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  1. I've defined it to myself in the past, as that moment when I've spent a small fortune on parts and/or repairs, and the bloody thing resolutely defies fixing. It's the moment just before going full Basil Fawlty on it, when the entire universe is humming along just nicely thanks, except that bit I'm currently inhabiting, without two brass farthings to rub together. Right, that's it, you're going to get a damn good thrashing...etc. Also -and I'm not sure it's entirely relevant, but bear with me - as a result of someone mishearing what I was saying the other day, when 'vale
  2. Assuming that's the T2 chassis (like the Vario buses) and not the cab over LN2, there's not much different to car brakes on those, just bigger. The LN2 is full air, somewhat different animal. Assuming the master cylinder is ok, I'd be looking at the load compensation valve etc., out the back. These things were designed mostly for 5-7t, so a camper might not load it up enough, or often enough. If it's partly or fully seized, might it be causing odd pressure fluctuations that are pinging the light on? Saying that, air brakes aren't immune to underloading/under use either: I knew a guy ran
  3. You can actually handbrake turn with air brakes...it takes a fair bit of practice to get right, but it's worth it for maximum hilarity. IIRC Mercedes offered a very special chassis range in the late 80s, which were listed as 'fire tenders': which Feuerwehr needed a carbon fibre cabbed SWB with a low C of G and engines readied for four figure power outputs, and the auto box, brakes and suspension to match, I do not know. Nor which one would have deep enough pockets. They were pretty quick in BP colours though, and basically marked the point at which European truck racing went into full pr
  4. Running bobtail is hilarious for the first 15 mins, but it gets tiring shortly after. Back in the days of fully manual, drifts and slides were a piece of piss, especially in the wet, and most especially up the long spiral sliproad from Houston Ind Est in Livingston. Throttle control was key, cos they just couldn't be steered quickly enough. The furthest trip I did bobtail, was Oldham - Falkirk, and that ceased to be amusing by the time I hit the M6. By the border, I was in actual pain, and I remember feeling it for days after. 'A Bad Back' comes with the job...
  5. @tul66 the engineless Alfa calls to me regularly. If I could afford, I'd answer without hesitation.
  6. I've actually had a phonecall from the MOT tester who asked "Are you sure you want me to put this through the test?" which is more or less the same thing, but in quietly spoken older gentleman.
  7. NEWSFLASH: Ford Fiesta finally confesses why they rust, Satan not available for comment, updates to come...
  8. There is very much that. The Chinesium in particular, gets around a bit. See also: RETRONIUM, an abundant and endlessly adaptable element, commonly alloyed with other elements to replace items made of UNOBTANIUM. Particularly when used in automotive and bicycle components, it becomes very expensive (unless alloyed with Chinesium).
  9. Dunno if we've had these before, but I don't think so... From the Shite Periodic Table (it's the bit below Lanthinides and Actinides that gets chopped off at the printers, honest...) CHINESIUM: molecular weight indefinite, as it exists in a contradictory state, at once appearing functional yet failing to fill its' assigned task for long. Also known for predictably failing in unpredictable ways. Commonly found in the 'bargain' strata around E Bay. UNOBTANIUM: molecular weight zero, as it exists as an idea only. It is not yet fully understood how unobtanium appears to be able to r
  10. Been all the way through this thread, and I'm surprised I hadn't contributed back then. Cos the funny thing is, my answer is still the same as it would've been. 2CV Times change, and so have my tastes and therefore likes and dislikes. But no single vehicle of any description evokes such a visceral hatred in me as these. I appreciate the engineering, and the social significance of them to France, and even the racing of them: but...they're the only real reason* I'd buy a cheap Russian tank. And yep, I'd paint a little pictogram of each one destroyed on my turret. Driven over repeatedly
  11. I was dream-reminiscing about my old LDV bus, and thinking it marvellous how I'd scaled the nose of the gas turbine APT onto it. Inspecting the crusty NSF arch revealed it to be decorative icing. I carefully sliced a bit off, and another bit, and...it turned out the APT nose cone was a giant battenburg cake. Naturally there was a massive queue of people with their plates, so I whittled the APT nose cake down in no time, ending up with a pristine LDV and many happy people. Which is perhaps the most unlikely part: the yellow bit of it was marzipan, AND NOBODY OBJECTED??? That has never hap
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