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  1. Cosmetically, it's a good ten foot bike. Mechanically it's almost there, the clutch cable is stretched to its limits though. I keep toying with the idea of selling it but I do like riding the thing, and it'll be even better with a small amount of money spent - a QA throttle is a definite if it stays.
  2. Speaking of V twins I was ripping around West Wales on this today. I think, including the new set of Bridgestones it now sports, the whole thing still owes me less than a grand. Ok, it’s not face-meltingly fast but it’s a hell of a good machine for A & B road bashing.
  3. @They_all_do_that_sir, for your budget the only thing that will get you the ‘ohmygoodfuckingjesustittyfuckingchristalmighty’ feeling that a ZZR1100 going at full bifters gives, is another ZZR1100. Get as late a ‘D’ model as you can. @Jerzy Woking’s V-twin suggestions aren’t a bad idea at all though - they’ll not rev like a 4-pot but they will feel torquey as hell - loads of mid-range stomp. I’d be a bit wary of litre sports bikes at that end of the budget - £2k is really into thrashed track bike territory.
  4. That’s where this one is a bit weird. The PO clearly spent a lot of time and effort on the car, all of the bits bolted to the underside have been painted, there’s been good stuff like a Kenlowe fan and an oil pressure gauge added etc. It’s also mostly screwed together pretty well, overkill really in some places. But whoever they were I wouldn’t trust them to fit a sidelight bulb, let alone the Blackpool illuminations this thing has. I reckon by the time I’ve stripped out the excess wiring it’ll sit an inch higher and I’ll have made a fortune weighing in the copper. Next step is to go arou
  5. Had to go and look at a Land Rover today that had an electrical fault - apparently it was ‘fizzing’ - water boiling on a bolt in the chassis. The new owner had very sensibly disconnected the battery as soon as they saw it. A previous owner had added a shedload of extra wiring for lights, horns, radios, and the obligatory winch. There is also plenty of wiring for other stuff, bare wires all over the place that have no apparent purpose etc. The main power feed to the winch went directly off the +ve battery terminal, down the following routing: Yes, that’s a heavy gau
  6. 83C

    Bus Shite

    They bodied both - pre-1990 most were Tigers (some using Volvo THD10x-series engines) afterwards they were B10Ms. @cms206 is spot on with the Timeline examples being Mk3 B10Ms, although they gave away 30 or so bhp to the Mk4s they still shifted well. This was my favourite - it had a properly beefy engine and was utterly reliable - not once did it fail while I was there, despite repeated thrashings on the limited-stop Shrewsbury-Telford X5 service (timed 29mins each way, a minute to unload and reload, then go again, mostly being thrashed along a dual carriageway) and countryside jaunts t
  7. 83C

    Bus Shite

    Volvo B10M with an Alexander Q-type body. We had a few ex-Timeline examples at Arriva Shrewsbury, they were great motors.
  8. Good effort for just jumping in and going for it! I did the same collecting my Varadero 125 and riding it 300 miles home, took a wee bit longer than anticipated though... I do like the Van Vans, might have to experience one sometime.
  9. Astravan is now MoT’d, needed a few more things than I thought but I have a decent machine with 12 months test now. On the to do list is new front brakes (noted but not failed on MoT), staple the headlining (droopy - if I can find an Astra estate full length head lining that would be better), fit a towbar and at some point sort the rear arches out. Collecting it tomorrow from the garage and it’ll get pressed straight into commuting duties.
  10. Finally got around to fixing the SV - they really are incredibly simple things to work on. Old oil pump gear: Two teeth missing tips and at least 3 more on their way. Cracks forming around the centre too. New steel gear from JHS Racing fitted. Took it out for a thrash and all is well. Volvo now out of fleet, and this is in: I have previous with Astravans, they’re cracking little machines that work well. This one came from a relative and has been very well looked after, it’s even done trips to Portugal in the last couple of years. Rear arches are
  11. 4am starts are so much better when the commute is on two wheels. Zero traffic, quicker, easier. Having fixed the SV yesterday a dry morning was the perfect opportunity to ride to work. Fingers crossed it’s dry when I finish...
  12. Last week I did an oil change on the SV650. All good, until I went to tip the old oil out of the drain pan and found two tips from a nylon gear. Balls. Yesterday the clutch cover came off to reveal: Hmm. Definitely a broken tooth or two. As this is the oil pump it’s going to get a replacement gear before it decides to lose more teeth, as I’m booked into a trackday in September I really don’t fancy blowing the bollocks out of the engine because of an iffy oil pump gear. In other fleet news, the GS passed its MoT and gained a new rear tyre and chain in the process, and
  13. Worth the wait though, and time spent on two wheels of any cc is always good.
  14. All I can say for speed is that most buses and coaches have a speedo that only goes up to 80. I’ve driven a handful of different vehicles that have comfortably exceeded that, but it was back in the days of no trackers etc. A Tiger and B10M will both do so. The surprising one was an Optare Solo with the Cummins ISB6 and a broken speed limiter - the needle was pointing to the ‘A’ in Optare across the bottom of the speedo and still accelerating. The other thing to bear in mind is the gearing - any bus or coach getting towards those sorts of speeds will also be getting pretty much to the lim
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