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  1. Automotively speaking, this weekend hasn't gone well. It began with the Astra having a FTP - alternator borked. Late last night I had to check over the wife's Focus after she reported a 'rattling' sound on the way home - turns out it needs 3 tyres and suspension bits for MoT next month, wiping out the budget for replacing the Astravan. Fuck sakes.
  2. I reckon around 228.71 at the wheels. A friend has a Dax Cobra with a Jag V12 (slightly bored out) fed with six Weber IDAs, and fitted with very lumpy cams. He keeps meaning to get it on the dyno...
  3. I covered thousands of miles when I was 16 on a DT50MX like this (mine was red and black). Fantastic little machine, even if I did go through a barrel and piston kit every month...
  4. Bit the bullet and listed the GS for sale - its the one bike out of the fleet of three that I can just about consider selling. The ZZR is hopefully a very long term machine and the little SV is huge fun without costing the earth. Thing is I'm not hardly using any of them at the moment and even when spring is here I won't get much chance. Will probably regret selling the GS because its been a laugh owning it, but such is life. On the upside, the next dryish dayI'm determined to take the SV for a blat - I've got 8 weeks of commuting to Chester ahead of me and I really want to use the bike if pos
  5. Oof. I like that even more than the Piaggio! Always fancied a go on one...
  6. Getting withdrawal symptoms, I've not ridden a bike this year yet. Last time was a run out on the SV just before Christmas. Hoping the weather drys up a bit soon as I want to use it to go to work. Keep looking at the 650GS and wondering whether to sell it, its a cracking bike but realistically I don't use it much now - it's done 100 miles since MoT 4 months ago.
  7. This. So much this.
  8. There is also the personal perspective to consider, for example: This to me is an ideal little car - I find much joy in owning an smoll car that is nothing more than required for basic motoring. Probably the grimmest car I’ve experienced was a relative’s 2013 Vauxhall Zafira. It was in resale silver, had the 1.6 petrol, and was just... grim. It didn’t do anything particularly badly, but it didn’t do anything particularly well either. I could criticise the harshness at speed, the unsupportive drivers seat, the crap radio, the sheer lack of power... but it all pales into insignifi
  9. To be totally honest I don’t think a trade is required, just gift wrap Wrectwm and say the receipt has been lost. Though if some land is needed in return, Amwythig is nice...
  10. 83C

    Tell me about TAXIS

    https://www.autoscout24.com/offers/mercedes-benz-e-200-cdi-klima-leder-shz-dpf-azv-taxi-diesel-beige-deae053f-bfb7-46b5-b390-d08fa48927ba?cldtidx=1&cldtsrc=listPage Want.
  11. 83C

    Tell me about TAXIS

    I've often fancied a Mercedes E200 in full German taxi misery spec: MB Tex, steel wheels and that pale yellow/cream colour. I freely admit that @shedinagarden is responsible for such dark thoughts.
  12. 83C

    Bus Shite

    I do like a Futura, lovely things to drive. Not quite as good as a B10M though. The Magiq was a big step forward, I loved driving the two that Dartline had. I’d like to attach photos of them but for some reason the forum software seems to be struggling with Flickr links.
  13. Sorry but I’d have done exactly the same regarding the railcard. The terms and conditions are quite clear - you must carry the original, and make it available for inspection as required. Screenshots/photos of a railcard are not valid, because of the amount of people who try to digitally alter them and generally scam their way around things. If the railcard becomes difficult to read it is your responsibility to get a replacement. Look at it from the Guard/Ticket Examiner’s point of view. They are under instruction not to accept anything other than the original. There is provision to
  14. An Optare Solo with the Cummins ISB and a broken speed limiter will get to at least 95mph. The BMW 640i driver seemed quite surprised to see me overtaking him in a bus.
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