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  1. Cheap Gen 1 Prius https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Prius/383543163581?hash=item594cf43abd:g:VEIAAOSw2nheusA3
  2. Just spotted this on FB, low mileage and decent condition for a surviving Audi 80! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/239785557114874/ Crap pics mind
  3. Signed up, thanks. Citigo MOT due start of June
  4. Excellent buy. Would still love a Monza one day, mind you, a tidy GS/E fetches big money now!
  5. Oh wow, had to double take then. My grandad had an ex-demo/press Si with reg K545HAR! Looks like it was scrapped sometime in 2006.
  6. That is freaky, a friend of mine had an S13 in the same colour with the same wheels!
  7. I was driving this: It was on its original engine when I had it at 20, by the time I sold aged 24 I was on engine number 5. All B series VTEC motors - B16, B20, B20, B18, B16.
  8. Was half expecting: 1857 - present day: Shite
  9. Enkei RPF1 Scirocco Scala rims Loved the Watanabe RS8 wheels on my MR2:
  10. Liggle

    Harrison's Garage

    Welcome, nice collection! Love the Mini
  11. Phwoar https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254533498869
  12. Nice find! Hard to beat Toyota quality of that era, all of my old Toyota's ran sweet as nut and everything worked it was just rot getting to them.
  13. Going to nominate my old Lexus IS-F, not a small car as such (3 series size) but small for having a 5.0 V8 fitted!
  14. I had a 1.3 CL too, was shocked at the difference between them performance wise for only 200 odd CC and an extra gear
  15. The most miserable spec I've had was a 1993 Polo Fox 1.0. K67CRX No radio, central locking, PAS, lower centre console. Didn't even get the clock nevermind a rev counter, you did get some LGBTQ+ coloured seats that were surprisingly comfortable though! It was the breadvan shape too so really spacious. My Clio RL Liberte was a close second, a special edition which meant metallic paint and a temp gauge but bugger all else. RN spec Renners were pretty miserable too.
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