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  1. That's them. The stereo wiring is a bit odd in XJ40s, so aftermarket stereos take a bit of effort, but those underseat speakers are (pretty decent) subwoofers to bulk out the rest of the sound.
  2. Do you have subwoofers under the rear seats (basically where your rear passenger heels would be)? Do you want some for the cost of postage?
  3. I'm pretty sure you don't even need a blanking plate for the oil cooler. The hoses that feed the cooler come out of a plate that sits between the block and oil filter mount (I think), so you can remove the oil filter housing, remove the inch thick plate that has the oil cooler hose outlets, and refit the oil filter mounting plate. I won't lie, I'm half remembering something from my 4.0 about 15 years ago...
  4. Now, I'm not suggesting you're an incurable hoarder or anything, but..... Seriously. Bin them. You've got a massive thread and a phone full of photos, man! How much more proof could someone want? Hand the new owner a USB drive of photos and save yourself some garage space. Top thread this, excellent work.
  5. Is this near Braunton? My old Vitesse did the same journey a few times, but not taken the new one that way.
  6. The handbrake is usually relatively straightforward to resolve - don't be tempted to purely tighten the adjuster nut under the centre console. You'll get many more years of service out of the calipers and cables if you take both sets of rear pads out, pump the pistons out a little and wind them back in a few times before putting them back together using red grease on the sliding pins. If you make sure the handbrake cable is loose enough at the caliper end when you put it back together, you should be able to push HARD on the pedal and hear the adjusters taking up slack. Only once you've do
  7. That's my evening's investigation mapped out anyway ?
  8. I'll take a look, just as soon as I've worked out what on earth 'taking a look' at fibre optic cables means ? I'm out of my depth as soon as I have to change the dial on my mulitmeter from anything other than 'continuity'
  9. It engages around 2000 rpm in N or P - when it's in D, it's supposed to engage around 900 rpm.
  10. I haven't, but that's only because I've only lost sound to one of the four output channels. I've tried a couple of head units (including one that didn't have the external amp lead connected - took me ages to work out why I was suddenly getting no sound at all...)
  11. (I won't do this) (But I have just bought a 'normal' push button as inspiration)
  12. This is a brilliant idea. My 5 year old loves riding in this anyway (front seat only innit?). He would absolutely lose the plot at being allowed to press the 'POWER' button
  13. That's the last resort, I think (at which point I'll probably discover the supercharger is goosed). Plenty of people seem to have either put a relay-swtiched 12v supply to it, or gone properly mechanical and wedged the clutch with a couple of copper washers to jam the outer pulley permanently. I'd like to get it working properly if possible, but if it can't be fixed with soldering and wiring (ie it needs a new k40 relay, or the wiring has broken down inside the clutch), then permanent supercharge is the way forward.
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