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  1. You like buying blue Mercs from this forum 😬
  2. Yeah I'd be up for that! I'm about 10 mins from Mallory Park but they only do track days on a Thurs or Fri so means a day off work
  3. Christ, that is rough. On a serious note, what made you buy it? You must see something in it to be worth the chance/cost?
  4. I love how you deal with YouTube comments, exactly what I’m thinking in my head as a response usually 😂
  5. Exactly what I was thinking! These and the Puma were genuinely good little cars apart from the rust, I had a Puma and it was great fun.
  6. Glad you are keeping this going, always loved the Monza GS/E
  7. Ford Puma 1.7 It was actually a fun car but had lots of hidden horrors so lasted all of 3 weeks before I got shot. I nearly typed my Astra G 2.0 SRi I bought to fix and flip but once I’d actually rectified the faults it was quite nice to drive despite the asthmatic ecotec lump.
  8. I feel your pain, even with it muted or occasionally archiving the chat its still bloody intrusive.
  9. £600 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/847275066047345/
  10. I went to look at a V70 for sale the other day, trader based at home on a nice street but his house was falling apart with rotten wooden windows and doors, rubbish laying around etc. Yet on the drive he had 2x Bentleys, 2x ML Mercs and 2x BMW's... he "specialises in used Bentleys and supplying new cars to rich contacts because his gets 4%" apparently. Like you say... priorities, he was probably asset rich and cash poor with that kind of stock
  11. How about the newer version of what you have, with the 1.6 iDTEC? They are <£5k now Although sounds like you want a similar value swap? Gotta be a later PD car, getting thinner on the ground though now.
  12. Everyone on here seems to love a BX £1350 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/291489505287172/
  13. They did indeed, sold around 2500 of them between 1996 and 1998. The Puma and Tigra were immensely more popular hence the flop. Loved mine, other than using a bit of oil they are old school will run forever Toyota engineering.
  14. Never understood the PCP etc bashing on here, it's all very Pistonheads. The OP is always very close to it. Wonder how many people on here bashing finance smoke or have a bad diet. One of my cars is £300 per month, for the price of not smoking and a can of monster a day pays for a 300bhp car with 4 years warranty, 2 years free servicing and MOT's. Yet it would generally be seen unacceptable if I judged someone for smoking or drinking Monster? Life is about doing what you want, and experiencing what you want to experience isn't it? People sweating the small stuff too much - let your
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