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  1. 83C

    End of shite?

    I don't often have problems with the ones who at least make the effort to turn up, even if they don't buy. Yes, asking stupid questions and trying to pick holes is all part of the 'fun', but generally if they're going to turn up then there's at least half a chance of them being the buyer. However, when buyers don't turn up, string you along promising to 'be there in 15 minutes' when they're already 3 hours late and never do appear, or turn up mob-handed then it all becomes too much of a faff. Had a group of Middle Eastern chaps (all big, chunky types dressed all in black) come to look at an old E61 I sold - 5 of them rocked up in a nearly new Merc GL, proceeded to examine everything in minute detail without saying anything to me or asking questions, then wanted to do a test drive without me (yeah, nah), 4 out of the 5 came with on the test drive that I took them on and then they got back into their car and fucked off without so much as an offer or even thanks/no thanks or goodbye. My wife later said she was halfway to phoning the old bill if I hadn't come back within 15 minutes, she'd seen the whole thing from the house and was properly worried. I have to say I didn't feel particularly intimidated by them, they were just odd and unwilling to speak much with me, not asking anything about the car. But if somebody like my wife or an elderly couple has had a similar experience of people turning up en masse, is it any wonder they don't want to sell privately any more? Same with the person who has waited in for buyer after buyer who never appear. I've waited in for people in good faith, because I'd like to think that most people are decent and will keep to an agreed time or at least have the good manners to advise if they can't make it. I reckon probably 50% of the time the buyer doesn't turn up in my experience and I have lost money because of it, choosing to turn down short-notice overtime because someone has already asked to come and see the car at that time, and then doesn't turn up. It's not like every sale is like that, I've had some silly easy sales where the first person to get in contact has come, looked, bought and driven off leaving me with a wad of cash and an empty space on the drive, but it has to be said those experiences are much rarer than the arsehole experiences. It's not like I'm even selling for profit, or running a business, so I'm putting up with arseholes and it's costing me time to do so.
  2. 83C

    End of shite?

    You're not far wrong when it comes to sellers not wanting the hassle - I can't be arsed with the 'best price' pricks either, but it is noticeable that cars that I've sold priced over £1500 seem to get just as many views/saves on face ache or ebay, but much less in the way of people trying it on. This may also be brand/model dependent, the F10 I sold a few months ago did attract its fair share of '2k cash now m9' types, but sold in the end for twice that to a nice Bulgarian chap who turned up when he said, brought cash with him and did the deal. Decent buyers are still out there, as are decent sellers of shiteable cars but it just seems much harder to find either. I think the rise of scrappies using things like Car Take Back and the like are also partly to blame - why have the hassle of selling a £300 car with six months test when CTB will send someone around, have the same amount (or maybe more) money in your account pronto and not be trying to pick fault like they're doing a PDI on a brand new Audi? It's very easy to see why that appeals, even though that £300 car might just do someone a good turn who just wants a set of wheels because their previous bargain basement motor has just shit itself.
  3. No pictures but some forward motion with the Mond yesterday. Gave it a thorough blast off with the pressure washer and have probably found where the water is getting in - the rear spoiler is a bit loose (lifting a bit) on the n/s and opening the hatch afterwards saw water running out of the inside of the plastic window trim. Think it'll get tigersealed in place, job done. I'm also on the lookout for a dehumidifier to run in the car to try and draw any moisture out of it. Must be the time of year but B&Q, Screwfix, Toolstation etc are all out of stock. Anyone know where I can get a half-decent one for not too much coin?
  4. 83C

    End of shite?

    Thinking back, one of my first purchases after I joined the beige was the £75 Rover 75, with plenty of test and only in need of a couple of tyres. That was 2015 though, haven’t seen anything even vaguely roadworthy for less than £4-500 (and even then only occasionally) - most tat is starting at £800-£1000 as a minimum. @Nullzwei if that S124 runs and drives ok then someone has just got a stonking bargain.
  5. Oh it gets better. Tried to do an online chat with Amazon to see if it could be resolved that way, maybe get the parcel redirected. I don’t think the person at the other end understood me at any point in the conversation. I got sent info and help links for how to use the Amazon lockers (it was sent to a post office), then they tried advising that it was me who rejected the parcel, then that it was rejected because I selected an incorrect address… Finally seemed to get some sort of acceptance that it was an Amazon problem rather than anything I’d done, so I asked if the refund could be done immediately. They offered to try and process the refund within 5-7 working days (the Orders page says refunded 2-3 working days after the parcel is returned), so that was a waste of time too. Gave up in the end, and this morning woke up to an email from Amazon with a user guide on accessibility for their Locker service which isn’t the fucking problem because I didn’t use the locker service. I wanted it delivered to the local shop half a mile from my house because that was the most convenient place they offered. Given that they have all the details of how the order was placed and where it was ordered to, it’s a bit of a shitshow all round. Bah. Fuck Bezos and his stupid fucking ‘worlds most customer-centric company’. It’d be a lot more customer-centric if they actually understood the customer.
  6. Mondeo progress delayed due to Amazon fuckwittery. I ordered a code reader to be delivered to my local Amazon collection point, which is the local shop according to Amazon. Checked the order this evening to find it had been rejected and was being returned for a refund. Went down the shop to be told 'we're not an Amazon Hub, never have been because we don't have the kit to scan the parcels in' so now I've got to wait for the parcel to be returned for a refund in hopefully 2-3 working days. Fucking awesome.
  7. That’s a bugger, I’ve not got any old laptops - got rid of my old computer stuff years ago. I’ll get a generic code reader, all I want is to read the ABS codes. The DPF shouldn’t be an issue.
  8. The problem is there are a minority of garages out there who do that, and I’m sad to say they will try it on more with women. My sister has had several experiences of this, despite her mechanical knowledge being sufficient to do major component changes on her 4x4. I’ve also had a couple of attempts by a garage to fail cars just to generate work, and a few months ago a large chain place failed a relative’s car for discs and pads despite them all being well within spec with no damage. Conveniently the worn parts had already been disposed of when we asked for them to be retained. That all said, for every rogue tester there will be a hundred or more awkward customers who don’t understand the test or think they’ve been hard done by when the tester does fail something that is a definite fail, or will quibble about things like perished tyres or other bullshit. There is no perfect middle ground - testers need to test fairly and people presenting cars for tests should be better educated on what their cars actually need.
  9. It looks to me like an easy change to make to ‘prove’ they’re trying to save people money when in fact it’ll make fuck all difference, rather than actually tackling the reasons for everyone being financially raped. I’m not a fan of extending it to two years either - it’s a small price to pay for checking the vehicle is roadworthy. What there needs to be is some sort of education of drivers so that most people understand basic faults like bald tyres and broken wipers/bulbs, know that an MoT is not a service, and know that ‘FULL VOSA SERVICE HISTORY M9’ wankers are basically advertising that the car hasn’t had spanners set on it at any point in the last 150,000 miles.
  10. @sierraman, where is best to get Forscan from and does it need any extra hardware? Seen a load of different options on ebay but no idea if they're the right thing or not. Most seem to come with a USB plug on one end, normally these sorts of thing don't play nice with a MacBook and most of the adverts aren't clear on whether Forscan will or won't.
  11. A minor diversion from the Mondeo. I’ve been aware for a while of a squeaking/rubbing noise of some sort from the back of the Range Rover. Obviously I waited until the temperature was fucking freezing before deciding to do anything about it, but with the impending OMG SNO KAOS and the distant possibility that I might actually need a vehicle more capable of dealing with 3mm of icy slush forced my hand. Some gentle trundling back and forth revealed that the noise was from the o/s/r wheel, but not related to the discs or pads. So, wheel and disc off and investigate. Oh dear. What the picture doesn’t show is the remains of the locating pin from the shoe nearest that fell out as soon as the disc came off, and the fact that the other one was held in place with a speaker screw and clip on the outside of the backplate. None of the local factors seemed to have anything suitable either as replacements, which is a bugger. Into the big box of random fixings then, for two M6x40 bolts plus four nuts. Obviously the intention wasn’t to clamp them in place, but the slots in the shoes were massaged with a small file and the last 5mm of thread at the head end of the bolts treated similarly. They were then slotted through the shoes and the backplate, and two nuts on each locked together to allow movement of the shoes. It’s not a perfect fix but it works: Lastly, shout out for these: They are all of the ossum for working on stuff - great feel and warm. I got mine from here: https://badobsessionmotorsport.co.uk/product-category/mechanix/the-original-range/ Probably not the cheapest supplier but I don’t mind supporting them. More Mondeo nonsense over the next few days. Probably.
  12. Took it for a drive on a private road, didn’t clear the ABS/TC lights. Maybe a sensor has corroded or failed. Needs chucking on a diagnostic machine. DPF - er, yeah. Less said about that the better, but it shouldn’t be causing any issues.
  13. New battery in, success: Well, sort of. Got to work out why the ABS light is on, and fix some of the minor issues like lights that are apparently malfunctioning but appear to work fine (maybe not CANBUS compatible) and low screenwash (even though the tank is full) - probably the sender unit is stuck. Spot the difference: Quick scrub with some degreaser, don’t like working around a dirty engine bay. Need to buy some mould remover too:
  14. 20hrs of charging and there was an improvement in the battery, it now holds 1.8v. New battery ordered.
  15. That’s pretty much what I reckon, but before I go spending on a battery I’d at least like to try and get it running and moving without a jump pack permanently attached, just to check for any other issues before I start spending on it. The idea is free fixes first, make sure it’s viable, then make a shopping list. PAS - now therein lies a story. I’ve known the vehicle since it was almost new and over its life the car has had a couple of racks and pumps - not ideal for a car with less than 150,000 miles on the clock. Last time around the pump, rack and pipework all got replaced and is theoretically now good. However, I don’t know if the reservoir was changed. If it looks even remotely dirty it’s getting swapped for a new one and a full fluid change just to make sure.
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