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  1. The loss of Shell auto gas means my local LPG stations will be gone soon 😢 https://autogaslimited.co.uk/the-current-situation
  2. I’ve sent these to a couple of forum members now and they both think they’re decent enough. There may be a better batch later. So on that basis, I am now happy to send them out. I’m thinking for this batch, I’d prefer a token donation to forum running costs (does anyone know who is responsible for that?) rather than any money my way. PM me if you want one.
  3. Nice one @Shite Ron I’ll get some more in the post to you this week. That brown Cortina estate is just so perfect.
  4. Looking forward to seeing something a bit classy driving round derby for a change. Having driven through today it was awash with signs of PCP.
  5. Nationwide Flex Plus account comes with Euro breakdown cover and still doesn’t have an age limit.
  6. @Mr_Bo11ox is this an auto? Totally different scenario but my old Omega was loosing coolant with no obvious signs of leakage or oil contamination but I totally forgot to check the transmission oil. In that case it was actually a failed transmission oil cooler.
  7. I can get anything made but my problem is that I don’t have the original stickers to work from.
  8. N reg BX? Late registration madness!
  9. What they look like on the back of your chosen Shite.
  10. Stickers have arrived today. They are ‘ok’ but not good. My biggest complaint is that the sticker material is too glossy. Hoverspeed is definitely better than the Townsend ones. The Townsend one looks pretty rubbish in all honesty.
  11. If it’s corrosion free, it’d be worth £1500+ all day long in the uk even with a few Italian bodywork modifications. It must be one of the very last with all mod cons.
  12. This is the P&O I have on my Panda. You can still buy these but I think they’re a naughties design, I have now found an older one.
  13. I have had confirmation the stickers have been dispatched but I’ve been warned the quality isn’t good. I’ve paid for a fancy software package to try and get them better but it will take me some time to learn how to use it.
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