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  1. It's on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-C15-Champ-Van-Bulkhead-With-Bolts/163737793313?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  2. Is there anyone in Horsham who could pick up a c15 bulkhead for me if I win it on eBay? Need to get it closer to Coventry then somehow
  3. Bloody brilliant to see it back on the road and being used again.
  4. Ah of course, sorry I'm terrible with names. The bx is still running fine it's just pressuring the coolant up and expelling it out the cap. As I live only ten minutes from coombe not a major issue. When I'm back from holiday I'll drag the head off and get it checked and change the octopus whilst access is easier. I was just pissed off as I was going to take him on my French trip, I'll now take the Merc instead. I can't remember who I was with at the time but it was probably Richard, Darren or Tim Leech.
  5. I met someone off here at the centenary. I must apologise to him as I was a bit distracted and grumpy as the head gasket had blown on Shonky. So to the owner of the bx meteor on here, apologies mate.
  6. yep, my bx blew it's head gasket over the weekend. So there is no way that's getting in fixed in time for my french trip in two weeks.
  7. It's still going strong at two years old but I was most disappointed it started perishing so quickly. Maybe it was just a bad one?
  8. Chevronics sell them. Although I replaced one and it started perishing within a year on Shonky https://www.chevronics.co.uk/product/gaiter-rear-gsa/
  9. 100 quid. At least that's into 3 figures now.
  10. I'm going on Saturday in Shonky the bx. It's on my doorstep but unfortunately I'm working most the weekend. Weather forecast is pretty good too, warm and cloudy.
  11. I wouldn't worry to much. I've drained it down in the past and flushed it when I had dashboard out. It went all over with me and never once got warm. I can't remember if I put a new radiator in that one. I definitely didn't use that any rad weld in it and it never used a drop of water in my tenure.
  12. I'll have to arrange to collect it one weekend. Won't be this one though unfortunately as its the citroen show at coventry this weekend.
  13. Ah, so the new air trunk does work then! Before it used to sound like the exhaust was falling off when you got moving.
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