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  1. Jim Bergerac

    TV cars

    I can recall Bruce's Price is Shi... Right giving away some right dodgy motors back in the late 90s. My level of sad bastard anorak interest in this area descended to the point that I invested an entire evening once to watching old shows on YouTube to see what was given away. Like most shows of the time the rump of the prizes were made up of the larger offerings of Korean brands: But sometimes they gave away something a little more, errr, interesting
  2. That is lovely, well bought. I'd just stick with the steelies as they are.
  3. That's definitely the reason for the paint job, trying very hard to be politically correct where Top Gear hasn't been in the past. Same could probably be said about how the two cars survived relatively unscathed (winced at the thought of the pretty much unique Matra doing that trip) and the odd lack of Allegro hate (oppose that to what that moronic Midlands makeweight did on the Amazon show recently).
  4. Plus Suggests MG ZR 105 Trophy and its ugly Lexus lights to me.
  5. Mazda UK fleet cars always used to be registered in Kent, so suspect that both your 323F and Nigel's Penza were first registered by the importer (see also most of the press photos in the thread). Could have been demos, staff cars, fleet sales to daily rental or other customers or pre-regs? I've played about with a few plates in the K716-814SKL range and all match Mazdas and Kias (also same importer at this time) fitting that theory. Here's a press photo of a KxxxSKL Kia Pride:
  6. A SAO FREAKING PENZA? Autoshite has been won, we cannot top this. Excellent work as ever, Nigel.
  7. Think the wheels might look less conspicuous by being painted a drab colour with the cheapest paint you could find.
  8. I'd love to see it saved, and would happily chip in, but think there needs to be a bit of realism at what would be involved - the issue of finding (no doubt needed) replacement batteries, issues about whether it could be road registered and the obviously needed fibreglass repairs etc. Unless someone wants it as a static piece?
  9. They were also available with a (transversely mouted!) 2.0 straight 6, but they sold about 2 of those here. Most were diesel and started their lives on the taxi rank.
  10. Joint venture with the (much more common) Ford Ranger.
  11. ... And when are you doing the collection thread?
  12. What's the assembled crumpet mafia's view on sprinkling them with grated cheese (having already buttered, obv)? As an aside, nice Volvo. They've aged well as a design.
  13. It's the first generation Sandero, we've only received the second generation which is still rebadged as a Renault for some markets
  14. If you quite like public speaking you've got an advantage over most folk, probably including the ones who should be doing it!
  15. I'd chuck something in too even though I also have no use for it beyond wanting it saved, but any such scheme needs someone to take charge and somewhere to keep the car whilst it moves on to the next step (roffle? Autoshite bike?).
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