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  1. Thought that looked familiar. Must have walked past there hundreds of times
  2. Britain did have a space launch programme that ran from the early 50s to 1971. The Prospero satellite was launched by the Black Arrow rocket. The Black Arrow was a development of the Black Knight. The Black Arrow was cancelled in 1971 ending the British space launch programme. The cancellation also gave Britain the distinction of being the only country to date to have developed a satellite launch capability and then abandoned it.
  3. Not liking those seats
  4. Just read that as..... train to
  5. Just in case you'll be playing fuel gauge roulette on the way back, the Tesco by J8 was out of every fuel except Momentum earlier on today (around 15:30).
  6. Is the best time to celebrate this palindrome day 22:02:20?
  7. Is it just me or does that text (particularly the wink face) look 'photoshopped' on?
  8. That's reminded me of Zombieland which would give a better rhyme: Stay classy Tallahassee
  9. That'd be the owner's aftershave/perfume
  10. 10% = 17 🤔 Wow! 😯 You're doing well for a 170 year old! 😉
  11. Cars that break themselves while standing still... Fixed the Saab by replacing the DIC and it decided while parked up to snap a spring. While parked up waiting to get the car into the garage to get the springs done, it's chucked up a gearbox fault light. Mot tester says it needs rear bushes as well as springs. Codes say the gearbox needs a solenoid replacing.
  12. Maybe the pee came as part of a 2 for 1.... Or a 2 and a 1.... Come to think of it, did they ask for the number plate 271 to be made with the words: ".... the registration is: Number Two, Seven, Number 1"
  13. Are they relevant to making sausage, egg and bacon sandwiches? Who knew.....
  14. That job as sausage stuffer in the sandwich factory is working out then? 😉
  15. Just lol. How silly of me not to realise that a painted white line on the road entirely eliminates the risk of a cyclist being killed by a car/van/lorry/etc.
  16. Some familiar garage names in that Chronicle. My uncle bought a 309 from Grocotts, probably would have been around that time too
  17. Do you also think pedestrians, horse riders, etc. will be in for a shock? I know the government has already told pretty much everybody they have to contribute financially. Income tax, VAT, various duties and other taxes.
  18. 4 weldings and a funeral Charming but bumbling Charles (Hugh Grant) and friends love British chod. They especially love to bumble around in Charles' convertible Morris Minor but, after failing an mot, the Minor has to go for some welding. While collecting the car, Charles sees and has his head turned by the welder's 70s Cadillac. Over the course of 3 further trips to the welders, we witness Charles steadily fall for the Cadillac and eventually sell his Minor so he can pursue his dream of wafting around in American chod. Sadly a few years later the Minor finally succumbs to the tinworm and Charles reads a moving but bumbling eulogy at the funeral ceremony for the pile of crusty flakes that was once his pride and joy.
  19. Wouldn't a 20 year old Focus be a better gift to ask for? Less unusual smells and grotty bits, it would have seen less dubious fluids and rubber and would also have better handling. All round it would generally be a tighter and more exciting ride drive with less bits falling off or hanging down
  20. There is no obligation on cyclists to use cycle lanes, they have as much right to use the majority of roads as any motorised traffic. Where cycle lanes are not used it is often because the design and/or (lack of) maintenance of the cycle lane makes it dangerous to use. In addition, the Department of Transport actually advises cyclists who travel over 15 mph to use roads instead of shared use cycle lanes due to the risks posed to/by pedestrians because of the speed differential.
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