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  1. Dog rescued by flying sausage: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-60072031
  2. Objects in the mirror may be a barcode
  3. But they're full of nuts and bolts!
  4. That plate belongs on a Chrysler that's about to set sail
  5. Is that why modern Range Rover drivers buy viagra?
  6. Untaxed. Had its first MOT late and failed it. Why am I not surprised?
  7. Don't forget the biscuits....
  8. Paisley Freight may be the easiest way to move the wheels https://www.paisleyfreight.com/
  9. It's easiest to change the pollen filter if all your arm joints are double jointed
  10. Non working rear window washer may be a clogged pipe
  11. One year too early to be hnnnnnnggggg
  12. That might be where Starlink, OneWeb and the likes step in. Satellite constellations for telecoms and internet. I did hear that some people in Australia are already switching to satellite internet because the speeds are better than they can get over their landlines.
  13. The ad does say the PO was a woman. Vera maybe...or perhaps, following the sex change, Ebeneezer became known as Molly
  14. Can it move any mountain? Did the previous owner ever meet Ebeneezer Goode?
  15. Smashed.... Does the M stand for Mullered or Mangled?
  16. That gen of mint with a hole does create a nice layer of mayo on the cap when it's only used for short runs. One way to check it's condensation instead of hgf is to take it for a longer run and check the cap again.
  17. Having fixed the intermittent starting with a new DIC, the Saab rewarded me by breaking a rear spring. The garage can sort that....if I take a breaker bar to the car it could easily end up being a bonus round from Streetfighter
  18. No fuel or no spark.......... Place bets now!
  19. Saab has rewarded me for replacing the spark plugs and ignition cassette (coil packs) by snapping a rear spring..... 🙁
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