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  1. NGK do proper log spark plugs. I stuck a set of four in my Merc and it ran much better. Bloody expensive though at fifty quid for 4! I always make them test emissions on lpg, last not was 0.01%
  2. Broke 60mpg a few times with mine. I think my best has been 65mpg on a drive to Paris.
  3. Yep twenty year old age limit.
  4. And then there was two! Original plans have changed as it's definitely not a breaker. Drove great down the flooded roads getting battered by the high winds. The roof rack sang nicely. A very quick inspection reveals solid floors and sills. Although something has definitely died in there judging by the smell. While searching for temporary insurance I found a great app called Cuvva. 3 hours insurance for nine quid!
  5. My hope is it's better than the one I already have!
  6. Superb, I've managed to buy an identical second one locally. Not sure what I'll do if it's actually a viable project!
  7. I've bought another Citroen c15 van! Sight unseen off eBay, collecting it on Sunday. Need to sell a car now, unless the van is a total rotter. Merc ç180 on lpg or an xm estate might be up for grabs.
  8. On my watch list too, always regretted selling my identical one.
  9. Time to deliver here to meet its maker 🤣🤣
  10. Excited! Although if i win it I've no idea where it would go😁
  11. When it goes for roffle stick me down for two lucky dips please. Would look good with the c15, zx,bx and xm!
  12. I bought some visa headlights for my c15 van and have somehow ended up with one h4 bulb and one older style. I bought an adaptor ring so I could fit matching h4 bulbs in yellow of course.
  13. C15 headlights would work with orange bulbs but you'd need to drill a hole for a side light bulb.
  14. Have you changed the air filter at all? Maybe it's restricting air flow a bit. The problem without that air trunk is the intake noise is horrendous.
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