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  1. Could give JB weld a go. Their epoxy or steelstik are about a tenth the cost
  2. Is that one of those lesser spotted bus replacement trains?
  3. Things like petrol to complete the 250,000 miles in splendid luxury*? Come to think of it... 250,000 miles at an optimistic 10 miles per £ only leaves £15k in the budget.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/375078245186 He's the Greatest, He's Fantastic, wherever there is danger he'll be there.
  5. Think we're at 24 ASSS gifts opened and posted up on the thread. There's 34 names on the first page. It seems a few gifts may still be AWOL.
  6. Chairs that are good for your nuts
  7. How about: Quad-R (Rail Replacement Range Rover)
  8. The Guinness world record for the fastest milk float is just short of 85mph...
  9. Now the Queen's King's Christmas Message is over and we've all stood for the national anthem... It's present opening time! Thank you Santa.
  10. Sponsoring a crusty old Rover? With a bit of paint and some fettling it'll look "as good as new"! There's "no doubt about it", it's a "super trouper" to have lasted "so long". It's definitely worth giving ABBA a "ring ring" in the "happy new year" and asking them for "money, money, money". Just tell them: "I have a dream" in this "crazy world" of driving it "on and on and on", in the lemons race "it's the name of the game". Ask do they want to "take a chance on me" and Abba are bound to say "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do". After all "the winner takes it all". If you just say "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!", the sponsorship may well be "slipping through my fingers". It could be your "Waterloo".
  11. Sent and received. Santa's been emptying his sack prematurely this year.
  12. Aren't they the best kind of socks? 🤔
  13. Is it that time of year again already? Treemendous. I'm in.
  14. Around the mid to late 90s, the Bentley factory in Crewe would regularly send some of their youngest staff out in the cars to listen for any squeaks and/or rattles. I think the logic was that younger ears are capable of hearing a wider range of frequencies and would detect any annoying squeaks. The result was often young scrotes hooning brand new Bentleys round certain routes near Crewe in a most un-chauffeur like way.
  15. No idea why but I'm seeing Sandman in that number plate. 🎶Give him the word that I'm not a Rover Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over.... Please turn on your magic beam Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
  16. Hopefully not poos in the vehicle you're buying
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