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Found 165 results

  1. I’m not sure if there’d be much interest in a roffle for a topless mills o’matic swede at this time of year but before I stick it down at the barn for winter, I thought I’d mention it on here... Its a 2006 9-3 1.8t with just under 90k miles and a good service history. It has been Mrs NMs summer chariot of choice but has now been stood down by a Berlingo diesel...the backup plan is to park it up over winter before prepping it up for sale in the spring where it would get advertised for its market value but due to the impending arrival of another toy, if someone on here wants to win it for the frankly ludicrous sum of £12.00, then step right up!! Good bits... All electrics, roof etc in good order, decent tires all round, plenty of MOT, working air con, polishes up nicely, will come with new discs and pads on the front. Not so good bits... Silly tax bracket so £48 a month to tax, occasional lambda fault which pops on EML....will reset and stay off for a month or two, slight bit of pogweasleing on the n/s front bumper where it’s had a smart repair in the past. Only got a few pictures to hand at the minute but if there’s any interest, I’ll stick some more up in the next day or so. Roffle tickets as it is are £12 each or two for £20 and the car is located near Burnley, Lancashire. Form an orderly queue.... 🙂
  2. Roffle is go. 1 for £16 or 2 for £30. 1 2 3 4 SamR380 5 6 7 Jollyfkr2 8 9 10 11 12 AstonMartin 13 14 15 Primeradoner 16 17 18 Doug 19 20 21 22 Loserone 23 24 25 Mitsisigma01 26 BlackBoilerSuit 27 28 Barefoot 29 30 DozeyDustman 31 32 33 Doug (Aston Martin) 34 35 36 37 DaveQ 38 Norbert 39 40 41 42 Doug (AstonMartin) 43 Jollyfkr2 44 45 46 Aston Martin 47 Loserone 48 Primeradoner 49 50 51 BlackBoilerSuit 52 53 54 55 StrangeAngel 56 57 58 59 Choice of top boxes either the white old one or the massive modern one for Uber eats work.
  3. Just about an hour ago I went to start my car up, had Mrs Dustman with me, to go and pick Miss Dustman up from work. Turned over fine but took a while to fire up. Steering felt heavy. Thought maybe as it's currently -5 + wind chill it's just cold & the fluid is thick. Started reversing out my bay then I was greeted with: "DING DONG" - ABS fault. "DING DONG" - ESP fault "DING DONG" - headlamp auto levelling not working, contact service. I shut the car down straight away and we went in Mrs D's Corolla. Alternator is less than 2 months old, it's a recon unit from Alternator Man in Portsmouth. Hoping the cold isn't killing the battery and it's taking the 'nator out with it (battery passed the drop test last time the no-charge warning came up). Looks like a session with the multimeter after work tomorrow..... MEH.
  4. This has been dragging with the end tantalisingly in sight, so inspired by the worthy @SRi05 I'll pop it in here and see if anyone who doesn't visit 'Shite For Sale' is interested... Quoting now... After having recently gone through the fun* of selling a car on eBay, I thought I'd try my luck on here. I only bought this a couple of weeks ago on a whim, thinking it would be ideal for shooting down to France with the wife and the dog to visit the in-laws, but the wife has taken against it HARD due to the lack of air-con (she's not worried about us - it's the dog!). So it has to go. Bad bits first, as is AS tradition. The A/C really is gone. No amount of re-gassing will fix this! A few patches of rust here and there - none look bad enough for welding. A bit of rust converter and bondo and job jobbed was my plan. Laquer is starting to peel in a few places. The remote central locking doesn't always unlock the passenger side door (although it does always seem to lock it, which is odd). Tailgate has a decent dent in it. Nothing to do with me, it came free with the car. Tailgate still works fine, though. Good bits. Maybe it has been too long since I was last in a rear-wheel drive, but it feels to me like it pulls away from the line very nicely. The six-speed box feels nice and precise, and lets you trundle along at 70mph with the engine only doing about two and a half thousand revs (not had it long enough to really measure fuel efficiency). MOT until Feb and taxed to get you home. Located in Ipswich. I was thinking £9 per ticket, or two for £16, three for £21. Any takers? PRICE DROP !!!! £8 for one, £14 for two, £19 for three. Buy Buy Buy!!!!
  5. Going to roffle for a fiver a ticket, two for £8, 3 for £11 In good working order apart from the head gasket. Put the ventilated header tank cap on, take it easy and bring spare water and you will be able to drive it home. It doesn't overheat, just pressure in the cooling system. Cylinder compression is good. MOT April 2020
  6. Well after almost 11 years it time to part ways with my Cavalier as recent changes mean I'm needing a estate car now. It's in tidy condition for it age and years but is no show car, though saying that I get plenty of nice comments off people about it which is nice! Will be really sad to see it go as it's been a fantastic car to me and has always been a dependable friend. Holidays, house moves, days out, road trips buying tat or being on family taxi duty. It does it all without fuss. I have folders full of various receipts and bills for work carried out over the years and have got various spares mainly used that I can include if wanted. I also have a compete spare 1.8 engine with 74,000 miles available too. Mileage is 204,000 but I did replace the engine with a secondhand unit about a year after first buying it with similar miles due to a oil pressure fault. Though I've seen these Cavaliers with over 250,000+ miles and I have no issues with driving this car anywhere as these are hardy things. I've always serviced the car each year and always use a quality 15w40 oil. In recent years it had all new shocks/ front springs and top mounts. Front Brakes and had various other parts replaced as needed to keep it ticking over. Has Pas, leccy front windows and central locking. Also has working Towbar see pic bellow. There so much more I can say but I'd be here all night! Currently awaiting some Mot repairs to sort out emissions [ replace front downpipe ] and some minor welding to the rear floor pan . It should be ready for me to collect by Friday. Any questions just ask away. Will add some pictures over the weekend once I've got the Car back. Still Insured till the end of May and Taxed etc.
  7. Right due to a mixture of life being a pita and the lack of money and space. I really need to get a car shifted before September ideally. So although this wasn't in the original plan, what better than me offering two Cars For Sale / Roffles instead ! Plus Points, 2006 Met Black Fiat Stilo 1.6 petrol Active SW. 4 Owners , 48,912 only with Mot till next April, Starts, Run's + Drives fine and engine seam's to have plenty of get up and go. Clutch is ok too. Brakes seam good inc handbrake. Blowers work ok. Front Leccy Windows + Mirrors. PAS inc City Button, Central Locking, CD player. Looks to have had a full new Exhaust and Windscreen replacement recently. Tyres all have plenty of tread and spare wheel and tool kit is present. No fault codes on Dash. V5 arrived today in my name. Negative Points, Interior isn't great. Worst is being the headlining and rear boot carpet, but is 99% complete. Bodywork has some interesting dents see pics! Also has poor previous repairs to nearside doors and is declared on logbook as being a previous salvaged vehicle. Nearside front door doesn't lock on the outside but locks fine inside. Tailgate rattles slightly [ needs adjustment ] No service history so Cambelt Roulette at present, but Fiat reckon next change assuming it's had one would be 72K. Clonking / Rattle underneath suspect anti-roll bar joint as advised on last Mot. Despite it's appearances though this car has potential. I feel that with a bit of time invested and a few trips to a scrappy as I'd planned to do, would improve it no end. But otherwise it would make a ideal cheap workhorse / dog carrier etc as is, that would also last you till next April and beyond without too much bother. Car is untaxed but will Sorn if not Sold shortly and no Insurance. Just want back what it owe's me so far. AS price is £350 firm or £6 a Roffle Ticket. If the Cavalier sell's before the Stilo, then I may keep this car as originally intended but we see how things go. Worst case I'll sell both and have to go Car shopping again! Car located Midlands near Jct 10 M42 at present.
  8. I bought this as a stopgap, its purpose has been filled, and now I need something more economical. Its a 2000 Mazda 323F, with a 1.8 petrol engine and auto box (4 speed with lock out in top). Its in decent enough condition, looks tidy, starts, runs and drives with no major issues, decent amount of poke when needed. MoT is till November. Interior is very tidy and shows little wear. Leccy windows, mirrors, sunroof which all work, AC which does not. The downsides are there are 3 small chips in the windscreen, all less than 10mm. And it could do with a tyre changing on the front as its cracked with age. 20190412_183535 20190412_183554 More photos when its stops raining. Oh, and economy-wise it averages around 33mpg with mixed driving, more on a long run. Looking for £300 for a sale, or prepared to roffle at £5 if theres enough interest, could do with shifting it relatively quickly though. I'm also up for swaps, preferably for something small, petrol and manual. Small Peugeots are a preference. Oh, and its in Lincoln. Sorry.
  9. Something amazing has come up, so this being the sensible economical family car I'm moving it on. If it doesn't go quick I'll more the 205 on instead once it's tested, which would make much more sense as I like it a lot. Good: Running perfectly. Pretty economical; guessing very high thirties or low 40s. Quiet Smooth Peugeot ride quality Big boot. Soft comfortable seats Bad: Needs a new side repeater lens (£15 on eBay) Could do with new tyres on the front as they're worn Chinese ditchfinders Bottoms of the doors are scruffy. Passenger window needs help to go back up. Located in Durham, delivery available at cost.
  10. Go on, relieve my boredom... MOT November. Brakes now fixed. Exhaust in a bit of a mess, but not actually loud. 83,000 miles. Located in Essex, near Southend-on-Sea.
  11. Aye, it's this fucking thing again. 111k Miles MOT August 23rd Drives well, very very well Never let me down Would genuinely drive it anywhere [/cliche] Previously owned and cared for by many shiters Needs a backbox fitted and a speed sensor - INCLUDED with the car, I'm not spending anymore money getting them fitted, picking up new* car on Saturday. Previous info, pretty much everything you need to know HERE Eight pounds and fifty pence for a single ticket, two for fifteen pounds. Located in Glass-Coh, Scotland. It can be collected from a secure car park a 5 minute walk away from Glasgow Airport for EASE if required. 2 minutes away from the M8 heading back south. 1. fatharris 2 .auld_als 3.Alan_Green 4. Aston Martin 5. Flat4alfa (egg) 6.DialATune 7. Clayts450 8.Bramz7 9. BL Bloke 10. TheDoctor 11.johnk 12. garellikatia 13. Tam 14. GeordieInExile 15. seacow 16. Flat4 17.djoptix 18.telf 19. OhDearMe 20. Eddyramrod 21. Loserone 22. Aston Martin 23. dodgybastard 24. Cheezey 25. gm 26. LanciaMan 27. TheDoctor 28. Danterzza 29.loserone (Tickman) 30. 95 quid peogeot 31.johnk 32. gm 33. fatharris 34. Braddon81 35. Djoptix 36. fatharris (Jim Bell) 37.dodgybastard 38. Flat4 39.flat4alfa 40.auld_als 41. BL Bloke 42. clayts450 43. seacow 44. DialATune 45. Loserone (jim Bell) 46. Aston Martin 47.jamiechod 48. Eddyramrod 49. fatharris (twosmoke) 50. pauldoubleyou 51. Cheezey 52.telf 53. Loserone (Davehedgehog31) 54. garellikatia 55. Danterzza 56.bramz7 57. 95 quid peugeot 58.GeordieinExile 59. Aston Martin
  12. Well, here it is, lots of fun has been had in this brilliant car but time and HMRC are on my case, so it has to go. Get ready for summer/ideal project/etc etc etc!!! Headlines: 1.8 VVC with 52mm throttle body for extra zooms* MOT until 24/03/2020 - registration is P69 FKN if you want to check up on it Red leather seats Decent hood and rear window Surprisingly dirt cheap to insure - about £160 a year for me limited to 3k miles and that's with no NCB and my 9 points declared... Loads of fun. Stuff that came up on the last MOT, and the action taken, was: Horn sound not in accordance with requirements (7.7 ©) This was because of my hilarious* klaxon horn. I've got two horns fitted, you can plug in whichever you feel like (or both). Offside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area excessively corroded significantly reducing structural strength outer sill (5.3.6 (a) (i)) Now welded. Electronic power steering warning lamp indicates a system malfunction (2.6 (a)) The tester says that the light came on on the test drive but I didn't believe him. It's never happened before and hasn't happened since. I cleaned the PAS fuse under the bonnet anyway. Offside Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover excessively damaged or deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (2.1.3 (g) (ii)) Replaced the track rod end. Nearside Front Lower Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Replaced top and bottom balljoints on nearside. Exhaust carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle exceeds manufacturer's specified limits ( (a)) Exhaust carbon monoxide content at idle exceeds manufacturer's specified limits ( ( ) Although it did pass on the next test, they note "vehicle struggled with emissions". This is probably because before the test it had been laid up for several months. Since then I've driven 400 miles to Blyton and back, as well as hammering it round all day at up to the redline, so I'm confident the emissions will be in significantly better shape now. I bought this from here about 18 months ago I think. Since then it's been a second car and has been loads of fun, and a brilliant first track car. In daily use it's great to have the hood down, it starts first time every time, and is generally no trouble. On the current tyres it is bloody dangerous/loads of fun [delete as appropriate] on wet roundabouts. On track, in the dry on R888s, there are insane amounts of lateral grip and very little understeer/oversteer. The brakes are awesome, even though they are standard, though I did manage to get some fade within about 7-8 laps of really pushing at Blyton, which I guess is due to lack of heat dissipation; though on the day in question, the rear brakes really weren't working as well as they should, so it might just be that I was leaning on the fronts too hard. Since I've had it it has had regular maintenance - a couple of oil and filter changes, plugs, etc. The winner can have their choice of wheels, either the VVC 5-spokes or the TF 6-spokes, plus a spare set of standard 6-spokes for track use if they want them (I'm keeping the tyres though). I'll also supply the original 48mm TB. I think I can detect a bit of movement in the offside balljoints so I will change those as well before it goes. It had a new bottom-half-of-downpipe-and-flexi-hose shortly after I got it as well. Body wise, despite the welding required for the MOT, it looks pretty solid all round. There is some rust on the battery tray but otherwise it's pretty good; there's a spot on the bottom of the drivers' wing as well, shown in photos, but I have a spare wing to swap onto it so I'll try and do that before sale as well. All panels are straight with no significant dents or scrapes. Mechanically it seems sound and everything works. The gearshift will never be as slick as an MX5 because it's cable operated, but it's pretty good. There are various aftermarket bits available to get the shift better, but I honestly haven't found it an issue; when the box is cold it's sometimes just slightly harder than it should be to find third, but once warm, this goes away. The heater is extremely efficient; you won't be cold, even with the top down. Engine wise, I haven't had a K series before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I have no reason to think everything isn't OK, particularly since I've twice driven it to Blyton from Bristol (400 mile round trip) and done a track day and then driven home again. The coolant did get very hot on the track day last year, but it was an extremely hot day. The exhaust has a slightly "air cooled" note to it which might be a small blow at the manifold, but it's not a cause for concern, just pointing it out because it's there... Bad points: Not completely watertight. There is a drip in the driver's footwell and a couple around the hood, over the engine cover. I've never tried to trace or fix them. No carpet - removed by urban_paranoia because they got wet and stank. I've replaced them with rubber mats which I like more anyway, and it gives it a more rough-and-ready feel when you sit in it... which I don't mind... As mentioned above, it can be GR8 4 DRIFTIN in the wet if you're not careful... Could probably do with the tracking doing since I changed the TRE. Will add more details as I think of them. Any interest at £10 a ticket?
  13. Right. I need to sort my shit out. So one roffle, £7 per ticket. Choice of prizes. Prize 1. 1998/9 Ford Galaxy Prize 2. 1987 Mazda 323. I will get it running right, I hope. Any takers? 1. Jim Bell 2. TrabbieRonnie 3. Supernaut 4. Flat4alfa 5. dozeydustman 6. egg 7. Cavcraft 8. loserone 9. Ohdearme 10. Flat4alfa 11. garellikatia 12. mrdelmonti 13. Jim Bell 14. Ohdearme 15. snagglepuss 16. Flat4 17. 500tops 18. loserone 19. sporty-shite 20. snagglepuss (c/o NorthernMonkey) 21. snagglepuss 22. RobT 23. mrdelmonti 24. TrabbieRonnie 25. 500tops 26. Keith777 27. snagglepuss 28. Flat4 29. jumpingjehovahs 30. Aldo135 31. Cavcraft 32. sporty-shite 33. Iamgroot 34. Iamgroot 35. Jim Bell 36. Flat4 37. TrabbieRonnie 38. jumpingjehovahs 39. Craig Cheetham 40. Ohdearme 41. rainagain 42. loserone 43. 500tops 44. snagglepuss 45. Jim Bell 46. mitsisigma01 47. Cavcraft 48. Cavcraft 49. Keith777 50. Iamgroot 51. sporty-shite 52. snagglepuss (c/o NorthernMonkey) 53. Cavcraft 54. mitsisigma01 55. snagglepuss 56. Iamgroot 57. Keith777 58. snagglepuss (c/o NorthernMonkey) 59. snagglepuss
  14. With the imminent arrival of my next car, I wondered if the Rover would successfully roffle.. Only one way to find out. One ticket - £3 Two tickets - £5.00 Three tickets - £7.50 Any more and I'll refer you to a good psychiatrist. Roffle will not be collected /drawn until my son approves the sale, but you might as well get your names in early. Rover 218D. No turbo, Lucas pump, 60ish bhp. 210,000 miles. Loads of faults, will list separately. Runs and drives OK though, have been using it daily. The 'modifications' are removable, and can be taken off before you collect. Roof rack not included. 1. Bucketeer (c/o snagglepuss) Paid 2. Ohdearme (c/o loserone) Paid 3. Snagglepuss (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 4. davehedgehog31 Paid 5. davehedgehog31 Paid 6. Snagglepuss (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 7. Cartakeback/Autoshite (c/o Rod/b) Paid 8. UltraWomble Paid 9. Saabnut (c/o Sealtainn) Paid 10. NorthernMonkey (c/o snagglepuss) Paid 11. Gadgetgricey Paid 12. Cartakeback/Autoshite (c/o Rod/b) Paid 13. Snagglepuss (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 14. Snagglepuss (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 15. Tam Paid 16. Bucketeer (c/o snagglepuss) Paid 17. NorthernMonkey (c/o snagglepuss) Paid 18. Ohdearme Paid 19. UltraWomble Paid 20. Cartakeback/Autoshite (c/o Rod/b) Paid 21. davehedgehog31 Paid 22. Busmansholiday Paid 23. Bucketeer (c/o snagglepuss) Paid 24. Cavcraft (c/o iamgroot) Paid 25. Busmansholiday Paid 26. Gadgetgricey (c/o Ohdearme) Paid 27. Aldo135 Paid 28. gadgetgricey Paid 29. NorthernMonkey (c/o snagglepuss) Paid 30. Mr_Bo11ox Paid 31. UltraWomble Paid 32. Northernmonkey (c/o Yoss) Paid 33. Cartakeback/Autoshite (c/o Rod/b) Paid 34. Gadgetgricey Paid 35. Snagglepuss (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 36. Jim Bell (c/o iamgroot) Paid 37. Yoss (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 38. Iamgroot (c/o gadgetgricey) Paid 39. Cartakeback/Autoshite (c/o Rod/b) Paid 40. Saabnut (c/o Sealtainn) Paid 41. Snagglepuss (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 42. davehedgehog31 Paid 43. Aldo135 Paid 44. Bucketeer (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 45. Sealtainn (as punishment for not taking a ticket of his own) 46. Gadgetgricey Paid 47. gadgetgricey Paid 48. Aldo135 Paid 49. Tam Paid 50. Busmansholiday Paid 51. Dollywobbler (c/o gadgetgricey) Paid 52. Loserone (as punishment for not taking a ticket of his own) 53. Mr_Bo11ox Paid 54. Purplebargeken (c/o iamgroot) Paid 55. Bucketeer (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 56. Cartakeback/Autoshite (c/oRod/b) Paid 57. NorthernMonkey (c/o Ohdearme) Paid 58. Bucketeer (c/o Northernmonkey) Paid 59. HMC (c/o gadgetgricey) Paid
  15. 1998 Mercedes C200 Elegance 126k miles, MOT August. I picked this up from AndyW201 about a fortnight ago as a daily to replace the Cavalier whilst I take it off the road, I've done about 1000 miles in it, drives absolutely spot on and Andy has definitely undersold it in his description. However, due to buying the A8 from sims and another potential purchase I'm in negotiations with on here, I really need to free up some space - my storage is absolutely maxed with stuff and I now have 4 cars at home annoying the neighbours, I need to make some movement. Scrubs up fairly well, it has had some odd touch ups around the body but nothing that overly stands out, decent tyres all round, all electric work, has cruise control so is ideal on A roads/Motorways etc. £350 or will roffle at £6 a ticket. Delivery possible.
  16. £8 a ticket, or two for £15 Proper funny-face Multipla My wife's car for last 8 years ELX spec, so has the twin sunroofs 8v turbo diesel that plods on and on. And on and on. Did the 20 mile commute today, outside lane of M1 for a lot of it. Dependable to go anywhere. More reliable that was ever in the blueprint ! Clutch 2016 Cambelt 2017 180k and everything still works including the folding mirrors, air con, both sunroofs, all windows, etc Some war wounds, well what do you expect, some interior sticky scratchy plastics but nothing broken - all functional Some noisy front clonking to deal with - was told it's the inner ARB bushings despite MOT man being happy. Just been turning up the stereo UPDATE Now has a Cat-C marker because of this. Grrr. The upshot is the insurer valued it at £1k. Stitched together with cable ties for now. MOT all the way to October ROFFLING AT £8 a ticket, or two for £15 - it really is that reliable and I don't want it gone but wife is in ear about it. Taxed and insured until end of the month, see We moved white goods with it last week and a whole fixed panels front end from a classic Mini (Riley Elf ectually) the week before. So VAN status is achievable as the seats just lift out Where is it? Well, you can smell the gunsmoke of Luton from here. M1 jns 9, 10, 11 will get you near. Or use the A5 and don't venture near that seething metropolis. 01. -Daviemck2006 02. -gadgetgricey, touted by snagglepuss 03. -aldo135 04. -Aston Martin 05. -Tayne 06. -garethj 07. -purblebargeken 08. -Ohdearme 09. -TheDoctor 10. -JohnK 11. -Aston Martin 12. -Iamgroot 13. -aldo135 14. -dollywobbler 15. -Aston Martin 16. -gadgetgricey, touted by snagglepuss 17. -Cavcraft 18. -Kringle 19. -Aston Martin 20. -snagglepuss 21. -missus northern monkey, on the snagglepuss account 22. -Ohdearme 23. - Nyphur, BACK IN THE GAME ! 24. -Pauldoubleyoo 25. -Iamgroot 26. -loserone 27. -JohnK 28. -Kringle 29. -95 quid Peugeot 30. -aldo135 31. -backache 32. -Aston Martin 33. -Cavcraft 34. -dollywobbler 35. -gm's randy random 36. -Aston Martin 37. -bangernomics, in at the last moment 38. -Dollywobbler 39. -Fabergé Greggs 40. -barefoot 41. -95 quid Peugeot 42. -Kringle 43. -Aston Martin 44. -Angle 45. -Kringle 46. -Daviemck2006 47. -Aston Martin 48. -backache 49. -Dollywobbly 50. -FatHarris's guaranteed winning random 51. -aldo135 52. -tonedepear 53. -New POD ticket swapped to Bangernomics 54. -TheDoctor 55. -Bucketeer, on the snagglepuss account 56. -Aston Martin 57. -Fabergé Greggs 58. -tonedepear, on the loserone account 59. -brownnova
  17. I don't like it. I want a small car. Suzuki Wagon or similar. £350 or roffle at 6 quid each. Good: 159,000 miles. Just under a year's MOT Leather Interior (Actually that's a 'bad' to some people) Bad: Complicated starting method - 2 keys and an immobilizer Likes a drink - TADTS (Plus it is Scottish) Smells oily sometimes - TADTS Tappy noise occasionally. Have been told Vanos - but hasn't affected anything. Might actually just be a loose engine cover. Gearbox hangs in a low gear for first 30 seconds or so of driving after cold start. Fine after that. Bodywork has scratches and rust (rear arches) I don't actually have many pictures... 1 2 . Disco Fever 3 4 5 6 . Aston Martin 7 8 9 10 11 . Ohdearme 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 . sporty-shite 24 .Amishtat 25 26 27 28 29 . Disco Fever 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 . Split_Pin 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 . Disco Fever 53 54 55 56 57 58 . sporty-shite 59
  18. this has been stagnating over in the for sale section for a couple of weeks and I really need to get it shifted (fatha gm is not happy about it being parked out front of his house) so tickets are now only FOUR EARTH POUNDS EACH or THREE FOR A TENNER ! the original roffle post is here but please reply below with how many tickets you are wanting the list so far (copied over from previous post) 1 primeradoner (somewhere local) 2 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably) 3 95 quid peugeot (suffolk) 4 JimBell (sooth sheels) 5 Snagglepuss (accrington) 6 BL bloke (oldbury) 7 Brown Nova (north wales) 8 DaveHedgeHog31 (scotland) 9 ohdearme (dunno, down south ?) 10 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?) 11 clayts450 (Nottingham) 12 sealtainn (fucking shetland!) 13 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet) 14 primeradoner (local lad) 15 JimBell (sooth sheels) 16 Flat4 (scotland) 17 davehedgehog31 c/o loserone (scootland) 18 cavcraft c/o the doctor (chester(not -le-street)) 19 95 quid peugeot (suffolk) 20 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably) 21 Brown Nova (north wales) 22 Flat4 (near knock hill, I hear) 23 BL bloke (oldbury) 24 primeradoner (local lad) 25 sealtainn (really ? fucking shetland ?) 26 DaveHedgeHog31 (scotchland) 27 clayts450 (Nottingham) 28 gadgetgricey (west midlands) 29 Snagglepuss (accrington) 30 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?) 31 JimBell (sooth sheels) 32 primeradoner (local car for local people) 33 cavcraft (chester(not -le-street)) 34 95 quid peugeot (suffolk) 35 Toby (Ipswich) 36 gadgetgricey (west midlands) 37 Brown Nova (north wales) 38 Flat4 (jocks wahay) 39 Toby (Ipswich) 40 Toby (Ipswich) 41 cavcraft (three trains away) 42 sealtainn (floating by boat) 43 BL bloke (oldbury) 44 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet) 45 Eddyramrod (north west-ish ?) 46 clayts450 (Nottingham) 47 gadgetgricey (brum, brum) 48 JimBell (sooth sheels) 49 Snagglepuss (could it be autotested?) 50 sealtainn c/o loserone 51 primeradoner (local lad) 52 Northern Monkey (oop north, presumably) 53 davehedgehog31 c/o loserone (swap you for a haggis supper?) 54 cavcraft (packed lunch included) 55 primeradoner (howay the lads) 56 JimBell (sooth sheels) 57 The Doctor (time and space) 58 cavcraft c/o the doctor (I'll pick you up in the roffle 107) 59 JoeyEunos (chesterlestreet)
  19. Things are a changing folks, the Rover of Smoothness has to go and I think a Rover Roffle is the way for this to happen. You can see piccies of the car elsewhere on the forum but will try and post some as soon as I can over the weekend. This is really a lovely car that has had some serious money spent on her over the last few years. I have had a new rear section of exhaust fitted, a new brake caliper fitted to the N/S rear and it has had the CVT fluid drained and changed by the Rover specialist in St. Albans just a few months ago. I had a new battery fitted when I bought her as well. She is a lovely smooth driving car, utterly comfortable too and she motors along beautifully. Quibbles? The heated seats don't work but seeing as the seats are velour fabric, that really isn't an issue. A few giffer scuffs on the bumpers are present and there is a slight ding in the drivers front wing but I have a good wing that will come with the car. The boot lid will sometimes come down unannounced but I was going to add a spring to the mechanism and see if it helped. That's it really. Mileage is around 58,000 or so. MOT till November I think. The old reg will come with the car and the current reg will be retained by me. No OMG HGF/coolant loss/overheating issues whatsoever. She is insured under a classic insurance banner by PBIS. This is a lovely, lovely car. Roffle interest at £8 per number? Taxed to get you home. If anyone wants to cross my palm with pound notes then £425 will see the car bought for cash tonite mate, no X boxes, sorry. 1. 2. Sealtain (R) 3. 4. minimad5 (R) 5. brown nova (R) 6. 7. ohdearme (R) 8. 9. ranting Yoof (R) 10. 11. 12. TheDoctor (R) 13. 14. sealtain (R) 15. 16. flat4 17. 18. ohdearme (R) 19. 20. 21. 22. ranting Yoof (R) 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. brown nova (R) 28. gadgetpricey 29. 30. 31. 32. minimad5 (R) 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. iamgroot 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. barefoot (R) 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59.
  20. For the first time ever, I'm the (temporary) custodian of some true french chod - although some might argue it's a bit modern for this parish... Behold, France's answer to the MK5 Ford Escrote 1.6 Ghia - the MK1 Renault Megane 1.6 RXE! (someone is going to tell me I'm wrong, but I don't really mind!) I have had a snoop around and can't see any bodywork rust, not had a look underneath but it seems solid enough. Overall, it's in pretty good nick - well, it should be... It's incredibly low. Mostly because in recent years, it has lived pretty much stationary but ready-for-action on a street in Wimbledon, being used for the odd trip to Bristol and other car-worthy journeys. So my mate Phil has owned this since new (I'll need to confirm again whether he bought it new or nearly new, as it has 3 registered keepers on the v5, one of those was his mum when it went to live in Bristol for a year, and another was himself before his mum - leaving one other...) but anyway, he's had it over 20 years, which is a long time with just one car. It's been his only car, that mileage is genuine! I missed a trick, I should have asked him to do a 'Woollard' shot! The engine sounds pretty sweet, the car drives pretty well. It's also pretty well specced, being an RXE - it has alloy wheels, velour (with probably one of the nicest patterns I've seen on 90's car upholstery) a radio cassette with a 6 disc changer in the boot (proper '90's!), air conditioning (which blows cool, a regas may make it blow cold), electric windows (drivers side doesn't work and the glass is propped up by some wood strategically installed in the door) and an electric sunroof (which I was told doesn't work, but when I tested it the tilt and slide works and it seems to open and close just fine!). All the main electrics for lights and wipers work fine (had to check, because French!). It's a bit whiffy, it's had some moisture trapped in there so I'm going to give it a bit of a clean up on the outside (it's covered in tree sap, the lacquer appears to be good) and an airing of the interior at the weekend, if it turns out dry and sunny. Have some more pics... The last 2 pics probably give the game away a bit - and explain why I'm the temporary custodian! Phil doesn't want a car anymore - he lives in Wimbledon, so has to pay for a parking permit. He also can't drive it into Central London anymore without paying a ULEZ charge. He pays RFL and Insurance on a car he barely uses, so while he's a bit emotionally attached to it, it has to go. So I've offered to roffle it for him on here, as it deserves to be given a new lease of life - it's mechanically sound, the only problems I'm aware of are with the drivers window (wedged shut) and the sunroof (which does actually appear to work!). Remote central locking works. You can see a slight difference in shade on the drivers front wing, because it had a minor bump many years ago and this was replaced. The colour march is pretty good though. MOT exipires on the 18th May 2019. It's done 108 miles since the last MOT, so I think it'll pass! It'll be taxed to get you home. Obviously I can't guarantee it will pass, but I truly believe that it shouldn't have a reason to fail having only done 108 miles since the last one! ++UPDATE 10/05/2019++ MOT PASSED! Advisories on the front 2 tyres, wearing on the inner edge. That's it! MOT Expires 18/05/2020 If you want more pics, like engine bay, interior, boot etc - just ask! Car is currently staying with me in Epsom, Surrey. ++UPDATE 08/05/2019++ PRICE DROP! Now £4 a ticket! Or £250 outright. Ideally it needs to be gone by end of day Wednesday 15th May as I need to travel for work. I'll add people in the order I get their requests, if two or more people ask for the same number before I update the list, I'll keep a random aside for you (if available) until you confirm if you want it or not. Roffle is on...! 1 stephen01 --- Paid 2 louiepj --- Paid 3 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 4 Split_Pin --- Paid 5 Cavcraft --- Paid 6 bramz7 --- Paid 7 brownnova --- Paid 8 RobT --- Paid 9 TheDoctor --- Paid 10 mitsisigma01 --- Paid 11 loserone --- Paid 12 brownnova --- Paid 13 Aston Martin --- Paid 14 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 15 mitsisigma01 --- Paid 16 Prepace --- Paid 17 SRi05 --- Paid 18 Cavcraft --- Paid 19 ruffgeezer --- Paid 20 clayts450 --- Paid 21 Maurice Marina --- Paid 22 clayts450 --- Paid 23 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 24 louiepj --- Paid 25 bramz7 --- Paid 26 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 27 mitsisigma01 --- Paid 28 gadgetgricey --- Paid 29 RobT --- Paid 30 jumpingjehovahs --- Paid 31 Danterzza --- Paid 32 Cavcraft --- Paid 33 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 34 brownnova --- Paid 35 RobT --- Paid 36 SRi05 --- Paid 37 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 38 brownnova --- Paid 39 louiepj --- Paid 40 Split_Pin --- Paid 41 Iamgroot --- Paid 42 Aston Martin --- Paid 43 Cavcraft --- Paid 44 RobT --- Paid 45 TheDoctor --- Paid 46 Prepace --- Paid 47 gadgetgricey --- Paid 48 clayts450 --- Paid 49 stephen01 --- Paid 50 Aston Martin --- Paid 51 davehedgehog31 --- Paid 52 Danterzza --- Paid 53 clayts450 --- Paid 54 Iamgroot --- Paid 55 Maurice Marina --- Paid 56 TheDoctor --- Paid 57 jumpingjehovahs --- Paid 58 Ohdearme --- Paid 59 barrett --- Paying on Tuesday
  21. Hi peeps, I am having a charity auction in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswichm who cared for OldFord, John Macgregor as cancer took hold. John was one of those shiters who would help anyone, he had a very dry sense of humour, but a heart of gold. I have his sister's blessing, and she has his old Cortina Crusader now. The model is an Ixo Ford TC3 Taunus with a cast resin right hand drive dashboard, it is 1/43 scale, which is about 4 inches or so long, and comes complete with acreylic display box. The auction is a live event on FB, and all monies raised will go direct to the hospice. I have put in the costs, and my mate Tony Cooper did a brillant job respraying and detailing the interior, anyhow, less natter, and here is a link, he auction starts at 6pm on the 6th May. Wish me luck, as it is a worthy cause https://www.facebook.com/events/2182604001835609/
  22. I had concocted an elaborate scheme to dispense with this Red beauty since she’s now surplus to requirements but another shiter’s insurance company arseholes have put paid to that. Therefore a roffle is the obvious way forward. It’s a 1998 Mk1 Ford Galaxy with the rorty 8V pez engine. It sounds a bit rortier at the moment as there’s a small blow on the mid section. It had a full oil/plugs/filters service about a month ago and I’ve just fitted new brake discs and pads on the rear. There’s a new battery that’s a week old but I’ll be honest, unless someone buys the shed outright, I’ll probably have the battery off and on the sharan to get me money’s worth out of its 3 year warranty. It’s an Aspen which means, cloth seats for seven bodies. The middle seat of the second row is a lap belt so only really for short trips, we tend to run it as a six or four seater. The driver and passenger seats spin round for comedy effect and broadly everything side is correct. There are four keys, two for the drivers door, one for the passenger and ignition and one for the boot...central locking works fine, as does auto open close from the door lock. The front grille is cracked but there’s a new silver one to go with it. There’s a horn button missing off the wheel, again a new one to go with it. I’ll secure the rear plate properly now I’ve replaced the back panel - originality lickers will appreciate the dealer fit plates no doubt. Pics to follow by tapatalk, it’s red, except the roof is a bit pink but unless you’re Andre the Giant, you’d never know. I’m only asking what I paid so tickets are at £8.50 or 2 for £16 firm. She’s SORNed with mot until October, 159,000 miles.
  23. I bought this recently intending to enjoy some comfortable wind-in-the-hair motoring over the summer (assuming we get one again this year). I had it all planned out - I was going to sell the Audi to replenish the chod fund, which I would then use to get the Rover of Doom and the Innocenti back on the road, and then the fleet would be nice and ready for the summer. I might even have had enough left over to sort the brakes on the 164. As ever, things didn't quite work out as planned, as I ended up giving the Audi and some money in exchange for the Buick, which itself needs money spending on it. So something's got to give, and I've decided it's the Saab. It's a 2-litre turbo manual on an 02 plate. It has the 185bhp engine so goes fairly well, although it's not stupidly quick as it's a heavy bastard. Mileage is around 116K. It starts up fine, albeit with the common slightly lazy Saab starter, and it drives as it should, with no jumping out of gear or owt like that (although I wouldn't really expect gearbox issues at this mileage). It's apparently had a replacement turbo - there's no bill for this but the turbo does look newer than the surrounding bits of engine. Electrics all seem to work, including the cruise control. Even the HRW works. The radio display appears to have a line of dead pixels, but is still legible. The floppytop flops as it should. Lights, wipers &c are all OK except that only one headlight wiper works (so that's Wobbler out of the running then). Electric aerial doesn't go down properly. Airbag light is on at the moment - according to the previous owner it's because there's a broken clip on one of the wires under the driver's seat. As soon as the weather permits I'll investigate and see if I can do something clever with cable ties. Interior is beige leather and is mostly in good condition, although the driver's seat is somewhat worn on the bolster and also has a split in the leather on the base. Bodywork is solid but has a few scratches and stone chips - no dents to speak of though. The floppytop is a bit scruffy, and could do with a good clean as the previous owner used to park it under a tree, but it appears to be waterproof, which is good. Tyres are all legal but the nearside front is getting towards the end of its life. Other bad bits: -Windscreen is cracked right in the bottom corner on the driver's side. Not in the driver's eyeline, and with a bit of judicious fiddling with wiper arm positioning it could be made to be outside the wiped area too. -There's a slight exhaust blow, not really noticeable from inside the car but audible from outside. -There's a whine from one of the ancillaries under the bonnet for the first couple of minutes after starting from cold. -At motorway speeds there's an annoying whistle from where the hood joins the top of the screen. It's obvious air is getting through somehow, but I've not been able to ascertain where yet, as there's no obvious damage to the seals. I've ordered some seal rejuvenator shiz anyway so will see if that helps. Of course the obvious solution is to "do a Craig the Princess" and just drive it with the top down whatever the weather. -It runs cool at higher speeds, especially in cold weather - might benefit from the judicious insertion of a Renault 5 thermostat. -There's only one key, and it's held together with tape. The remote locking still works though, you just have to know which bit of tape to press. That's about it I think. It's MOT'd until September so ready for summer fun and frolics. In NE Norfolk, delivery may be possible. Pics:
  24. This now has a year of MOT and is surplus to requirements as I have another, 4-door, manual, E36 now. The details: - 2.0 straight 6 - 4 speed automatic - RWD - 158k miles - Electric windows (that work) - Electric sunroof (that also works) - Black leather sports seats - Fancypants 16" sports alloys (including full-size spare!) - Located in Aberdeen (sorry!) In the year I've had it, I've replaced the rear shock absorbers, the front lower arms and 'lollipop' bushes, the front discs and pads, the alternator belt and the thermostat. It's also got fresh oil and filters as of a couple of weeks back. I also fitted front fog lamps, as the ones that were in it when I got it were fucked. It's thirsty and makes a nice noise while not going all that fast, but it's lovely to drive. It also has a unique security feature - two keys are needed to start it! The photos also flatter it. It barely has a single straight, undamaged panel on it. Pictures: £7 Per ticket. 1. reb -PAID 2. Ohdearme -PAID 3. Tam -PAID 4. Sealtanin -PAID 5. Eddie Honda -PAID 6. Alanism -PAID 7. bramz7 -PAID 8. Lacquer Peel 9. TheDoctor -PAID 10. Alanism -PAID 11. tobyd -PAID 12. Alanism -PAID 13. Ohdearme -PAID 14. Disco Fever -PAID 15. Sealtanin -PAID 16. Fat_Pirate -PAID 17. Iamgroot -PAID 18. Minimad5 -PAID 19. Disco Fever -PAID 20. NorfolkNWeigh -PAID 21. CortinaDave -PAID 22. Disco Fever -PAID 23. A non-AS entry -PAID 24. Cheezey -PAID 25. Daviemck2006 -PAID 26. sporty-shite -PAID 27. Ohdearme -PAID 28. Sealtanin -PAID 29. BavarianRetro -PAID 30. aldo135 -PAID 31. Ohdearme -PAID 32. straightSix -PAID 33. Minimad5 -PAID 34. BavarianRetro -PAID 35. Sealtanin -PAID 36. NorfolkNWeigh -PAID 37. bramz7 -PAID 38. Flat4 -PAID 39. Alanism -PAID 40. CortinaDave -PAID 41. Split_Pin -PAID 42. reb -PAID 43. BavarianRetro -PAID 44. Eddie Honda -PAID 45. Tam -PAID 46. BavarianRetro -PAID 47. Ohdearme -PAID 48. Eddie Honda -PAID 49. Disco Fever -PAID 50. Iamgroot -PAID 51. aldo135 -PAID 52. Danterzza -PAID 53. sporty-shite -PAID 54. Cheezey -PAID 55. Alanism -PAID 56. Fat_Pirate -PAID 57. rainagain - PAID 58. cort16 - PAID 59. Tickman -PAID
  25. Had this two years, spent plenty but not really used it enough Need space for the Safrane and the Princess isn't getting touched. Jumped in it this morning after weeks on not use and drove it across town, neh trouble - unlike the Safrane. 1993 Rover 420 SLi Good: Engine is the T-series NA (that pulls very well), not the kettle. IT HAS HUMP ON THE BONNET Keeps great temp No smoke No clutch slip Gearbox changes great Nightfire Red Contrasting beige dash Beige LEATHER sourced and fitted specially Working windows Working sunroof Did I mention IT HAS HUMP ON THE BONNET One just of 54 left on the road New rear calipers last year (pricey!) as it has discs all round - because 136bhp sports saloon effort Both rear sills welded (properly and pro, not me) last year, was going to keep it forever, see 'Private' NI plate fitted Witter Tow bar fitted It's over 25 years old now. Where has time gone, eh Meh: Minor oil leaks, because T-series TADS, due to lineage relation to B-series. Undertray fitted to catch the odd drip. Stretched and stiff clutch cable, needs changing really. Some giffer dinking, not much Cambelt roulette due to age Fresh dampers would pay dividends It's not perfect, but what is? I'm no mechanic, and don't pretend to be It's done approx 116k, not that it matters at this money Travelled 200 miles for it because colour scheme and nothing else was available - had to be a T-series, see. Survival rate is diabolical: MOT May but it's barely done a few hundred since the last So how much for this Triumph Dolomite II / Triumph Acclaim MK3 ? £600 please, I'm mugging myself as will never find another Currently on super-cheap classic insurance Where is it? You can smell Luton from here, that's where. M1 jns 9 or 11
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