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  1. Vax air purifier £free. Works fine but needs a filter and they cost £50. Collection from Pocklington near York. CBA to post, sorry.
  2. Many, many things have been happening! First thing's first. I only own one car as of about 30 minutes ago. What's worse the one car I own is the Range Rover P38 (still the same LPG 4.0 manual from earlier), what could be more dangerous?! Everything else has been liquidated, even the Lupo (sorry @Shirley Knott). The fun thing about the Lupo is that it was bought by someone very local and it is now a delivery vehicle on the weekends, so it's having a proper Norse funeral, and I think a very appropriate endgame for it. I see it dashing in and out of the local pizza takeaway every weekend. The P38 wouldn't sell, but one does actually need a mode of transport. There is a little runabout I get to borrow lots, which take the pressure off it a bit. So, there is no fleet, no Jaguars either. Briefly there was a black XJR6, but it is making way for a very exciting project.
  3. What a great little project to save a bit of history. Top work!!
  4. It was my first time at a HubNut social and indeed my first time at the Motorist. Really great turnout with lovely people and lovely cars. The fine weather was a bonus, and I had no idea about the recent transformation of the venue. If anyone saw a Jaguar XJR there, that was mine! It might have had something to do with the weather and the good turnout of MX-5s, but I left really wanting a MX-5 again.
  5. By the way, do you have to remove the headlights to get the front grille off?
  6. I really should do that treatment with the front grille on my P38, makes a massive difference!
  7. Does my old Xantia live on?
  8. I just noticed there is a HubNut social on next week just 40 minutes drive from where I live. I instantly booked a ticket. Will be exciting to say hello to @dollywobbler and others in person. I'm sure it will be a fantastic event!
  9. Welcome, you have a fine fleet there. Always happy to see more Jaaaaags here!
  10. Fantastic purchase!
  11. Fuel prices are rising before my eyes, literally. I rocked up for some LPG in the Range Rover. First observation it went up from 82p last week to 96p when I got to the station today. Bugger! I connect the gas filler thingy, press the button and the price rose to 99p as I started to fill up. I've heard of dynamic pricing, but this is more dynamic than I expected! Diesel is defo going to hit £2 per litre isn't it?
  12. Well done on the MOT pass! I found another place to adjust the window pitch. There is a little 8 mm nyloc nut on the rear bottom corner of the regulator. Best viewed with the window just under half way down. I had to do this on mine recently. "No worries for another year.." I said that once about my P38. It was followed by a sound... "BEEP BEEP BEEP!"
  13. Don’t convert, there are plenty of P38s already out there with LPG if you really want one. You would never get back the cost of doing a conversion yourself at this stage.
  14. I've been struggling to get LPG for my P38 round my neck of the woods recently. One station has been out of gas for two weeks. Some stations are selling LPG at nearly £1 per litre. I'm sure it will settle down with time, but at the moment it isn't great. A few months ago it was 52.7p a litre..
  15. Congrats on the Saab MOT pass! All things considered I'd say you have done a good Jag swap there. I had a 3.6 X350 like that, L60 TUN in gunmetal grey. A cherished example which was used to go to France and back, then to Scotland and back, then sold for a grand profit. It was really excellent. At the time I found the X350 a little big, but I've had that many Jags since then I think I would feel far less intimidated by it on a revisit. I never really understood why the 3.6 V8 existed. It's a real oddball, but a lovely creamy unit and no real reliability issues to worry about. Completely different in every way!
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