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  1. Have been looking through the Noobtune FB page 😂. Even a simple remap would make it a good bit more nippy.
  2. New addition to my collection. 9-3 S (baSe?) Turbo. Good running B205, 88k on clock and has a power steering leak. Didn't need it and REALLY shouldn't of bought it. However I did. Shall replace the rotten pipe I found and take for a quick drive. Then see if it stays. Oh the wheels suuuucccckkk. Would of preferred the standard steels and trims instead. Unfortunately the last owner binned them!
  3. Like for show. Sad react for weather.
  4. That's opposite of what a buyer had off me today. Message fellow. Chat to him via messenger. Then speak to him on the phone. Arrange money, transport to pick it up. Turn up. Check over car, discuss money person to person. Was cheeky (in my mind) and offered a price. Buyer agreed. Do a buy. Bring car home. One Saab 93 Turbo Coupe. It's really not hard. You either want it or not. I have one major problem... I actually didn't need another car. Oh fudge! 😂
  5. I have in the past used another outer panel to make an inner one. Learnt that one from the @4wheeledstool fella from here. It at least gives you something to work from anyway.
  6. Jeans grow tight at the sight of this. Well purchased, you lucky sum of a biscuit!
  7. Going to give that a watch! But sounds like a better idea than shoving in a ReidChap. Just because it'll not be either reeking or leaking it's engine oil everywhere! *A good C20XE powered B is actually a very surprisingly quick little car!*
  8. Had another welding session at the Corsa. Manged to buy some new outriggers. So on with those first. Then finished off closing in the rest of the chassis rail. Followed up with a tidy up session with a flappy disc and the powerfile to neaten the job. With a good dose of Buzzweld Rust Encapsulator to protect it all. Inside of the new panel was coated with R.E and Buzzwelds WAR undersealer to hopefully keep it solid for another lock of years to come. Now onto the passenger side next. The rail is also rotten. However I did get a complete new replacement rail with another outrigger. Again I spent some time firing in some R.E in the double skinned part. I'm hoping this side will be easier. Then again, we shall not hold ones breath! 😂
  9. 1+ for Buzzweld. I like the R.E and the WAR undersealer too.
  10. That lower wing repair looks spot on! So I wouldn't be putting yourself down at all. It's better than what was there to begin with.
  11. That's come along nicely. Really like the choice of the new colour too. Can't wait to see it all done.
  12. Finally put some metal back into the Corsa. Learned a welding spark down the lug hole sucks! 😂 My bought in patch panels were garbage, were better than nothing though. Maybe quicker to of made something instead? Because I pretty much modified it to actually fit. Meh! It's in now and looks the part. Think a rub with the powerfile will really neaten it up.
  13. Sent the 306 in for test today. Started with a Phail! Idiot! I never checked the bolt that hold the rear arm/P bush on! Still, that's nothing to cry over. But the garage was kind enough to sort both of those. So all good for another year. Corsa is coming along slowly. Kinda sick of looking at it for now 😄.
  14. Looks like you've bailed at the right time. That had misery written all over it.
  15. 306 starter replacement. Remove inlet manifold. Fit starter that you assumed would fit. Starter does start, but makes high pitch noises. Flywheel not happy. Haul everything back out. Find the new starter has the wrong amount of teeth on the gear. Buy another starter and fit. Drain coolant. Fit some shiny shit. Replacement for now aged plastic thermostat housing. Replace a stuck open thermostat while I was there. Then realise it was actually missing the whole time. Bolt inlet back on with another inlet manifold gasket. Because it got torn taking off. Fill back up with coolant. Mutter a load of words questioning your choices and how shit you are fixing stuff. Then relieved when it starts and runs fine again.
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