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  1. Love superchargers. The only world where this can be true: Change the oil > it now makes more noise than before = SUCCESS Great read - thanks
  2. Ha. I knew exactly what you meant. Infuriating
  3. Great investigation work - mine used to belong to my dad and he was never able to get to the bottom of an intermittent bulb failure warning. It only ever comes on when using main beam, and then only rarely, but there is no failed bulb and no end of changing bulb and bulb brands have ever resolved it. This is good work. I won't ever look at it, but it's good to know there are people who can.
  4. I also want to know about bad garages, small claims courts, absolutely wicked DMCs and how you've got the best fleet I've seen. Begin.
  5. I did find a manual for the radio online (but I can't now remember the model number to look it up again), but like you, I'd have thought that once the cables are there, the aux input would work - unless that's exclusive for a CD changer control maybe? The exhaust blow is annoying - fingers crossed it's something patchable (or at the very least, reachable)
  6. Has anyone fitted an aftermarket stereo to a 95? I've dealt with having to run extra switched wires in other cars before, but this one: - won't dim with headlights - won't retain memory settings (and no, it's not a 'switch the yellow and red' situation)
  7. Lovely to meet you @Andy F, have a safe trip back. I wonder how long you kept the roof down for 😁
  8. R53 passed its MOT today - 2nd good pass in as many weeks, after getting the CLK through. It's a brilliant little car, my favourite in years. It's the one I'm preparing to spend some money on to keep it fresh as values do seem to be climbing a little, and it's a good example. The CLK is soon to be @Andy F's and once he's had any bits he needs from the dead CLK I'm sending it to scrap next week so I'll be down to a more manageable 3 cars. That means I'll have space to resolve the various squashy suspension knocks on the Saab, get it some new tyres and get me going through winter.
  9. Whenever I see someone wielding their mulltimeter to do more than make the beeping noise, I panic. I know I can work it out eventually, but I'm just never actually confident. It's usually @SiC or @Zelandeth I see with bench kits and zappers, and my mind just does that Homer-humming-in-his-own-head thing. Nothing useful to add, like.
  10. Red stuff (organic acid) doesn't always play nicely with older seals and materials (including brass heater matrices, for example) - I'm not saying OMG IT'LL DIE, but it'd be worth reading up on it because this car will have been specced for glycol (blue) back in the day. And obviously, never mix 'em. They make a gel.
  11. Oh, don't get me wrong - there's absolutely no way to find this charmingly eccentric in real life. I'm still completely blown away by it.
  12. It's so shit, it feels like it can't actually be malicious and kind of crosses over into charmingly eccentric - to continue meeting up, having a coffee and lovely-to-see-ing you every week, whilst not even paying for the gas is so completely inexplicable, it's like they can't possibly have considered it unusual. I'm reminded of my friend who, as a kid, borrowed CDs of favourite bands from me - lovely, very good friend, a nice thoughtful guy, a bit chaotic but nothing weird. The fact that, weeks after that initial loan, I'd be round his and see him using my treasured Silverchair and Tripping Daisy discs as coasters was so blatant that it was impossible to be offended. It wasn't him being a dickhead, it was just that it had clearly never occurred to him that he should look after other people's possessions. Obviously, your situation is a few orders of magnitude more serious than that, like.
  13. That is fucking outrageous. The idea that an actual friend would be such a dickhead is mindblowing.
  14. I adore this. Thanks for sharing @trigger.
  15. Current mod team are apparently: @chaseracer@brownnova@Mrs6C@Minimad5@NorthernMonkey@dozeydustman@Talbot (finance)@Slartibartfast (technical side) Pikchurs broken plez help
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