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  1. It absolutely would not rev above what you could hear there, and all that happened when I tried to increase engine speed was it just black-smoked more. You can see at about 0.02 where I came off the accelerator and then back on (and there's an associated "clonk" in the background) the smoke briefly reduces, then comes back again. I suspect the air filter, or some other part of the intake system, has wooden shoes in it. A lovely weekend (well, 24hrs by the time I got there) with a very memorable journey up in the W124 Coupe; a car I really do like an awful lot. Also got to be chauffered home again.. the first time I've been passenger for more than a couple of miles in about 3 years. Also very nice to be passenger in a car where I can actually relax and not be permanently panicked over the driving. I now ache in places I didn't know I had. I suspect that was heaving on the starter for a certain mower more times than I care to remember!
  2. Agreed, Rhubarb is vile. Probably due to having had about 3 metric tonnes of Rhubarb crumble when I was little. We had it growing in our garden. I absolutely hated it.
  3. "actually, I'm asking YOU to **** off."
  4. The motors are no different LHD to RHD. It's a mechanical change to make it park either side (or any other position you choose) And aero blades look shit on anything that they didn't come on. This should have a proper 24" "normal" wiper on it. The aero blade looks worse than either the silver-on-black plates or the missing rear spats.
  5. This needs all the modifications removing.... With an Axe.
  6. And where might this fine ministry inspection establishment be? Asking for a friend.
  7. It's in the air: Initial investigation of the rear subframe mounts shows a fair bit of grot: Subframe off: It was actually quite a bit more involved than that, but came out OK in the end. Worst bit was having to remove the OSR seat base and back to get to the ABS electrical connector inside the car. It is a bit crusty. Turns out not just one side but both: All repairable. I've fixed worse. Bushes were absolutely knackered: Anti-Roll bar bushes will need sorting too:
  8. Fucking cheap Chinese electronic crap. Normally I buy Sandisk SD memory cards. They're reliable, quick etc. On this occasion, I didn't need a quick one, just one for large amounts of storage, so I got a cheaper Chinese branded one. It lasted 4 days, and now doesn't exists according to anything I plug it in to. Not that it's there but unreadable, it just doesn't exist at all. Utter shit. I knew it was cheap, so wasn't expecting miracles, but to just stop existing after 4 days? Arse.
  9. Talbot

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    People who buy a new car will still buy a new car every few years, as that's what they want to do. The point is that a new car should cost a lot more than it does, and last a lot longer. What you're describing is part of the shit that is capitalism, which is responsible for a lot of the mess this planet is currently in.
  10. Talbot

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    My point is the design life should be 20 years, and they should cost more. The additional work needed to make a car last 20 years rather than 7 years is not 3x the work, so by making a car that only has a 7 year design life is astonishingly wasteful. As I said above, if that means there are no cheap cars for sale new, that's no bad thing.
  11. Talbot

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    As cheap and cheerful as these were, they truly were absolute shit. An ex-gf had one in that burgundy they all seemed to be in. It was a posh KA3, which meant CL, EW, AC, and various other bits and pieces. Still sounded like an anglia, rotted like nothing I've seen before, and the AC sapped about 15% of the engine power. On one occasion while trying to climb a steep hill, I announced "engage turbo power" and very subtly turned the AC off. She honestly thought I had summoned the engine gods and managed to find another 10hp from somewhere. It also used to suffer from CEF, meaning it wouldn't lock, wouldn't unlock, windows would stop working, etc.etc. Mainly issues with door electrics.. I suspect the loom routing (or cable quality) was just crap, meaning all the door looms just broke up. Then there was the snapped-off spark-plugs incident. about 5lbf force and all 4 snapped off. Had to get the head off and take it round to a local reconditioners to get it sorted. What a heap. A friend also had one that was about 6 years old at the time, and it was hit from behind, smacking the rear bumper off. There was galloping rot in all the rear panelwork behind the bumper.. it probably had about 2 years left before it would have been scrap anyway, so the smack probably did them a favour. Disposable shit like this should not be legal. There really should be a minimum standard for vehicle construction, meaning they actually last. I know that would mean that there would be no cheap new cars, but quite frankly, so what? If you want a cheap car, buy a second-hand one.
  12. Simple compared to later models. the W211 is a step beyond when it comes to electronics. The facelift W210 got canbus, but the pre-facelift ones are not.
  13. A very, very old quote. My current favourite:
  14. No, but then nor do we for many other members who have ducked out at times for a plethora of different reasons, including mental health issues. Some of whom who may have been appreciative of the concern.
  15. Assuming that was aimed (even partially) at me; actually, I have very personal knowledge and appreciation of bipolar disorder, how destructive it can be, how to manage it and the fact that it can be pushed completely into remission with the right medication and support. ... which is a prime example of how not to deal with bipolar disorder.
  16. Given that DW is more accurate about facts and figures than the overwhelming majority of media/press based outlets, I do think you're asking for the moon on a stick here. DW does not make documentaries. If you want to make one, YouTube will gladly host it for you.
  17. Which you can publicise and promote as much as you wish. It's not for you to berate anyone else for not using your research in their video. Quite frankly, if DW went into the detail you're suggesting, I'd probably unsubscribe. It's not that sort of channel.
  18. I did. Whilst I stand by the comments I made, I did consider them to be marginally insensitive, hence removed the post. Quite quickly actually, I'm amazed it's been quoted, but that's the risk you take when posting before thinking about it properly. Given the fairly shitty attitude from the person in question, and the fact that a lot of his health issues are self-inflicted (by his own admission), I cannot feel as concerned for him as some others may be able to. That's just me. YMMV.
  19. Upper limit in what way? What you can buy? You can have anything you want. If you decide you want to use a 50hp funky monkey floating deck cutter for your 3-bed semi, you can.
  20. It'll have 4-wheel steering to allow it to do a U-Turn within it's own cutting width, so you can do up-and-down the field rather than having to do racetrack loops like you do with many older lawn tractors. I'm also keeping it as 4 steerable wheels rather than castors or anything like that, as I plan for it to have a towbar and it also be a very useful shunting engine up at the field to move dead vehicles about. ... it's going nowhere near water!!
  21. Page 13, this thread. C-Licence by 2021-08-31 (IE in 1 week's time) Bet of £10. Drive the 7.5t on 2 wheels by 2022-06-01 (10 months to go) Bet of £1000. Neither were actively accepted. No bets offered regarding swimming sinking in the channel. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/irony
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