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  1. Even though trying to get rid of cars, still browse the forums and eBay as I'm an addict always on the look out for a good deal. 😁 The number of sellers currently selling a car at a discount as MOT expired has increased,. What it should read is it's catastrophically failed it's MOT and I need to sell. Do they not realise re MOT history check is there for all to see. Latest was a Jag at a good price but MOT expired, is actually a Jag at what might still be a good price, but with a horrendous MOT failure less than a month ago. Needing tyres, welding and emissions sorting out, so not going to be a cheap fix Just annoys me that people seem to be taking the piss somewhat, and someone might get caught. Rant over.
  2. Fine looking thing. Sure you will love it. Just make sure you do the cable bonnet release cable tie fix, as can cause issues if not done. Two minute job, can save a world of pain. Might have a spare R75 haynes if you want it. , will go and have a look.
  3. Looks like advert has been changed multiple times. Also car in Walsall, seller in London???
  4. Do still miss mine.. Does yours have the FBH as needed in cold weather as does take a long time to warm up, even with a working thermostat, (R4 in line for the win)
  5. Previous owner left me a present in the cab as well.
  6. Agreed, but this was purchased from a thread over on RR. Guy fitted the wrap himself, along with a load of other fixes, including a new drivers seat.... also a fake grass floor
  7. May have done something stupid, again.... Just being collected by the one and only @worldofceri
  8. Was a piss poor attempt at humour, as diesels have chains.
  9. That was a diesel as well
  10. You are a much better person than me, trying to see the positives. I'd be seething after a journey that far if as badly described as you say. Get some rest, and there seem to be a few nice ones for sale on the R75 forum to browse tomorrow.
  11. This should be the fella. https://dvlaregistrations.dvla.gov.uk/search#advancedSearch
  12. Nerd mode engaged, thought that was from Castle.
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