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  1. Worryingly yes, but of even more concern was I got the number wrong as forgot a car...
  2. If that had been an auto (don't even think they did auto's) I'd probably have bought it for the wife. She hates convertibles, but loves purple. Then again scratch that. I thought it was around a grand not 7k....... That seat fabric is awesome. Was this the escort cabriolet bus edition.
  3. My Jeep has just failed its MOT , needing a couple of bits of welding. Rung the guy I've used before in Longbridge (Ernie) and he's busy till February. Anyone know of a decent welder in West Midlands area? Thanks
  4. Better than mine as the clock bulb works. If you fancy a laugh have a look at process to replace bulb. Really loved mine, enjoy it.
  5. No pics, but reminded me I did the same years ago. Me in my rubber bumper MGB and other user turned in front of me in a Toledo. Had to reverse "out" of the Toledo and had left a similar sized MG dent in the side. Very doubtful it would be repairable. Details exchanged and other driver accepted fault. I was that shook up, did not fully check my car till I got home. To my amazement only damage was some paint scuffs on the bumper. Scourer from the kitchen and no sign of damage within a minute. Loved that car.
  6. I'll drop you a pm if I ever decide to sell mine. Not driven it for a few months, but it is a lovely revvy thing, so assume 5k rpm,
  7. The Beeb obviously don't like Paddy flicking a single finger at the Audi. Was blurred out, but all the swearing was fine :).
  8. Stick a block of wood under the go fast pedal, job done. Something about this really appeals to me, Possibly the fact I had two Passat GL5's, fantastic engine note. Also possibly nicest gearbox I have ever used.
  9. Wife was really annoyed last night as was watching it with me and got annoyed at herself for laughing at the Dominic Cummings gag. She hates anything car related so think she felt she had let herself down Overall I think they are working really well as a team.
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