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  1. Worth it for the scary Subaru content near the end...
  2. Please say you video'd the jet wash, as looks a lot better already.
  3. Just changed contact details for Ceri in my phone accordingly...
  4. Had two as well. Both estates and father in law had a 1.6 hatch, but loved my GL5's. Seller history not the best, looks as though he does not set a reserve and then does not sell if he wants more. One to keep an eye on though... (Think I might still have a set of roof bars in the garage 😂)
  5. Just looked at granny above. Auto but three pedals??? Think they have stuck the brake and clutch "steps" both to the Auto brake pedal.
  6. First dibs when decide to sell on
  7. Blimey o reilly. An R as well. Looks really nice. First impressions?
  8. Problem is the Jag is running on 2 cylinders and the Fiat........
  9. Owned two and would adore another. Still say best manual gearbox I've ever owned.
  10. Pre 2001 over 1549 cc is £280. After 2001 on emissions, but don't know what emissions would be on this one for comparison.
  11. Really loving my A4, so imagine this would be a great steer.
  12. Yep, I thought £48.50 fitted for Michelins was a good price,
  13. Aware this will be a bit niche as most people are not members, and then most would not need 4 tyres, but thought would mention it on here just in case. (also offer might only be on my tyre size) Wanted to get a couple of tyres for the Audi just purchased and ended up on costco site. Michelins and Good Years have just under £94 off a set of 4, and includes free fitting. Costco purchase price £194, Black circles for same tyres £272 Seemed a good deal, so thought would mention it. (And I dont work for Cost co)
  14. As above, was just about to ask same question regarding who's online being collapsible, or smaller font at bottom of page.
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