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  1. If you do decide to sell drop me a message, might even have something floppy top or quirky to put towards it. Looks lovely by the way. Did like my previous one but was the lighter blue and non "mesh" grille , so really like the look of yours.
  2. Was thinking the same. Transit in front of HGV1 drives away on green, but HGV1 does not move till HGV2 is alongside/passed.
  3. Eddy. Is this anything your buildings cover insurance might cover, Dont know and excess might be quite high. Possibly worth a call though. They might even have an approved repairer for peace of mind,
  4. Which was bought by me when advertised by Jim on UKSaabs , many many years ago, Still remember collecting it from Torpoint. Took me ages to realise that J900SKY was quite a good reg for a GM900 convertible...
  5. Defo, something with a three pointed star.
  6. I actually thought his finest hour was trying to blow the Merc gearbox up by putting the wrong fluids in
  7. Exactly what I said to my first girlfriend..
  8. Not the Co-op , the actual flats themselves are built on the old Citroen dealer site as I knew it, but believe was originally all electric cars. (Due to the all electric fuel pumps) https://www.allelectric.co.uk/about-us/
  9. The old Citroen car site, you have trained him well
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