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  1. Depends a lot on the amount of maintenance needed on certain vehicles....
  2. Said tubs are incredibly tough. Worth keeping a couple for putting nuts and bolts in when working on certain V8 engines. Or indeed certain Japanese roadsters.
  3. Not a specific car, but a function of a lot of cars these days.. warning alarm for seatbelt not being worn. Makes me irrationally angry and all I want to do is stab the sounder with a large flatblade screwdriver, repeatedly until it shuts up. If I need to move a car about for a few hundred yards, up a driveway or some other situation, I'm not going to wear a belt, and thats my cocking choice. Stop telling me what to do and just generally fuck off. Now. One of the things I like about the Merc. It will warn you if you've left your lights on, which is handy. It will advise if you've pulled away with the handbrake on, which is sensible. But you can drive it down the motorway with your belt off in absolute silence without a single warning noise or lamp. Good. I've been known to pull the passenger seatbelt over and click it into the drivers reciever before now to shut a know-it-all car up before now. If anything, the warning beep makes me more intent on driving without my belt on. Yes, I know... I should always wear a seatbelt yadda yadda. One saved my life once, I know how important they are. It's still my sodding choice to put it on, not the cocking vehicle.
  4. Oi! What are you playing at? I think I need your insurance details after that. That's quite a dent!
  5. Scraped an MOT pass for the Merc-o-barge a couple of days ago, which was a cheeky bonus as I wholly expected a fail. Plenty of advisories and a very kind MOT man who gave my OSR brake lamp a wiggle to make it work so he could pass it. The mileage history on it is amusing. A car that was in "advancing years" and looking forward to retirement has been pressed back into service. Even with lockdown bollocks over the last year I've still managed 15k in it. Which will likely reduce a bit now, as I'm sufficiently close to work that I don't need to drive to commute, so this is now for other journeys and business use. Be interesting to see what my mileage is for this year, as I've never been able to get to work without driving before now.
  6. Surprising. If you use the seat height adjustment (either the mechanical lever on lower-spec cars or the power seat switch at the back of the base on higher-spec ones) you can raise the seat about 100mm up, so much so that I squash my head into the headlinging and can't drive it. The range of movement of the seat on these is a Loooooong way.
  7. That sounds fun*. Presumably you can't/shoudln't say anything more at the moment.
  8. Oh dear. Sounds to me like that needs some investigation. It should absolutely be possible to use the brakes to stall the engine, even in 1st gear. I do wonder if your caliper sliders are all siezed, hence you're getting a bit of braking on the inside of the disc, but the slider side (and visible side) isn't doing anything.
  9. Drive down the road at speed* and then heave the brakes on hard. See if it does anything then. Also see if it's sticking on thereafter. If it starts to do something under heavy braking and then sticks on, it's a stiff caliper. If it still does naff all, suspect it's a hydraulic issue. Rear brakes don't do a great deal on a lot of cars, but a decent bout of braking-like-a-buffoon should see them do *something*
  10. The simplicity/complexity isn't the issue here, it's the fact that it's not what they have experience with. My local Merc specialist that I bore on about all the time has on several occasions now employed me to assist with vehicles that have points/carburettors on them as the guy who runs the place (who is only slightly younger than I) works on modernz. He has absolutely no issue with modern Turbodiesel common-rail, million-sensor engines and so on, but mention an emulsion tube or dwell angle to him and he glazes over. You just need an old-boy motor engineer. Not a "fitter".
  11. It's a brave man who gets a photo of another man holding his shafts. .... ahem.
  12. It seems to be mainly due to sensor sensitivity (ISO rating) capabilities of modern cameras. It amazes me that the sensors can be so incredibly tiny and have such high sensitivity. Go back to a DSLR of 10-15 years ago, and they can get to maybe ISO6400, with lots of grain. potatocams were essentially useless in similar conditions. These days even the very smallest sensors can get to bonkers figures like 25600ISO, and with a lot less grain than used to be evident, hence you can now get shots like that from a phone. Stunning really.
  13. You're doing it rong. (not really, just there is an alternative:) Treat a cat like a WBOD. Get an 18year old cat from cats protection for free. Love said cat in his/her twilight years, but as soon as they are very ill, it's off to the vets for a one-way journey, then get another one. No-one will ever expect anything other than euthenasia for a sick 18yo cat, and you're doing a lovely thing by giving a senior cat some love at the end of their life. Worked for me. I had 9 months of a very elderly and very lovely small black female cat (basically a witches cat) Once she developed kidney failure, it was off to the vets for a one-way, and trade-in for a younger model from Cats protection league. When I said to the lady at CP that I wanted another old black female cat, she told me I could have my pick of quite a few, and actually did I want to take all of them? Also, they didn't even want a donation as they were just really pleased that someone wasn't after the stereotypical cutesy kitten. (for which they do ask for a decent contribution).
  14. All of this is absolutely correct, true and reasonable. However, the point I made was that if someone on here, who we can reasonably assume is an adult and has half-a-clue what they are doing crossing the road, has managed to be on the recieving end of some bellend jumping a red light and nearly running them down, it's not exactly helpful for you to suggest that they haven't taken enough care crossing the road, IE victim blaming. The issue is that someone not paying attention and/or driving like a cunt has gone through a red lamp (IE a criminal offence). Whilst a pedestrian crossing the road is of course the vulnerable party, and hence it's reasonable for them to need to be vigilant and careful, only one party broke the law and hence needs to up their game when it comes to road safety.
  15. Victim blaming at it's finest.
  16. As we have now raised enough funding to cover November, December, January and possibly a bit into February too, I shall close the fundraiser request for now. The level of generosity has been superb, and at this rate I'll only have to do this 3 or 4 times a year. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. After Paypal fees (which appear to be unavoidable.. I'll look into that further for the future) the amount raised is £201.70 Of that, £65.08 will be used to pay for November's hosting, leaving £136.62 remaining in the kitty. Thanks again to all.
  17. Very pleased to hear it's an easy process to donate! Being the account holder, I can't really see the process of donating properly. The fundraiser for November's hosting costs has been met, but as promised I'll leave it open for 24hrs or so. Many thanks to everyone who has donated!
  18. This month there has been a change of forum treasurer. Yours truly will now be managing the forum funding as @stanky, having done superb work for the past few years has stood down. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Stanky for everything he's done, and how easy he has made the transition. A couple of changes I have made, partly due to the demise of PayPal moneygroups, and due to my own thoughts on forum funding: I will now be using a group funding service called Ko-Fi. The main benefit of doing so is that they are zero-fees, which means (by my rough estimates) that we won't loose something like £40 each year to fees. This in turn will then be used to pay for both the forum funding and the license for the forum software. Rather than close off the fund raiser every month once it has met it's target, I will leave the fundrasing open for 24hrs or so, to give everyone a chance to make a contribution should they wish to. This, due to the generosity of members here, will likely mean that I don't need to run a fundraiser every month, only when funds get low. This has the benefit of allowing people who are not welded to the forum 24/7 to be able to make a contribution, and likely will reduce the amount of work that I need to do by not running a fundraiser every month. I am lazy. I will, of course, have accounts visible here and to anyone who wants to see them in greater detail. The name of the game here is open-ness and transparency: A modus operandi put into place by Stanky, and which I plan to use as the gold standard. So. This month's fundraiser. Hosting costs were £65.08. Slightly higher than the usual £50-ish, but this may be due to heavy use of the forum, and a slightly poor EUR to GBP exchange rate. The donation pot is at: https://ko-fi.com/autoshite I would welcome any feedback from this site... how easy it is to make donations etc. If it works well, I'll keep using it, if not, there are plenty of other services. Once the fundraiser has been open for a day or so, I'll update here with how it's gone.
  19. It amuses me greatly that people design rooves in the UK for 1m of snow loading. I don't think I've ever seen more than about 200mm of snow ever, even in the heaviest winters years ago that we don't really get any more. And that was in Scotland. Down on the south coast, 50mm of snow is exceptional.
  20. There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
  21. W201 was the C-class, not a direct replacement for the W124, which was the E-class. However, the W210 (e-class replacement) was well into production, as they were available on an N, so this has hung around for at least a year, if not a bit more, before being registered.
  22. Had you hit said cyclist, I'm fairly sure you'd not have been held responsible. This reminds me of a similar incident that was shown on some police-camera-action type programme where a car had hit a completely invisible cyclist, not realised what had happened and just driven home. The cyclist was killed, the driver not held responsible. It astounds me that some cyclists chose to be so utterly stupid. Like richardmorris above, when I cycle I have two powerful headlamps, two excellent rear lamps and an additional OK one, and some reflective strikes on my backpack. I also cycle correctly in terms of road use, cycling like I would drive. and still some drivers are hell-bent on driving like complete tossers and putting me at risk that they really don't need to. I'm in two minds as to whether a car dashcam or a cyclecam is more important right now. Possibly the latter.
  23. Warmer with you than it is with me then. -3°c this morning. and I cycled in to the office.
  24. Thing is, realistically you could leave an oil filter on for a lot longer than their normal service life: A filter (almost any filter) works just as well, if not better, the older it gets. Right up until it plugs and then you have no oil pressure. The point of a service interval on the filter is that you change is waaaaaaaaay before you risk plugging it solid, and hence losing oil pressure. In theory, on a fairly well maintained engine, the oil filter might last 50k, 80k, maybe 100k miles before it actually plugs solid, but the damage that would cause means that it gets changed every 10k miles so that there's zero chance of that happening. I've fairly often skipped an oil filter change when doing shorter (ie 5k) services, particularly on things like XUD engines which like an oil change every 5k. I do drain the 300ml of oil out of the filter and let it dribble for as long as possible, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with re-using it for another 5k. The chances of it blocking in that time are infinitesimally small. The only filter I've ever plugged was a fuel filter (also on an XUD) as it had been on there for about 100k miles, filtering out all manner of crap that comes through with pump diesel. That just meant I had less and less power available (from all 92hp down to about 20hp over the course of maybe 25 miles!) so had to wallop a new one in. Got my money's worth out of that filter.
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