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  1. Looks great, still have a major E39 itch to scratch
  2. Don't forget to swap your autumn filter for a winter one kids!
  3. I'm very happy with my MK2 Mazda 3 daily blend of simplicity, modern-ness and value. 2.0 N/A petrol Duratec/MZR engine so relatively simple apart from it being the direct injection version but its on 112k and still does 40+ MPG on a run and runs like a sewing machine. People often think its newer than 2009, but its actually running most mechanical bits from early 00's Ford's and Mazda's. Its better specced than my neighbours 2019 Qashqai
  4. My Dad had a 1983 Opel Commodore 2.5E similar to the below, was rotten by the 90s. A pretty rare sight on the roads even then I believe
  5. My CBR125R is surprisingly upright for a sports style bike, easy to ride. I'm 6 foot 2 so need a bigger bike but didn't fancy a Varadero Dunno what your budget is, but finding a tidy 125 is tricky unless you go fairly new I took the 'ride a 125 for a bit' approach over summer
  6. It certainly does, my FN2 was really sensitive to tyres. I fitted Bridgestones S001's to mine
  7. I saw these today on an M Sport BMW Roadcruza !
  8. Most of the radical builds end up being trailer queens anyway
  9. How is your Mazda3 holding up for rust? Got mine in for MOT on Monday, its the MK2 but a lot of them are suffering now too
  10. I love the 650 Interceptor, would have to have the chrome tank though personally
  11. They make a lovely noise and have aged well, well bought!
  12. Has it had the factory remap done? Our 2019 Kodiaq 1.5 TSI was recalled for 'lack of torque at low RPM' or words to that affect. They basically applied a new map to the car, and it filled some (not all) holes in the lower RPM torque which made it nicer to drive. It still has its laggy moments though.
  13. Just picked my first (road legal) bike up. 2017 Honda CBR125R, it's a lot sharper and more responsive than the Z125 I did my CBT on. Goes alright up to about 50, even with 15 odd stone of me on it. Itching to get back out on it!
  14. Done a few jobs on this now - new rear brakes, battery, ignition & steering locks, spark plug, air filter, oil change, chain clean/lube/adjustment, stripped & cleaned carb. Runs very well now. I sent a V62 off 2.5 weeks ago, hopefully hear something by the end of July as I've got my CBT on the 23rd. Once all that is sorted I'll order some new tyres and get them fitted then hit the road!
  15. I bought this today, I had no intention of a motorbike project but I was offered it by a friends Dad doing a house clearance. Its a 1974 Honda C50, not been on the road for 30+ years but one owner from new supposedly and less than 5k miles on the clock. I had an identical one as a teenager and have very fond memories, so once I found out the details I had to have it. It needs recommissioning but I like the patina. The V5 and keys have been lost, but got it running in 10 mins by hot wiring, sticking some fresh fuel in and bump starting down the road! I was gobsmacked when it shot off (bit of an exagerration) on the second bump.
  16. Over 34 cars I've tried anything from £75 bangers to £35k new cars Lowest cost of ownership - cheaper car bought outright with plenty of life left but perceived as "old" by the general public Nicest ownership experience - new/nearly new cars, everything is new so with average mileage you won't even be replacing tyres for the first couple of years Highest cost of ownership - the no-mans land of not yet cheap to buy but still expensive to maintain 5-8 year old (normally German) cars that throw up a few faults and you end up getting rid after spending money on them. Prime example my 7 year old BMW 325d YMMV
  17. They can be a bit hit and miss. I've got an Xtrons one and an Eonon one. The latter is much slicker and bigger/better display but sometimes cuts out sound.
  18. Great buy, look forward to seeing how you get on with one, I've always fancied trying one! How many hundreds of pounds did it cost in fuel to get home?!
  19. I've always done it, track repairs, maintenance and depreciation but not fuel
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