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  1. What sort of final paint finish are you after? If you have a lot of wavy panels and lots of imperfections (that you give a shit about?) then spraying it with Raptor hides virtually everything and you can have it colour matched to your existing paint code.
  2. The sills from Poland did arrive after a couple of week and seem to fit really well. I’ve finished the drivers side now and it’s painted using colour coded Raptor. I’ve had to raise the stone chip line but I think it worked out better than trying to blend normal paint into the rest of the sill.
  3. Is this the most thorough mk2 restoration ever?
  4. They’ve arrived! But even more importantly they are still straight!
  5. Guess where my sills are…….??? Frigging Poland still!!!! (Not that I’m implying Poland is a bad place?) They seem to have moved from one depot to another every other day.
  6. I so wish I still had those original brochures. Is it possible the L was only sold to rental fleets like Avis? It doesn’t make any sense, the LS only additional features that I remember over the Merit were electric front windows and a rev counter. I think the manual tilt/slide sunroof in our LS was an option. edit: our LS didn’t have power steering either.
  7. I was in my early teens when these swoopy shaped Astra’s came out and they really were MY sort of thing. I absolutely poured over the brochures in 1992. Having returned from living in the USA I really thought the GLS model looked like an Americanised style car and I just wanted one. My dad bought an LS estate that I later had and my uncle so very nearly bought an Si (not SRi). I can so clearly remember that test drive when the slimy dealer tried to convince my uncle to go for the SRi instead. Despite thinking I knew every available spec through the 90s, the L is new to me. I thought it went Merit to LS. I saw this for sale and thought I’d never seen one and then a couple of days later in Barmouth, one casually drove past! Clear as day on the front wings…… ‘L’ I still reckon that 93 1.4 LS hi torq estate was the best car I ever had despite questionable handling.
  8. These sill panels are so thin. Without joggling the panel, blow through is inevitable. overall mark: A+
  9. @MotownThis is exactly the sort of thing I’d be looking at. Absolutely anything with current passing through it related to ignition.
  10. My sills are still in bloody Poland! How much shall we bet that they arrive twisted and bent beyond recognition?
  11. Out of interest do you still have the old coil? I have experienced so many new modern ‘quality’ parts fail that I inherently distrust things and I often find replacement of multiple components at once can be a recipe for problems. I totally get that there’s a link between temperature and your issue but I really really struggle to think the issue is simply down to air flow, if it was air flow you would have a problem all the time. I think something is getting warm and failing, or perhaps suffering reduced output as a result of the heat. Something electrical. It’s the idea that cooling down allows it to restart and that cold starts are ok. I assume these are a cast iron block? Compared to an aluminium V8 that just throws heat out in a cramped engine bay, the 6 cylinder is practically ice cool! Just my idle thoughts anyway…..
  12. I’ve not fully caught up with this thread but what have you done to the ignition system on this? Coil? Plugs, leads, wiring to the ignition box (I presume it’s electronic ignition?). I’d be surprised if fuel vaporisation is the cause of your woes but I can see why you would go down that route with those symptoms. I ran a V8 Range Rover on Strombergs and later SUs and the heat from the aluminium V8 was brutal on a hot day during a long run but it never boiled the fuel. Theres so much room in the 6 cylinder engine bay and looking at the fuel pipe routing, I really can’t believe that you’ve driven it so hard as to create such the sort of heat needed to create vaporisation to the level that it wouldn’t start. We haven’t really had particularly high ambient temperatures either. No doubt, you need to get the carbs properly setup and this might fix your problems but except on hard driven tightly packed engine bay cars, my life experience says hot starting issues are more likely to be the coil or ignition system wiring.
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