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  1. Drove this around the Worcestershire countryside yesterday for an hour in the glorious sunshine. It was amazing fun, much more so than I expected for an old BL car! Oldest car I've driven!
  2. Check this out, complete with AS coloured side stripe
  3. You are correct, 90kg heavier in LX (Picasso) vs S (307) spec. Assumed the Picasso was heavier!
  4. Not seen that name for a while! Its Sandicliffe nowadays in Leicester for Mazda, joint Ford/Mazda dealership
  5. Dread to think what the 1.6 16v is like in these. I had the same engine in a 307 Estate I used for commuting for a bit, the performance of a 1.4 hatchback and the economy of a 2.0 saloon! The must be reasonably robust though, still see plenty around.
  6. Had that engine in my CLK, smoooooth
  7. Had this on my Octavia a couple of weeks ago, to add insult to injury I keep seeing the white car I suspected of doing it driving around... with blue paint on one rear corner of her car. Bugger all you can do it about it without a dash cam.
  8. I'll have a random if any left please!
  9. My Polo 'Fox' breadvan was achingly slow above 30. 1043cc and 45bhp of misery. To make it worse they don't come fitted with a stereo. I also had a 1.3 version which despite only 10bhp more was completely different.
  10. My bros Ignis Sport is great fun to thrash but is very loud and tinny, I borrowed it for commuting for a couple of days and it was a bit wearing tbh. Great around towns and B roads though
  11. Absolutely, it fits the 'mums taxi' mode though and still has an interesting engine, the rest is meh I agree.
  12. Corolla T Sport, if you get a facelift (2004) one they handle better too but are still softer than an EP3.
  13. Liggle

    Fast and forgotten

    Love it, driven a fair few S13's but never dared own one
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