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  1. Be interesting to see how you find this. I was utterly captivated by the C4 when it launched, for some reason. I'd prefer the coupe, but they are usually useless day to day.
  2. What's that about never owning a car for the second time? Yeah yeah all part of Citroen ownership isn't it? Pretty steady dripping, I'm assuming a poor repair on the old leak has given up.
  3. Before I bought something else, I was going to bid on this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283958956596 However I was slightly concerned it would be problematic, as I've no experience of the 136 2.0 HDI or C4s. The coupe does look interesting though. Six speed and cruise too. 8 previous owners seems high mind you, and short ticket.
  4. I don't tend to, and probably shouldn't have here! Likewise if anyone fancies it for themselves, let me know. I don't get attached to cars anymore.
  5. @holbeck Your wish is my command. Fairly late 110 Exclusive. It's been welded in the one place it needed it since I had it, and the small LHM leak also cured. It's a bit dirty though, but I'll eventually clean the outside. Wiping the front seats and dashboard today helped no end. I can't stand dirty dashboards. I also gave it a work out yesterday which seems to have improved the normal ride height and driving feel. Steering still feels a bit off at low speed but nothing terrible. I increased the tyre pressures to factory as the steering was beyond heavy! Will I keep it? Probably not. But it's nice to drive about in. It would be perfect with cruise as the throttle pedal is not ideally positioned for hours of driving. There's also a duff engine mount and on the high side clutch, but the latter is nothing worrying. Funnily enough I found a train ticket inside dated April 2019, which my ever tidy other half left in there the first time I owned it.
  6. The Alfa saga continues, I have now lost the ONLY key. It was in my coat pocket all day Wednesday and I kept thinking to myself that I best put in the other halfs bag, in case I lose it. Long story short, I didn't and I lost it! Obvs I will now have to get an automotive locksmith out to get it replaced. No such thing as a proper free car eh? Real low car mojo at the moment, all things considered.
  7. @DVee8 Good work with the Lagunas! I'd personally love a real poverty RN Estate with black bumpers..
  8. Took the E36 out for a drive today. It hadn't been driven for 5 months so I was expecting all sorts wrong, dodgy or sticking brakes and just some calamity. It drove spot on. Exhaust still terrible but brakes fine, temperature fine, nothing wayward at all. It feels like a good one. No knocks or bangs at all. And I won at least one traffic light GP...
  9. That doesn't sound that bad for a leggy turbo diesel XUD? A lot of people exaggerate their economy so real world figures can be a bit different. Am I right in saying the tourer was amongst the heaviest mainstream car to get that particular XUD7T? Heavier than a 405 believe it or not.... Personally I found my NA ZX better on fuel than the (very well used) TD. Not by much though. I wouldn't necessarily say revs are key to efficiency, my six speed A6 was nudging 2k revs at 70 and was less economical than the more powerful and higher revving V70 with the same engine.
  10. When Fiat dropped the 900, they brought out a tiny SWB Ducato called the Talento, which is what that is based on. Still a few about in Italy, they all look quite hilarious.
  11. A schoolfriends parents had an estate when they were nearly new, it looked great with the panoramic sunroof. Might be interested when you move it on, but knowing me I will knee deep in some other shitter at the time (not literally).
  12. Indeed, it's not a bad car by any means, just a bit on the firm side for my body! Any takers on the 147 at £3.50 a go? Must be realistic about it.
  13. Send me a pm @Steve79and we can go from there. Doc, swap sounded good but I'd get bored doing 64 miles in a straight XUD I think. Thanks though!
  14. Please press resume on the cruise after going from 70 (or higher) down to 60. I've never had such hard acceleration from cruise.
  15. Dilemma time, something is going to have to go. Let's not forget I also have a 205 which needs collecting (after it's MOT tested). So current fleet is: A3: Frugal, fast and terribly firm ride. I think one or two suspension pieces are way past best but given it doesn't groan and bounce over speed bumps I suspect it's largely factory. It's not worth much and to be honest I'm more keen on using the frugality to save for a better car down the line. 147: Free, quite fun to drive and comfortable with working cruise. Will need £££ spending and needs a new windscreen ASAP. Otherwise it's pretty good for that era Alfa. I've been given the POs blessing to sell before anyone accuses me of profiteering. Laguna: tough one. I love it, but deep down I know I'm not the right keeper for it. I definitely don't currently have the finances available to spend on it what will need doing. A month or two down the line, maybe. But I still don't think I'm the right custodian. 205: having driven something analogue feeling for the first time in ages last week (and this week) I feel compelled to keep it, despite me bouncing between the keep/sell like a deranged pinball machine. I think a car like that is essential for my sanity. So it boils down to the 147 and Laguna doesn't it? I've offered the Laguna to the first dibs asker already, pending their decision. Not what I wanted to do. The 147 would be £225 to anyone on here, in the unlikely event anyone wants it. However I really need to get the V5 out of my friends name before it goes anywhere. This is also being driven by the fact I'm getting married in October so money is going into that too.
  16. Has to be ignition surely? When my BX (albeit a 14) burnt out its ignition it produced the same dense smoke from the dashboard.
  17. Regarding Audi ride, my old A6 (the facelift 100) rode pretty well but the handling was so front heavy, much like some Volvo's I've had, despite their opposing engine configurations. The downside with that Audi was the abysmal seats. The old 80 TDI auto that was a one time forum bike was the most comfortable Audi I've experienced and I'm pretty sure the suspension and tyres weren't that fresh either.
  18. @wuvvum It does have a fair punch to it, typical T Spark in that it's better as the revs increase, certainly feels like it has plenty more in it at 80, which my 1.4 146 didn't! @HMC I'm not entirely sure if the wheels are original but then they could be? Even with knocking droplinks and low profile tyres it rides way better than the Audi.
  19. Okay so nearly a fortnight ago I offered my services to help collect a car from Tiverton for a friend, and his way of showing thanks was giving me this: Thank god it's velour as I must be in the minority to absolutely detest Alfa leather. Yeah eat my ECOTY mofos. So what is it? It's a 147 2.0 T Spark in decedent Lusso trim, with working cruise control. The clutch seems a touch low but it works fine, and the gearstick is a bit flappy so third sometimes disappears. To be honest though it drives pretty damn good and it was more or less free so I'm not moaning. Interestingly underneath looks incredibly solid. If I keep it until MOT time it will definitely need a bit of front suspension work, as per Alfa. Unfortunately it will also need a windscreen as some bellend in a Transit had loose rocks or something in their flatbed and this happened: I was watching it over bumps and wondering if it was growing or not, and then suddenly it grew three inches in the blink of an eye. Good! Also I definitely hate the A3. It rides like utter shit. And hurts! Anyone want it?!
  20. To be honest that's pretty good for an Alfa other than the brake pipes which have probably been degrading for ages. It can be a bit of a lottery at this end of the market with them and I've found out to my peril that. They're great when they work and I wish I had the money/working space to keep one permanently on fleet as I still lament selling my 156 V6 (and the 2.4 10v). Good luck with your decision!
  21. Thanks for all the tyre recommendations. I've decided to prioritise tyres over the exhaust so they'll get done first. I also think the exhaust leak is pre cat, as the post cat pipework looks incredibly shiny. I'll probably find out that the manifold to cat is NLA or something. Anyway the A4 is currently unavailable so I went up to Crewe this weekend (I bought some Staffs oatcakes too) and picked up a cheap A3. First PD130 I've ever driven and even at 200k it's an animal. I can see why people go nuts for them and remap them etc but if I'm honest the constant feathering of the throttle to get it do something other than tear your face off with torque is very tiring around town. Oh and the ride quality on those alloys! Jesus. Anyhow, it goes, stops when it should, and the tyres are all good so it'll do for a work hack. I've got another incomer tomorrow which is reward for a favour, I'm quite excited by it but finances may dictate it being for sale soon. I'm hoping I can just scrape by..... The seats look nice but the buckets are making my (slender) hips ache.
  22. Obvs I know what this is, good luck getting it, not that anything should go wrong....?
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