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  1. The xm was passed onto someone on here. I did most the welding, fitted a new alternator and repaired the theft damage. Health got on top of me and reduced the fleet to manageable numbers.
  2. I hope not. However the alledged car restorer who bought it off me instantly tried to flip it on eBay and made a 50 quid profit. The person who then brought it off eBay was one of the people who contacted me to buy it when I was selling it and didn't turn up. He then messaged me wanting to know why the suspension wouldn't lift. Turns out whoever delivered it mullered the subframe and suspension pipes getting it on or off his truck. I then lost touch with it. Will be a crying shame if it's been scrapped as the bodywork was near mint.
  3. Shonky the CX meet shonky the bx. Good luck with the mot.
  4. I cleared out a local village garage of autodata books from the 70's,80's and 90's. I've no idea what I'm going to do with them but there's useful information in there. Included in there was a few institute of road transport engineers from the late 60's. Is there a market for that sort of thing?
  5. Got my zx estate from detailing it. Removing all the grime of it has revealed the horizontal surfaces to have the typical Citroen laquer. Thankfully it's not too bad and hopefully the treatment applied will halt any more degradation for a while yet. Look at that shine though, well chuffed!
  6. Bit of a difference to how it was! Money well spent getting it done.
  7. Door bottom repairs. Still need to make the complete bottom of the frame up to. Also having the zx detailed as it really needs it. The paintwork was really flat and in need of attention. My friend who's doing it has been sending me photos.
  8. 13 quid of eBay. Just sold as an airhorn.
  9. It doesn't need one! VID_20200530_145248.mp4
  10. I fitted a new horn to the van. It blends in perfectly and looks factory fitted*.
  11. Full service done including cambelt and water pump. Anything slightly suspect has been replaced. Back on the road tomorrow, can't wait! Now to get rid of the Merc so this can have it's parking spot.
  12. I spotted a bargain on Facebook marketplace and couldn't resist. The 90's wants it's wheels back. Was sitting in the sunshine and wanted the umbrella out for a bit of shade. Unfortunately the table doesn't have a whole in it for the umbrella so had to improvise.
  13. The garage I use like to see the welded repair before it's skimmed in and painted to be certain it's a legitimate repair. Otherwise it could be a pop rivetted plate covered in filler as far as they know. I never had an issue with it, do repair, mot retest, then beautify under half a tin of bog.
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