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  1. Autoshite way to add air conditioning to a Merc. That's an AS calendar shot if ever I saw one.
  2. I keep coming back to this over on Retro Rides http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/211341/89-bentley-turbo-6495-stockport?page=1&scrollTo=2541890 Not got the time or skills for this, but my idiot head keeps saying. "Go on, Go on...." I just think it looks awesome, but my pockets would not be deep enough for the bills.
  3. Cant help re MOT history, but it's a Honda SMX. Hubnut had one for a while and did quite a few videos. Quite liked it as I recall, but he went to far when he painted the wheels orange. Sorry Ian.
  4. Saab 9-3 Convertible (Noobtuned). Purchased off here a couple of months back (ex £95 Peugeot, ex tetley), but not used it at all. (Less than 30 miles - still got the petrol it came with) Have not advertised it on here yet as was planning on getting rid of the RX8 first.
  5. That looks lovely..... Heated seats for the win.. What's up with the roof\boot seal. Easy fix or just park it uphill?
  6. J'espere que vous avez un bon voyage. Le nombre de caca?
  7. Had that with my old Saab C900. Everything seemed in order, but no spark. Also driving at 60 when it just cut out. New rota arm and sprung back into life. (After having changed\checked\swapped a load of other stuff first) I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  8. Jesus. Anymore of an overhang and that camper van would be pushing the boats back into the water. ☺️
  9. That's an image\description I'm not going to be able to shift for a while. 😛 Glad its sorted now though.
  10. I'm considering registering with Copart to have a bid on this. It's only down the road as well.
  11. Stop toying with us... Does it have the red leather seats. 😁
  12. Looks like we have a new episode at 19:00 tonight. Wonder if it will run\move under its own power.
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