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  1. That looks grand. Are these proper autos or cvt?
  2. Well the car continues to shine, and has actually proven more practical than our new house today. We bought a superking size mattress as a treat, which the car took without an issue. Then also purchased a cheap divan base off ebay. Splits into two sections and once again the car took both with ease, including enough space for the headboard and additional drawers. Issue happened when we got home, as cant the friggin divan base up the stairs. Due to twists on the staircase and also a slightly lower ceiling. Me and the wife spent a good 20 minutes trying to re-create the Friends scen
  3. That's what's classed as a "natural break". Looks good.
  4. What's the betting its something with 6 cylinders and German
  5. Not sure if the link will work, but £300 for a 210bhp 9-3 Aero with 12 months ticket seems like the bargain of the century http://www.uksaabs.co.uk/UKS/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=202210
  6. The ones they did with Clive Owen are not that bad.... I think Guy Pierce even directed one with his Mrs of the time,....
  7. Well after weeks of faithful service and some form of collection every last weekend, the Citroen finally blotted its copy book today. Actually you cannot blame the car, its my stupidity and confidence that the car would be able to take anything... (it cant) Today's collection mission was a run up to Ashbourne to collect a patio set that the wife had won on ebay, She had shown it me and asked if it would fit in the Citroen, here's where stupidity mode kicked in as I just looked at the pictures and said yes... (should have checked) Collection also meant I was nearby to @Jikovron s
  8. That was "reviewed" on Not 2 grand, and mentioned it could be rented. Different number plate now, but think its the same car.
  9. Left field suggestion, but what brand was the stereo. Can you get another with the features you want so would just be plug and play with the loom you have?
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