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  1. Last week I did an oil change on the SV650. All good, until I went to tip the old oil out of the drain pan and found two tips from a nylon gear. Balls. Yesterday the clutch cover came off to reveal: Hmm. Definitely a broken tooth or two. As this is the oil pump it’s going to get a replacement gear before it decides to lose more teeth, as I’m booked into a trackday in September I really don’t fancy blowing the bollocks out of the engine because of an iffy oil pump gear. In other fleet news, the GS passed its MoT and gained a new rear tyre and chain in the process, and the Volvo is now taxed - see upcoming for sale thread for details on this fine lump of Swedish lead.
  2. Worth the wait though, and time spent on two wheels of any cc is always good.
  3. All I can say for speed is that most buses and coaches have a speedo that only goes up to 80. I’ve driven a handful of different vehicles that have comfortably exceeded that, but it was back in the days of no trackers etc. A Tiger and B10M will both do so. The surprising one was an Optare Solo with the Cummins ISB6 and a broken speed limiter - the needle was pointing to the ‘A’ in Optare across the bottom of the speedo and still accelerating. The other thing to bear in mind is the gearing - any bus or coach getting towards those sorts of speeds will also be getting pretty much to the limits of the rev range in top, so not only do the aerodynamics come into play, so does the lack of power as the engine is working at revs where it doesn’t really make much. The VR is still there, it gets fired up and shunted about occasionally. Since I moved away from Devon I’ve not had time to do anything with buses, hence why the Tiger is just sitting awaiting a little bit of time and effort. It’s also awaiting a space up here for storage. I’ve driven plenty of buses I didn’t like, but sometimes it takes having them for a day, in service, stop/starting all the time to appreciate how monumentally shit they are. With a couple of exceptions, most Optare products are crap, and anything fitted with Volvo’s iShit transmission can take a one way trip to Barnsley straight from the factory. Dennis can produce a reasonable vehicle, but they’ve made some absolute stinkers too - a trio of UVG-bodied Javelins still rate as some of the worst things I’ve ever driven. Best modern thing? Got to be this: Quiet, full auto, bags of power and comfortable. I always liked the Futura (good vehicles, a shame they have a reputation for rust) but the Magiq was another level above.
  4. I think the market went out of rebodying older chassis when operators went over to low-floor semi-integrals. I think the last ones were a bunch of Tigers (and possibly a B10M) done for Strathtay with East Lanc’s Myllenium body.
  5. There’s a few posts on previous pages on this very thread. Its a 1984 Leyland Tiger with East Lancs EL2000 body - a batch were rebodied for Midland Red North in the early 1990s. 1725 is the sole survivor now.
  6. I didn’t realise how tight for legroom 440s are for taller drivers. Once I got comfortable it was all good though. Got home no issues, thank you to @Tim_E for making collection easy. It’s going to be another short term car in the fleet, I’m using the excuse of wanting a car for a few jobs but I also wanted to own a 440 at some point! I do have a couple of specific uses for it, but it’s only going to be useful for a few weeks. Therefore, after the 7th of August it will be available, on a super cheap £3 a ticket roffle or exactly what I paid for it - £150. But for two weeks I’m going to bask in the glory* of owning this delightful little car, and I’ll even try and rectify a few of the ‘features’ on it!
  7. By the way, fleet update. Rover: roffled. Transit: sold. 525d: still the daily. ZZR1400, G650GS, SV650S: all good. GS going in for MoT and tyre on Tuesday. Tiger: in storage. Incoming: van, but not yet. And today’s surprise...
  8. Ye gods, I’m off on a collection. I’m also at work.
  9. I can imagine finding water on the road is a pain. That’s the advantage we have on the railway, we know exactly where the water columns are. Do you use any boiler treatments at all? The tipper power arrangements sound interesting, using injectors and feed pumps for powering hydraulics? I’m surprised it isn’t just a live steam feed into a ram - it sounds like adding the hydraulics when there is already a source of power is over-complication?
  10. With regard to the water tanks, what sort of range do you have in normal usage?
  11. Shrewsbury-registered machine. My Mk.1 Mondeo (1.6 bASe) was registered same place, reg was L67* *UX.
  12. Yer Maun 20 years ago today. RIP.
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