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  1. Fantastic! A great find, good luck!
  2. I think I recognise a couple of the cars… The car in the same post as the blue Volvo PV and the Monark is a circa 1950 Ford Prefect. It was parked there by my childhood neighbour Edvin, and he passed away at the age of 88 in 1996.
  3. A wonderfully mismatched Granada estate I owned circa 1997 to 2004. Note the blue left wing. One I own now.
  4. I agree with the previous posters. It’s a well written and interesting thread on a great car! Keep up the good work and keep us posted.
  5. On the way home with the donor Granada 2.8 ‘S’ or ‘Injection’. The 430 4matic, doing what it was made for.
  6. Good boughtage! I haven’t noticed any difference between E10 and E5 in my E430, so I’d just go for regular if I were you.
  7. I just made a small donation via PayPal. Thanks for your work!
  8. Well, I like Jags more than BMWs as well, but everyone deserves a chance. And given that I was going to sell the Daimler anyway I couldn’t say no when I was offered this one since RHD cars are hard to sell over here, especially since 70s Jags are quite common, they were considered ‘classics’ almost right from the start. More mundane cars (like a 5-series) are almost extinct, especially when sales figures are taken into account. This will be passed on, but I’d like to drive it little first.
  9. And it feels so small and nimble for being a ‘large car’. I guess it weighs less than a modern day Focus.
  10. Whoops! It turns out I’ve just bought my very first BMW in a swap deal with the Daimler. 55,000 miles and in generally good condition, unmolested and nice interior. Yes, I had to throw in some money, but not too much
  11. Not that I think anyone from here would be interested, but it’s on the market. https://www.blocket.se/annons/skane/jaguar_xj6_daimler_sovereign/102741793
  12. Just home from a trip round the south of Sweden to collect a rather sorry looking radiator for the S1 XJ6, but it was for free. I've also been thinking about replacing ALL suspension bushings on the E430 to make regain the ride and handling it should have, and why not start with a new rear subframe on the side? This isn't very nice looking either, but I'll look into having it shot blasted and powder coated. £30 from the breakers At one place I saw a nice early BMW 525! Not for me, but there aren't many left now! Yesterday I took the Daimler for a drive. It will be up for sale soon.
  13. I’ve taken the ‘69 XJ6 home from storage and was planning for a bit of luxury motoring. Unfortunately one of the fan blades decided to bend and destroy the radiator. Bugger. Has anyone got an XJ6 radiator?
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