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  1. Been to this place for an ABS pump rebuild today: It's in a sleepy little village called Uffculme, the local cafe is proud of their toilet: Ran the tank of E10 fuel down and tried some Momentum 99 E5 and MPG improved noticeably, if I can continue to average 40+ mpg in a 2.0 Pez I'll be happy!
  2. I thought TADTS with the high clutch? Every one of these I've driven has been the same
  3. That's incredible. My Dad had a 1981 Opel Commodore 2.5e, it was rotten as a pear by the time he replaced it with a Renault Extra Van in 1988
  4. Skoda Octavia vRS TDI - best all round car I've had. 50mpg at 85-90mph, quick enough at 181bhp and 280 lb/ft, huge interior, good looking, cheap and easy to service. Only car I regret selling as I'd had it from new and bought it from the lease company. It was an ideal car to keep until it was dead and try different cars as second/occasional use cars alongside it but I was an idiot and sold it for an eGolf which died after 8 days.
  5. Posted in modern news as well. The 501k W203 for sale:
  6. Once you get above the 2nd/3rd line support level and in to more project focused roles the interaction with end users is minimised, you don't have to be a developer (unless you fancy it of course) It sure is. This is the area I work in and I'm looking for my next contract, there's 100+ a day advertised at the moment, and that's just contracts. It's booming!
  7. I drove past Bullwinkle's on Sunday, glad to see it's already in here!
  8. Listed my R53 for sale on Facebook, Jesus Christ I wasn't prepared for the mouthbreathers a £2.5k Mini attracts
  9. Love that, saw it on PH too, mixed opinions on there!
  10. I've always ran my more powerful petrol cars on Momentum 99, Esso 99 or vPower 99 and they are always the better for it both MPG and performance wise. My Leon Cupra 300 ran noticeably better on 99, it even warned you in the handbook performance was restricted on anything sub 98 I tried a tank full in the family wagon (modern turbo petrol) and our old Citigo and it made bugger all difference so it doesn't apply to everything. The more cooking engine'd VAG stuff I've had doesn't seem as sensitive to fuel quality.
  11. As posted in the modern section the other day... Went to view a 59 plate A3 TFSI and the trader tried to convince me that "if the EPC light comes on it's nothing to worry about, John went a bit OTT with the engine dressing yesterday" Ok m9
  12. Those seats look very welcoming, are they heated?
  13. In: 2003 R53 Mini Cooper S 2007 BMW 325i SE Convertible 2021 (21) Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack 2021 (71) Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack 2003 Renault Clio Dynamique Out: 2007 BMW 325i SE Convertible 2021 (21) Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack 2003 Renault Clio Dynamique
  14. I spent about £80 on it ready for the MOT but £30-£40 of that I can resell hopefully. I also kept the head unit so another what £20-£30?
  15. FIN. Excuse the crap pic, he loaded it up so quickly I couldn't get out in time for a proper picture! Its bad when the scrap man recognises you, that's the 4th time I've used Car Take Back in recent years
  16. I did check that and it appears fine, the bite was very high anyway but it never slipped
  17. So the oil leak is still there, looks to be from the back of the valve cover at the cambelt end. I was still chasing the airbag light after a new module as previously mentioned. It’s all irrelevant now as the clutch went this morning, I noticed when setting off the pedal felt stiffer than usual. A few mins later I pulled out in to a gap in traffic and it slipped and got worse and worse as the journey progressed. Ironically I was on the way to the garage to scan the airbag light and book the MOT! By the time I limped it home I could barely apply any throttle, regardless of gear or speed. It struggled to hold 30mph up a local hill without slipping badly. I have precisely zero desire to replace the clutch in this thing with 4 days MOT left and the remaining faults so its the bridge unfortunately as these are only worth about £500 with a full MOT Car take back are fetching it tomorrow for £234, not bad for a small car!
  18. Sorry to hear about your Dad. I have a couple of memories of oil changes on my Dad's old cars, mainly a VW Scirocco. My cousins still bring it up regularly that they remember coming round when I was about 9 and I'd just helped him do an oil change! Both of my grandads were petrol heads, one was a make do and mend on his Anglia 105e until about 2006 when he sold it, but I was very close to him in particular and watched/helped him work on it from a very young age. He was the epitome of AS. I have fond memories of my other grandads car choices - highlights in my lifetime included a MK1 MR2, MK3 Supra, Audi 90, Mondeo Si, Cougar V6. Before I was born he'd had a Daimler Double Six, a couple of GTM's, SD1 Vitesse amongst many others. I think I get my serial car swapping habits from him. My son is only 2 but is already by my side when I'm tinkering in the garage, he's fascinated. We've got an integral garage which is relatively warm and tidy so the missus just leaves us to it. One of his Christmas presents is kid sized overalls!
  19. The Mini battery isn't enjoying being out in the cold this winter so thought I'd invest in a decent battery charger. Was roughly the same price as a new battery so hopefully this will revive it, they've got a good reputation for bringing batteries back to life on recondition mode
  20. Got the inlet manifold back and on catch can in place: Also managed to get the track rod end off, but had to cut in to it to get it moving so replaced it and the steering rack boot: Just the airbag code to read and sort out and it's MOT ready
  21. That is fine luckily Yeah, hopefully get it read next week. None of my readers can read the airbag module. I did pop the side impact sensors off today and the drivers side was full of copper oxide green gunk, a spray with contact cleaner and a brush and they've come up well. Once I've got the inlet manifold back on I can see if its made any difference
  22. I cleaned the oil leak up a couple of weeks ago and have been monitoring, definitely coming from rocker cover area. Popped air filter off and... Nice and oily! I've read about a problem on these D4F engines with the rocker breather failing and oil pooling in the airbox so took the inlet manifold off to clean it all up: From what I can see online the rocker breather is part of the rocker cover itself so you have to replace the lot! Sod that, going to make a catch can with some tube and see how we get on 😂
  23. Next on to more mechanical bits. The anti roll bar link was an advisory on the last MOT so thought I'd take a look. Yep, definitely needs doing: It was also immediately apparent which ABS ring was at fault: And why the exhaust was knocking, I added the cable ties as a temp fix: New bits on, I managed to round a ball joint bolt in the process as it was seized so had to cut it off! Noticed during this work that the nearside steering rack boot has fallen apart so I'm currently in the process of changing it. The tie rod end had to be cut off, and I cannot budge the inner tie rod nut or spin the tie rod end, it's all seized solid so that's my current challenge. I've also replaced the airbag ECU twice, but the light persists so need to get it plugged in again and troubleshoot further. I'm glad Renault bits are cheap as everything has fought me so far but it's keeping me occupied 😂
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