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  1. If by that you mean slow. Then yes.
  2. I seem to have woken up this morning in a parallel universe. I'm having a glance at car insurance quotes. Unbelievably at 40 years of age and 20 years worth of no claims bonus the cheapest I've found is £708. Are they confusing my vehicle details with a fucking Ferrari or something!??! I broke my front crown off a month or two ago, apart from making me look like even more of a prat it's not causing any issues so it can wait.
  3. Seems like I've sorted it. I stripped both down to their component parts and discovered a galled thread right at the bottom of the threaded rod on one of them, exactly where the lower locking nut sits. I gave it a tickle with a small file then gave them both a good toot of WD40 to flush off any more crap, then refitted them. So far no noises. So I've come to the conclusion it was preventing that link from being fully tightened up and allowing it to move.
  4. Turns out I can remove standard suspension and fit aftermarket coilovers without issue, but can't for the life of me fit new anti rollbar drop links. No matter what I do the little shits rattle.
  5. Because my car isn't sat outside for 7 hours making noise.
  6. Un-resonated Milltek, which from cold is loud. Although the previous exhaust I had the famous eBay Malian would rattle windows it was that loud.
  7. Someone not too far away has made the assumption we want to hear him singing via big fucking speakers. I might go and start my car up, that'll drown the caterwauling out.
  8. There have been quite a few stories on the GT 86/BRZ forums of dead batteries. Mine however is fine, possibly helps I've had it on my trickle charger once or twice.
  9. My approach to such things is if it's fine just take it apart and fuck with it anyway.
  10. No pictures, but an F plate FIAT Panda in Bianco white and mostly rust and body filler.
  11. Is 3 Omegas and an Astra estate shite enough?
  12. My dad's old Landcruiser with my mum doing the posing, in better days
  13. D9 406 estate is my guess.
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