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  1. Found this over on the Rover 75 forum. https://the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=321932 Rover 25 Streetwise - £300 - Cardiff, MOT Feb 2023, Cam belt way way overdue (years), but still seems a decent steer.
  2. Cos I'm sad, messaged a local bloke on Facebook whose breaking a verso. £50 for all three back seats. But collection for you might be an issue, and you'd be doubling the value of the car 😁😁
  3. Fixed that for you, Was tempted myself when it was up for sale before, and now its even closer
  4. Never driven a Verso, but used to rent Yari (Yes I'm classing that as plural for Yaris) from Easy rent a car when they were a £1 a day, for no other reason than they were a £1 a day. Great cars and loved the central pod for the speedo /rev counter. Astra GTE esque. Did you know about the space saver, as did not notice that in the pics or description of ebay ad?
  5. Not going to spoil the surprise, but Jesus you must have been slaughtered Good Deal though.
  6. Double/Triple check everything is filled in correctly (Including the VIN), and take a copy. Also send it recorded delivery. Not wishing to worry you, but took 6 months to get the V5 on the scrap Audi I purchased as a spares car. When it finally turned up the car was scrapped within the week. Every delay that could happen did. Even suggested that they have some form of priority system if they ask you for more info (even when it was not needed), so when you get back to them you jump to front of queue. Sorry no, back of the queue you go. As you can probably tell. V62's are somewhat of a trigger for me
  7. This week I have mostly been eating........
  8. Passat just went through. Rear shocks seem shot, seemed to wobble as it drove in. No sale at £5700
  9. The Red Volvo estate barn find on Jonny Smiths channel, just went through for £5000 but no sale (Estimate was £5500>)
  10. Not been watching, but thought I'd have a look at the link and catalogue. Been looking for a Passat GL5 Estate for a while and one is about to go through shortly. (Lot 665) weirdly had just searched EBAY prior to watching, Will see what it goes for £7500 to £9500 estimate seems high, Sold my last one years ago for £450
  11. Are we there yet? Trying to figure out if anything was for sale Hastings way...
  12. 12 months ticket and 63K. Where do you find them. Need to move south
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