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  1. Dont know why I just noticed, but the Beemer has a reversible number plate. XHM818M
  2. Fixed that for you to see how brave you are
  3. Thanks for everyone's responses. Should have clarified we are talking sub grand second car. Dad loves his golf and hoping health wise he will make a return to previous level. Also needs to be an auto as wife would need to drive. Currently Smart, Scenic any Pug 1007 are on the need to check out further list.
  4. Dad actually had a Fusion a while ago. Somehow he ended up with a plus model, tinted rear windows, DVD player and wireless headphones in the back. Also had this weird storage cubby thing that you could put on the back seat. Never used any of them 😁 He'd had a Saab before and always found the seats in the Fusion a bit hard... He loved the £30 road tax though. Not sure he would be too happy if I turned up in one to take him to the quacks.
  5. Now that's a really good shout. Nearly bought the one that Montytom was selling a while ago as was looking for something cheap and cheerful/small for the kids to learn to drive in. Who'd have thought a Smart could be an multi purpose vehicle.
  6. Snagglepuss has pm'd me and offered me two of his numbers, so 02 & 16 please. I've got Will's paypal, so will send him the £15 now. Thanks again.
  7. Problem is the passenger seat access. Until recently he was still fairly mobile and used his Golf daily. However with the health change he is only ever the passenger. Think the Golf was fine before as he had the steering wheel to help. Now he does not have anything to hold onto for getting in and out. Hence why thinking Picasso etc, so that he could almost walk into the seat. Cheers all for the responses.
  8. If anyone is having second thoughts happy to take 1 or 2 tickets for this fine beast. (Change in circumstances means this could be useful) Cheers
  9. Wont bore with the details but basically my Dad is not very well and is now being cared for by myself and wife. However we still need to get him to Hospital/Docs on a fairly regular basis. Having issues with transport as issues with all of the current "fleet", either too low (Vw Golf/Rover 75) or too high (Freelander) Was thinking Scenic/Picasso/Sharan etc, Middle Ground on height and large doors for easy access. Any thoughts suggestions appreciated.
  10. I think £5 increases would be fair, or we could keep extending the 24 hour clock by a sixpence, which could turn into the longest running roffle ever. 😉
  11. Whats the delio on the Rav4? Always liked those.
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