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  1. K10 Micra just over the road from the Marbella.
  2. Days and nights have tomorrow off. Everyone on my shift are losing their shit about it. The new HR manager's email address has taken a pounding apparently.
  3. So, it is done. All I'll say is, if anyone needs a Tesco value Justin Foley for their KSE tribute band, I'm your man 🤣
  4. We had a "training coordinator" or some other silly titled gimp at our place. Ex machine operator (I'm one, so not being disparaging) Didn't have a fucking clue, hardly showed up. Finally fucked off. I think sometimes the person that can speak the most bullshit on the day gets the gig.
  5. I put the hair trimmer on the side in the kitchen, I've just been walking past it eyeing it up but I've not done it yet.
  6. Woke up today with the plan to shave my head. Still not summoned the bollocks to do it 😆
  7. Downloaded the Freeview app to listen to town on the freeview radio dogshit, because clearly normal radio is too easy for people to access. Doesn't work, what a waste of time. Back to text updates then.
  8. I commented on a dash camera video on Youtube: "James S cuts the junction and has the audacity to beep at someone else" Half wit - "Because he was pulled out on" "Yes, I saw. I watched the video" Half wit - "So that's why he beeped isn't it 🙄" "I'm not sure you got my point" Half wit - "don't think you did either Old Timer" I'll leave it there I think.
  9. A maroon Austin 1300 a couple of streets over.
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