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  1. Just as dangerous for the truck driver to slam brakes on as well. It boils down to lack of training in motorway disciplines. A lot of the modern trucks have an anti collision radar fitted. I've had a few near misses when a car has cut straight across the front of me and the truck decides to perform an emergency stop. Been nearly hit in the rear a few times when it happens. You have to remember a truck is limited to 56mph so it's not hard for most modern cars to exceed that speed up a slip road and forward plan their manoeuvre.
  2. Make it over to Coventry sometime and you can meet Shonky.
  3. It's a daily occurrence that drives me mad as a truck driver. Nice empty rd in front of the truck and the car driver matches the trucks speed and makes no attempt to speed up and get in front. One dab of the loud pedal and the car could have been clear and safely in front but no they blindly turned straight into the truck. It never ceases to amaze me how many people don't check their mirrors until the end of the slip road when it's too late
  4. I pre mot'ed it at my usual place before I leant it my friend. Front discs and inner track rod joints an advisory. Actually would have failed on handbrake effort on I think the offside. It basically needed new rear discs and pads. Unless the trip has worn something out all the suspension and steering joints were fine.
  5. The wipers do indeed work that way. Lights on warning doesn't work due to the sticky door switch. Really chuffed it made it there and back without mechanical incident.
  6. I've ordered one of those for a secret Santa ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Like I said, I've one you borrow to fit up or i can get photos and dimensions for you.
  8. That mounting bracket locks identical to the bolt pattern for a c15 servo. Might be worth having a look for one of those. I've a spare one you can borrow to try it for size if you like
  9. Well the bx has passed its MOT. Well chuffed to have it back on the road after not using it much for a few years due to coolant pressurising issues. Now let's put some miles on it and see if the new head gasket holds up.
  10. When we were collecting my partners bx GTi from France she inadvertently topped the fuel tank up with E10. The difference was instantly noticeable. Car would tickover fine, but missed/stuttered at anything below 3k revs. After topping up twice with super unleaded normal service was resumed .
  11. French cars? Positively hate them๐Ÿ˜ The current fleet, just need to get the bx in for a MOT now since I've done a head gasket change. The cx is the current daily until the salt spreading season starts.
  12. Seen far worse than that! Pretty good for a newbie. Doesn't have to be pretty, just strong.
  13. Went to visit my partner, obviously I took the cx for a run out.
  14. Is that the Merc? You mentioned harsh changes on the autobox. That might be the vacumn pipe that goes to the gearbox that modulates the flare on the gear change. No vacumn connected gives you whiplash changes. This happened on my w202 and w124.
  15. Not much difference to welding in your private car park than welding on your driveway. I'd recommend picking up a full size fire extinguisher to keep on standby just incase, and a spray bottle of water to cool things down. If anyone can transport it from Coventry to wherever you are I have a full size welding screen to protect passerby eyes. Your welcome to have it as it just sat in my garden. It's about 6ft tall and opens out to about 6ft wide from memory. Needs to go on a roof rack or large estate.
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