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  1. What a beautiful thing to be able to keep in your thoughts. So sorry to hear of your loss.
  2. There is a provision where, all things being equal with two otherwise-impossible-to-split candidates, you are permitted to select the candidate(s) from a currently under-represented group, but there are so many hurdles (and frankly, arseache) that would go along with it, that it is realistically never relied upon. But the law is clear that 'positive' discrimination at the point of employment is illegal. The UK does not permit discrimination on the grounds of any protected characteristic, regardless of the imagined rationale. Many of the protected characteristics are largely self-defined - including ethnicity.
  3. They're on really flaky actively illegal ground here. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5c66abfd40f0b61a1e93a27a/Mr_M_Furlong_v_The_Chief_Constable_of_Cheshire_Police_2405577.18_judgment_and_reasons.pdf Cheshire police lost an employment tribunal when they attempted to do the same thing, and I'm astonished that the company you've applied to would commit such a reasoning to paper. Happy to offer any advice (not a lawyer, but anti-discrimination is my field).
  4. Running out of ways to express how interested I remain.
  5. This is a whole lot of work to avoid buying a battery, my man. Find a friend with a Halfords trade card, or get yourself on Tanya.co.uk
  6. I think that's a great shout, just needs a couple of tasteful decals too
  7. More likely to just be an irritating ropey earth connection having been disturbed during The Frustrations. Chin up, it'll be back in the good books by the end the week
  8. I do OK, and for mostly the same reasons as others have identified. Since finding this guy, I've built up a bit of a relationship, advisories are rarely used except as back-covering (which is fine by me, it's not me who needs the license to make a living) and there's a good understanding of what would be an actual danger.
  9. And apologies if this is egg-sucking advice, but there are firms who basically do consultancy work bickering with assessors on behalf of commercial clients about exactly this. A mate of mine has done it, employing every ridiculous trick in the book - I've helped him lug those 1 tonne plastic water pallets from 'empty' office space to 'empty' office space, all as part of some elaborate demonstration of the usage (or otherwise) of the buildings.
  10. Side note, but I love just how much of a 'family' Vauxhalls were at this age. I used to have a Chevette (in purest AS beige, with an interior I once spilled milk over 🤢) and the pictures of this are so strongly reminiscent - the Chevette was a proper baby Cav.
  11. @Jim Bell Have you achieved true internet fame?!
  12. I have almost the exact same wound, achieved in very similar circumstances - on my right wrist, courtesy of my B reg Fiesta breaking down just outside Preston Poly (sorry, the University of Central Lancashire). I saw a stray cable, I figured "I've done work experience in a garage, I can probably find a home for that" and reached into the engine bay that housed an engine that had been running at 75 mph for 3 hours straight. Sizzle. (the cable was an irrelevance, it was the points breaking down).
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