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  1. Other than the torque of a PD lump I can't see how anyone enjoys driving those A4's, utterly soulless to drive. Great, economical 'an car' though. My B7 Avant seemed a great option to learn to tow in but within a couple of days of owning it I knew it'd be gone very quickly, had it about 4 weeks.
  2. I can believe the Astra's, had a couple on the old workplace fleet in 2010 with 200k or more on, the 2.0 DTI one was faultlessly reliable even at that mileage, just chugged along.
  3. Excellent work. Brings back memories of resurrecting my dads Extra 1.4 he’d had from new. It had been off the road for 10 years, I got it running and swapped it for a set of freshly refurbished Renner 19 16v wheels for my Clio and £50 cash. It went on to do 3 more years service in Norfolk and was last MOT’d in 2007 so could be dead now.
  4. Mine did well at Bedford Autodrome against quicker cars, and considering it had an open diff and tall gearing it was good at this: It was proper bASe spec (no traction control, air con etc.) but had cloth sports seats specced which I thought was odd
  5. It's a manual BMW thing - I've had 2x E36s and 3x E9x's all the same Glad you are enjoying it. My 323i was strangely fast too, quicker than my mates 328i saloon at the time.
  6. Good luck lads! Its 3 years to the day since I set off on my last rally, am rather jealous of your trip!
  7. My highlights (lowlights?) are: 1993 Polo Fox - £75 in 2008, broke for spares. Nothing wrong with it but about as desirable as syphillis so didn't sell 1974 MGB GT - £180 in 2007, flipped after giving up on it, too much rust. A lady bought it for her husband's 40th birthday present, she clearly hated him 1999 Skoda Octavia TDI estate - £200 in 2009, sold to a polish guy who drove it straight to Poland the night he collected it
  8. Good luck! That was a great buy, you'd already bought it before I'd asked a mate to go halves
  9. Liggle

    Tyre quality

    Even premium ones can be faulty. This is a Pirelli Scorpion Verde after 24k/2 years, had our monies worth luckily. Shame as there was plenty of tread left.
  10. My new wrench turned up today, on offer on eBay atm - £96 delivered https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164526085712
  11. They made manuals of all gen Preludes. The H22 engines VTEC engagement was a bit lower than the B series VTEC’s, they were torquey as Honda’s go so not that gutless as an auto.
  12. I'd say 1999 - before Euro 3 emissions were introduced and things started getting more complicated. A late 90's Toyota or Honda has got that drive until the end of time feel, of course it'll rot away in the mean time though
  13. Nice swap, back when Honda could make sweet handling cars that still rode well! Does the 4WS stil work?
  14. Great stories, still never driven a classic Mini despite owning a Bini 🙈
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