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  1. Shitey old MAN earning its' living once it's had some care and attention. Bonus tractor and old Volvo shite later on, if you've got an hour spare...
  2. Definitely odd, because Stonefield were still going strong when it was operational, so spare panels would've been available if it had been damaged. Probably custom built, but why...? Don't suppose it matters really, I've just been fascinated by them since a Scottish Motor Show when I was wee. With a Mopar 318 in it, it seemed like some kind of monster truck!
  3. The Thames TV truck isn't a Stonefield, is it? Looks like one but not quite, somehow.
  4. The way I'd look at it is that period correct is perfectly fine for a car like this, but the Drosje plate would be the cherry on the cake. It's a significant part of the car's life, why shouldn't it display that?
  5. I would've said Mk2 or 3 Cav until I discovered the Volvo P2. The early P80 gets a solid nod too, as long as it's not too far into the blue badge years. The only real downside of the Volvos as An Car is fuel economy, otherwise an 850/x70 will not let you down for anything. The estates will even save you a fortune in van hire!
  6. I'd bet it would be the 16L Volvo lump. As I recall, they made it an option pretty soon after the take over, and it went across well over there.
  7. Yeah, that's what I tried to do, but Photofuckit gave me a lovely 404 so I'd to right click, download, upload into Amazon photos (cos Kindle) to download again to reupload to here! Welcome to the modern streamlined space age interslice...😂
  8. Has to pinch this off my own thread, because Photofuckit seem to have binned it, so now I can't get rid of their shitty watermark either. Soz...
  9. I could be wrong, but I've a funny feeling that FL7 is an ex Strathclyde Fire Brigade hookloader. Wonder if they've got the kit skids as well as the plant one that's on it.
  10. Would it be possible to provide a PO box address, then we can all nip out to the nearest supermarket and get our spots/ads/whatever printed out to post off, and they could be mounted into the website with double sided tape? At least that way, when the pics disappear in future it won't be Photofuckit's fault. Again. We'll just need some more tape.
  11. The grille made me think Foden, but of course I went down the 'stuff Belaz imported' rabbit hole because that's always fun. Not productive, but fun. Because the chances are that big old construction equipment with weird layouts will be Russian, or American made for the Middle East. Edit: could it be a Foden FC20?
  12. Be very careful driving anything heavy over that stuff: I ended up in a whole world of trouble driving a loaded 26t water bowser on it at one festival a few years ago; booted the truck up a slippery uphill section, swung the nose round to reverse into the tank farm, and a section had kicked up (unknown to me) and lodged between the two back axles. Completely stuck. Couldn't go forwards or backwards. An hour of violence and butchery with a Loadall, big hammers, scaffold pole and wrecking bars got me out, but I wouldn't do it a second time! Ever after, I periodically checked any iffy looking joints and reported them to the contractors. Or just twatted it flat with a sledgehammer.
  13. I couldn't speak on their driveability, especially the older models, but yes that was the winning formula: cheap, tough, and easy to work on. That Harris Bros built the kits well, and weren't cowboys probably helped a lot too.
  14. Hunter green, I reckon. Just personally, on the basis that the light purple and the red look too...visually light? If you see what I mean. The green's more 'solid' looking on that shape. It's deeper. I think for a lighter colour it would have to be really eye poppingly over the top.
  15. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. They were involved in a collaboration with Cummins and Bosch (which tangentially involved Scania before the VAG buyout) for that reason. That certainly torpedoed Nissan and Daewoo, because the huge V8s they were running (and again I may be wrong, but istr Daewoo's one was something like 21L N/A) were acceptable in third world countries, but not in Europe. Hino's engines latterly at least, were sensibly sized 24v turbo sixes. Besides, Japan domestically is pretty much on par with emissions regs anyway. Fundamentally, they weren't flash enough, and they didn't shell out to bag a marquee deal with a really big fleet. *cough* Scania *cough* Eddie's Go karts *cough*
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