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  1. Harris is great. Problem is Joe Public are thick as fuck, and someone describing how a car feels and handles would be of no interest. Hence the need for the other two imbeciles. Random fact, Harris sliding a GT86 around Wales made me buy one.
  2. First rule of Village People Tribute Band Dog Walking Club : you don't talk about Village People Tribute Band Dog Walking Club.
  3. I was dressed as a construction worker actually.
  4. This is possibly the high point of the week already. Just been walking the dog, and met a guy dressed as a cowboy. Brilliant.
  5. Yeah, she's on my case these days. I've even had to stop sniffing socks and just get fresh pairs from the cupboard.
  6. Dye. I get told off if I'm still wearing the same things after a few weeks.
  7. I'm wearing thermal long johns, I'm feeling quite devil may care.
  8. Filled the car up at 1am, got a Ginsters peppered steak slice and a chocolate milkshake too. Oh fucking yes.
  9. I've seen little of the new version, the only one I've got time for is Harris. The other two do my tits in.
  10. Come to Grimsby, look for an old guy in a white Ford Kuga.
  11. Front wing is bashed to hell.
  12. Someone decided to bump the side of the car today. Just sorting insurance out now. FFS.
  13. Hit something on the a180. 2 hours in the pitch black and cold with a shredded tyre, on the way home. Still got toothache.
  14. At work with fucking hideous toothache. Rang the emergency what's it line. Can you drive to Doncaster tomorrow for 8pm? Yes, I can drive, but not over an hour in case I'm smashed off my face on drugs. So Scunthorpe it is 😆
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