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  1. I had United Utilities out because the sewer shared by our 4 flats (building looks like semi-detached houses, but is actually 4 flats) was blocking up and coming up through the rainwater drains. The access point is in my back garden and it was my drains that stank like shite for a few days. Free free free to resolve, and they said if it ever happens again they'll be back out quicker this time. BIG approve.
  2. Cheers Talbot - sorry, I should have asked my question better. Because Virgin use their own infrastructure, they don't use the Bt/Openreach network at all and so have different cable-based hardware. But because I am totally clueless, I don't know how to avoid the Virgin hub (which has a co-ax style connection for broadband, rather than phone/ASDL). I wonder if it could be made to do whatever the home broadband equivalent of 'pass through' is, so that a better Wifi router could take on the burden?
  3. Yo @Talbot - Even later than your reply is my question! What should I use to achieve similar gains when using the shit Virgin media send out?
  4. Looking good. Does the handbrake warning light still work? 😀
  5. Absolute tits today. Got a leak in the rear brakes hard line extremely close to where it passes through the bodywork on the Rover. This might be a mobile mechanic job, and I'm not thrilled about it either. https://youtu.be/6kQVWd8vh_Y
  6. Does anyone in the Manchester/North West have access to the Merc scanning equipment? Think it's called STAR. Happy to pay for a session, just need to clear this flipping SRS light. Ta!
  7. In other news, I've been trying to resolve the SRS light. Commonly suspected to be the seat-pad occupancy sensor (they go brittle with age), a solution appears to be plugging in an emulator box (circa £40 on ebay). I'm tight fisted, I reckon those will mostly likely be a resistor and *something else* and was wondering if I could just do what I did on the 820 when deleting the passenger airbag and use a 1/4w resistor (2.2ohm) across the relevant pins, or is the *something else* is important? https://ecu-service.info/en/product/3,emulators/78,mercedes-slk-r170-from-1996-2004-arib
  8. Long time, no effort. It was the amp - R170s get blocked up drainage channels under the windscreen and when they backup, they overflow and leak into the passenger footwell behind the glovebox. Exactly where a great big tray of delicate electronics is mounted 👌 Swapped the amp, and power to all speakers is restored
  9. If it's pedal flying to the floor with no discernible effect, I'd not be suspecting a blockage or collapsed hose. That can only be a leak, air introduced in a line somewhere or a MS failing to push fluid surely? I say this as I'm currently hunting a fluid leak on my 820 Vitesse!
  10. Will you be following up the videos with write ups? It's a purely selfish ask, and recognise it comes with additional labour on your part, but I read threads as distraction when on endless Teams meetings I don't need to be on, so can't watch videos! Basically - gimme words, says internet stranger you should probably ignore.
  11. I'd be looking at glow plugs long before I started thinking about injectors. Injectors would manifest more obviously than a cold lumpy idle I'd have thought.
  12. A big grin for the general ace-ness of this place. A few weeks ago, I put up a general shout for help to combat excessive US postage charges from eBay on a tiny crystal ornament for my mum. @PhilA stepped up (or, more accurately, was nominated 😀) and generously agreed to act as my international fence, taking receipt of my eBay purchase, re-packing to make sure it survived the journey, and then sending it on a 4500 mile journey (and taking the time to include exactly the kind of hand-typed note my mother would LOVE) to my door, where it has just arrived, A++++A++ - would recommen
  13. Does it just have a lumpy, diesel idle when cold, but fine the rest of the time?
  14. I think even the early T16s had electronic stepper motors controlling the idle stop. My K plate 220 Gti did, which is what's made me think it could play a part here.
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