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  1. The same guy also has two Tahoes mysteriously scattered around the neighbourhood.
  2. A neighbour on the evening dog walk has bought an interesting car.
  3. I was going to say that!! Well, then it’s going to be Canyonero.
  4. A C6 Hdi. Currently owned by a 22-year old. 170,000 miles, and has been registered in Belgium AND Germany before coming to Sweden in 2016. Wonderful.
  5. This is exciting! I went to look at an automatic 2.8 litre diesel Laurel in 1998. It was a bit crusty but nice to drive. £ 500 if memory serves me right. Should’ve bought it of course.
  6. Fantastic. Ängö? This lives nearby to me. 1973 Alfa GT Junior.
  7. Giffer neighbour’s Volvo has suffered another bruise. Same corner, slightly more severe this time.
  8. A grin and a grump. In Copenhagen, just having seen Larkin Poe. Was supposed to have Rightnider Sr. with me, but his knee wasn’t up to it. Mrs. Rightnider came along and she liked it.
  9. Wow! When checking the owner (he’s had it for 13 years) it turns out he’s also got a 2003 Lincoln Town Car. East meets West!
  10. Lovely. Looking forward to the test drive.
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