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  1. Gutted I couldn’t make this. Unfortunately I had to be elsewhere for family reasons, looks like everyone’s had a great time!
  2. I’d like another 1100 to go with the 1400, preferably in full on 90’s retro bad taste colours.
  3. 83C

    The grumpy thread

    I had a cracking night out in Chester on Roman Day a couple of years ago, but I can understand why the locals might get a bit irritated with the massive influx of people (and by extension, the increased percentage of twats).
  4. 83C

    eBay tat volume 3.

    I know where there is one of those with the considerably superior Volvo chassis for sale. Would still like a 12m one for a camper van conversion though.
  5. Same here. If I do move back to Shropshire I'll certainly be buying one.
  6. No tenting for me, Chateau le Frontera.
  7. Yep, cheap vans are now awful. Gone are the days of finding a Mk4/5 Transit with 6 months ticket and a floorpan mostly consisting of iron oxide for £500, that you just knew would serve absolutely fine because even the most ham-fisted, lead footed twat of a driver would struggle to blow the old 2.5 Di up. Same for old Renner Masters and Bedford CFs. I got lucky with the Transit I had a few months ago, but to be honest cheap modern vans give me the fear now. In the shite end of the market, I'd want the most rust-free (or already had half of Port Talbot's yearly production welded in) early Mk6 Transit that I could find, with the 2.0 TDDi lump, and I'd have to budget at least £1500 (probably closer to £2k) to find one like that. Otherwise, I'd seriously consider buying nearly new something that has been looked after, and taking the hit on depreciation instead. Newer vehicles can and do go wrong, but spunking a decent amount on a looked after or new van that hasn't been thrashed and trashed by someone who doesn't own it and therefore doesn't care about the repair bills is a pretty decent argument against potentially forking out for injectors, clutch/DMF, gearbox, several miles of welding etc on an older van.
  8. Not the expected Green Thing alluded to earlier in the thread, but I'm very happy with it none the less: Collected this from Bewdley as mentioned in the news thread after a public transport failure. Need a new bonnet badge for it though.
  9. I can haz car. @red5 is a legend. Helmsman, take her sou’ by sou’ west.
  10. Now in Worcester. What I really need is a man selling a Frontera. Paging @red5, paging red5....
  11. I’m currently up shit creek. Well, Hereford actually. Had to nip up to Crewe then Shrewsbury today, then got told I had something I needed to take care of at home. Nailed myself to the last train that would take me (via 3 connections) home, only to get stuck at Craven Arms (2 out of 3 engines FTP’ing on the train) completely spannering the first (and tightest) connection. Got a vaguely half-arsed plan to try and buy a car to get home instead....
  12. Colour me interested in a pair of roffle tickets - in fact make it 3 - 11, 37 & 42.
  13. As it stands thanks to a change of roster at work I may not be able to attend. If I do it’ll be Saturday night only.
  14. Henry Orchards and a couple of other yards at St Day near Redruth. Both more old-style walk in and remove bits yourself type yards.
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