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  1. Weekend came. Corsa B time. I replaced the front crossmember a few years back. I did weld it in and made sure it was glued in well. What if I hadn't done a good enough job!? I also LOVE* making work for myself. These plates are needed for Turbo swapped cars. Totally overkill for a 1.8! Figured having the tie rod area beefed up couldn't hurt. Right! Cracked on with welding these plates in. Passenger side welds are better. I was able to dial my technique in by then. Drivers isn't great, but there was enough heat in the weld to take a good hold. Rubbed down the crossmember to slap some red oxide on. Then that reacted with some paint I threw on it years ago. Duck it! I'll let it dry and worry about it another time.
  2. I would say you are correct. As I had this with a few Vauxhalls I've owned.
  3. Tidy job you've made of that. I used to hate cutting up repair panels. Now it's just easier to take what you need and save the rest for another project or if you need to repair another section later on.
  4. Got some reproduction griffin badges in the post today. Like a giddy bairn I HAD to fit them . Now waiting for some more parts which will help finish off some more jobs on this car.
  5. Didn't realise the Triumph had already been posted. Meh! Didn't look hard enough clearly.
  6. @Matty There was a minute I was sat just staring at it. Just wished it had been a brighter day when it got dropped back off. Even still, the colour is just something else.
  7. It'll have gone the same way as the Nova scene. People go daft for a Miami blue Novas for the same reason. The funky colours work so well on these little superminis. Your old Satin Red B looked the part too. That colour also suits the shape. Think I'm gonna enjoy putting this little shitbox back together. Then kick it's head in when I get it on the road.
  8. Thanks @Split_Pin 🙂. Never expected to go this far with it!😆 Sooo glad I didn't bin it off now!
  9. Mair Corsa nonsense. Next major task is to get some glass glued back in. I'll get a glass firm to sort out a new windscreen and have them fit the boot and quarter glasses too. Really happy with how this is coming along. It'll never be perfect, however that's perfect for me.
  10. Top work with this sir. Have enjoyed seeing the progress with it. Sweet running thing too! Also 1+ for the looks of it. The Fin tails are rather nice looking car.
  11. Little more done today. Plan was to get the locks and handles to work as they should. Knocked the pivot pin for the handle out on both handles to replace the return springs on them. They now work as intended. With a couple of coats with that plastic dye to finish the job. Washed all parts I reused with G101. Quite a bit of muck came off every thing. Fitting the windows was a little annoying. The final result looks quite good (to me) though. Used a razor blade to scrape the shit off the windows with glass cleaner to finish. Amazing how well they came out. Tomorrow will be spent on the car. Might jump to a different part.
  12. Bit of a milestone here. Bodyshop has cracked on. I don't have many in progress photos yet. A pal took these of them colour sanding the car. Then, I got the message to say it's ready to pick up. That happened today. I'm really happy with the car. Such a boost to see this now in a single colour! Can't be having everything one way though! I love the misery! 😆
  13. Good to see you're on with getting the Lada again. Hopefully it'll not be too bad getting the rot sorted.
  14. El taller de carrocería ha estado ocupado. Waiting on a date to get it back.
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