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  1. Congrats. Advisory free as well. Now the fun really starts
  2. There was a horrible grinding noise the whole time and car was a bit sluggish though.:) Glad its sorted and £78 seems a bargain.
  3. Battery receipt? Still under warranty to get a replacement.
  4. Its finally happened., @HMC has purchased all the local chod at a decent price and is now travelling further afield. He's agreed to take South England and @theshadow is taking the North. There is going to be nothing left for the rest of us. Good luck and hope everything goes to plan. I'm guessing RR Sport, but don't think enough seats.
  5. Could the brake pedal (or clutch) just be engaging slightly to disengage activation. Long shot but can you pull pedal up any with foot and see if cruise engages. Had an EOS where the pedal did not return fully, so initially thought brakes/calipers were seizing but was just pedal sticking and applying pressure.
  6. Can you claim for Hotel back from LNER? They only had the suite available, can I get as refund..
  7. Had just sent you a pm with contact details, in case you change your mind.
  8. Happy to lend you my A4 for a few weeks if you can get up to Dudley way. (Sandwell & Dudley or Tipton stations) Air con not working, but cruise and 6 speed so should do Leeds without issue.
  9. Really pleased that surgery went well and things have improved greatly. Now just take it steady and don't assume you can do everything. Quick story from when I was about 10, so many many years ago. Sprained ankle on right foot, few outpatients visits at hospital in Brum, and all was fine discharged. So happy that ran to Dad when I saw him pulling up in the car. (Cortina 1.3 2 dr for the win) cobbled stones and went over on left ankle. Back in an hour later and saw nurse who'd just discharged me.
  10. I am joking Hopefully will be a quick and easy fix and not too much of a hit on the wallet.
  11. Too many to remember. Did a list a few years back and got to 150, so think would be over 200 by now. Remember when doing list, thought it was finished and then suddenly remembered a specific manufacturer eg Citroen, which then added another 10 (3xBX, 6xXantia, 1xC8) Highlights First Saab Classic 900. (loved that car and should not have got rid) Mazda RX8 (purchased from @HMC) Amazing car, but due to change in circumstances had to go. BMW E38's (Overall probably nicest cars I've owned) Passat GL5's. Crashed one, sold one. Still think, best gearbox I've ever used and matched to 5 pot engine. Gonna stop there as will keep going.
  12. Well like buses you get two come along with a week. I blame UKSaabs Dear Dr, I have a problem.
  13. One of the rare anti-gravity Saab's with vertical take off
  14. Thought I recognised the yard from Hubnuts vids. Hoping to get it in for MOT in the near future so may be in touch.~ Cheers
  15. Sorry for thread hijack, but @Heikin Matsuda Do you only weld Mazda's Have a Saab 900 that I believe is going to need a tickle, and I'm only in Dudley...
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