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  1. And me!!! But somewhere in Derbyshire I think. He really knows how to drive an A Series🤢
  2. Did the Mehari used to belong to Jonathon Holmes?
  3. Crikey me! Still can’t see it even when arrowed!! Must get round to replacing my trusty IBM 286 with monochrome screen 😊
  4. Unless I can’t it properly, I don’t think it’s got the Dyane fan cowl. Those have an off take on the RHS (as you stand looking at it) and the air filter box is positioned differently. Great buy though!
  5. Lovely looking 2cv, the colours and bumpers suit it really well. From my distant memory they leak oil from: 1. push rod tubes where they enter the block 2. Oil cooler seals where the inlet and outlet pipes enter the block behind the fan 3. Main engine casing. The case is split down the middle, so oil seems to weep very slowly through the joint. I guess these days an RTV sealant would be used but in my past it was Hylomar which did nothing! I miss having a 2cv..... if prices were more reasonable i’d have another without question.
  6. Its a brake disc cooling duct. I used to take these off and chuck em away. Only ever used to rattle and eventually fall off.
  7. Thanks, I tried to get one last year for Paris but couldn't for my 95 Panda. Anybody driving from the UK?
  8. Anybody know if you can park at the event and if there are any Umwelt zones that a knackered old 90s petrol motor will fall foul of??
  9. Bfg, thanks so much for your reply. WOW what a response! My old long term ownership Defender is nearing rebuild time and i'll need a daily when it goes off the road maybe later this year/early 2020. I was thinking, 4 seats, comfortable motorway cruiser, fewer rust worries and fit a load of stuff in the boot whilst ticking something off the list. I don't mind something that needs 6 months reliability tinkering to get it ready for daily use but i don't want a full on restoration. I'm not desperately soul searching for something to buy, a Scimitar just keeps rearing its head. I suspect i'll be disappointed with one but I guess that never stopped me before......
  10. Anybody on here own or have experience of a Reliant Scimitar? 10 or so years ago, a friend was keen until he drove one and said it was poorly engineered such that it felt like a kit car. It put me off but a small part of me still quite fancies one.
  11. It needs drivers side front and rear door glass and a windscreen. I'd love to get a working party together to try and rescue it. I think it'd be the biggest challenge of the 3 remaining cars.
  12. I called by this garage today hoping for a nice cup of coffee whilst kicking the tyres of the latest models and discussing finance options...... Instead, i had do a professional* condition report for hopeful owners. Rover: I reckon this is beyond sensible help. It clearly needs glass, wheels and the interior is damaged. I just can't imagine chucking a battery on this and it starting up (although i'd love to give it a try). Maestro: On top it looks surprisingly solid, I reckon this could be saved. Cavalier: Looks savable to me. Although all the cars are still behind well chained gates so it could be shot underneath. I'd be hard pushed to pick between the Cavalier and Maestro when it comes to signing up for that PCP option.....
  13. I cannot begin to describe how amazing I think this truck is.
  14. Feb 2019? https://www.retromobile.com/Visitors/Exhibitions-and-events/Events-2019 With a weekend in Paris with the Gillet Jaunes?
  15. Are you going to get it certified? When I had an LPG VW T25 years ago, insurers were super keen to see the certificate. When I insured the Jeep, the certificate was out of date but the insurance company had no interest anyway. Just a modification declaration from me that it was LPG converted. I had read the UK LPG register wasn't an 'approved' body and therefore no legal requirement exists to carry out certification? A mate of mine ran an old 1.8 Passat on a DIY conversion for years, he was never asked for a certificate with various insurers.
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