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  1. Looking forward to your progress with the BX. You are definitely the right custodian for it!
  2. Congratulations on getting it all sorted out. That is a really impressive amount of torque, it must be quite an effortless cruiser!!
  3. I had a 3.0 V6 manual S-type in British racing green for a short stint. It was a non-rusty car and quite nice to drive, reaching nearly 35 MPG on a careful cruise. The V6 is a very good engine all things considered, but I would argue for going with a base spec XJ6 X350 over the S-type at this stage. It will have it's own set of problems to look out for, but buy one carefully now and you will get better value for money. I would love to try and S-type R, but they are getting a little more expensive (still achievable though). I've driven 4.0 V8 S-type and that was actually quite good. It kind of
  4. The mighty Jag XJR6 manual passed it’s MOT today after a scare in the morning when it wouldn’t turn over. After some furious tinkering it transpired that a multi-plug to the starter had come adrift. Exhaust leak just about fixed I tip-toed the extremely feisty blower Jag to the MOT station on the icy roads and was promptly handed a fresh pass certificate. I’m rather pleased. It’s a mighty interesting thing to drive. Looking forward to building a rapport with the drivetrain.
  5. That is a fantastic pair of cars to own!
  6. Whups, sorry about that!
  7. This thread has been one of the highlights of the forum for some time now. The end result is outstanding. I wonder what the people who built these cars back in the day would think about the sheer quality of the way you have put this painstakingly together? I have a quick question regarding the battery. It says calcium on it. Can the old-school alternator actually charge a modern battery like that? My understanding was that these newfangled calcium type batteries required a higher output voltage from the alternator to charge properly. This was a major consideration on my Range Rover P38, w
  8. Honoured to be nominated! It's a fine pair even if I say so myself.
  9. I don't want to sound harsh, but unless that MX-5 is for scrap money (or less), it will be cheaper to spend more and buy a better one.
  10. Took a brave pill yesterday and rocked up to my trusted MoT station in a 650 bhp convoy of supercharged Jags, which both need an MoT. Both failed, but on on nothing bad. The turquoise one will get the welding done when the garage has time and I can take care of the the exhaust leak on the manual car. Despite going home with two fail sheets, I was happy. Also initial drive of the manual XJR on the road, my word is it an animal. What a machine!
  11. I’m really impressed with the Primera having seen the video. I had no idea that under the dull exterior was such a competent car, with a cavernous boot. Glad you don’t have much to fix, and after a few jobs you will have a smart and reliably family wagon. Here’s hoping it serves you well!
  12. That looks really fantastic. Must be so much fun! I’m a still kicking myself for not snagging your previous diesel Panda!!
  13. Correct, it’s a supercharged X300, with a Getrag 290 transmission. No XJ has had a manual gearbox option since the end of the X300 production run. Rumour has it that only around 5% of X300s were manuals. 102 RHD XJR6s came from the factory with a manual box. There is an excellent video dedicated specifically to the manual XJR by a guy called JayEmm. I’ve actually driven the car in the video, it’s tremendous.
  14. Thanks! For me this is the holy grail of modern, affordable Jags. I was lucky to snag the deal, as a swarm of enthusiasts wanted their mitts on it. Can’t wait for it to be shipped over tomorrow. Of course it needs work, but it should be on the road soon enough. There are a couple of nice upgrades in the engine bay and I confirm it is rapid. Ditching the auto transmission makes it such a different character. It will punch you in the stomach and walk off with your wallet if you provoke it.
  15. Very pleased to report it is in fact the latter.
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