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  1. Good friend and I went to Lincolnshire and Norfolk on our bikes today. No M-ways at all. Him on his V Strom 1000, me on the Niken. The Niken is very comfortable. Tons of bikes at Hunstanton beach. Over 500 miles, just wish we'd been able to have a bit more time over that side.
  2. might have to buy a ticket for the Euromillions tonight.
  3. As soon as i finished work yesterday [and mindful the forecast for today and tomorrow is crap] i took it up to Malvern and the Forest of Dean. It's bloody immense. Places where, even on my ZX10R, id have been backing off or neutral, i was going full on. The way it tracks through a bend is amazing; the front end grip and feel is unreal. I was breaking the back end loose. Coming up through the Wye Valley, which i know as well as anyone who lives near it would, i was absolutely getting a lollop on, never been through the complex of bends between Tintern and Chepstow as quick. Crappy road sur
  4. The SP is a fantastic bike and was on my list. Got a storming deal on this only 1100 miles and all the depreciation taken by the former owner.
  5. So sold the RG250, the ZX10R and the FZR (yet to complete) And bought, A Niken! F.me, its astonishing, cant wait to get it on the twisties.
  6. I've done loads of Euro touring, but went up to Scotland for 10 days at the start of this Month. Was fantastic - okay so the roads arent Alpine (bar a few), but plenty of riding, including lots of technical bends. Low stress and no risk of getting stranded or having to quarantine etc. 2600 miles top to bottom with loads of detours and sights. I used the book Biker's Britain (from the magazine Ride) for the tour and the day rides. Met up with an old friend on the route and even hiked Ben Nevis. Don't discount home territory this year.
  7. Im aiming at £8000 for a pre reg, which seems like decent value. Want the GSX, as it is the comfortable fit for me. Good points though.
  8. Sold my RG250 today to a decent bloke from Bexhill. The ZX10R goes on Monday. Slimming down the fleet is bittersweet, but good overall, as i hated having to choose on Sundays. Will end up with just the NC700X, hopefully a brand new GSX-S1000 (negotiating with dealer atm) and the XJ600 long term project.
  9. Rgvs are astonishing money. It's as quick as a YPVS (I had one) but much better handling.
  10. Mechanically very good - I rebuilt the top end before the lockdown with 0.5mm oversized pistons and rebore (+new plugs and coils, as well as ceramic greased the powervalves). It pulls like a train and handles sweetly. The bodywork is average. It's got marks in places - it's better than some but isn't pristine. I love it but have too many bikes and need to reduce the fleet.
  11. If any of you do want to buy a 250 Gamma, mine is for sale. Hidden the ad on gumtree as I am in Scotland (see above). I want £2.6k for it.
  12. Rode the Nc700 upto Moffat from Caldicot to start a 10 day tour of Scotland and the Lakes. Only motorway used to skirt Greater Manchester. 440 miles, in my personal top 10 all day rides. Roads very quiet all the way up. Even Settle and Hawes quite quiet.
  13. more annoying than brown trouser as it limited cornering speeds.
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