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  1. Cracking looking car and thread this. Cheers
  2. Can you also pack out the terminal/cable end with something so it grips better? Had a similar issue with a Ka, and ended up clamping a flattened nail between the post and the ring. Worked perfectly after that.
  3. I think I might end up trusting that the bottom end is good. Does that seem silly? How can I check if the previous poor cranking was down to rings, for example?
  4. In my long-neglected 820 Vitesse thread, I'm about 9 months behind, but in the present day, I've got a quandry. It came off the road with HGF (powersteering pump failed, which meant the keyed drive for the water pump failed...HOT) In the time I owned it, it's always been tough to start when hot (as in, needs foot to the floor when cranking, but always runs perfectly when hot). After the head was skimmed and refitted, it was horrible to start and, when slightly warm ran like a sack of shite. A compression test found 2 outer cylinders to be dreadful and the inners two only slightly better. Theories ranged from still-banana shaped head, shot piston rings, or unseated valves in a scrap head that went fully bent. I have picked up a NA 2 litre T series (oil tight - a fucking miracle) engine, intending to use the whole thing if possible, or just the head if not. However, from what I can find online (which, let me tell you, is nothing like as easy as it was when rovertech.net was still a thing), the turbo bottom end is (understandably) different, so I'm left with: a) use 'old' bottom end, with the 'new' head, using the old cams (or moving the cam sprockets across) b) use both new top and bottom ends, but rebuild with new turbo pistons. I favour option A, but need to know that the bottom end is good. So, my question now is - how can I tell? With the head off, there's a small amount of movement of the pistons inside the cylinders, but that appears to be normal - how can I find out if it's too much? I'm after brains here - I've spent mine...
  5. PM sent - I need my 820 Vitesse sorting.
  6. I know it's small potatoes in the grand scheme of this marvellous thread, but I love that dash so much. The font for the labels on the gauges looks like something Batman should be driving.
  7. I have more respect for someone who can do this, than someone whose whole approach is "ha LOL no idea I just pay someone". Anyone who can bodge/make do gets a doffed cap from me - and same goes for people who know when they're beat. No joke about it man - you're doing it more right than you realise.
  8. Paid, but entirely funlessly - soz. I save my funs for the wins.
  9. Also, are you sure it even has ABS? My Mk1 SLi didn't and that was positively luxurious in comparison. I ask because I remember fretting that someone had disabled my ABS light, possibly hiding a fault with the system. Then someone asked if I'd actually checked if it was fitted...
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