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  1. I want to live where you do ....... for me Fosters 4.60 and Morreti 5.20........... and I live outside the big smoke ....
  2. S2000

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Is that the bastard child of the Stevie Wonder and Leepu new series Ho Ho the henious way?
  3. I just see Wanker? Anyone else?
  4. Waiting for that 245K private hire fuck pig to turn up 😎
  5. Never been a Merc Man unfortunately, ex wife had a couple of SLK's and I had an ML that drank more than a bus load of Vicars at Peppermint Rhino's but would have a W140 for angular charm if I had to choose. The W220 as @Fabergé Greggs quoted about the E65 is Solid Gold Shite but I prefer the pain of a BMW with many many issues......
  6. The E34 is an awesome Car, several years ago they were in the 'less than a grand' territory but now they have started to command more serious money......
  7. I've had a couple of E38s, sold a 728 MSport years ago which was in hindsight a massive mistake, in true AS fashion the E65 fits a bill of shite!
  8. I have no need or desire for a big floaty barge but I keep seeing and warming to these....... I have no space on the drive and realise doing a ‘KLF’ and burning the money may be more fun than the shit and pain it will cause me...... Discuss my wise flock....
  9. Bluebird.......of the Nissan 👍🏻
  10. Volvo 240 Estate or a Audi 100 Avant old chap?
  11. S2000

    eBay tat volume 3.

    I know these things can extract money from your wallet quicker than a lap dancer at spearmint rhino, trust me I have one. This is a 98 double row IMS bearing with proper cable throttle and not the fly by wire, I keep looking at it and the MOT History is showing roughly 3K a year over the past ten years. I’m tempted to have a conversation with the owner to see when and where it has been serviced and make a decision based on that.... even if it is a sticky lifter it’s 1-2K job the majority being labour..... worth a punt at 6.5K????
  12. Dogs with names of Humans, things like Chas, Dave, Keith etc My Black Lab is called Steve (Wonder) and the Cat is called Barry (White). Part of the trick is to give them voices of humans to.... makes me chuckle anyway .......
  13. S2000

    eBay tat volume 3.

    I can remember the Car I had at Uni, B728KCH a mk2 fiesta 1.3 L in maroon, I fitted a set of 40 mm lowering springs, cut and welded the pan hard rod so the rear beam was not off set to one side and ran a set of Uber desirable 6x13 RS 7 spokes, I also added a Ashley 4-2-1 from a XR2 and a K&N filter, it sounded insane and would top out at about 110 but nothing would keep up with me on the twisted!!! loved that Car but it totted itself to pieces in the end.
  14. S2000

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Wow.... what a heinous piece of shit. I suspect one could get wankered in the local drinking establishment on Goats Piss Cider and pilot the thing home and the Old Bill would think i was an eccentric lunatic with a fascination for GRP, sitting on park benches being a hobby and building a fall out bunker in my back garden.......... Shame its so far away really...
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