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  1. Bugger. Just counted and currently at 10, which may be going up to 11 tomorrow. I seriously need to sort my life out, but then new house we are hopefully buying has four garages 😁 so there is space....
  2. Jesus, that looks really nice. Paid more for the family curry last night
  3. Was just thinking the same :), and a tow bar??
  4. You are a better man than me to get between platforms direct. Always seem to end up taking a tour as come up to a glass wall/partition and have to retrace my steps. The old station did not look the best but one long corridor with platform 1 at one end, and platform 20 (guessing the number) at the other end, made it almost impossible to get lost.
  5. Keeping it vague, so as not to spoil the surprise\reveal. Matt's car? If it is, it looks really nice.
  6. #28 & #48 if it does roffle. Just surprised does not appear to have rear parking sensors, but everything else...
  7. Great work, good to see you managed to fix it. Are you sorted for a car for Feb as a high mileage Rover 75 has just appeared over on the R75 forum. Listed at £500 or any cheeky offer. Current owner has driven it for almost 250k.
  8. Hopefully the first word was "£30"
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