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  1. Finished the welding on the corner of the van. I've no idea if it's the correct shape but everything fits correctly and it's now all solid. I'm removing all the side strips as well as the reskinned doors didn't have the fixings for the cladding. It looked odd with just the cladding on the van body so I've ground all the clips off and going for the smooth look😀. The intention is to make it look like an earlier van anyway so it will fit in nicely with the pignose front end it's going to get fitted. Just need to get down to Plymouth and pick up the lower front valence panel.
  2. Bloody terrible seller you bought it off, definitely not to be trusted😁
  3. Took my Bx into work tonight, my two babies together.
  4. Cupro nickel by the looks off it. Perfectly safe and far better to work with than steel.
  5. Well time to make good use of the freedom and change the door locks. FFS man, why do you put up with her. You've been moaning about her the last few years, you could have been divorced and happy with your life now. Do yourself a favour and fuck her off.
  6. Gutted. Finished a full rust assessment on the Jag and it's terminal. So it's off to the scrappers with it. Seems a shame to scrap a good running V8 Jag with six months MOT but there you go. Scratched an itch, and will definitely have another one. Anyone want to save it or buy it for spares?
  7. Been investigating rust on the nearside of the Jag. Found some! I'm hoping this is the worst side😂
  8. To be fair the best investment you'll make will be a decent auto dimming mask. If you're intending to work on cars 0.6mm wire and tips is adequate
  9. Many thanks for these. Now collected as I'm local.
  10. Could I claim the purflex oil filter, 306 anti roll bar bushes and the two fuel filters please. Will fit my fleet of Citroens. Can collect at weekend as I'm in Coventry too. Many thanks.
  11. I'm saying absolutely nothing here🤣
  12. Is that the one that used to be on retro rides that had stupid arches and mega wide wheels fitted. It looks familiar.
  13. I'll think you'll find that Mr Bollox was one of the most outspoken members on here. Yet others have been silenced for saying far less. I know he certainly pee'd me off with his comments about remberance stickers but I never felt the need to report him for it as everyone is allowed a view point.
  14. Should add all my vehicles also have lest we forget stickers on them too. I'm a very proud grandson of a ww2 Lancaster navigator. I have to say I was offended by being categorised by Bollox when he posted the original comment. I'm proud of my heritage
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