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  1. Your cat has the same facial markings as mine that looks like it is giving you athe finger or a cock and balls…….. maybe a sign……
  2. Please Roffle this when you want to move it on, I’ve had a number of 911’s but never a Boxster and would love a shot at an early one…
  3. Passed my CBT for the third consecutive time today…. Instructor who is a friend has told me it’s time to go DAS and stop fucking around so booked in for Spring! I suspect a roffle foot the pcx125 will be happening in Feb as I have purchased a 1981 AR125 to practice on gears again 🤡
  4. I had a 1998 ML320 which was a fine place to be and always coveted a 430 or ML55 for a bit more grunt. Will keep an eye out if and when you decide to sell.
  5. Reminds me of Keith Laird from Phoenix Nights who was spotted in the back of his car with a blanket and a terrier.....
  6. As we approach the winter of discontent may I have 20 quids worth of what the creator of this had please? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202211051400006?advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&include-delivery-option=on&radius=1501&postcode=ip142dz&sort=datedesc&year-to=2000&price-to=1000&page=1&journey=PROMOTED_LISTING_JOURNEY
  7. Needed a big moped to go from my house to the unit where my ‘toys’ are stored so I don’t have to dick around with moving cars all the time, and procured this while having one of my cars MOT’D today at the garage:
  8. Hello, I posted in the wanted section but seeing as I’m here does anyone have a HIF38 for an A Series in usable condition……. Please message me if you do.
  9. Once a solution is created the problem will be overcome with the latest OBD type replacement. Even if you look at using Wi-Fi, VPN or Bluetooth that’s the challenge/code that will be cracked by someone most likely in a bedroom in Solihull who is a whizz at this kind of thing. God forbid we go oldskool and use a garage if we have one….. lol As I said above, if yo have an expensive motor insure it honestly with a reputable company, it may cost more but if it does vanish you won’t be kicking yourself.
  10. It's like curry to a piss head, if they want it they will do anything to get it. A friend had his Disco 4 removed from his drive earlier this year (drive is a 30 degree gradient bending right at the top to form a L shape), all that remained was the R/H wing mirror on his wall and the empty pack lunch box. He was insured with NFU and they provided a hire Car and paid him out market value within a short space of time. Like our legal work may provide rewarding challenges, so does making a car disappear and people will do anything they can to complete the job. I don't bother locking my L200 at night as I can't be arsed to once again have to clean up glass from the drive if someone attempts to nick it, for my BMW I hide the key out of site. The best thing I have is decent insurance that will pay full market value without affecting my NCB as quickly as possible if it ends up in Nairobi. Krooklocks et al are great visual deterrants but if they defeat someone you've still got a slightly borked steering wheel, column potentially. The best deterrent IMO is for the wife to sleep in the Car and they can deal with the wrath of the 'Gorilla'!
  11. Yes I’m quoting the whole fucking lot for the simple quote of WHY? Who the fuck thinks that is a good idea..
  12. No disrespect but the phrase ‘Northern fucking Monkeys’ springs to mind …
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