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  1. I miss that engine bay! Other than the very similar Mk2 Cav, I don't think I've had an easier or better car to work on. The two door estate is a gift from the Gods of Shite. If the tailgate and bumper are good enough, then it's justifiable at a reasonable price. Good tailgates were rare as hen's teeth even when there were hordes of them around.
  2. Pics don't do it justice: it's a sort of faded safety yellow! More anti-camouflage to be honest...
  3. Could well be the ZiL, the Ural guess was just that! I only saw it from behind at the last moment, and I assumed it was a Diamond T like further up the thread, but on seeing it again on the way up, I'm fairly certain it's not one of those. It would need a much better look to be sure.
  4. I'll see your Explorer and raise you a (I think) Ural 4320 wrecker. These couple of piss poor stills from a shoddy video were all I could get: it's hiding in the woods right by the A1, a couple of miles north of Seaton Burn on the southbound side, if anybody fancies having a poke about. Fair made my day, I'll say! Library pic for comparison.
  5. No pics sadly, as my phone was elsewhere, but I followed a gorgeous red and yellow flat track style XS650 into Kirkcaldy this morning. Sounded godly and smelt nice too. Did give the rider a thumbs up which seemed to confuse him a bit...
  6. Between them and Ron Sealey, that's a fair bit of the Fife garage trade I wouldn't touch with a bargepole. Can't see their bubble of expansion lasting forever though.
  7. That's loggers everywhere bud, big fans of the Aberdeen Overdrive. In other news, Robert Burns in Broxburn is looking for artic drivers. Easy enough work, and supposedly he's an ok gaffer, but it's flat out everywhere. No idea of the money, but you'll get a nice yellow Volvo...
  8. Having eliminated the PCV I'd check the inlet trunking. It can make some odd resonances in the atmo models that the turbos don't seem to suffer.
  9. See also ZZ Top, specifically the song "Goin' Down To Mexico". I would draw attention to the second verse: "A fine and fancy man was he, doing good things for the poor, he gave them rides in his rockin' 88 for free, they could not hope for more..." Now I put it to the court that William Gibbons Esq of Houston, Texas, has set a precedent, which must be followed.
  10. Result! You didn't end up with a cactus up your arse.
  11. Motul is good stuff, that price jumps out as being quite keen.
  12. Cunt Count, The: because there's fuck all swear filter on bastard Autoshite, we can say any shit we please. And because there's fuck all else to do between Xmas and New Year, JohnF (guid cunt) counts up the quantity of cunt expressed by board members (bunch o' wanks) in the previous twelve arsehole months. Anybody caught deliberately padding their cunt count (for instance, by entering it under 'Cunt Count, The: in the Lexicon) ought to be roundly pilloried. Cos they're an utter cunt.
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