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  1. Baffling attitude - but horses for courses innit? I'm not going to take a job in a place that treats an interview as a deliberately hostile encounter. And the times when I'm sat on the other side of the table, I'm hoping that every candidate I interview gives the best possible account of themselves. If they employ successful strategies to get there, gives me the information I need and gives a good account of themselves, what's the issue? If they sit there reading drone-like and not engaging with the panel, they've not used their preparation appropriately. If they bluster in, give vague, unstructured answers and replace competence with confidence, I'll come to the same conclusion.
  2. I turn up to every interview, in person or online, with a (professional, smart looking) notepad in which I've written out 10-12 examples of Things Wot I've Done, laid out in bullet points, one scenario per page. Each page is headed with at least 3 cues (eg 'time management' or 'resolving conflict') it could be relevant to. When I'm asked the 'could you give me an example of a time when you've managed a challenging situation?' I then explain that I'm just going to see which of these examples best fits the question and then answer. When I'm done flicking through, I always ask them to repeat the question before giving my anecdote. Interviews aren't a memory test, they're an opportunity to demonstrate you have the skills they need and I would never have an issue with someone giving themselves the best chance of giving a good answer. Twenty years of reasonably senior public sector roles (including NHS) and the only feedback I've ever had about the notepad from interview panels was "that's a really nice idea".
  3. Everyone has lost their rank badge (I think?) Placeholder icon for pictures on everyone's profile pic. The separate 'staff' logos are unaffected. Viewed on a Pixel 6, connected via WiFi
  4. Nice to see the hotel gave you a late checkout for your birthday too
  5. Can't answer your question, but you're about 5 mins from my house...
  6. That's excellent news - really pleased to hear it. Any clues as to why it was so wet in the first place? The carpets inside used to get soaked, and the car was cutting out. I fixed the wet carpets, and the fault seemingly moved to non-starts. Had I just displaced the water issue?
  7. Holy shit that's quite the thread. Good luck with the house (or specifically the insurance dicks)
  8. Love this, and great to see the care being lavished. What's the deal with The World's Greatest Evil (aka mis-matched tyres across an axle)? Or did you manage to get one that matched the spare? Too early to call dibs?
  9. Bleaugh The only thing I saw was some absolute baby having a moan because someone gratefully received some money that they didn't ask for, were gifted explicitly with no strings attached, and then felt 'duped' because...a man who buys cars to have a play with and sell decided to do exactly that. Personally, I was pleased to see he hadn't initially felt the shackles of owing others a specific due - it was, as ever, the feeling of entitlement from the baby-group of others that seemed to be the issue. It's amazing how hard people will work to have an opinion innit
  10. I appreciate that I'm probably the only person on earth who thinks this, but back when either car was a more common sight on the roads, I would always wonder if the headlights of the Octavia coming towards me were actually on a Rover 800.
  11. Chest cam - check out 8 mins in for confirmation
  12. Black grill please, Audi Quattro style
  13. This is the work of a true believer and I adore them. And you. You're going to mount them in a chrome trim now, aren't you?
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