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  1. £600 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/847275066047345/
  2. I went to look at a V70 for sale the other day, trader based at home on a nice street but his house was falling apart with rotten wooden windows and doors, rubbish laying around etc. Yet on the drive he had 2x Bentleys, 2x ML Mercs and 2x BMW's... he "specialises in used Bentleys and supplying new cars to rich contacts because his gets 4%" apparently. Like you say... priorities, he was probably asset rich and cash poor with that kind of stock
  3. How about the newer version of what you have, with the 1.6 iDTEC? They are <£5k now Although sounds like you want a similar value swap? Gotta be a later PD car, getting thinner on the ground though now.
  4. Everyone on here seems to love a BX £1350 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/291489505287172/
  5. They did indeed, sold around 2500 of them between 1996 and 1998. The Puma and Tigra were immensely more popular hence the flop. Loved mine, other than using a bit of oil they are old school will run forever Toyota engineering.
  6. Never understood the PCP etc bashing on here, it's all very Pistonheads. The OP is always very close to it. Wonder how many people on here bashing finance smoke or have a bad diet. One of my cars is £300 per month, for the price of not smoking and a can of monster a day pays for a 300bhp car with 4 years warranty, 2 years free servicing and MOT's. Yet it would generally be seen unacceptable if I judged someone for smoking or drinking Monster? Life is about doing what you want, and experiencing what you want to experience isn't it? People sweating the small stuff too much - let your
  7. How are you finding the comically slow steering? I bought a wheelchair adapted one for a relative with the 1.4 and its OK to drive but feels very van like rather than car like.
  8. Similar spec to my old MK3. These must be silly cheap now, I only paid £700 for my 2004 one in 2016. Is it the 1.8 or 2.0 duratec? I had the 2.0, was a good reliable unit.
  9. I forgot how far back they made the MK1 LS, I do love the early ones. That Laurel is immaculate, top job!
  10. I've a few combos I daydream about building: Toyota 4AGE powered Kadett Coupe Honda K20 powered Anglia 105e 2JZGTE Supra MK3 CJXB (Golf R/S3/Leon Cupra 300) powered Skoda Citigo I tried a few engine combos in an old Civic of mine but they were all the same series so not particularly adventurous!
  11. These are great dependable things, my Dad stuck 120k on his and the only fault was the indicator stalk which is quite common. It sat for 18 months and went straight through an MOT and my uncle now has it, has put a new clutch in it though - they seem to be a when not if job.
  12. I love Estoril blue but BMW's inability to paint match the rear bumper and rear quarter on brand new £40k+ cars really irritates me. That is stunning otherwise! Must have missed you post about this one! I like a nice blue myself:
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