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Xantia Turbo Diz - Nowt Moves You Like a Citroen, £6 a ticket DRAW WEDNESDAY 31st

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Okey doke, I bought this a few days back from Jollyfkr of this parish mainly just to break the seal on 2018's shite purchasing antics (but also as I've fancied trying a Xantia for a while). Here's the thread:


Today I gave it a clean, changed the oil and filters, and will put a new set of wipers on it. I'll also top up the LHM as it's currently sitting just below the min marker. I had to use my Pela pump as I haven't got the right wotsit for the sump plug, otherwise I'd have done a proper job.


I did 150 mile in it on Thursday and it cruises really well, nice and quiet for an old dizzler, but it does have a few issues:

-Brakes are a bit odd. The pedal pulses when you reach a stop and I'm sure they could be better. The STOP light flashes intermittently so this could indicate something is amiss, or the top up of LHM might cure it as it is low at present. Am I'm right in thinking brakes and steering are linked to the hydraulics? I can't remember. I just ignored it and the further you drive, the less it appears.
-Temp and fuel gauges don't work. French innit.
-Heater blower initially didn't work, but I noticed the fuse was missing. The reason for that is it runs full pelt with the fuse in. Heater is nice and toasty though so I might just leave the fuse in for now, even if the noise is annoying!
-It doesn't lock, but has the immobiliser key code pad.
-Could do with a couple of tyres as they're a bit old and cracked but seem to grip OK in wet weather.

Good points are:
-MoT until July
-Goes up and down like it should. A Citroebics session earlier seems to have improved the ride even more now. These things are lovely and floaty yet also handle really well.
-Tidy body and engine bay, albeit a bit oily underneath.
-Low millage. When giving the interior a clean earlier I noticed this


Sum picktures. The light was rubbish today so these are the best I can do.




Tickets are £6 each, which means I'll unashamedly earn a little profit. Jollyfckr is fine with me doing this, and it'll be nice to earn on a car for a change. The last time that happened was in 2008 on a Mk1 Fiesta, and that was only £50. You'd think I'd be able to earn more based on OSF tax but this is me we're talking about...hopeless.

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This is far too tempting.. and I'll be in London in a couple of weeks. How come you can't lock the doors? Can't the rears be locked from the inside and the fronts and boot with the key? Any way to check to condition of the cam belt on these?


The rears can be locked but the key just spins in the lock.  Best just take a chance no one wants to nick a rubbish old car, and the key pad means they can't drive it anyway.  Not sure about the cam belt, others may know more than I.

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1 . catsinthewelder

2 . aldo135

3 . CortinaDave

4 . egg

5 . The Moog

6 . purplebargeken

7 . trigger

8 . Kringle

9 . Lacquer Peel

10 . KruJoe Cleland

11 . KruJoe Cleland

12 . KruJoe Cleland

13 . phil_lihp

14 . lincolndanny

15 . 320touring

16 . bramz7

17 . purplebargeken

18 . Talbot

19 . Kringle

20 . Bucketeer

21 . sims00

22 . Daviemck2006

23 . Daviemck2006

24 . Kringle

25 . 95 quid Peugeot

26 . 95 quid Peugeot

27 . 95 quid Peugeot

28 . phil_lihp

29 . Rave

30 . egg

31 . robinmasters

32 . CortinaDave

33 . Kringle

34 . lincolndanny

35 . Lacquer Peel

36 . Mr_Bo11ox

37 . The Moog

38 . aldo135

39 . catsinthewelder

40 . Rave

41 . 83C

42 . Daviemck2006

43 . Bucketeer

44 . Danterzza

45 . fraybentos

46 . purplebargeken (courtesy of HillmanImp)

47 . CortinaDave

48 . Mr_Bo11ox

49 . Tickman

50 . Talbot

51 . sims00

52 . bramz7

53 . CortinaDave

54 . Cavcraft

55 . dean36014

56 . Daviemck2006

57 . robinmasters

58 . Daviemck2006

59 . Cavcraft

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The rears can be locked but the key just spins in the lock.  Best just take a chance no one wants to nick a rubbish old car, and the key pad means they can't drive it anyway.  Not sure about the cam belt, others may know more than I.

I had that problem with a 406, the key just spun round and wouldn't work the mechanism - a bit of googling suggested blasting wd40 in the keyhole which worked a treat - got to be worth a try ?

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I had that problem with a 406, the key just spun round and wouldn't work the mechanism - a bit of googling suggested blasting wd40 in the keyhole which worked a treat - got to be worth a try ?

I had that on my 406, passenger front I think.


Sent from my VFD 710 using Tapatalk

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I had that problem with a 406, the key just spun round and wouldn't work the mechanism - a bit of googling suggested blasting wd40 in the keyhole which worked a treat - got to be worth a try ?

Cheers, I'll give that a go today.

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I had that problem with a 406, the key just spun round and wouldn't work the mechanism - a bit of googling suggested blasting wd40 in the keyhole which worked a treat - got to be worth a try ?


I can further add that they key needs to be pushed firmly in or they do just spin. Seems to be a bit of an anti-theft trick so the lock can't be forced.

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    • By gm
      this is mother gm with her little "redster" on the day I handed over the keys

      many adventures have been had over the past year but it is now time to find a new home for the plucky pug
      basic infos : 126350 miles, mot until October 2020, in the last year it has been serviced, had a new exhaust, battery and a set of winter tyres, it's a fun little thing to chuck about the back roads and, as you can see, is a breeze to park

      (she will kill me for using those photos)
      the waving elf has sadly been removed, it was deemed to be inappropriate for a funeral convoy last week
      the bodywork looks better in the pics than in the flesh, there are a number of scrapes and dings, at some point it's had an accident repair

      but the steelies are painted "Peugeot Rallye White" which more than makes up for it 
      inside is pretty clean, everything works as it should - not that there are many toys, the CD player has an aux in and the windows are electric, the gearnob is a genuine JakeBullet poolball, the parcel shelf is a gm original with one sony and one jbl speaker
      that speedo optimistic, it will not top a ton but will do 70 in second if you push it, 90 can be achieved in third, fourth or fifth - it doesn't seem to matter which 

      there is a spare tyre and toolz and a tottie wee engine in there somewhere

      so who's up for a random or two ? 
      tickets are £12 each or 2 for £20, PayPal preferred, it is taxed (only £20 a year) but not currently insured, location is Chester-le-street, the lucky winner can be collected from Durham or Newcastle station
      who wouldn't want to be this happy ?


    • By Schaefft
      With the month of January nearing its end, the time has come to let go of the Galant. Its been an absolutely brilliant car while I had it, but with my move to Edinburgh approaching quickly, and the lack of space to actually store most of my cars anywhere (I'm sure theres nothing to worry about), this one needs to go. I've written plenty about the car before, if you want an extensive amount of photos you can check my general fleet thread here or check my cross European collection thread from December here.
      If you can't be bothered, here are the details.
      1995 Mitsubishi Galant GLSi Hatchback
      1.8 4G93 petrol and a manual
      Just 61k miles, I've put around 2000 of those on it myself over the last 3 months, with a trip to Germany and back again resulting in no real complications.
      MOT until June
      In general, its in incredibly nice condition. As far as I know, it was granny owned and always garaged, with it not doing many miles at all over the last couple of years. It was then used by a family member since around May of last year, until I bought it in October. Its clear that its been well cared for, without any bodges or stupid modifications to be found at all, excluding the painted wheel trims and radio.
      MOT history looks great, too. Its generally rust free but apparently did get a patch underneath a few years ago, which still looks solid. The bodywork looks great, with no damage or corrosion visible anywhere. There is however a giffer scrape on one of the corners of the rear bumper, and unfortunately, an H from the Mitsubishi lettering is missing. I've therefore deducted 500 quid of the actual market value from the asking price.
      Mechanically it is very solid, too. The front tires show their age and the idle isn't where it should be (members of the Autoshite team have concluded after some collaborative fiddling that it might need a new coolant temp sensor, idle control motor (the one that opens the throttlebody) or something else. Fortunately everything is cheap and all components extremely easy to access so that should hopefully be a quick fix.
      All of this is getting way too long so just have some pictures.

      I might have to add that this happened on the Autobahn. Probably the fastest it ever went in its life.

      And look how practical it is to boot!

      I've set the ticket price to 7 quid which should be fair. I've got a strangely high number of people showing interest in this car so I'll just give everyone the chance to acquire it right here. 
      Lets go!
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