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  1. I was just about to send a message to check that the trip back went ok. Glad to see it all went ok. Sorry about the grime. A lot of the time it was under a tree at the Boradsword secure offsite storage facility before spending the second half of it’s time dormant not under a tree. It will want a couple of rounds of cleaning, a polish and a wax I suspect. That is a hefty round trip to do in one day after a night shift, but I can’t think of a better car for the job. I miss using the Xantia but it really became became redundant as a daily when the Lupo arrived (a car I love equally for different reasons) and any residual money spent tends to go in the fuel tank of a Jaaaag. I really do miss it, but it just wasn’t going to get the use so glad you have it now. And as always nice to meet a shitter in person. 11/10 would sell old green-blooded car to again.
  2. This find in UPullit really made me smile.
  3. Agreed. I hope one pops up in the future somewhere on eBay. I'll certainly be keeping my eyes open.
  4. That looks very good indeed. Link to that set please?
  5. What an amazing result! Never knew the car or manufacturer existed. I can't believe it passed the MOT easily as well. Given there is no recent MOT history on DVLA, it seems fair to conclude it's been standing for over 10 years?
  6. Free bump. Hope this gets over the line.
  7. It’s a good deal for £600. A transmission service is key with these. Functional air con a real bonus and with 12 months ticket it’s just good sense!
  8. He forgot to photograph against a white background. Lupos are excellent. I love mine. I keep seeing a shiny black Lupo GTI driving around where I live. 1.6 engine a 6 speed manual. That might just push the £3000 and I suspect are more like a true successor to the Mk. 1 Golf GTI.
  9. What is it with people deliberately bidding on cars out of sheer malice with no intention to buy? I got one bid on the XJS and within 5 mins of the auction ending the guy says he never had any intention to buy the car. Strange business.
  10. There is one parked up at a nice house a few mins from where I live just like that one, low mileage and the same colour too (that colour is poor on an XJ). It seems to always get an MOT but never moves. One day soon I’ll leave a note I think. The 3.2 V8 is one I haven’t tried and obviously where there is another Jag to try, I must have a go! Gearboxes on x308s are very prone to failure annoyingly so tread careful with these.
  11. This one is not far from me. I'd be on my way to look at this with £500 in my pocket today if any of my cars had sold. Looks like a fairly low cost way into an MX-5 with a decent amount of MOT. I like the colour. https://www.gumtree.com/p/mazda/mazda-mx5/1342084672
  12. I can’t believe I let that headlining sit in the scrap yard for two weeks before buying it. Admittedly it was grubby when I got it so it might not have worked out, but for a tenner it’s worth the risk.
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