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  1. its not too bad.. thankfully not matt black or bedliner black..
  2. early pug 3008 armrest storage opens against the driver on rhd, perfect if lhd..
  3. Been to see my mate this evening and he felt well enough and wanted to take his new car out for once ( I go incase he feels unwell to return back), it was ok bit plastic ally and cheap and bouncy ride, and small, not my cup of tea.. I was happy to be back in the mondeo... well built .. solid.. more comfy seats..
  4. stuboy

    '93 Mondy thread

    just read that... 1992 and needs saving
  5. i can try, dunno when next around there, even though its rough?
  6. house being sold and garage cleared
  7. More digging through stuff at the deceased uncles garage... found another v6 and gear box, rover v8 and gearbox... more partly dismantled engines... about 15 wheels and tyres, this missing slotmag wheel, blue riva bonnet I think and a random seat I can't I dentify.. metal cabinets yet to be opened...
  8. lovely... when i frequented VVOC they loved the supertourings, and holy grails of the st200's and rare red ones
  9. Thought about cleaning these up and put on the shelf in the front room
  10. will there be an unleaded sticker for the rear quarter windows?
  11. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Spotted on way to ashford M20
  12. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Spotted Dartford on friday
  13. Did some more digging through the garage.. Various engine blocks without heads or sumps... 2x v6 engines... think they Essex lumps.. anyone confirm? Back end of a white lada.. Bootlid, 2 wings and pair of doors for a zephyr.. Anyone I'd the dash clocks?? Villiers pump? Anglia glovebox lid?
  14. Felt having money in your pocket was not the done thing.. as using the daddy wagon for the weekend I should really get the front tyres replaced as advisory from last MOT, £200 quid later I got sumitomo 215 55r16.. I need a lay down now...
  15. good to see getting some attention
  16. stuboy

    my spots.....

    Spotted in ashford
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