experiences of motoring is to mash the throttle into the carpet on a Turbo R, watch the Flying B mounted half a mile down the bonnet rise several inches into the air whilst the V8 breathes deeply, and then feel it gather pace in a way that no vast land barge should ever feel capable of. From behind the wheel, it is a truly magnificent experience. The Grosser is a bit different again. It’s Germany’s idea of luxury, all toys, gizmos and excessive amounts of power. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I like the German approach and a 6.3 Grosser would be a fine thing to experience. But running one makes buying a basket case Crewe-built machine look a wise investment, the hydraulic system alone (whilst normally reliable) could bankrupt a dictators economy. But from that era, there really is nothing as refined or as well built, and that’s why they command the prices that they do today.
  12. Wash your mouth out. The Shad and T-series cars are really starting to shrug off the ‘cheap wedding car’ phase that they went through, especially in the right colour combination. A good condition Shad 1 in a nice pale blue or deep burgundy is cooler than deep-frozen penguin bollocks. The early SZ-body cars (Spirit, Eight, Mulsanne etc) are in the doldrums a bit at the moment, as evidenced by the OP’s example. A Turbo R however is very cool, mainly because of what it represents and the fact that it negates a lot of the issues with the earlier cars. I will own either an Arnage or a Turbo R, hopefully in the next 5-7years. A Series II R in Balmoral Green would be perfect.
  13. Fresh MoT for the 525d done. First bit of motoring good news for a while!
  14. It’s finding one that is any good. Seems anything less than £1500 is fucked these days. If it’s not rotten it’s mechanically borked, or both. From what I’ve seen van living has really taken off and is a big thing, so anything bigger than a Peugeot Expert that isn’t fucked commands half decent money.
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