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  1. I have been rubbish at updating the thread recently. Suffice to say there has been plenty going on. One notable event today was that the XJR6 went in for an MOT and passed on the first try. I was very nervous about it for some reason, but only two advisories and they are fair enough. Rusty fuel pipes and brake lines will probably be subbed out to the same garage I had the test done at today come the next MOT!
  2. Does the rev counter move when the engine is turning over? Did you replace the fuel filter? You just have to be systematic I think at this point diagnosing fuel, air and spark. New spark plugs are probably in order anyway.
  3. Sorry I don't have those clips, mainly because I know to avoid trying to touch them. You might try the Jag X300 Facebook group for advice on that matter. Another good source is Jaguar Classic Parts by Jaguar themselves. Very good for tracking down part numbers.
  4. Don’t forget to look also at the rubber fuel pipe in the tank going into the pump. For the sake of £5 of fuel hose from Halfords I would replace that too. On the car in the video it was not the pump that failed, but the rubber hose going into it had split. It fooled many people into thinking it has a misfire when there was in fact fuel starvation.
  5. The XJ40 looks surprisingly solid, and the Jaguar Sport steering wheel is a bonus. Cutting an access hole above the fuel tank sounds brutal but you won’t hurt anything if careful. On these cars at this age I don’t think it is worth risking trying to get the tank out for fear of damaging the fuel lines (or tank). I made a YouTube video on how I changed the fuel pump on an X306 from above (try this at your own risk of course!)
  6. I've had one come through so far.
  7. That is a fantastic looking Volvo there. Congratulations!! I'm kind of excited for your after all the BL motoring to be driving something that is actually strudy and potentially dependable and not rotten. I'm surprised Volvo still offered a 3-speed auto so late in the day. Kind of a shame it's not a manual, it would be perfect then, but I'm sure the automatic has a charm of it's own. Looking forward to seeing updates on this!
  8. Good move there from sensible to just nice. My experience of the 3.0 V6 in the X350 was that it suited the car really well. What with the aluminum construction I did not find it lacking in performance and the fuel economy is in the 30s MPG. It kind of makes the 3.6 and 4.2 V8s kind of pointless. The diesel is too scary in terms of maintenance and potential problems. I'd say if you want an X350 either buy the V6 if you want a nice car, or the XJR if you want something really special.
  9. Are your carpets wet in the front footwell areas?
  10. I'm really impressed by the way you tackled the Jag MOT fail. Those bits of rust are pretty typical of cars that are described as "yeah looks pretty solid M8, just a little hole in the floor", so the MOT could have been worse. Hero points to @Tickman for fixing the rust. Hope you enjoy wafitng around in it. These are so nice to drive.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments. More Porsche improvements to come! Parts availability seems to be great for these. It now also has the nice brand new Blaupunk stereo that came with it (thanks again inconsistant for the box of spares, they have come in very useful), only a small amount of wiring was required to splice that in. Further to the job on the Porsche fuel pump. I was going to replace the fuel line from the pump to the fuel accumulator, but the union on the accumulator is too stuck to do it, so the elbow you see removed there was replaced with a banjo, taking care of the grubby line
  12. Great problem solving on the engine tick. I reckon the choice of tyre you have come up with is pretty spot on. It just doesn’t seem to be value for money going for those really top end brands when many of the mid-range brands are really have a come a long way. As you say the next massive improvement out of the Jag you will gain from fresh rubber so it will exciting to hear how it goes with new tyres/tracking done.
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