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  1. @Aston Martin thanks for the tip. All clear on mine 😁
  2. @Jim Bell grab a 141 Panda while they’re still cheap. A 1000fire with SPi is an absolute joy to thrash the living daylights out of. Mine is probably the best 1500quid i’ve ever spent. I can’t wait to get back out to Italy/Austria again this year.
  3. Eleganza AND dualogic...... remove all my previous comments about cheap to maintain.
  4. Not that i’ve noticed, but i’m a relative lightweight at 12 stone and significantly shorter!
  5. Yes, good old fashioned 1.2 FIRE petrol. I’m not going to bash the diesel though, properly maintained they’re a good unit. The magazines used to say the diesel gave the Panda motorway legs.
  6. Like virtually everyone on here, I’ve spent years buying all sorts of cars more often than not being truly disappointed on about day 2. More recently an MX5, 5.7 Jeep and Defenders. Despite varying levels of luxury, performance and misery, the little Panda is delivering an overall ownership experience far superior to virtually anything i’ve ever owned before (except maybe a manky old 1.7 Puma). I’m not shitting myself over the next bill or having heart palpitations over the cost of a tyre. I know I can afford to maintain it in tip top condition if I choose to. A full timing belt kit incl water pump is like £60 for genuine parts off eBay and it’ll take me 2 hours. Even if I leave it and the belt breaks it’s a non interference motor. A basic oil and filter change is £20, and shock horror, if the rear axle decides to shed a spring seat i’ll need a ride home and £130 to fix one of the biggest problems they seem to suffer with. It’s just so simple, willing, practical and cheap whilst delivering far more smiles than it ought to. EDIT: would really like to try a 1.1 😁
  7. On the parcel shelf, this did indeed happen but the seats were unaffected despite vigorous brushing 😉
  8. I’m 5ft 10 and find the seats really comfy but as with the earlier Pandas, the longer your legs the more uncomfortable they are to drive. The pedals are closer to your body relative to the steering wheel in my experience which can leave your leg at a slightly awkward angle until you adjust your sitting position accordingly but this then affects seating comfort after some time. On a motorway I’d say it’s typical small car experience. They’re lightweight so affected by wind or larger vehicles in some instances. Power is limited so hills make a difference to speed and you need to work it harder. On balance, for round town upto 40mph, they are unbeatable, upto 60mph they are really good, one of the most fun superminis a limited budget can buy. On a motorway it’s a compromise so choose on that basis. hope that helps....
  9. I took ours up the motorway yesterday. I hear what you’re saying, they’ll do it but it’s not really the ideal domain. I reset the trip on mine the other day and it’s turning in 46mpg so far which I think is great for a load of stop start city driving and certainly not driving for the Mpgeeeees.
  10. Dilute it 1:20, use a household type spray bottle and I found saturating the surface worked better. I then used a nail brush to scrub it clean. Very simple. In theory you leave to dry or dab with a micro fibre but first I vacuumed the surface and then left a dehumidifier in the car.
  11. It’s called ValetPro Classic Carpet Cleaner. Theres a shop near me that specialises in proper car cleaning kit. Very helpful and recommended this stuff. The 1ltr tub is concentrate, only cost about £8 and has done the whole interior, seats, boot, headlining and carpets. It’s all gone though. I’ve used other stuff in the past but I was impressed how easy this cleaned the stains. Will buy again.
  12. I’ve been looking for a while. I could have bought a nice one for £2500 but where’s the fun in that? Buy cheap and buy twice....that’s my advice 😁
  13. And finally the drivers side front.....
  14. So far in the few days i’ve had it, I reckon i’ve spent more time actually driving this car than working on it. THIS is a first for me. I have to say, it’s absolutely perfect for what I want it for and makes me grin 😁
  15. Another half hour saw the passenger side looking much nicer. The guy in Worksop is offering doors at 30quid and wings at 20quid but who knows if they are REALLY in good condition....
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