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  1. Most modern* AC systems make use of the outside air temp sensor and a sunlight detector on the dashboard to adjust the amount of cooling being generated. Many systems can cope with the loss of one or either of these sensors, but some use them as gospel and turn off the AC if it thinks it's not necessary, even if the interior car sensor is at 30c and you're requesting 20c. Clearly the Saab/Vaux system is one of those. The good news is that the sensor is often an industry standard NTP sensor, meaning you don't need a £30 sensor from a dealer, you can use a 99p sensor from ebay and splice it in. Do check first tho!
  2. At least the nut won't come undone. Better than the alternatives I've found in the past, including welding wire, a hair grip, and on one occasion a matchstick.
  3. Next up, the pickup racing. As mentioned above. I missed the first race, where there was a bit of a coming together, with this being the aftermath: Not sure what occured in the race, but these three ended up parked up together. Were they they 1st 2nd and 3rd? No idea! Ready the start-finish straight: For: Which will come in the next post.
  4. Despite having been to Silverstone, I haven't yet finished doing Pembrey, which is a bit slack of me. So, without waiting any longer, and so that I can do the (limited number of) silverstone pics in order: After the truck racing. Having a wander about... some of the teams were pretty impressive in how much of a workshop they can put together in just a couple of hours, with nothing more than some concrete to work on: Not quite the same facilities in the 2CV camp: But then 2CV racing is a far friendlier and more pleasant group as far as I can tell. The racing is pretty intense, but it's a lot of fun too. Also... what does a racing driver like this: ... drive on a daily basis? This fine* specimen of motoring prowess: Ahem. As happened a lot over the weekend, there were impromptu airshows. I have a feeling they were practicing rather than it being an actual show, as there were often hours of gaps between the aerial displays. Captured with a very old manual-focus lens from the 1970s 500 prime if anyone's wondering. and yes, it needs a thorough clean-out: Next photo is *not* upside-down. Same lens used to take a picture of a car that was probably at least 50 meters away from me: It's a tadge tooo long for anything other than aircraft really... A few random pics of "stuff" at Pembrey: Ikea? Broken Mini being recovered: Tie the exhaust up? Nah, we're only going a few hundred yards. Not worth it: Then this truck came out, presumably to try and clear some of the debris off the track. Not entirely sure how effective it was really: More "legends" A line-up of the 2CVs And aircraft in the air again. Five this time: Some of those aerial shots might process and crop to better images. I'm not really very impressed with any of them, although the lens was shockingly dirty, and the weather was rather filthy too. Quick break, then some more racing.
  5. Silver and black number plates on a 1997 (probably) vehicle should be grounds for involantary euthenasia.
  6. Needs more "Get tae fuck" to be fully dodgybastard. "Fuck off" sounds far too English.
  7. True, but both Giugaro and Porsche were brought in as an attempt to improve the product. Lotus were brought in to make it slower and less likely to self-grenade, which is woeful IMO.
  8. Buy it, heave the engine and box out and shove them into a mini. As was popular 20-25 years ago.
  9. Lotus had a hand in the design of this car. It's subtle. They were involved in limiting the torque output of the engine to attempt to get the gearbox to last longer than 4 seconds.
  10. I may* have been a tad sarcastic about how fast the mobility scooter would be moving And yes. This was 1/20s with a car at 70+mph: The difference between focus motion blur at the nose and tail is remarkable. I like how it looks!
  11. Seriously. Did no-one get the reference or the joke here?
  12. How slow did you have to have the shutter speed for that picture!! Measureable in weeks I assume? (actually, with a complete lack of EXIF data, I'm going to guess at 1/10 or maybe even a bit slower. And with the ISO on about 2 and the apeture on about f/50 to compensate for ALL THE LIGHT getting to the sensor.)
  13. No. It hit on saturday night with a vengance. I think we probably had a couple of inches of rain overnight. It was astonishingly heavy for a couple of hours. Sunday was mostly just misty damp rather than rain, but of course everything was soggy from the rain the night before. Also, Silverstone really is a windswept barren businesspark with a track attached to it. I can see why it hosts F1 meetings, but for club racing it's far from ideal. Cadwell park is infinitely preferable.
  14. With utter incredulity: "is that George Broadhurst??!?!" Yes, it was. The in-car of that race is superb.
  15. Moooooore. Once the qualifying for 2CVs had been done, it was time for some other racers. These apparently are called "legends". No idea why... I then met up with one of the people who ACTUALLY know what they are doing taking photographs: and got a load of pictures of the truck racing. These are like racing with thunder on wheels. I've never heard anything like it. Once these had finished shouting their way around the track, we had some american pickups.
  16. I prefer how a diesel drives. Had a look at the links above. Yah. I'm not going to be affording one of those at the moment.
  17. Where would that be from then? A manual OM617 Estate would be my ideal spec.
  18. Agree on all counts that you've got a tank of Red diesel there. It matches the red car tho. Run it down as far as you dare and then fill up with fresh pump diesel. Jobbed. If it has gone off a bit, a single litre of 28-second oil (home heating oil or Kero) will help. Don't put too much in as it's nowhere near as lubricating as 35-second diesel fuel. If you're at all worried, put an equal amount of 28-second oil and fresh new veg oil in (maybe 3 litres of each) and marvel at how much quieter it makes the engine (a bit) and how much it now smells of chips, despite it only being a small percentage of the tank contents. Or just ignore it all.
  19. Zoooooom: Arse. it's broken: End of Qualifying session: Some of these pictures might be better developed and then cropped. I'm quite pleased with how some of the blur effects have come out on a few of them. Next Session: All done and time to come in again: Then, as happened a couple of times over the weekend, some aircraft took off. I had a silly-long lens with me and got a few marginally poor shots of them: Slightly menacing skies. And flaps. Full flaps: I need a break.
  20. Pembrey. It's a long way from nowhere and a very old track. It's also lacking somewhat in sineage and is a bit rough-and-ready. It's also quite short, but I guess for a sprint race that's a good thing. So, another friday evening was spent driving away from home. It's immaterial how long it took, it's more the expectation of what you find when you get there. So of course there are no photos from that evening. Next morning: I have started bringing a bike with me to all the meetings, as it's a very quick way to get about, plus I can't walk very far or very quickly, so this is much better: I've got this dodgy little bit here for you: Eh? Next thing to do was walk the track. I had inadvertently ended up cycling it the night before while looking for the loos. There's very little lighting in the paddock area, and as it's within the track and there's no bridge, you can very easily find yourself on the track. And I did. So took full advantage of that. Only took about 5-6 minutes, but it was pitch-black, and I barely saw any of it. Saw a lot more the next day, but it took a bit longer to walk though: No, the other way! Start/finish straight: Bend at the end of start/finish, leading into the hairpin: At which point the marshals were running around stocking/checking the marshaling huts, hence the white Nissan thingy on the track. "Now, this black bit of tarmac is the track". "No shit, sherlock". Hairpin: Most of the "kerbs" at Pembrey are actually just painted: Walking past the cafe/bar: Cameras being set up for the racing action: The one kerb that *isn't* just painted on is a bit of a bastard. Hit this in a 2CV and you're going to have a bad time.. it was at least 150mm high and solid concrete. Nicknamed "the sausage of death" by GB, here he is modelling just how high it is: While we were out doing that, one of the site ambulances was being re-purposed as a grounds maintenance vehicle, and a bloke was going round strimming bits of grass as necessary: On to the cars. You've seen them all several times now in this thread, so no explanations needed: "Your door's missing mate." "Thanks. Bog off!" This poor car was rather falling apart in places. It struggled for a lot of the weekend: Shelter for team 48: Tarts and Muffins cars kept undercover for the weekend: What has happened to the Muffins car eyes? Not just googlie eyes... it now has ANGRY googlie eyes. Pfft! "... and this is where we keep the engine:" This car needs another team car called custard: Not even sure what this is, (other than a motorised bike). It looks very 1970s and suited the event very well indeed: Before realising there's a camera pointed at her: After: Breakfast being cooked up by RB. And superbly tasty it was too: Cleaning the windows: Anyone who even hints that motorsport is a "man's domain" could not be more wrong: (they weren't racing 2CVs.. something much faster and scarier!) "come on then, where's the racing???" Next post. Keep your hair on!
  21. It will almost certainly have a fatigue crack about 1" down from the manifold join. Just needs a dab of electric pritt-stick. Can you get the front pipe off and bring it to me? It's three nuts on the exhaust manifold and the first join (clamped) is just near the gearbox crossmember. 10 minutes work.
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