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  1. Great buy, look forward to seeing how you get on with one, I've always fancied trying one! How many hundreds of pounds did it cost in fuel to get home?!
  2. I've always done it, track repairs, maintenance and depreciation but not fuel
  3. High enough to re-hang the exhaust and change the manifold on my R53: You can double up the blocks for an extra couple of inches if required, you still have to crawl underneath but its a lot higher than I'd ever get it on axles stands. Its feels a lot safer under there as well compared to stands. In a garage the size of yours I think a 5000 would be better, just have a measure of the gap between jacking points on the sill of the smaller cars you have, as my friend bought one and it was too long for his Metro race car and MGF.
  4. I've got the 3500, as its a little less bulky and lighter to shift around in my small integral garage. Still fits moderns on though: Thats a 4.45m car, ~1300kg, lifted it no sweat
  5. Do it, I love mine. Car in the garage, safely up in the air and wheels off in 5 mins.
  6. Love the 'Lude! Good test for the valve stem seals - in 2nd get VTEC to engage, let off the accelerator for a few seconds and then plant it again. If it puffs blue smoke it's probably stem seals. They can be fixed with the head on luckily, or ignored obviously 😀 I'm well versed with VTEC oil consumption unfortunately. A good one uses none, I had a 30k mile B16 engine that was perfect and used none. A bad one uses 1L oil per tank full of fuel, like my B20 VTEC with fucked rings. I know it's an H22 but the same applies I'd imagine. All of the motors I had that used oil pulled really strongly, I had a smokey B18 that still made 194bhp on the Dyno.
  7. Thats brilliant, well bought
  8. Oh fair play, that does sound a bit backwards!
  9. I get it - how does he know you are serious? Maybe the guy coming on Monday sounds more serious on the phone or via chat? Were you offering asking price? Complete strangers who haggle before they turn up to view are always low in my list to respond to. I had this recently when selling my Mini on Facebook - the first genuinely interested guy (asked questions about the car, no mention of money or attempting to haggle before coming) couldn't come until the Friday after I'd listed on the Thursday. I had two people say "But I could come tonight" so I said OK, and neither of them turned up. Sold it to guy who couldn't come until the Friday. Only a single example I know but just playing devil's advocate.
  10. GR Yaris 1.6T - 27 locally, 40 on a run Mazda 3 - 28 locally, 35-40 on a run Kodiaq 1.5 TSI DSG - 33 locally, 45 on a run Mate of mine has an A6 3.0 TDI as a daily alongside his BMW M4 CS. With the increase in fuel prices it's actually cheaper to run the M4 on vPower than the A6 on supermarket diesel with his usage!
  11. I've always found Japanese petrol engines to be crap looking on paper MPG wise but closer to reality than anything else, especially Honda and Mazda
  12. Liggle

    Bus Shite

    Our park and rides in Leicester are all Yutong E12's now, very smooth and nippy although not as quiet as I was expecting
  13. Nice one, I used to have an Electron Blue Pearl EM1 on black wheels, it's a good colour combo. Looks like an aftermarket stainless manifold fitted?
  14. Its a Modulo 'reverse trike' Based on a BMW bike, can't remember if they are built by BMW or just based on a BMW
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