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  1. yeah i'll have the garage 2o miles away further that the tank range
  2. Couldn't stand driving round in a diesel with 30 miles on the range... missus said it needs diesel but not that low gods sake, being diesel I didn't want to risk problems so I stuck a tenner in it. Yup my 24hrs was boring.
  3. Borrowed the missus car, think I gonna wash it...
  4. Collegue asked me too checked out her car and the tester says it's high charging... so either regulator on the alternator or its the alternator itself I think... skoda octavia.
  5. london will go back to the days of horse and cart if they have there way
  6. Called out at 630 am to swap over a broken down ambulance, well waited till 11am to be recovered .. was cold, wat kept me entertained was a dude with a broken audi tt tfsi, the AA dude went off too get parts and the car owner was telling his mates no4 piston needs replacing and will be done on the forecourt, I had to get a blanket as legs getting cold and said hi too the young lad , asked about his audi , and I told him the part was a coil on plug, I offered him a sit in the back as I heard he was met police on way too work.
  7. bonus too was it had my pet shop boy cd in it
  8. God fed up with the single din stereo, and not being able to see the buttons, so dug out old Faithfull stereo, a hacksaw and spaghetti wiring, hacksaw as double dins don't fit so have to disregard the cage and enlarge the hole ohh err missus.. still got to sort out a surround trim ..
  9. Long day.... Up 4am for work....finish at 2pm, skool run, then FiL asked me to help clear out the caravan, dam that took over 3 hours, and cause he's a nice guy he offered to deliver it too, dude gonna live in it outside his mums flat, so it had to be maneuvered into a corner space and quick run down refresher of how to do what and we left, I got home after 10pm and now I'm overtired... Family eh...
  10. lots of interest on the caravan, 1 guy asked all the right questions, kept communications easy and understood that i was assiting the FiL, he came round went over it throughly, price was negotiated , deposit taken. i did have many idiots on Fb offering 1/3 of asking price, cash collect now at 2am, with packet of opened haribo's the got told to fro.
  11. Misses moaning about stuff at her house in the way but decided more usefully at the villa, so we loaded up the dog, oldest and the youngest and crap for the villa and headed off to sunny leysdown.
  12. i did consider these before buying the galaxy, on negative was only 'temporary 6/7 seats'
  13. yeah i was thinking this, but he seems to think he can just get it reinstated
  14. no.... £59,995 cheaper...lol
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