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  1. No Picture as I was trying not to hit the badly parked vulgarity of a purple Rolls Royce Phantom in a ghastly shade of purple with the plate H10TRR made to look like HOT RR..... on a second glance it may have spelt Wanker!!!
  2. Fur net ick spelling of William?
  3. Oohhhh I love emails like this, makes me feel special that someone other than Ukrainian brides and Bangkok chick boys have my email......
  4. Since posting this I’ve become a little more compliant with slow and steady wins the race plus driving like a taxi driver as often as possible (no offence intended) and hitting top gear to maximise that fuel potential. On the school run I have a couple of straights on the return run I use to go balls deep on pretending to be chewy in the millennium Falcon as I go into hyper space.........not this work though..... barley hit 50 and the return run is the same time pretty much as before. I had to put some squirt in the truck on Tuesday and I’ve done an extra 7 mpg than before, worth it? yes
  5. That would be an interesting thread to read....... personally for me Cars are way down the list after Planes, Boats, Trains and HGV’s. If I gave a shit I’d become a muesli eating Nissan Leaf driving Vegan, I work from home and do minimal miles so it’s safe to say the Posty and Amazon delivery peeps have a larger carbon foot print than me........ however I do like to lay coal in the L200 when I want the car behind me to disappear 😈
  6. My friends, does anyone still focus on fuel economy.... let me explain, I run three cars and don’t work out the overall mpg more if I put X £ in I know it will do X miles, when I had my L322 petrol I knew it would average 15 mpg on the computer but a friend borrowed it one day for a 24 mile round trip and said it cost him 15 quid to do it.... I use to put £90 quids worth of squirt into it every 3 weeks and just cracked on. Following not winning the insite roffle it got me thinking about fuel economy and man maths. My L200 local driving will do 140 miles on 30 quids worth of Derv
  7. No pictures but a local company owner to me who specialises in steel construction in building has: S7EEL on his Range Rover HO15TED on his Amorak
  8. 3 Bags of Sand ...... howdy fuckin ho....
  9. Well done .... it took me three years to get the decree absolute....... no finer feeling in the world.
  10. I had to stop last weekend travelling south to north to top up the tanks on the autobahn muncher and paid 1.27 a litre!!!! Admittedly motorway prices but had no choice due to the consumption rate of the old girl.....
  11. I’m sleeping on a sun lounger in the Garden wearing nothing but my under crackers tonight........ hoping aliens will abduct a thin fat person surrounded by empty Stella Cans....
  12. And the choose media from a iPad is fucked so they could look like hula hoops ?
  13. So it’s an S2000 Honda but according to MOT check an Escort ........ how does that work?
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