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  1. Depending on your annual mileage...... an Elgrand? Alternatively, there’s one of these dumped at the top of the St Bernard Pass. Ideal car for man with large family.
  2. Ever seen the paint left behind after a summer with one fitted? I believe it’s called the Rat Look.
  3. Crikey me.... An actual post about a VAG van where someone actually wants to buy one?? This place really isn’t what it used to be 😉 Seriously though, having had VWs of this age including vans my experience is that the only redeeming features are that they are easy to fix and parts easily and cheaply available. They are also really hard to find because the VAG scene values things differently to the rest of the us. Which means a completely knackered rust bucket sell for stupid money. T4s rot like mad, are average to drive and go wrong just as readily as the next van. They are just not
  4. One of my friends has just ordered one of these BMW kits. That’s going to be a right laugh!
  5. Do they have a following in the USA? Of course there is! You name any car ever made no matter how hopeless and there’s a following! https://www.feoa.net/#escort-generations-motors.67 Curbside Classic has a few articles on the subject too. Are there any in the UK? At least 2 that I’ve seen. A doom blue one was on eBay a year or so back and a white one maybe 2 years ago. Both were low spec, never seen a GT here. I’ve also seen a couple of low spec CVH models in Spain.
  6. Nothing like that. £5-7 approximately. Republic of Ireland often seems to attract very high pricing.
  7. Not defending the UK government here or Brexit whatsoever but this statement is correct. I like Autodoc a lot. The choice of being able to select the quality level of the part you require is the best I’ve ever found but delivery is painful. If I need anything in a rush I.e. quicker than 2-3 weeks I wouldn’t use Autodoc.
  8. I’d love to help but with all this lockdown stuff I don’t want to risk travelling about at the moment. It looks brilliant with wheel trims!
  9. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with this. It looked like a basket case but....... Brilliant work.
  10. I often use a multi tool for getting into tight spots or if I want a very thin and accurate cut line. You do need metal cutting blades though but they are brilliant. A power file is my next favourite bodywork tool. I really think you should take a bit of time-out to improve your welding technique. You’ve clearly got what it takes to be a good welder I.e a rotten car and loads of determination so don’t launch into trying to weld the most tricky stuff straight away. Get on a workbench, watch some YouTube videos and post your results here. There are loads of experienced amateur welders her
  11. On these FIRE engines, the cam cover gasket needs a blob of RTV sealant in each corner where the camshaft passes through. This isn’t a bodge, it was how Fiat originally did it but so many I’ve seen leak because a new gasket is fitted without the RTV.
  12. The last XUD engine I had came from a Peugeot 306 and I fitted it to a Talbot Express. The engine came with a Lucas pump and I swapped it for a Bosch pump. It needed injectors, injector lines and simple mods to supply lines but it also converted to the plastic filter housing with cartridge filter and rubber primer bulb that I never had any trouble with in any vehicle.
  13. Sorry but I sold all my BX parts as a job lot getting on for 10 years ago now. All I can suggest is you ask about in the BXclub forum. Non genuine or poor quality primers cause difficult or intermittent starting issues and something much more subtle (especially on the non turbo version) is when you feel a flat spot when trying to accelerate through corners. Not so much a misfire feeling, more as if acceleration doesn’t equal accelerator pedal input.
  14. If the replacement subframe won’t fit and you need to repair the old one, if you can shitely it to Derby I’d be happy to have a go at repairing it.
  15. Just had a quick scan through your video. Maybe I didn’t see your improved work but I agree, don’t do the subframe just yet. My gut feel is that you are starting from an impossible point. That Maypole welder will unlikely ever produce high quality welds and judging by the porosity in the weld, you don’t have enough shielding gas flow. I keep banging on about it but a good quality welding machine will transform the quality of your welding. I had an entry level Clarke machine for years and my welding was very average at best. I now have a Portamig and honestly, you could weld KitKat wrappe
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