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  1. Yep I'll be there Friday and Saturday in the c15 van
  2. I'm the current custodian of the autoshite Vel satis. It's more comfortable than the Jag it replaced. Really quiet and relaxed on the motorway. Seats are the most comfortable ever. Typically sticky Renault plastics of that era, can't stand the electric handbrake, just seems a massive faff and not in the easiest of places to reach. The best money I spent so far has been to buy the Renault Clip diagnostic tool. That way you can disable the tyre pressure sensors and change a lot of the computer settings to your preference. If you're ever in the Coventry area you are welcome to have a drive.
  3. It's the temic unit on the electric motors. Can't find the correct units so used a bypass box that just give you up and down with no one touch windows. Worked out around 12 quid a door to fix.
  4. Found these old pictures of my truck from 2004 when I rediscovered my photobucket account
  5. Decided to have a go at the faded headlights on the Vel satis. Five minutes with a small drill mounted mop and some g3 and they look great. 120 miles now completed with no warning lights reappearing 🤣
  6. That is looking fantastic Pete. Going to be a very nice example when you get it back. Have you made a final decision on the steel wheels yet?
  7. Surely the correct answer is buy the cooper and keep both! Having been a passenger it my mates wife's sportska I confirm they go very well and handling is great! Never been in a mini as not the greatest fan but willing to have my mind changed.
  8. I fixed the Vel satis window, it now goes smoothly up and down. Was bugging the hell out of me. VID_20210704_124612928.mp4
  9. Alpine delivered to Coventry when I was a child. Dandelion and burdock was my favourite.
  10. I've used dinitrol and have to say it's very easy to use and seems to last well.
  11. Looking great, doing a cracking job on that. Are you going to inject the chassis with some form of waxoil or are they pretty rust resistant?
  12. Driveway is looking good tonight 🙂
  13. So did the airport fire tenders run a different driveline? Just wondering how they got round the wind up issues on airfields.
  14. The Man I drive is the one in the picture. I've drove the new version and other than the smaller steering wheel I'd honestly rather keep my existing one. Lease runs out in the new year so will probably end up with the newer model then. I share her with a regular day shift driver so we keep her spick and span. The damage to the wheel arch was when I Hermes driver backed a trailer into it whilst I was coupling up. Was amazed how little damage it did, a few small dents in the door and the wheel arch damage.
  15. I wish they would import the Ford tractor unit, they look quite good.
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