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  1. That's cool as fuck! 1+ for Dinnae paint it and keep the wheels.
  2. It's been a minute. Updates! Big one first. 306 is gone to a new home today 😢 . To another 306 licker. Who wanted a Black Rallye. Both parties happy. Hope the fella is alright, as he was heading back to Wales with it. I just worry, because I've been on the sharp end of a FTP. Nae fun! Second. Altezza MOT prep. Threw away all the quality mods that was done in Japan. Found tyres were buggered so I went and got tyres on the 18's. Spent a little more on some Pilot Sport 4's, flash bastid me like! Plus it wasn't that much more expensive over a typical mid range tyre. Also surprisingly. About the same money as buy said tyres off eBay. Without the fitting. Ermmm then found a cheap IS200 Sport grille. Which bar a badge is identical to the TRD optional grille that you buy from NETZ Toyota with your new Altezza. Threw that on and took another picture. With a pals LDV that he has been welding up. Oh boy that was a project! Tomorrows task is to mop up any last little jobs as MOT is booked for Tuesday. Then send everything off to get it rego'd.
  3. Well it's nice to see the Japanese loved Scotchlocks too. As I found this on the Altezza. That was the good side. Found LED bulbs in the front indicators. So the wiring was chopped about and linked to what must be a LED resistor box. So it and some aftermarket HID bulb kit were ripped out and throw tae buggery. Still trying to figure the rear fog light. But that's down to me being more thick than anything else. Got a fog light wiring kit and another reverse light bulb holder so that should do. Rallye has had a little bit of interest. One fella seems really keen, so being doing the small jobs I've been putting off. Like tracking, fixing a broken door lock and other odds and ends. Stuff you do that actually makes the car better and then makes you wonder why you never did them sooner. Nexia still plods on. So nothing to report there.
  4. Me after reading those comments from the "Cult". Also. MY GOD they are brittle!? Most would just go "Meh, whatever" and move on.
  5. Same here. Had a spare, think I threw it away yonks ago. Along with the intake pipe! Could of done with the pipe for the ReidChap I've got! Dang it!
  6. 😂 Jazz it up a little..... Hmmm.... He demanded I break the engine down. Like to every single bolt and nut in order. Then didn't buy it as he found one jubilee clip wasn't from a MY97 car but from a MY99 one. So I'm being taken to court and might loose everything I have because it wasn't as described. Pish story, I ken! But eh! I tried 😆 .
  7. Update on the enjin. Messaged by another fella. Asked a couple of reasonable questions about it, I sent a video of it running with some more pictures. Agreed a time. Then says yesterday he could come down sooner, like that night! Came as promised. Was happy with the engine package. Paid the full price, help him to load in his van. Then chatted for about an hour. Went off happy. Straightforward and no hassle.
  8. An X20XEV. So maybe kinda rarer now? 😂 £30-£40 off eBay for an new one. Or you'd thought Euros could get one quickly?
  9. Thinking about it. I've had a fair few stupid/daft folk when selling stuff. Got this message from someone while selling an engine. If it was a pal. Aye, I might of. Just for a loan just for said reason. Just politely said no. Because that leaves me trying to find another coil pack for an engine I'm selling as a working package.
  10. Really not looking forward to advertising the 306 now. But it'll have to be done and put up with the questions. Already getting comments about the wrong wheels being on it and that'll hurt the value (🤦‍♂️ ffs!) from a specific FB page. Do have a question to end with. Is it worth being up front and telling people to fuck off early if their being a bammer or wait a little longer?
  11. *Useless info time!* Gets even weirder. It's an Isuzu Aska. But badged up as a Camira. The JB Camira was THAT bad, they sold the JJ Aska/Camira in NZ instead. Standard GM family 2 lumps (like a Ascona and Cavalier).
  12. Got a battery and some super unleaded. Then whipped the car out for some outside shots. Drives really nicely around the units. It's a hell a lot more refined than the 306. Those Chromies don't half look shit! Straight on with finding a set of hoops a little more my style. Went for a Work Emotion XT7 in 18 inch size. Work is a well known wheel brand in Japan, very well made wheel. I had to place one by the car of course. Not a great picture. Though it showed me the wheels redone in bronze would go well with the silver. I'll get new tyres and paint them up. Unfortunately it may look daft on 18's with standard ride height. Suppose I'll have to fix that too. Have got a couple more pressing issues to sort first though. Working rear fog light for MOT and undo the frankly awful headlight wiring due to some HID's that were installed in the cars past.
  13. It maybe not pretty. However it's way better than rot. To be honest it doesn't look that bad at all. A finger file would smooth it down a treat if you're bothered? Sucks about that panel though! Could of put the actual price on. Patching it was probably the best action to take, instead of picking the old panel out.
  14. If it's of any use... https://www.copeparts.nl/en/shop/manta-cavalier-mk2 I've used them a few times for MK3 Astra stuff. https://www.mm-opelparts.com/amfinder/?cat=5876&find=opel-ascona-b---1975---1981--all--360419&p=2 Another site, but a bit thin on the old parts front.
  15. Thanks! 😀 Yeah, I'm happy I got one. Heard quite a good few things about them. Plus watching old episodes of Best Motoring with them in 😂. I wasn't going to be able to afford an AE86 now so that was a factor too. Prices are mental now. Don't think it'll get any better either. Could be wrong, can see the prices going up due to the earliest cars are coming up 25 years old soon. Legal to import into America then. Ohhh!!! MoAr picktures! Some are mine and some are from a pal who met the delivery guy. Then the money shot!
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