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  1. Always a way round I suppose. As proven with yourself. Because sometimes you have no option but to make something work. I shouldn't be that worried. If needed be, a regulator from an Astra would work too. Just a connector or motor swap to do and German eBay lists the regulator on it's own. CBA'd waiting on one and it was ebay one I used the last time and it broke in a few months. Just had the Espero one delivered to me now in the last few minutes. Job for either this evening or next.
  2. The joys of owning a now forgotten car. You get parts cheap, if they haven't thrown them out already. Bad side. The friggin' thing is on it's second regulator. Something is causing the winda to go up crooked. so I'll need to investigate as I don't want to knacker this one too. They are also getting hard to find now. Despite that one being for an Espero, it'll still fit as it looks identical to an Nexia one.
  3. Oh pls no! Massive want.... Best engine in it too. The X18XE1/Z18XE engines are fantastic! It's why the Corsa has one, because I thrashed the shit out of the donor car and it kept coming back for more! So it can do it all again in a lighter car! But no! Only as I went and got a dull four door with the Lidi version VTEC enijn in it 😂
  4. Busy again this weekend. Stripped that Corsa donor. I took a good bit from that car. It's good to get a whole car to pick from. Instead of picking through picked clean shite at the scrappies. Afterwards, I then decided the remains were now in my way. So me and three other friends got it shoved on to a trailer. Next weekend will see it weighed in and the Vectra up for the chopping block. I wanna at least get something back from it and give other owners the chance of parts from it too.
  5. Swapped cars about. Couple of silly niggles. Didn't push the gear linkage pivot pin down far enough. As the gear lever was as floppy as a Numan customer after a short drive. Clutch pedal needed a re-adjust. An new O-ring fixed the leaky dizzy. Thank goodness. As having to dump a load of brake clean on the hur everytime is boring and costs me. Drives like any other Astra/Kadett/Le mans. An inoffensive squidgy lump of plain. Now need to fix the following issues. Air con. Nae gas in the system again. Annoyingly I'd of thought the last time they'd tested for leaks before gassing it. Unless it was mint at the time and something else has let go? Probably more likely as its probably never been properly used since the day it was made. Still annoying. Drivers winda is proper pissing me aff. Borked when I got it. Replaced the mech, then borked that one too. The glass doesn't go up smoothly. Might smash winda and use a Tarff Valley feed bag instead. A pal has got me some tyres for the steelies. As those alloys are temp jobs, those are meant for the Corsa! So I'll throw those on soon.
  6. 😔. It was a hard decision. But might benefit me more in the long run. Nice. Mentioning interiors. The car I'm getting has some interesting seat covers. Proper fitted leather seats covers. Unfortunately the drivers one is worn, but the original RS200 ones don't look to bad and hopefully the covers have preserved them.
  7. A not so good update. Had been thinking long and hard about cars. Long story short. I have too many. Plus after looking over the Vectra. It's not looking great. It's more rusty than I forseen. Just keep finding areas like that. So have called time on it. I'll strip what I can off and get rid of the shell. Sucks, but it's a decision that had to be made. 306 is going up for sale soon. Then the Nexia. It's two cars doing one job. Twice the expenses and hassle. The Opel and Corsa are staying. Corsa is 80% there on the rust repair front. Opel I've had nearly ten years. Seven of those was me promising to get it done. It's not totally bad though. As I've bought a car to replace the Woo and the 306. Ignore the Lexus badge. It's an Altezza RS200. Went down the fresh import route. Does need some paint and the wheels thrown tae feck. It should do the job of both cars in one. Have to wait on it though, as it's still on the boat.
  8. Same with the not seeing one too. Think it was genuinely waaaayy over ten years since I had seen one as well. It was a 5dr Ruby red one too. Unfortunately it was sat in a scrapyard... I wish it was still there! 😂 I'd of robbed the bugger blind of parts!
  9. Time for the Nexia to come in. Clutch replacement job. After checking the service history, this will be the car's THIRD clutch. 'Kin hell! These are very wierd in their choices of gearboxes to engines. It's a GM "Big block" F16 gearbox, on to a "Small block" engine. Then the inner CV's adapt to a small driveshaft. If your a Vauxhall nut, these are the same as Mk2 Cavalier 1.6 ones, as used on Redtop swaps on Corsas and Novas. Sorry! Anyway. Pulled the gearbag out. Not a hard job at all, not even a subframe to get in your road. Just slightly awkward. Gave the gearbox a good clean up too. As the last clutch job, they didn't bother cleaning out the bellhousing. Loads of crud and strands of buggered original clutch were still in there. New release bearing fitted, annoyingly the friction and pressure plates looked to be reusable. So I wouldn't be surprised if they just banged those two in and kicked it out of the door. Changed them both anyway, well I had them so I'll just use them. Need to remember to sort the dizzy o-ring out too. As the engine was clabbered in oil. Aye its pishing out good to warrant a look see.
  10. Definitely been "NUTTZ" deep in with this yin tae. Grand work sorting this one out too 👍. *I ain't even sorry*
  11. Same colour and body style as my first Vectra B! Unusual (but nice) to see a GeeeSSSSSAye 'Loon.
  12. GM and VAG (maybe more) products with the following. One piece hub knuckle and caliper carrier on the smaller engined cars. Yes saves a money not having extra castings and fixings Until the holes for the caliper sliders stripped out and rendered the knuckle scrap.
  13. Nicely bought. Looks you've got the best of both worlds, not rotten and the trim is in good fettle. The fuel smell. I'd check the seam on the fuel tank. Common for them to go there (rust blows out the seam on it) and give a smell of fuel. Might see some staining from fuel weeping out. Also a heads up. Although it's a C20NE, just watch the intake system is different to ones on a Cavalier. These use a hot wire AFM, Not the flapper box on the airbox like a Cav. If you already knew this. then my apologies if I sounded like a know it all 🙁.
  14. GLXI is all you needed to see to find out if it's got the ice cube maker 😆.
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