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  1. I like the proper Mini, to hoon around in, but I hate working on them: had a few mates had them in years gone by, and muggins here was far too willing to fix stuff for beer. The single most obstinate, vampiric, injurious make of car it's been my mission to wield (imperial) spanners at. There's probably still bits of Mini rust in my body somewhere even after the best part of 30 years... Therefore I follow this thread with interest. Cos it's not my problem. Good luck and may the Gods Of Shite be merciful upon thee.
  2. I remember having a LWB auto minibus through the workshop at the same time as a turbo banana Transit Custom we were getting fitted out for a long-range courier: one was glacially slow, the other went like snaw aff a dyke...no prizes for guessing which was which. Yesterday's spots - the Brizzle was just out for a tootle and a bag of chips. Winning at life I think.
  3. Gill-man's not too pleased someone's nicked his pride'n'joy... https://giphy.com/gifs/absurdnoise-absurdnoise-horror-movies-vintage-VsJbyI1T9ymQM
  4. Period Correct Repair: techniques described in 60s/70s DIY manuals, involving chicken wire, wob, cataloy, fibreglass, newspaper and/or parcel tape, for the permanent* rectification of speed holes/additional lightening or touch parking injuries. Interestingly, from a Shito-Social History point of view, the 'period' could well be argued to have extended comfortably into the late 90s, without any evolution of technique. Indeed in some places, it is still a live and valid method. (See Eddy's Cadillac woes for example) (Thanks to the contributors on that thread for the inspiration)
  5. You're better heating them up directly, then quenching them in cold oil. Been doing the same myself with my camping stove, and the oil in a soup tin. Quicker, and much less smoky! Plus, I'm not doing it in the kitchen...
  6. I worked in a Ford garage when these were launched. I did laugh at the briefing pack, which told us to call it 'Ka', not 'the Ka' or anything else, cos it was a sharp young car, for sharp young people. Our demo was beige, and was christened 'Mushroom', but it won over everyone who drove it. Including the old bloke who ordered one in that green metallic that was almost BRG. And all the other old folk who signed on the line while reminiscing about Minis... The first five we delivered were to old folk!
  7. I never did 'like' them as such - fake retro really clenches my arse - but each to their own and all that: and I do like customisation generally, there's usually some point of interest in everything; but... One Sunday evening many years ago, I came off the M61 onto the M6 heading north, into a swarm of them. One pineapple'd sill-dragging splitty in particular caused me problems. Bearing in mind I was driving a Scanny R480 pulling a double deck, and loaded to a midgie's bawhair under 44t, I managed to pass it going uphill away from Bamber Bridge, and nearly toppled the damn thing in my wake. Not much further on, I watched in some concern as it wobbled through my wake into the middle lane, wobbled past me - being thrashed to get to maybe 61 mph - and then took the Preston North exit. Well, they certainly tried to anyway, and having narrowly missed the front of me, they were wobbling uncertainly, precariously, round the bend of the slip road when I lost sight of them. I do hope they made it ok, but it was food for thought. So much so, that I pulled into Forton to phone the boss to ask what the procedure was for the dashcam footage, just in case the pigs needed it. I had several fags and a coffee, and cogitated on the consequences for the entire modifying community, if some dudebro had died trying to do the perfectly normal, in a £100k deathtrap that was theoretically perfectly legal, although incapable of 'normal' use. Summer season always brought out the Sid'n'Doris brigade, tootling along at 50mph tops in the inside lane: I gave them a bye as they were driving within the car's limits, and generally being cautious and respectful of everything being faster than them, but the fud in the splitty? Flogging's too good for 'em etc., 😂
  8. Can confirm. Happened to the lad across the road from me when we were at secondary school: Graham thought he'd take a shortcut across the car park as the buses were coming in, and ended up losing his square go with a Kelvin Scottish MCW. One of the ALSxxxY ones iirc. It looked like it had sucked him under, so we assumed he was dead... Not so! Fire brigade had to lift it off him, and he emerged with only minor injuries.
  9. In addition to Vulg's advice... Years ago, I did a mate's Transit for him, with foam backed kitchen carpet: I used the mega strength double sided tape you get in B+Q, so that once I'd rough cut the carpet oversize (as above), I could batter it into the angles and corners with a brick bolster and mallet. Conventional knee kickers were too long to be usable, but even my modest mass was enough to hold it still. Then, it was a case of lifting the carpet enough to fit the tape, and trimming. I did leave the odd lip here and there ( like behind the pedals for example) so that the dirt deposited on it over time could be contained. Makes it easier to give the cab a quick sweep up. Joins can be 'hidden' with the old valeter's bodge of gently filling up with colour matched spray paint and bashing it in with a stiff brush. Matey's Transit wouldn't have got me a job at Bentley either, but as it was his race car tug/workshop/doss house, it was good enough. Further back in time, I have fond memories of a local farmer using the earlier Dodge version for his milk float. Hanging off the back of that as it chugged along at 40mph at 4 in the morning was...unforgettable!
  10. Leyland built a prototype FWD Freighter in the late 80s: built to be a brewer's dray, with a deep step frame and a Kirkstall axle and modified transfer case doing service under the cab. Never caught on though, obviously. Simpler to fit a three piece prop, and low profiles on puddle jumper rims on the drive and makeweight axles, apparently.
  11. When I was still in secondary school, the guy across the road from my best mate had a black SS he'd bought new, and it was his daily. Same body style as yours, in fact pretty much identical except for the paint. The start up sound took me right back! Look forward to seeing how this goes, it really does look like a good 'un.
  12. Wouldn't you be cheaper, quicker and easier getting one of these small 'dial-a-recovery' operations to do it? For cash, booked in advance for a quiet time might get it down to £40-50.
  13. My BikeTube at the moment is mostly Allen Millyard and Jawa Tino: the latter's projects have been fun, but he's mostly doing compilations at the moment; the former speaks for himself, and rather well he does it too. 'Show and tell' in a good way, and with modest good humour. A lot of others could learn from his example, and just keep it simple. Saying that, there was that London based channel full of smug hipsters with endless pre-unit Triumph scramblers/bobbers, can't mind the name of it, I've blanked it out! That was a sound idea, but it faltered on the bikes being credit card engineered by twats with more money than knowledge. The one genuine attempt at a Ducati 900SS based streetfighter-ish thing was laughably bad. Basically, I think keeping it simple and keeping it 'real' is the best foundation for a channel.
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