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  1. Mot all done, advisories are 2 tyre and a dull numberplate light.
  2. Dropped my galaxy off for its mot... Nail biting....
  3. Had a go at declouding the headlights ready for mot tommorow... think there better.... I think
  4. Popped a poorly ambulance to garage, and outside mot place opposite was this frilly merc...ouchy
  5. i do like a tranny with fetching colour
  6. ... and need to box the galaxy in for its mot this week.....
  7. Take 1 rusty trolley jack...and some old paint in tins from my shed..
  8. wants to go out and play
  9. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Dubious paint on offside
  10. dont be afraid even a tubby cripple like me likes to point the sparkly stick
  11. fitted some brighter footwell light bulbs............... crikey i need too hoover my car out
  12. Driver assessments for new recruits today, noticed few cars in auction.. so for your viewing pleasure..
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