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  1. Yep, around that time there was a bit of a trend towards such turbo petrols for that reason, as well as the 75/ZT can remember them coming up with 2.0 turbo versions of the Vectra and Laguna. And then the company car market moved to diesels and they disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared.
  2. I didn't realise you could still find these as going concerns: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/166638961329
  3. Aye. It's a lovely thing and I would love to see it saved, but I have no space or knowledge to offer, and that's not going to help St. Jude who has already been fucked around and just wants to see the back of the thing.
  4. Reckon that could have sat around a year or so. Last Tata importer here was part of MG Rover.
  5. I tend to use cameras in one to one meetings or if I am leading the meeting, a lot of the ones I have are for dozens of people where input isn't really required, Wednesday I've one which has about 100 people in it, no point everyone putting their camera on for that.
  6. I'm sure for the right kind of guru meetings could be attended virtually. Most staff where I work WFH all the time. I don't even bother to put my camera on for most of my meetings.
  7. Oof, love this. I have a soft spot for these unloved 80s era yanks.
  8. This. Having also worked in this area, sometimes you find people are even actively encouraged by management to use a nearest match rather than have a new code created or to use free text.
  9. You may jest, but a mate of mine was once absolutely baffled, as he was overtaken by a giant Creme Egg on the dual carriageway. This festered in his mind for 20 years, maybe the whole thing was a hallucination before he asked me about it. "Jim, you know about cars and chocolate... Is there such a thing as a giant motorised Creme Egg?" "Why yes, it was a Bedford Rascal underneath" He was in a lorry, so we can surmise that the top speed of a motorised Creme Egg is greater than 60mph. Despite terrible aerodynamics.
  10. Lot of newer cars have aerodynamic tricks, things like those vents at the front of the car directing air under the wheel arches. Basically the culmination of decades of learning from where we were with the Calibra where the only idea was to have a slippery shape which means that housebrick shaped ID4s are not far off that.
  11. Without Eldorado we would never have had the seamless continuity of the closing scene of the series: Within a few years Marcus Tandy, was of course, ragging around Docklands in a Jeep Cherokee with Craig "Mona" McLachlan in Bugs.
  12. Yeah, Ford could afford to have a larger fleet of vehicles, so they could loan a couple of cars to Euston Films for the whole shoot. BL meanwhile would have to take cars back, and wouldn't have an identical back up car should there have been a failure to proceed.
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