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  1. Thank God you asked the question, as was having exactly the same thoughts
  2. In the C8? Removed completely. They dont have the Voyager fancy stow n go thing.
  3. Chod speed. Hope it all goes well, and watching with interest for any updates,
  4. If you were local we could have a test fitting. Though at the rate the wife is acquiring tat, wont be long before I'm dispatched to London to fetch something.
  5. Direct from the horses mouth. http://www.citroenet.org.uk/passenger-cars/psa/c8/c8-14.html
  6. I'll have a gander, but from memory about 205cm from front seats to boot. 115 wide, and 101 high (115 between rear wheel arches, and 101 rear tailgate entry) Checked the other day as the wife has me picking up a welsh dresser on Saturday so need to see if it will fit. Its going to be close, but think I may be able to "push" the slightly taller half in via the side door as roof space is a few cm higher once you get passed the tailgate,
  7. Bugger - Just remembered that I wound the window down on the "old" door to make it easier to carry away from the car as did not think it would be needed. So now will have to get the glass moved/smashed (dependant on how inept I am) to get at the wiring.
  8. I need to do that on the passenger rear door, it squeals like a pig when you lower the window, Which I cant do at the moment due to the above, so winner winner
  9. Had a response from the French Car Forum re the above. It appears that they used two electrical systems, so possibly only fix is to remove all electrics and gubbins from door one and transfer to door 2. If that's the case, I probably will, as car seems worth the effort.
  10. Well this is the car that just keeps on giving,,,,, As above purchased as a knackered tip run car, no mention of any service history, but advised good mechanical order. Just hoped it would last a couple of months for what I needed it for. However. Seller contacted me yesterday and advised he'd found some service history, do I want it. Of course please ? The thing has only got full service history, had the cambelt done a few years ago (@98K, now 130K) , and had a new cat fitted by Kwik Fit last year (£460...-Specialist order) This might be turning into a keeper Anyhoo, changed the door over so car looks a lot better but now lost control of windows and door mirror from drivers side door. Central locking still works, and so does indicator under wing mirror. have cleaned the contact with no success. Seller of door advised was all working, and have even swapped the switch from the Citroen door over to the now fitted Pug door with no success? Any suggestions to fix. Reset procedure or possibly a LEXIA session?
  11. Eddy, There is a really good welder down here in Birmingham . I've used him a couple of times for stuff, but nothing as involved as this. http://www.birminghamwelder.co.uk/ (Ernie, the fastest welder in the West (MIdlands)) He's always been good and relatively cheap. When I've turned up he's had a VW camper or similar there as an more involved job, so assume he;s not scared of that type of work. Would it be worthwhile dropping him a line with some pics and get an estimated price for the work? If its something you want to do, would be more than happy to be a taxi service to take you home, and pick you up again when the work is completed. Only issue might be he's normally quite busy, so may have a load of work on already. Just a thought as do think this needs metal rather than P40, or you could go the whole hog and make a Caddy convertible Take care bud.
  12. Bugger. Just missing out on the 6 month extension , which would have proved useful.
  13. I have watched the vids can't remember for certain if it's a 4x4 (think it is) Could you hang on to it for a few months and then sell for the OMG Snow crowd. Tyres looked really good and grippy.
  14. You';ll have to search through the site, but the one of Krujoe's Space Wagon towing an R8 Rover springs to mind. (If he'd allow use)
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