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  1. I can’t understand why these aren’t more popular? I’ve not been in one since I was a child but on first look, they seem to be just like a Defender 90 but much nicer. You’ll pay ridiculous sums of money for even a knackered Defender but these are comparative bargains. Am I missing something?
  2. That citric acid recipe you created looks identical in results (especially the colour) to the Bilthamber stuff I pay a fortune for!! What’s the exact recipe, or is it a family secret 🤫 passed down through the generations? Still really enjoying the updates on this, great work. The passenger side sill area looks really good.
  3. I only ever met him once donkeys years ago at a Citroen rally but we had a great evening chatting away in his bus. Lots of booze was consumed and i remember him talking about that Landcruiser.
  4. Hello Ian Fearne,

    I worked with a chap with the same name, many moons ago, in Alderley Edge @ North Cheshire Garages.

    Uncommon surname Fearne!

    Kind regards
    Paul French

    1. Ian_Fearn


      Hi Paul, it definitely wasn’t me! Did my career at Rolls Royce.

    2. Frenchenstein


      Never mind, was worth a punt.


      Happy Easter to you and yours👍🏽

  5. £6 GRAND!! Reserve not met!!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-AX-Chicago-TGE/224402413581?hash=item343f6d180d:g:7Z8AAOSwgVtgX1dR
  6. I just love this. I remember when i first had the internet in the early 2000s I followed the restoration of a red Visa in Holland. A quick google shows the website still exists! http://visavision.info/redvisa.htm
  7. This seems like a really dire state of affairs for Ford. I was wondering what Ford actually sold in the volume market these days and actually had to google what they sell. The Fiesta is now only the 4th best seller in the UK behind the Corsa. The Focus is right down at number 10! The new Puma came out last year I think and is selling well but it’s Fords first Qashqai (3rd best seller) competitor and the Nissan has been around since 2006. Am I the only person to be utterly shocked that a bASe Fiesta is nearly £17k new? Even What Car target price is £15500. A bASe Focus is 22 grand, I
  8. Was this one sold new in Europe? The low level rear lights and long number plate recess don’t look like the US version. Just so flippin brilliant!
  9. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this. Absolutely utterly brilliant. I’d be happy to do any welding it might need but I am in Derby so not exactly handy for you.
  10. I love that Astra 160! Never seen one before. The mk3 Astra 1.4 estate I had was brilliant. Felt so well built, far more powerful than the paper figures suggested and basically took all the abuse thrown at it. Will have a life long admiration for the mk3.
  11. In all my years driving, I have never found local tyre places to offer good deals on premium tyres. Camskill and a local fitter every time for me unless Blackcircles have a crazy deal on.
  12. A full set of Yokohama’s for this MG are a shade over £200 fully fitted on your doorstep with Blackcircles.
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