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  1. I'd be looking at glow plugs long before I started thinking about injectors. Injectors would manifest more obviously than a cold lumpy idle I'd have thought.
  2. A big grin for the general ace-ness of this place. A few weeks ago, I put up a general shout for help to combat excessive US postage charges from eBay on a tiny crystal ornament for my mum. @PhilA stepped up (or, more accurately, was nominated 😀) and generously agreed to act as my international fence, taking receipt of my eBay purchase, re-packing to make sure it survived the journey, and then sending it on a 4500 mile journey (and taking the time to include exactly the kind of hand-typed note my mother would LOVE) to my door, where it has just arrived, A++++A++ - would recommen
  3. Does it just have a lumpy, diesel idle when cold, but fine the rest of the time?
  4. I think even the early T16s had electronic stepper motors controlling the idle stop. My K plate 220 Gti did, which is what's made me think it could play a part here.
  5. 820s experience issues with stepper motors and air intake leaks, both of which can play havoc with reliable revs. Check around the rubber throttle body 'sandwich' mount as they degrade and leak. Stepper motors can be reset with ease: http://pixels1.com/cars/cars/rover-800-820-throttle-body-housing-motor.html?i=1
  6. I can't express just how much I want to see this flourish, post-COVID.
  7. Was here to say exactly this - they bend back fine, just need that extra few CM of movement to get it straight again
  8. That's them. The stereo wiring is a bit odd in XJ40s, so aftermarket stereos take a bit of effort, but those underseat speakers are (pretty decent) subwoofers to bulk out the rest of the sound.
  9. Do you have subwoofers under the rear seats (basically where your rear passenger heels would be)? Do you want some for the cost of postage?
  10. I'm pretty sure you don't even need a blanking plate for the oil cooler. The hoses that feed the cooler come out of a plate that sits between the block and oil filter mount (I think), so you can remove the oil filter housing, remove the inch thick plate that has the oil cooler hose outlets, and refit the oil filter mounting plate. I won't lie, I'm half remembering something from my 4.0 about 15 years ago...
  11. Now, I'm not suggesting you're an incurable hoarder or anything, but..... Seriously. Bin them. You've got a massive thread and a phone full of photos, man! How much more proof could someone want? Hand the new owner a USB drive of photos and save yourself some garage space. Top thread this, excellent work.
  12. Is this near Braunton? My old Vitesse did the same journey a few times, but not taken the new one that way.
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