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  1. I think i have a decent black glovebox i could swap for beer tokens
  2. No idea, I'd never removed that panel. I'm only passing on what I was told. Maybe the hatch has been changed from original?
  3. According to one of the previous owners it always had a keyed boot lock. Seems strange but that's why I never changed it.
  4. As for the front end creak it might be worth lubricating the struts. There's a way of doing it on the bx forum
  5. If it's there in the morning and I can't park on my drive it's a possibility 😂😂
  6. Not Warwick but you can put it on my drive in Coventry for the evening
  7. Well considering I'd called him a wanker on Saturday morning it went ok. It was due to a family issue apparently as it was their late fathers car and his elder brother wanted it scrapped!
  8. It's a n/a diesel, so stately performance. Driveway looks good now though, colour matching cars!
  9. In surprise I received a phonecall this morning. So before he changed his mind again I went and grabbed the zx! It drives just like a new car and the autobox is so smooth.
  10. Well I've had a good argument and nothing forthcoming obviously. Life is too short, managed to get a refund on insurance and cancelled most the part orders. Just obviously one of life's wankers
  11. Well just woke up to a text message saying Citroen buyer has decided he's not selling now and wants to refund my deposit. Last night I ordered all the parts to service it and do the cambelt. Just had a row on the phone with him as I've insured it and was collecting it today.
  12. I've done a car buyage. Well over my usual budget but it must be a virtual lone survivor. Zx 1.9d automatic estate. Only 36k miles from new and not far off immaculate. Drives like a new car still, albeit stately.
  13. From a suspect car dealer in Coventry. Sells under various names. He had a romahome advertised a few months back that was advertised as 56k miles. Mot history should over 200k. I went and viewed it out of curiosity and showed them that it was clocked. It got readvertised the next day on various other platforms still showing 56k mileage. The trading address shows various prosecutions for clocking.
  14. That cx sold a few months back on eBay. I seem to remember it was a stalled resto project.
  15. I'm certain I remember reading about that Moggie on the MMOC forum years ago, it was in daily use then. Can't be too many six wheelers with a ford diesel in them. Makes you wonder how it got in that state when it was obviously loved at some point.
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