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  1. Well, if you need to do it again, get in touch. Ann runs the Office, a rare full time paid employee!
  2. My stepfather runs 4 of these, 2 Bravos ( Hgt 2.0 & hlx 1.8) & 2Bravas (the 4 door, with weird rear lights) , a 1.4 & 1.9 diesel. He also has 3 Mareas, kinda big brother... He has always said that they are a bargain that will only go one way, with little that ever goes wrong. He adds bigger wheels ( his preference 15 or 16” Fiat Coupe alloys) to fill the arch’s, but otherwise leaves them standard. The original stereos seemingly fail quite often now, but a straightforward plastic fascia can enable any stereo figment. Servicing is easy, costs stay low, and they do appear to be relatively bombproof. Rust hasn’t shown itself to be an issue on any, yet. Good luck, I’m sure it’ll be a sensible, anodyne acquisition.
  3. I’ll not keep talking about taking Nige to Dunsfold, but one relevant thing we did notice - but not understand at the time ( we didn’t then know the Agenda) was the absolute swarms of Italian speaking mechanics, who all inspected the adjacent 60’s Ferrari. There literally seemed dozens of them. Now I know they were there for the road test. There were 2 Ferrari’s back stage - 1 standard for the stage, 1 altered for track. I’ll wager “ Stig” is as a factory driver, too. Presumably, next week (5 episodes in total) they each ‘ buy’ an accident damaged sports cars, enact several challenges culminating in the Alexander Palace wheel of death. It’s then clear why they needed a reason to strip Flintoffs Quattroporte right down, because of weight! . Oh, and Paddy does indeed roll a customers car, during a road test!
  4. We were front rowfor 2 episodes. Took Nige down in his wife s2000, backup my daughters Ka. More fun/ interesting then I anticipated
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