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  1. Quite like estates myself. More practical. Had a few too. Couple of MK4 Astras. Blue one I used for good while. Silver one didn't hang about long. The rear R/H chassis leg fell out after the tester poked through it. Owned an Omega for a short while. Lovely car, sold then later scrapped. Annoying as it was a very clean car and needed a little bodywork to make it nice. Skoda Fabia Estates aren't half bad too. Mine was base spec Classic and SDi. Gave me little bother. Bar the seats, boy they were crippling to be sat on. Fabia Bohemia ones were swapped in. Much better. Stupidly sold it on. New owner pretty much wrecked it and then scrapped it. Now back to another Estate. Once I've let some fresh metal back into it that'll replace my current daily.
  2. I really rate these little cars. Had a 100 PD Comfort hatch and a SDi Classic estate. Both felt solid enough and drove well enough. Seats I couldn't get on with, but a set from a Fabia Sport or Bohemia greatly improved it. But my god a Classic spec SDi is base and I'd wager your pez powered one would likely give it a bloody nose in performance terms.
  3. Inner sill edge and that centre sill thingy are all now soild. It'll be all done in red oxide (Bonda rust killer stuff) just shortly. Just to remove the remaining sill at the front. Clean that area up and on to a trial fit of the new outer sill.
  4. JMotor

    406 veggie burner

    Well. Moving on.... I do hope it's not long before the cars sorted and he can enjoy his new shooting brake.... Aw shit! *RUNS AWAY* 🤣
  5. JMotor

    406 veggie burner

    Nice choice of Longroof there. Those 406's are friggin large inside. Very comfortable too. Just the rust scared me. Well it did with a Saloon I had earlier this year. But that was a faked up pile of shoite unfortunately. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon enough.
  6. 😂 You'll be very much correct sir! Supplied by Parks in Ayr. Don't think it's ever left the south of Scotland come to think of it!?
  7. Little more work on the Vectra. Finally got back to something solid. Then I discovered more rust after looking down the sill. So I just kept chasing back. I've decided to replace the sill anyway. Not gone daft chopping the whole lot off yet. Dunno where to join the new one yet. Not pretty, but functional. I'm not totally closing the end up just yet. More inner sill repairs required before that.
  8. JMotor

    E10 Fuel

    Have ran the Nexia on both E5 and E10. Ran like shite on both. Wanged in a set of spark plugs. Ran much better on either fuel. I honestly can't tell between the two. So would highly recommend keeping the ignition system as tip top as you can. The 306 I have, I just run on super unleaded anyway as that's what's recommended by Peugeot to use on that engine.
  9. Banged the Nexia in for the MOT. Had to replace the two springs that broke earlier this year. Not a horrible job. Tweak of the adjusters on the rear brakes. That'll do. Phew! Can't believe it's still plodding on without much fuss. Few silly issues to fix yet. But that sorted in due course. Now that Vectra. Knew it needed some work about the back arches. So let's get the grinder out. Oh. That's not too bad. I'll just keep nipping at it. Ohhh.... Hmmm... I packed it up and went home. For a think. Thankfully I planned ahead. It's getting fixed. I just need to plan where to make a start from.
  10. Top work again sir 👍. Again, I do enjoy reading your threads on this and the Polos.
  11. No problem 👍. Yeah, then chuck in the postage... 😥 In my case it was a full outer sill. So yeah, that stung! 😂
  12. Was going to suggest the Bosal Exhaust site. But they only list a back box too (maybe what those suppliers used too?) I use 7Zap for looking up parts for my GM tat. Used to use a site called ECat24, as it was fantastic site for looking up stuff unfortunately it was nuked from TEH INTERNETZ. But 7Zap is good enough to find the OE number. Then I'd go to MM Opel parts, German eBay (or regular UK one) or Classic Opel Parts Emmen and bang the number into there. As they might list either a genuine one or an aftermarket one. Edit - I actually enjoy parts hunting. So I think I've found what you're after? No guarantees mind! GM Part Number is 90169931. But have a ganders at this eBay listing to compare it to what you have. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151045331531
  13. A pleasant surprise today. Put the Nexia in for the MOT today. Awww yis!!! Only a front and rear spring needed.
  14. It's easy to lose the mojo. Really too easy in fact. But major props for doing A thing 👍. I too get the same feelings sometimes. The Corsa I'm doing was a huge task. But breaking it down to smaller individual jobs at a time helped a lot. Now have most of the major rot done now. It snowballs when you get in a groove. Remember what you have done already. The fact you've taken this on and it's so far going well for you. Well done 👍.
  15. Treated the NexiaBus to some new spark plugs. Very easy operation. I'll just take out these HT leads... Oh! Fudge! Some quick recrimping of the leads and we're good. Or that was a long walk home.
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