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  1. I’m pretty sure I talked to him once and that he’d had multiple head gasket failures on the 6 cylinder. I did a 6 cylinder head gasket change once for a friend and it went again shortly after. Were they susceptible to it?
  2. Ever head of a guy who removed a 6 cylinder and fitted a Perkins Prima? I can’t remember if it was the turbo version. I wonder if it’s still about. He used to attend quite a few of the BL events back in 2005/6 ish.
  3. That rear quarter panel (wing) isn’t removable. Well, it is but you’d need to drill out all the spot welds, you’d most likely destroy the panel in the process. Assuming you can’t identify the leak by flowing water over it, first thing I’d look at is the rear light cluster gasket. Notorious for letting water in.
  4. Really looking forward to regular reports on this. From a practical perspective I’ve always thought the brilliant engine bay access and wider door openings make the Spitfire a better proposition for daily use.
  5. Would make a great YouTube video 😂
  6. Another Cyprus spot from an underground car park. I don’t know much/anything about beetles but this looks like a really old one to me. Doesn’t look like it’s seen the light of day for a VERY long time.
  7. In that case, you can still get seal kits, I’ve changed seals on Bosch pump 1.9 XUDs which are pretty straightforward to remove if you can change your own timing belts. On the Bosch pump you set the timing manually with a Dti but I have a feeling the EPIC is electronically controlled and I’ve never done one of these.
  8. Just spotted this in Cyprus, it’s a v12 HE too. Looks completely abandoned. It says Coombes on the side, is that something special? Exported in 2008 apparently, just in time for the financial crisis that this place never seems to have recovered from.
  9. Is this a 2.1 TD with the Lucas Epic pump? The last I heard about these pumps a few years back is that rebuilds are not successful.
  10. sorry….. did I read that right? Best of luck.
  11. Looks great! Would love to know which LPG system warrants a £5k install bill!! The one on my old 5.7 Jeep was only about £2k for a Prins system.
  12. Hey Ash, something to bear in mind is that the majority of us on here will typically do a load of research before buying any car and then just buy the one nearest to home (normally after a few beers), find out it’s shite and then flog it for something completely different in much less time than this thread has been going. I can honestly tell you I’ve never looked at 6 of the same car before buying. 2 is my tolerance level before losing the will to live and handing the cash over. I’d rather spend time fixing what I’ve bought than chasing a unicorn. Most of us on here recognise that sometimes you need to tread your own path with these decisions. Nobody here can offer you the reassurance you might like. Any used car purchase is like rolling the dice in Vegas, diesel or petrol. Certainly in the UK, buying cars is ‘cheap’ and easy. If it doesn’t work out, no worries……. Next…… Are things that different where you are? If you buy one and it’s not right, so what? Just sell it and get something else. Even when something is catastrophically knackered somebody will still buy it. I’ve bought plenty of cars in the past that everyone told me not to buy. I’m still here to tell the tale, not filed for bankruptcy just yet and I’ve bought countless cars on eBay sight unseen. If a diesel is what you want, get one. If it all goes utterly tits up, suck it up and make it a great story to tell your mates. Good luck!
  13. If it’s a 69bhp model its the VVT engines. I think all 1.2s had electric front windows. Only the basic 1.1 Actives made do with keep fit windows.
  14. Bloody brilliant cars these 169 Pandas. Is this a 1.2 with VVT?
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