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  1. " I'm generally just a dodgy character."
  2. I reckon I fancy a change. This is nice. Really, quite nice indeed. But regular readers will know I am growing keener on having a comfortable ride quality these days, and this has 17" wheels on. Wheels bigger than 15" are suitable only for bicycles. Hence, here's a roffle. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW GOOD: Black Tan leather in good nice Dual zone climate control which works Heated leather front and rear It's the top spec 250BHP HOT one so it's not entirely slow Two good keys Memory seats Stack of history rivalling a CISSP textbook
  3. Not actually a roffle, sorry. What have been our best roffles? I quite liked winning a Lexus LS400..
  4. Six-Cylinder Entertains – Virtual Roffle of my Maserati BiTurbo As I can’t sing or dance I had to think up an alternative entertainment. I have noticed how much people enjoy a Roffle and obviously collection is difficult at the moment so I am holding a Roffle for one of my cars, the difference is it is virtual and no collection needed! You can dream for a short while of having a Maserati BiTurbo. I value the car at £5,000 so tickets are £84.00, usual format after all numbers are “sold” the bonus number of the next National Lottery draw is the winner To make it clea
  5. This roffle DOES NOT include two new genuine wings. They would be available to purchase by the winner, or I'll sell them separately. 12 months MOT 1 - @davehedgehog31 courtesy of @Jim Bell 2 - @loserone bought out by @CortinaDave paid 3 - @Supernaut paid 4 - @Iamgroot 5 - @sdkrc oaid 6 - @TheDoctor paid 7 - @Tickman paid 8 - @yes oui si paid 9 - @jamhowe paid 10 - @garbaldy paid 11 - @sdkrc paid 12 - @barefoot paid now @holbeck 13 - @robinmasters didn't pay, now @twosmoke300 14 - @Tickman paid 15 - @loserone now @Lacquer Peel paid 16 - @jam
  6. this is mother gm with her little "redster" on the day I handed over the keys many adventures have been had over the past year but it is now time to find a new home for the plucky pug basic infos : 126350 miles, mot until October 2020, in the last year it has been serviced, had a new exhaust, battery and a set of winter tyres, it's a fun little thing to chuck about the back roads and, as you can see, is a breeze to park (she will kill me for using those photos) the waving elf has sadly been removed, it was deemed to be inappropriate for a funeral convoy la
  7. With the month of January nearing its end, the time has come to let go of the Galant. Its been an absolutely brilliant car while I had it, but with my move to Edinburgh approaching quickly, and the lack of space to actually store most of my cars anywhere (I'm sure theres nothing to worry about), this one needs to go. I've written plenty about the car before, if you want an extensive amount of photos you can check my general fleet thread here or check my cross European collection thread from December here. If you can't be bothered, here are the details. 1995 Mitsubishi Galant GLSi Hat
  8. This Citroen Visa was purchased at the weekend by five members of the forum, and is now up for a roffle. £10 a ticket £18 for two £27 for three Car will be roffled on the bonus ball as normal. The current owner of the car is Wuvvum, who doesn't have an financial interest in it. No profit will be made, and surplus over the initial investment* (£500) will be passed on to the roffle winner to help with collection costs. Part owners may also buy tickets in the draw. The car has an MOT until 15th September. More info here in the collection thread: Two other notes:
  9. Hallo chaps. Too much tat lying and I have a funeral to pay for... Mk2 Mondeo 2.0i Zetec, 44k miles, on ST170 alloys plus comes with a set of original spec 5-spoke alloys on duff tyres. MOT til 27/5/2020, some history and a recent battery. There are a few marks (pictured), the rear arches aren't too far gone and it has had welding done on the sills. The front windows open fine but need a little help closing, they come out the runners on the way up. C/L and heated screen work fine, as does the electric drivers seat adjustment. The clutch bites cleanly and the car pulls well throu
  10. Important numbers. £250 straight sale. £4.25 per ticket. 5 for 20 quid. 11 months MOT. Located at @loserone's gaff, so North East. Buyer who was going to have it can't insure it on current policy. More pics / info to follow, but get your names down!
  11. 1. @Mr_Bo11ox paid 2. @yes oui si PAID 3. @jmsguzzi paid 4. @robthedonkey PAID 5. @Floatylight paid 6. @Tickman paid 7. @paulplom paid 8. @jmsguzzi paid 9. @Aston Martin paid 10. @Tickman paid 11. @2MB paid 12. @Jim Bell PAID 13. @flat4alfa 14. @paulplom paid 15. @Matts_Rusty_Bus paid 16. @Ohdearme 17. @Eddie Honda paid 18. @blakey79 paid 19. @yes oui si PAID 20. @Braddon81 paid 21. @flat4alfa 22. @Matts_Rusty_Bus paid 23. PICNIC PAID 24. @Timewaster paid 25. @Jazoli paid 26. @sims00 ticket exchange 27. @Matts_Rusty_Bus p
  12. This has been dragging with the end tantalisingly in sight, so inspired by the worthy @SRi05 I'll pop it in here and see if anyone who doesn't visit 'Shite For Sale' is interested... Quoting now... After having recently gone through the fun* of selling a car on eBay, I thought I'd try my luck on here. I only bought this a couple of weeks ago on a whim, thinking it would be ideal for shooting down to France with the wife and the dog to visit the in-laws, but the wife has taken against it HARD due to the lack of air-con (she's not worried about us - it's the dog!). So it
  13. Going to roffle for a fiver a ticket, two for £8, 3 for £11 In good working order apart from the head gasket. Put the ventilated header tank cap on, take it easy and bring spare water and you will be able to drive it home. It doesn't overheat, just pressure in the cooling system. Cylinder compression is good. MOT April 2020
  14. Well after almost 11 years it time to part ways with my Cavalier as recent changes mean I'm needing a estate car now. It's in tidy condition for it age and years but is no show car, though saying that I get plenty of nice comments off people about it which is nice! Will be really sad to see it go as it's been a fantastic car to me and has always been a dependable friend. Holidays, house moves, days out, road trips buying tat or being on family taxi duty. It does it all without fuss. I have folders full of various receipts and bills for work carried out over the years and have got
  15. Right due to a mixture of life being a pita and the lack of money and space. I really need to get a car shifted before September ideally. So although this wasn't in the original plan, what better than me offering two Cars For Sale / Roffles instead ! Plus Points, 2006 Met Black Fiat Stilo 1.6 petrol Active SW. 4 Owners , 48,912 only with Mot till next April, Starts, Run's + Drives fine and engine seam's to have plenty of get up and go. Clutch is ok too. Brakes seam good inc handbrake. Blowers work ok. Front Leccy Windows + Mirrors. PAS inc City Button, Central Locking, CD play
  16. I bought this as a stopgap, its purpose has been filled, and now I need something more economical. Its a 2000 Mazda 323F, with a 1.8 petrol engine and auto box (4 speed with lock out in top). Its in decent enough condition, looks tidy, starts, runs and drives with no major issues, decent amount of poke when needed. MoT is till November. Interior is very tidy and shows little wear. Leccy windows, mirrors, sunroof which all work, AC which does not. The downsides are there are 3 small chips in the windscreen, all less than 10mm. And it could do with a tyre changing on the front as its crack
  17. Something amazing has come up, so this being the sensible economical family car I'm moving it on. If it doesn't go quick I'll more the 205 on instead once it's tested, which would make much more sense as I like it a lot. Good: Running perfectly. Pretty economical; guessing very high thirties or low 40s. Quiet Smooth Peugeot ride quality Big boot. Soft comfortable seats Bad: Needs a new side repeater lens (£15 on eBay) Could do with new tyres on the front as they're worn Chinese ditchfinders Bottoms of the doors are scruffy.
  18. Go on, relieve my boredom... MOT November. Brakes now fixed. Exhaust in a bit of a mess, but not actually loud. 83,000 miles. Located in Essex, near Southend-on-Sea.
  19. Aye, it's this fucking thing again. 111k Miles MOT August 23rd Drives well, very very well Never let me down Would genuinely drive it anywhere [/cliche] Previously owned and cared for by many shiters Needs a backbox fitted and a speed sensor - INCLUDED with the car, I'm not spending anymore money getting them fitted, picking up new* car on Saturday. Previous info, pretty much everything you need to know HERE Eight pounds and fifty pence for a single ticket, two for fifteen pounds. Located in Glass-Coh, Scotland. It can be collected from a secure ca
  20. Well, here it is, lots of fun has been had in this brilliant car but time and HMRC are on my case, so it has to go. Get ready for summer/ideal project/etc etc etc!!! Headlines: 1.8 VVC with 52mm throttle body for extra zooms* MOT until 24/03/2020 - registration is P69 FKN if you want to check up on it Red leather seats Decent hood and rear window Surprisingly dirt cheap to insure - about £160 a year for me limited to 3k miles and that's with no NCB and my 9 points declared... Loads of fun. Stuff that came up on the last MOT, and the action taken, was:
  21. Right. I need to sort my shit out. So one roffle, £7 per ticket. Choice of prizes. Prize 1. 1998/9 Ford Galaxy Prize 2. 1987 Mazda 323. I will get it running right, I hope. Any takers? 1. Jim Bell 2. TrabbieRonnie 3. Supernaut 4. Flat4alfa 5. dozeydustman 6. egg 7. Cavcraft 8. loserone 9. Ohdearme 10. Flat4alfa 11. garellikatia 12. mrdelmonti 13. Jim Bell 14. Ohdearme 15. snagglepuss 16. Flat4 17. 500tops 18. loserone 19. sporty-shite 20. s
  22. With the imminent arrival of my next car, I wondered if the Rover would successfully roffle.. Only one way to find out. One ticket - £3 Two tickets - £5.00 Three tickets - £7.50 Any more and I'll refer you to a good psychiatrist. Roffle will not be collected /drawn until my son approves the sale, but you might as well get your names in early. Rover 218D. No turbo, Lucas pump, 60ish bhp. 210,000 miles. Loads of faults, will list separately. Runs and drives OK though, have been using it daily. The 'modifications' are removable, and can be taken off bef
  23. 1998 Mercedes C200 Elegance 126k miles, MOT August. I picked this up from AndyW201 about a fortnight ago as a daily to replace the Cavalier whilst I take it off the road, I've done about 1000 miles in it, drives absolutely spot on and Andy has definitely undersold it in his description. However, due to buying the A8 from sims and another potential purchase I'm in negotiations with on here, I really need to free up some space - my storage is absolutely maxed with stuff and I now have 4 cars at home annoying the neighbours, I need to make some movement. Scrubs up fairly well,
  24. £8 a ticket, or two for £15 Proper funny-face Multipla My wife's car for last 8 years ELX spec, so has the twin sunroofs 8v turbo diesel that plods on and on. And on and on. Did the 20 mile commute today, outside lane of M1 for a lot of it. Dependable to go anywhere. More reliable that was ever in the blueprint ! Clutch 2016 Cambelt 2017 180k and everything still works including the folding mirrors, air con, both sunroofs, all windows, etc Some war wounds, well what do you expect, some interior sticky scratchy plastics but nothing broken - all fun
  25. I don't like it. I want a small car. Suzuki Wagon or similar. £350 or roffle at 6 quid each. Good: 159,000 miles. Just under a year's MOT Leather Interior (Actually that's a 'bad' to some people) Bad: Complicated starting method - 2 keys and an immobilizer Likes a drink - TADTS (Plus it is Scottish) Smells oily sometimes - TADTS Tappy noise occasionally. Have been told Vanos - but hasn't affected anything. Might actually just be a loose engine cover. Gearbox hangs in a low gear for first 30 seconds or so of driving after cold start. Fine after
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