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  1. i saw that too, and thought who stood back and said yeah looks safe......
  2. pulls like a train............. a diesel locomotive train...
  3. looking smart, can i order some cyan toner ink and some post it notes..lol
  4. think the estate is better looking
  5. yes...lol ive towed loads and still unable perfect reversing, 1/9 times i get it right
  6. much hardness on the trailer
  7. Sunday it was bloody cold and tried to open the passanger window, though not frozen it went crack and wouldn't open, so tonight I spent my 30 min break stripping it down, then was too cold and went inside back too work... #tisbitfreshouttherelad
  8. very insignia and huunnday
  9. The yoof at work asked alright mista what bhp is the mondeo.... I replied 168 bhp, they said oh is that all.... That's my ego deflantied
  10. and popping the ironing board back into the cupboard with the broom and feather duster
  11. Back in 1994 I stripped a mk2 cavalier cdi, knackered engine transferred all interior into my measly L Spec with keep fit frint windows so the door pouches where in the way.. but kept the pair for years until I moved again...always felt guilty...but I binned them... fast forward today.. boot fair with all manner of junk and there's this alone calling me saying u can't leave me... so moneys paid and taken home...lol
  12. when i read it i thought ...below............
  13. Whilst awaiting in autoshite corridor to hq I remembered I took a picture of a David brown car, is it a good one?
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