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  1. I can't recommend any particular brand - mostly because I'm a cheapskate and tend to use what I can find in a scrapyard or hardware place for £not much - but the part on Rimmer's website is along the right lines. Something stiff that will literally direct the hot air somewhere else, away from the problem area. The fan idea is the other end of that...just send all the hot air out, wherever it can exit! The only note of caution I'd add is to beware of ending up with too much insulation and suffering carb icing in cold weather. Somewhere in between will be ideal.
  2. Stiff heat shielding under the carbs, and wrapping the fuel lines won't go amiss, but... Seeing as it's an airflow problem caused by the swoopy bonnet (that majestic swoopy bonnet!) how about arranging to have the cooling fan run on for five (or ten) after shut down? If it's not fitted with an electric cooling fan, you could fit one to do that job.
  3. An Alpine liveried TK could tickle my hobby truck itch. Possibly. Although as I recall, their TKs were the basest of spec and seemed absolutely miserable to drive. Competitor in Paisley was Krystal Kleer of Lochwinnoch, and I'm not sure what they used, but being a smaller company, probably whatever was the right price and not hanging to bits... Can't recall if I've posted the pic of a Bon Accord Transcontinental that I took near Aberdeen in the mid 80s, but if/when I find it, I will anyway!
  4. The one I could never get my head around was the 10V 140bhp V70 having roughly the same economy as the 850 T-5. If anything the T-5 was slightly better. The V70 was driven 'briskly' - about as good as it gets with those - but the T-5 spent half its time in hooligan mode. Same roads, same journeys, same fuel from the same pumps. Conversely, my mate's old Chrysler (certainly a proper old carby V8, allegedly the 440) had a 'fuel drain pedal' rather than a throttle. Didn't go any faster if you buried it, it just opened up the variable aperture in the tank.
  5. Absolutely... A car maker's gotta do what a car maker's gotta do, if there's a massive global corporation at stake: I'm just glad there's a place for the dreamers and oddballs. They'll never be in the big leagues like Nissan, but that's okay.
  6. I wouldn't necessarily buy one, but I do admire the fact that it's a whole business built out of looking at a perfectly ordinary car and thinking 'what if...?'. And then carrying it out, and then finding people who will buy the results.
  7. Dunno about YouTube moments, so much as I've had a moment... *does numbers*
  8. I'll second what @Talbot said: classic bad earth problems. There were a few variations of lamp setup (different specs and USA/Europe etc.,) so the wiring isn't always the same. As I'm sure you appreciate! Tea, biscuits, time and a continuity tester to the fore... I do have a complete CR906 here, which you could have for postage: fairly certain it's another from the CMS stockpile, and I'm sure* it works. Crucially, it has the amp socket (6-pin DIN) and CD changer socket, if that helps. As I know myself, the main connector blocks aren't all the same (there's a theme developing here...), so here's a pic of the back panel.
  9. When I heard on the news about the 'trial mosh pit', I did feel a pang of envy. I've been in some weird and wonderful mosh pits over the years, but that sounded weirder than most, so I wanted to be there! Did you give it a go, and how was it? Just whenever you've got signal, battery, etc...😉
  10. Spiteful bastards, wonder which neighbour they've fallen out with? ("Why don't we test the alarms on Sunday morning, Susan? See how they like them apples...") Chodspeed sir, and may the Gods Of Shite smile beneficently upon thee.
  11. Maybe I've missed something here, apologies if so, but... Do you have a vacuum carb balancer? I know from experience of a mate's old 2600 (which I was going to buy off him, but the insurance was more £££s than the car, so I didn't...😞) that a few minutes balancing them, did help. The car wasn't bad, but afterwards, it was smoother and picked up better. Twin SU's are more forgiving than most, but they appreciate a tickle! Over two decades later, I still regret not buying that one, so I do live vicariously through the SD1 threads. Yours is a fine example of the breed.
  12. Giving the L-plates a Viking send-off sounds like the very best plan. Sometimes, a bit of symbolic destruction is good for drawing a line under a trying time.
  13. Good luck, fingers crossed, etc.
  14. I see one around here now and then, same colour as yours: I'd no idea they were so rare! 'Not very common', yes, but not like that. Considering the rebadged Terrano one did fairly well, all told, it's a bit of a surprise. Experience with those and how Nissan dealers often came to the rescue in parts emergencies, would say that asking Mazda is probably an option.
  15. Keep the Mazda logos prominent, it'll be okay. The Big Bad was always lobbing a Cosworth YB in there, that would draw some breaths. I'm actually surprised they're so similar: the side by side pic showed me what I expected, then I realised the Mazda units were on a dolly... Agreed about the silly gear lever position though, I always did wonder why they didn't knock up an extension. It's hardly a radical or unusual solution.
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