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  1. a mate of ours regularly drank himself into oblivion..... 1 night passing out with his face on his pint glass. They left him there while they partied. The ring around his mouth lasted about a fortnight. He also once shit the bed with his wife getting covered - but that's another story...... no clue how he made it through his 30's
  2. So are you persevering and going till she drops - or calling a man with a van?
  3. Yup - nicely done. I did the typical - I'll just put this down and undo the fuel cap - stepped back,ended up on my arse and swore a lot......
  4. Are they felt or rubber based? Just thinking they may spoil your concours finish fella....... For an emergency fuel helper in the garage I cobbled together ages ago - I used the bizarrely very strong magnets from a knackered hard drive but had to remember a cloth/rag in between them and the paintwork..... these (if rubber based) would've been ideal. Mine was a shitshow compared to yours - and I stood on the fucker about 9mths after I made it and cracked it to buggery...... top mancrafting sir
  5. Silly as it sounds - I had this when the backpack was slightly heavier than usual one day - I went spare on the drive home. Sounds like a decent ride to be honest. Nothing too bad on that list. Was wondering - if tested early - does that still invalidate the existing record? Wiping off the 2-3mths you have in place? Sorry - too long away from the UK MoT experience....
  6. We looking at your flared nuts? Or dodgy package?
  7. Nicely done ...... https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-australia-61828404
  8. Deep breath fella - even keeping the same welder, settings and wire of 0.8I still have those type of days where it just won't go well.......you're outside too right? Wind not in a different direction or anything like that? Walk away - sleep on it and come back after a cooling down period. It'll be reet
  9. This used to be the case to cover non-calibrated equipment - not sure that is the case with static devices anymore........ but they tend to give breathing space. The fact that most speedos read under by a margin in real terms means there's plenty of leeway tbh. *sorry over reading a little is the norm! DOH Fingers crossed fella - it'll be all good
  10. that's a great result on the MoT - gotta be happy with that
  11. Typo - 12V losing black mini-cab ........ still a bargain
  12. V12 converted black cab......
  13. Vacuum packed - I have the number of a Welsh lass that could probably manage that.......
  14. Excellent views like that will reset your opinion on the world...... Sad react as no matter how bigoted or racist - you're being helped FFS so keep your fucked up shitheaded views to yourself. The old cunt was probably on the doorstep applauding the health workers during the pandemic too - fuck him
  15. Impromptu AS worst in your possession car meet required methinks....... all with speedo/dial issues needing your expertise assessment and repair over the coming week(s) - obviously rendered immobile in the meantime.....
  16. Is the BS standard an insurance requirement - or a personal preference? The renting out forcing certain rules on you?
  17. Edit for - FUCKING HELL Busman.... were you aware of any of that before you drove off? I recall my old man wiring a garage for a wedding hire place many moons back - couple of 420s and iirc Princess Hearse type ...... may be off a little as I was 9 at the time. Wiring on one of them had been 'replaced' - all using stripped extension cables so everything was blue, red or green/yellow .... labels were hand written and illegible. Worked though at the time. Princess had the rear seats supported on wooden blocks/planks and foam stuffed under as the springs etc.... were all gone/shot. Boot floor was none-existant..... All the cars had the late 70s early 80s filler/fibreglass structural repairs and dulux white roller/brush paintjobs ..... made me wonder why he wanted the garage lighting done as they looked fucking awful in anything other than pitch dark.
  18. Was about to say similar - don't see them at all really around here....... not sure if that is company car rules meaning they aren't on the options or if the locals stick to the Golfs they know and love* - Have to admit that the shape and design are growing on me...... no sodding clue what they are like to drive though so may be a disappointment in store.
  19. WOW - All hell broke loose at stupid o'clock this morning. A neighbour is having major works done on their property (one of many actually as this place is rebuild central as they're all loaded) we're the 'normal' kids on the block in amongst diplomats and old money...... they don't like us unless they need technical help! I digress - the workers needed power off apparently - but didn't tell anyone, no note dropped in or anything. Just kill it............ which almost became literal. The old dear 2doors up has a live in nurse and so does the lady opposite... Their assistance machines all lost power and backups kicked in. I noticed all power gone and went to investigate - to be met by frantic live in nurses calling ambulances because if the batteries karked it - they were in deep shit. Massive argument with several neighbours all descending on the guys working. Power restored silently with no-one admitting who killed it. Watching a load of retirees threatening the power, telecoms and supply guys was entertaining at least. Now awaiting the aftermath - they won't be letting this go - it was bloody idiotic to just kill power to half the street without any notice or checking.
  20. My favourite* was when a mates van blew the engine big style just hitting the M25 from Dover...... I dragged it to the services and we made the call. Gave them the services name and we were clockwise direction on M25. Van showed up quite quickly actually but of course, no use and called in the cavalry.... 7 fucking hours and many calls later - he showed up. The job had been listed for the flatbed with just the services - he'd been on the other side of the fucking motorway hours earlier and hadn't had the sense or inclination to call or check. We'd rolled over from Germany - the van was worth some coin - but it took 5mths to get it returned to his place and by then it was covered in various dents and scrapes. He was not a heppy bunny,,,,,,,
  21. Pics of the Innocenti please fella - how's it holding up? Initial checkover before MoT showing anything obvious?
  22. Considering how they can look so good but be rotten - you could still be close! I gave up the search a long while back..... settled for a Cavalier at the time. @Spottedlaurel - I haven't seen the vehicle before - that is an absolute stunner,,,,,, lovely looking thing, Hats off..... is there a thread on it? I failed miserably on searching
  23. If cranking and not starting - I had this on a Cav SRi and it was the fuel pump relay overheating internally - I took to having a spare in the car constantly. It was only a few quid and a 2sec job to swap out and keep on chavving (they didn't have a good reputation at the time and were stolen a LOT) Hope you find it easily - I went mental trying to figure mine out piece by piece! AA got seriously fucked off with me at one point as I was stuck so sodding often..........
  24. My old 325 estate - same thing. No glue will work long term...... I went to a windscreen place and begged to buy what they use - the guy was cool and gave me 3 small tabs/pads as freebies. Cleaning the screen and making sure it was going to work was the main hassle. 2nd time was the charm for me. I then managed to crack the screen right up the centre about 2months later of course! Go ask Autoglass or similar for a favour if possible
  25. Nice fleet - of course I'm leaning toward the flower power Lada as I've ust pulled mine out of storage - great for local hassles.
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