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  1. I saw this going up the M1 last night. 100% zero emissions plastered all over the side. I do wonder what the eco credentials really are when this thing is absolutely knackered in little time and with zero parts availability.
  2. I arrived home at 9pm. 1210km today Zurich to Derby. 14 hours door to door including the tunnel. The Panda never put a foot wrong, not a single dodgy moment or anything. Never burnt any oil or used any coolant during the whole trip. I honestly think you could turn it round and do it all again. This is such a good car. Who’d have thought it?
  3. And just like that….. the journey was over 🥱 Today has been a pretty fast run. 850kms from Zurich to Calais. Now just the tunnel and home for dinner and cold beer (hopefully).
  4. I ended up taking the Umbrail Pass from Stevlio down into Switzerland. Cracking days drive today. At my relatives now in Zurich for a few days. Saw these at the top of the Stelvio
  5. This is one heck of a view to wake up to. Stelvio is definitely one of the best roads for both scenery and twisties. It’s really friendly up here too. Not many people stay at the top and those that do are rewarded with 1980s style hotel room and wonderful hospitality. My room still has a CRT tv. I’ve been told the Gavia Pass is well worth driving to so maybe next year.
  6. I saw this for sale but couldn’t get my arse in gear quick enough. So glad it’s ended up on here.
  7. Coffee break time. Living the dream! Stelvio Pass today. Never fails to bring a big smile 😃 Drove up Lake Come which is pretty spectacular. Pandas everywhere but no other old cars to be seen. No Unos, Regattas or even 126. Just shed loads of old Pandas. Overnight stay tonight at the very top. Car is running beautifully. Burnt no oil or coolant. Stays around 90 degrees on the gauge.
  8. More Panda 30 models than you could count. According to one owner, when the 30 was available it was the best selling model in Italy (because it was the cheapest). Also back in the day, a company was offering 4x4 conversions on new Panda 30 models. I cannot begin to imagine how slow they must have been🤣 Quite a few had the plastic van conversion kits although most seemed to be modified for camping or had been repurposed in some way. I lay down on the bed last night at about 8.30 and the next thing I knew it was 8am!
  9. Next stop the Stelvio Pass. I am back at the hotel now and absolutely exhausted. I got back from Pandino late last night and my neighbours in the hotel (panda people) invited me to party with them so I didn’t get to bed till gone 1am and then up at 7am. The show as always has been unbelievably fantastic. The people of Pandino are awesome and Panda people in general are so nice and friendly. There’s just no snobbery whatsoever. If you like Pandas, this is the place to come.
  10. 939 cars another new world record!!!
  11. Suffice to say it’s BONKERS here today. Must be 1000 cars already. Just wanted to post this. I know what you’re thinking….. Will it run on veg? Yes. Bosch pump!
  12. It’s getting busy here now! just a few taster shots from early this morning. It’s even hotter now! There’s a band on murdering some English language songs 🤣
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